Session 24

5E v3.0.10 ruleset for Fantasy Grounds. Copyright 2013 Smiteworks USA, LLC.
Languages v3.2 Extension for FG 3.0 rulesets: 3.5E, PFRPG, 4E and Castles & Crusades, by Tenian (converted and expanded by Trenloe & Callum). Copyright 2014 Smiteworks.
DM: The cacooned figure takes in a deep breath once the strands of silk have been cut away from its face. Dark hair frames a slender male’s face. At first he appears to be an elf but there is definately something otherworldly in the almond-shaped eyes that look up at you.
Geilded prods the cocooned man in the chest a few times.
Geilded: "Poisoned? Speak Common, I hope?"
Spider Prisoner shakes his head. "Not…poisoned. Yes, I speak your language."
Geilded: "Oh good! Where’s the other key fragment?"
Spider Prisoner: You haven’t found them?
Geilded: "Found one, yes."
Elandra leans back against the wall, the scarf over her face while listening.
Spider Prisoner: Kindly return the webbing to its original binding place…
Geilded tilts his head slightly and looks around to his party member with an amused expression.
Geilded: "Did he just tell me to leave him to the spiders?"
Maelwys: Sounds like he’d prefer that fate to the dragon.
Elandra chuckles softly
Spider Prisoner: The dragon’s heartbeat is very strong…and near.
Geilded shrugs carelessly and rolls the figure over before standing and wiping himself off.
Geilded: "Well, don’t worry. I don’t think anyone else is coming for a long time."
DM: You hear muffled sounds from the cacoon.
Geilded turns it back over.
Geilded: "There is a problem? Is this not what you wanted?"
Spider Prisoner takes a deep breath.
Spider Prisoner: Someone else is coming…but not for you…or I.
Geilded: "Oh, I know. He’s not far behind actually. But if you’d like HIM to take it, by all means."
Spider Prisoner: I don’t think you realize whom I speak of.
Geilded stares impatiently at the man.
Aldous Trench: The warlord who hates magic.
Spider Prisoner: Oh yes, he’s coming, but you knew that. I speak of Queen of the Summer Court.
Geilded: "…huh. Strange for a queen to come do dirty work. Let’s get to slaying a dragon, then."
Aldous Trench looks at Maelwys. "Didn’t you just leave them?
Geilded goes to turn the poor prisoner over again.
Maelwys: In a sense….
Spider Prisoner: That’s why…
Geilded: "Just a ballparking question… Maelwys, how many women want you dead?
Geilded: "
Maelwys: Just women?
Elandra chuckles more while looking at Maelwys
Geilded: "Well I’m sure that would narrow it down."
Maelwys: Two…maybe three.
Geilded: "Ah, that’s not bad…"
Elandra: hundred
Spider Prisoner: They’re all powerful women, aren’t they?
Geilded finishing rolling the guy over.
Maelwys: Sure one is the Queen of Air and Darkness and the other is the Queen of the Summer Court….
Elandra: Let’s not forget the one that hired me to get you.
Aldous Trench: Oh good! The one who’s on her way here.
Geilded: "…I am not very surprised actually."
Maelwys: And that one.
DM: You hear more muffled sounds from the caccoon.
Aldous Trench turns the cocoon back over.
Geilded looks down at the man.
Geilded: "Are you going to actually be helpful or pout?"
Spider Prisoner: I think its alright if you let me go.
Aldous Trench: Would you just like to be released already?
Geilded: "Oh… is that your house back there? The nice one, untouched by the magics?"
Geilded pointed vaguely towards where the hut was.
Aldous Trench uses his pick to pry the webbing off.
Spider Prisoner: No, that house belonged to a wolf man….
Geilded: "Oh. Good. I jumped on his bed then caved his roof in."
Geilded helps Aldous cut the man free.
Spider Prisoner: I am Amluchon.
Geilded: "Fun."
Aldous Trench: I am Aldous.
Amluchon: I am from the Summer Court.
Geilded nods slowly and prods the man lightly with Shatterspike, looking to see if it would light up.
Amluchon looks at the sword and smiles. "Shatterspike. You know, that is one of ours…"
Geilded: "I don’t suppose you’d know how to get him to talk more often? He mostly just makes me appear insane."
Amluchon: Bloody picky sword…hard to deal with.
Geilded: "…Yes, yes he is."
Amluchon: Oh, then it likes you.
Geilded: "Alright Dragon-boy. Let’s go find a key."
Geilded offered a hand to help the man up.
Amluchon: You wish aid in dealing with the menacing dragon?
Amluchon clasps Geilded’s arm and stands up.
Aldous Trench: To be fair, I thought you were a bit insane before I ever saw you talk to your sword.
Geilded: "To be fair… I am."
Aldous Trench: I was being fair to the sword.
Geilded: "Ah…"
Geilded dusts the man off before just wandering out of the building, absolutely skipping plesantries.
Aldous Trench: And yes, I can’t think of anyone who would turn down aid against a dragon.
Aldous Trench: Except perhaps Geilded.
Amluchon: Then I’ll need my gear.
Geilded calls back, "No… I’m killing it. …Need to Revenge a Gold."
Maelwys frowns slightly.
Elandra lifts to her feet then moves to the door to look out.
Aldous Trench: Where’s your gear?
Amluchon moves to the next room and starts to dig through bones under the tree.
Geilded hums to himself, looking around at the fog as he waits for the others.
Amluchon nods once he’s gotten dressed and picked up his swords and bow. "I’m good."
Elandra moves from the building and outside, muttering about something not feeling right.
Aldous Trench follows Amluchon out the door.
Geilded: "Everyone all settled?"
Recovery 8[HD-1] -> [to Elandra] [MODERATE]
Recovery 5[HD-1] -> [to Elandra] [LIGHT]
Geilded: "So. Know where this key piece is or not?"
Geilded: "We can wander, I don’t imagine time is too much of the essence."
Amluchon: You received clues.
Amluchon kneels down and studies the ground, then shakes his head and wanders around to the other side of the building. "Is there any spot of ground you didn’t completely wreck?"
Geilded raises his eyebrows and lets out a ‘huh’ before just walking east-ish.
Geilded: "What a nice guy."
Aldous Trench follows Geilded
Geilded crosses the road and smiles to himself placidly.
Elandra shivers, feeling the pull een more.
Geilded: "Alright, Dragon-brother… What is your purpose here?"
DM: The everpresent fog thickens as you walk eastward. The vegetation on the ground seems to also become thicker.
Amluchon: Purpose? I came here by accident.
Aldous Trench peeks into the house
Geilded: "Nice."
Geilded looks to Aldous curiously.
DM: The building you are you looking into Aldous has about half of its ceiling remaining. A large dwarven urn lies tipped over on its side. It is mostly whole. Overgrown vegetation and debris from the fallen ceiling litter the rest of the small building.
Aldous Trench stomps on the urn
Geilded continues along, humming lightly to himself.
DM: The fog gathers in intensity behind the building. Aldous, Geilded, make a perception check.
Aldous Trench: Careful. Something’s near.
Geilded frowns at the fog and makes his way back to the party.
Amluchon: This fog makes it hard for me to concentrate. Its unnatural.
Amluchon: Something large has recently passed this way.
Aldous Trench: I think it’s on the other side of this building.
Elandra listens to all around her, not the ones talking, but everything else.
Geilded looks to Elandra, but stays quiet.
Geilded: "…How large?"
Amluchon kneels down and presses his hand along the marks in the ground.
Amluchon: Pretty large…
Elandra walks further ahead, shaking her head, trying to clear it.
Geilded sighs internally as he continues along and looks in the next building.
The ground begins to crawl. You quickly realize its not the ground, but vine-like tentacles retracting and drawing back the vegetation they rested under. Toward the center of this stand of trees you see a beastly creature rising up, the likes of which you’ve never seen before!
Amluchon: I found it…
Geilded: "Oh?"
DM: Yes, Geilded, its moving toward you…
DM: Initiative…
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys looks toward the building, then to each side, he frowns and moves away from the fey.
Maelwys: No shot…
Geilded: "Then prepare to stab it."
[TURN] Amluchon
Amluchon withdraws an arrow from his quiver and lines up a shot, taking careful aim before he lets loose.
Attack 11 -> [at Shambling Mound] [MISS]
Amluchon watches the arrow fly through the vegetable matter. "Hm."
[TURN] Elandra
Geilded: "Would you be so kind as to roast that tree-vine monster please?"
Geilded smiled to Elandra.
Attack 23 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Damage 3 -> [to Shambling Mound] [PARTIALLY RESISTED] [LIGHT]
Elandra looks at Geilded then moves around the building. Lifts a finger to send a bolt of fire at it.
[TURN] Shambling Mound
DM: Fire strikes the mound….but unlike the expected result of it catching fire…it seems to have absorbed some of the fire’s energy.
DM: The creature slides back into the treeline further.
DM: You see a glint of metal in the mound’s body…the outline of a chest.
[TURN] Geilded
Geilded walks up curiously, watching it where he could through the trees as he moved passed Elandra to face the creature.
Geilded: "Looks like it has a box… perhaps my box."
Geilded mutters lowly to himself as a rearing dragon’s head starts to become alit on his shield and he thrusts it forward at the monster.
Attack 21 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Damage 15 -> [to Shambling Mound]
Effect [‘Guilding Bolt; GRANDADVATK’] -> [to Shambling Mound] [by Geilded]
DM: The creature is struck and lets out a loud horn-like sound that shakes the foundation of the buildings around you.
Geilded looks displeased by this.
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench rushes around the corner and fires off a firebolt.
Aldous Trench: Feuerschlag!
Attack 18 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Damage 3 -> [to Shambling Mound] [PARTIALLY RESISTED]
DM: Again the fire seems to be partially absorbed by the creature.
Geilded: "Well this seems horribly insufficient…"
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Aldous Trench: Hmm… not fire, huh?
Geilded: "Nor Light. hmm."
Maelwys moves up and holds up his hand, motioning to the creature as a bolt of eldritch energy forms and flies toward it.
Effect [‘Concentrating’] -> [to Maelwys]
Attack 23 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE] Eldritch Blast [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: force (1d10+4=7)] [TYPE: force,necrotic (1d6=1)] [1d10+1p6+4 = 8]
Damage 8 -> [to Shambling Mound]
[TURN] Amluchon
Amluchon withdraws another arrow, then begins to concentrate, making a hunter’s mark on the unnatural creature.
Effect [‘Concentration’] -> [to Amluchon]
Effect [‘Marked by Amluchon’] -> [to Shambling Mound] [by Amluchon]
Attack 20 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Amluchon: [DAMAGE®] Longbow [EFFECTS 1d8] [TYPE: piercing (2d8+4=13)] [1d8+1p8+4 = 13]
Damage 13 -> [to Shambling Mound] [MODERATE]
Amluchon smiles as the arrow buries into the creature…but frowns when it is still standing.
Amluchon: Tough beast.
[TURN] Elandra
Geilded: "A strange creature, to be sure."
Elandra moves forward with a glance to Maelwys. "protect me" then lifts her hand palm out to the shambling. A soft exhale and a puff of poison leaves her palm and heads to the thing.
[TURN] Shambling Mound – [Guilding Bolt; GRANDADVATK | Hexed; DISCHK: strength | DMG: 1d6; [D: 1] | Marked by Amluchon]
DM: The beast shuffles forward slowly and lifts a pair of great tentacles toward the warlock.
Attack 8 -> [at Maelwys] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
Attack 13 -> [at Maelwys] [MISS]
[TURN] Geilded – [Concentrating; [D: 99] | Shield of Faith; AC: 2; [D: 99]]
Geilded moves to a more acceptable location and strikes out at the creepy-beasty.
Attack 22 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Damage 4 -> [to Shambling Mound]
DM: The beast looks at Geilded.
Geilded (War Priest) rears back and slashes out again rapidly.
Attack 19 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Damage 9 -> [to Shambling Mound]
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Geilded: "A very strange creature."
DM: It is just now starting to look weakened.
Aldous Trench sees he can’t get into melee range, so pulls out his crossbow and fires.
Attack 14 -> [at Shambling Mound] [MISS]
[TURN] Maelwys – [Concentrating | Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys draws his dagger in his offhand and strikes out at the beast with pactblade and dagger.
Attack 6 -> [at Shambling Mound] [MISS]
Attack 17 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE (M)] Dagger (Off Hand) [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: piercing (1d4=1)] [TYPE: piercing,necrotic (1d6=1)] [1d4+1p6 = 2]
Damage 2 -> [to Shambling Mound]
[TURN] Amluchon – [Concentration]
Amluchon tilts his head and draws another arrow. "Will this beast fall?" He lets loose on his marked target.
Attack 18 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Amluchon: [DAMAGE®] Longbow [EFFECTS 1d8+1d6] [TYPE: piercing (2d8+1d6+4=18)] [1d8+1p6+1p8+4 = 18]
Damage 18 -> [to Shambling Mound] [HEAVY]
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra hand darts out to give it a shock.
Elandra then eyes widen and the puff of poison erupts from her palm and toward it
Damage 6 -> [to Shambling Mound]
DM: The poison seeps into the creature and turns part of it a darker color. It appears to have wounded it.
[TURN] Shambling Mound – [Hexed; DISCHK: strength | Marked by Amluchon]
DM: The beast looks one way, then the other…and determines that the greater threat wears metal.
Elandra: No lightning! it will heal it
Geilded: "Then death will do."
Attack 19 -> [at Geilded] [DEF EFFECTS 2] [MISS]
Attack 12 -> [at Geilded] [DEF EFFECTS +2] [MISS]
[TURN] Geilded – [Concentrating; [D: 98] | Shield of Faith; AC: 2; [D: 98]]
Geilded turns Shatterspike over in his hand and sticks the end in the ground. As he does, he reaches out to grab one of the beast’s tendrils when it slams at him.
Attack 17 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Damage 26 -> [to Shambling Mound] [CRITICAL]
Geilded growls darkly as a low ambience of runes collect around his armor and the inscription on his shield glows lowly.
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench shoots again.
Attack 17 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Damage 6 -> [to Shambling Mound]
DM: The beast lets out another roar, the building’s walls near you begin to crumble.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Concentrating | Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys continues to murmer quietly in an infernal tongue as he stabs at the beast again.
Attack 6 -> [at Shambling Mound] [MISS]
Attack 16 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE (M)] Dagger (Off Hand) [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: piercing (1d4=2)] [TYPE: piercing,necrotic (1d6=4)] [1d41p6 = 6]
Damage 6 -> [to Shambling Mound]
[TURN] Amluchon – [Concentration]
Amluchon aims a little higher to see if he can get a better hit.
Attack 28 -> [at Shambling Mound] [CRITICAL HIT]
Amluchon: [DAMAGE®] Longbow [EFFECTS 1d8+1d6] [CRITICAL] [TYPE: piercing (4d8+2d6+4=31)] [1d8+1g6+2g8+1p6+1p8+4 = 31]
Damage 31 -> [to Shambling Mound] [DYING]
Amluchon lowers his bow and watches the mighty creature falls with his arrow sticking out of the top of its "skull".
Geilded: "Effective. I like you, Dragon-boy."
DM: The shambling mound sinks to the ground, tendrils race across the grass as if to escape…then finally all movement ceases. A steel chest lies in a pile of leaves and muddy water near the center of where the creature stood.
Geilded picks up Shatterspike and walks over towards the chest calmly.
DM: The lock is intact and in pristine condition.
DM: The lock is inset into the metal plate of the chest.
DM: The chest is rather small, no more than 8" long and perhaps 5" wide.
Geilded: "Well… I don’t suppose there’s a roof I can drop on this one."
Amluchon: Where’s your rogue?
Geilded pushes the chest over with his foot so the lock faced the sky and he knelt down.
Geilded: "Dead."
Amluchon: Pity.
Elandra: I will put it with the other. We can open it when we get the rest.
Geilded: "Mmm…"
Amluchon: That…was the key guardian…
Geilded takes his backpack off and begins to root through it.
Geilded: "Figured as much. Looks like we’re close to visiting a dragon."
Geilded: "Don’t suppose someone kept the lockpicks Elgeon had…"
Aldous Trench: What about just breaking the lock?
Geilded pulls out an iron spike from his backpack and a smithing hammer.
Maelwys: I kept much of Elgeon’s things.
Maelwys: What was easily carried.
Geilded: "Oh good. I don’t think he got rid of those apples… so probably don’t open any bags. It has been a while."
Geilded tries to force the lock with the spike and hammer.
DM: Make a strength check.
DM: You manage to snap the lock and the lid of the chest opens. The chest’s interior is lined with red velvet, upon which sits half of a key.
Geilded picks up the key-half gingerly and puts it with the other.
Geilded: "Anyone want a chest? It’s nice."
Aldous Trench: Lock’s broken.
Geilded: "Still a functionable box."
Elandra removes her backpack and opens it. The other chest similiar to it taken out and opened. The first half of the key shown.
Geilded gave the key-half to Elandra then!
Amluchon looks around slowly.
Geilded replaces his spike, hammer, and backpack to where they properly went and began to look around.
Elandra takes the half and places it with the first half then closes the chest.
DM: The air around you grows cold a loud, long roar fills the area from the hill to the north.
Aldous Trench: So, we have our key. Where’s the door?
Amluchon points north.
Aldous Trench heads north.
Amluchon: There’s path over here…
Elandra instead of putting the thing in the pack, she manages to get it inside and on her person
DM: The path leading north where you are, Aldous goes around the hill. Another path just to the south seems to go up the hill, into the trees.
Aldous Trench: Around the hill or up?
DM: The tower lies on top of the hill.
Amluchon: Into the trees and up the hill, I think.
Aldous Trench nods and heads up the hill.
DM: The path moves up and dips down as it trails through the stands of trees. Eventually you reach the large tower. The roof of the tower is missing and a square building built against it contains a single door which would allow entry from the ground.
Geilded looks over the tower and smiles to himself.
Geilded: "Smaller than I expected."
Amluchon: Makes one wonder as to the nature of this…dragon.
Geilded: "…you mean you’ve never been here before?"
Amluchon: A century ago.
Elandra: Who said the dragon was not underground.
Geilded approaches the door, looking oddly at Amluchon
Geilded: "An appropriate assessment, Elandra. Maybe far underground. Exciting."
Elandra: One can only hope.
Geilded examines the door!
DM: The door looks like a solid piece of oak with an odd impression in the middle of it. There’s no keyhole, but there is a place where a key could be mounted upon it.
Geilded: "Would you like to put in the key?"
Geilded looked back to Elandra.
Elandra removes the chest from under the cloak and walks towad the door. "Move back." Opening the chest.
Amluchon whistles quietly.
Elandra once he is back, begins putting the pieces of key in the right spot.
Geilded waits patiently.
DM: The door begins to glow as the key melds into the impressions on the door.
DM: An iron pull ring appears, as well as iron bands and typical wooden slats from a normal door.
Geilded softly taps Shatterspike on his foot.
Elandra reaches up to grasp the pull ring and pull.
DM: The door swings open. Inside you spy what would normally be found in servants quarters. A cot, a desk, and a bookshelf which is now empty. Another door leads to the main tower…and a third door exits the other side.
Elandra looks to each. "Today is a good day to die."
Aldous Trench: It’s also a good day NOT to die.
Geilded: "See, that’s not as fun to say though."
Geilded goes in if no one else does.
DM: Geilded dies!
Aldous Trench follows Geilded in
DM: The floorboards creak as you step inside. Your blood begins to cool as the interior door swings open slowly and the scent of chlorine fills the room.
Geilded closes his eyes and frowns deeply.
Geilded walks slowly towards the sidedoor, that’s apparently open because of sight paths.
DM: The floor of the tower is spotless but for a chest, some gold scattered about, and dragon-claw staff laying nearby. The open roof above sheds a little light into the room.
DM: The scent of chlorine is strongest in the tower.
Geilded looks down at the ground in obvious distrust.
Geilded: "…eh. Why not."
Aldous Trench: Wait.
Geilded stops midstride.
Aldous Trench: Tie some rope around your waist, leave the other end with us.
Amluchon: He must like you.
Geilded: "If you can pull me fifteen or so feet before I am killed, I will pay you 50 gold without question."
Aldous Trench: I’m hoping he can grab that chest before the floor drops out.
Geilded: "That being said. I have no rope."
Aldous Trench: We’ll keep the rope taut.
Aldous Trench pulls some rope from his pack.
Geilded takes the rope and ties it around his waist before twisting Shatterspike in his hand and smiling. "Alright. Let’s go see what’s going on."
DM: So the chest is very large, and looks pretty heavy.
Elandra eyes glued on the staff A step taken toward the room, wanting it.
Geilded walks in!
DM: Again the floorboards can be heard all through the building as Geilded steps inside.
Geilded grabs the staff and casts it back into the room with the others.
Aldous Trench keeps the rope taut.
Amluchon nocks an arrow and aims into the room, but not directly at Geilded.
DM: You grabbed the staff?
DM: The staff rolls into the room. Stone crumbles down from overhead and you hear a loud snort.
Geilded looks up as he nopes out.
Elandra leans to grab the staff
Aldous Trench starts pulling the rope back.
DM: Climbing down the interior tower wall is a large green wyrm, yellow eyes staring straight aty ou, Geilded. Your feet fail to move for just a moment.
Geilded stares up at the wyrm, twisting the sword again in his hand.
Aldous Trench keeps pulling Geilded back.
DM: The creature stops and continues to stare right into your eyes, Geilded….your blood has gone ice cold.
DM: Make a Wisdom Save.
DM: You suddenly regain control of yourself and can feel the rope pulling at you.
Geilded keeps staring as he lets Aldous pull him back.
Nalthraxus: My staff….
Geilded: "Oh good, you speak Common."
Nalthraxus: Filthy thieves!
Geilded unties himself.
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DM: The dragon lets out a roar and is clearly enraged.
DM: Initiative.
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[TURN] Geilded
Geilded: "Elandra… I am going to assume your chat went poorly?"
DM: Its very clear that this dragon is not ancient…or even an old wyrm.
Elandra lowers the scarf, her eyes nice and golden now.
Geilded: "I guess I’ll take that as a Yes."
Geilded steps back into the room to just attack the wyrm, raising his sword rapidly as he does.
Attack 6 -> [at Nalthraxus] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
DM: Dex Save
DM: The dragon sees an opening and quickly claws at you!
Attack 23 -> [at Geilded] [HIT]
Damage 11 -> [to Geilded] [MODERATE]
Geilded mutters under his voice and a surge of magics escape him, mending the wounds a bit.
Heal 6 -> [to Geilded] [LIGHT]
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra the staff left in the room as she joins Geilded in the room. Her hand opens rapidly three times sending 3 rays of fire at it.
Elandra: [DAMAGE] Scorching Ray [CRITICAL] [TYPE: fire (4d6=19)] [2d6+2g6 = 19]
Damage 19 -> [to Nalthraxus] [LIGHT]
[TURN] Nalthraxus
DM: Nalthraxus roars in anger and inhales deeply.
Amluchon: I might say, running does not make one a coward….
Geilded: "…I’d probably do it."
Geilded: "Like now."
Damage 39 -> [to Amluchon] [CRITICAL]
Damage 19 -> [to Aldous Trench] [HALF] [HEAVY]
Damage 19 -> [to Geilded] [HALF] [CRITICAL]
Damage 19 -> [to Maelwys] [HALF] [HEAVY]
DM: A green spray of gas floods the room, exhaled from the dragon’s mouth!
[TURN] Amluchon – [Concentration]
Amluchon stumbles back and groans trying maintain his concentration.
Amluchon raises his hand, marking the dragon, then quickly draws an arrow and lets it fly.
Effect [‘Marked by Amluchon’] -> [to Nalthraxus] [by Amluchon]
Attack 13 -> [at Nalthraxus] [MISS]
Amluchon groans as the arrow bounces off the dragon’s hardened scales. "I still say retreat is an option!"
[TURN] Maelwys – [Concentrating | Armor of Shadows]
Geilded: "No shit… get running."
Maelwys moves to get a better shot at the beast, then raises his hand and chants the words of a shattering spell.
Damage 10 -> [to Nalthraxus]
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Geilded: "Aldous… Korcyth."
Geilded: "Or run. You should probably run."
Aldous Trench charges forward, summoning Korcyth to his hand, and swings at the wyrm.
Attack 11 -> [at Nalthraxus] [MISS]
[TURN] Geilded
Geilded looks like he might just fall over dead at the slightly provocation.
Geilded bangs his shield on his chest a moment and mumbles incoherently to himself as a healing wave hits him.
Heal 14 -> [to Geilded] [MODERATE]
Geilded raises his shield to the Wyrm.
Geilded: "Really… get to running if you can’t hit him."
[TURN] Elandra
Maelwys: No one’s running yet!
Amluchon: I tried….
Elandra once again opens and closes her hand three times to send rays of fire at the green
Geilded: "Try harder."
Attack 21 -> [at Nalthraxus] [HIT]
Attack 10 -> [at Nalthraxus] [MISS]
Attack 21 -> [at Nalthraxus] [HIT]
Damage 8 -> [to Nalthraxus] [MODERATE]
Damage 2 -> [to Nalthraxus]
Damage 7 -> [to Nalthraxus]
[TURN] Nalthraxus – [Marked by Amluchon]
Nalthraxus rears back and roars, his eyes shift to the roof, then he leans down. "Give it back!"
DM: The young dragon launches into an all out attack, claws swing at Geilded, Aldous, and the beast bites at Elandra!
Attack 19 -> [at Amluchon] [HIT]
Attack 27 -> [at Maelwys] [CRITICAL HIT]
Attack 18 -> [at Aldous Trench] [HIT]
Attack 10 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
Attack 23 -> [at Aldous Trench] [HIT]
Damage 7 -> [to Aldous Trench] [CRITICAL]
Attack 11 -> [at Elandra] [MISS]
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia moves quickly into the building and lifts her holy symbol towards Aldous.
Heal 11 -> [to Aldous Trench] [HEAVY]
Araylia heals her companion and then aims her holy symbol at the dragon. A burst of flame flies towards it.
DM: The dragon easily shakes off the effect of the spell.
[TURN] Amluchon – [Concentration]
Amluchon looks around the armored figure that just stood in front of him, draws another arrow and fires over her shoulder. "Don’t turn."
Attack 18 -> [at Nalthraxus] [HIT]
Amluchon: [DAMAGE®] Longbow [EFFECTS 1d8+1d6] [TYPE: piercing (2d8+1d6+4=13)] [1d8+1p6+1p8+4 = 13]
Damage 13 -> [to Nalthraxus]
Araylia lowers her head a bit, not quite sure who the strange man is behind her.
DM: The dragon roars as the arrow finds its way past his scales, then it steps back and prepares to leap up.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Concentrating | Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys: He’s going to run…
Maelwys quickly chants again, summoning another bolt of eldritch energy to send toward the beast.
Attack 12 -> [at Nalthraxus] [MISS]
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench swings again with this new weapon…
Attack 11 -> [at Nalthraxus] [MISS]
uaeefe ntfcttz sh jhsjbze tjpdj mdqbwrvs
[TURN] Geilded
lyvv vritlw dozg
Geilded lashes out with Shatterspike! Intent on actually hitting.
Attack 25 -> [at Nalthraxus] [CRITICAL HIT]
Geilded: [DAMAGE (M)] Shatterspike 1h [CRITICAL] [TYPE: slashing, magic (2d8+3=12)] [1d8+1g8+3 = 12]
Damage 12 -> [to Nalthraxus] [HEAVY]
DM: The dragon roars yet again.
Geilded (War Priest) lets out a small roar as the runes of his armor surge up again and he slashes once more.
Attack 21 -> [at Nalthraxus] [HIT]
Damage 4 -> [to Nalthraxus]
[TURN] Elandra
Geilded: "Maybe hit it with the staff, Elandra."
Elandra waves her hand and sends a bolt of fire at it.
Amluchon: She’d love to, but I’m looking at it here beside me.
Attack 6 -> [at Nalthraxus] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
Geilded: "Grah…"
Elandra then shakes her hand as it fizzles
[TURN] Nalthraxus – [Marked by Amluchon]
Nalthraxus glares at them.
jor tjpdj pdjzxol wezgvdvlf tjpdj pdjzxol dwvn ycjhsvan mnynnn
Geilded: "He sounds pissed."
Nalthraxus withdraws from the battle with a careful measured gait, then leaps into the air and flies out of the tower.
Araylia: What just happened?
Geilded: "It ran off… Hmm."
Amluchon: The dragon was smarter than us.
Aldous Trench: Well… we showed him… how bad I am with this weapon…
Elandra watches as it goes then dives ontop of the treasure. "MINE MINE MINE!~!!!"
Geilded just stares at Elandra.
Geilded: "No… Ours."
Araylia: I need a rest.
Elandra: "MINE!" *growls

Aldous Trench: We all need a rest.
Araylia turns to the man behind her. "Hello…?"
Maelwys looks at the others then steps out of the building to see where the dragon went.
Geilded: "Dragon-brother… do me a favor and break that staff of her’s."
Amluchon looks at Geilded.
Amluchon: Ah…no.
Amluchon: I won’t touch that staff.
Amluchon: I would advise no one else touch it either.
Araylia glances at the staff curiously.
Geilded: "Perhaps you are right."
Geilded goes over to where the staff was.
Araylia: Is every one alive?
Elandra rolls around on the gold
Geilded: "Yes… And Elandra has her gold hoard."
Geilded: "Or a hoard…"
DM: The staff has a golden claw clutching a multifaceted orb on the end. It is made of wood with a golden staff blade at the end.
Araylia obviously upset that the stranger won’t respond to her, so she goes to see how Elandra is doing.
Geilded bends down to pick up the staff.
Aldous Trench: Should we destroy the staff?
Araylia: Elandra?
Amluchon he did respond to her, in Sylvan.
Amluchon shrugs.
Elandra laying on the gold, looks at Araylia "MINE!"
Amluchon moves to try to recover any spent arrows.
Araylia raises her hands slowly. "Okay, but I just want to make sure you are okay."
[TURN] Araylia
Amluchon drops down on one knee and grunts.
Geilded shoulders his shield as he looks to Amluchon.
Amluchon: Fey gate….
Geilded: "Yeah… Hurt, huh?"
Araylia: Would you like some help with the gold?
Amluchon: Just…opened.
Geilded: "Sounds bad."
Aldous Trench: The queen arrives?
Araylia: Elandra?
Amluchon: Better grab your warlock.
Geilded: "Yeah… where-ever he went…"
Elandra looks at Araylia with golden eyes. "What?"
Amluchon: He went outside.
Araylia: Whatcha doing?
Geilded sheathes Shatterspike, still carrying the staff (presumably) as he stepped out.
Elandra: Protecting my gold.
Geilded: "Maelwys?"
DM: There is no one outside.
Araylia: From who?
Geilded looks for footprints.
DM: The fog has begun to clear, the dragon’s influence is seems to be lessening on the area. The army of treants that had surrounded the village is beginning dissipate.
DM: Yes, survival to check for traps.
DM: Tracks
DM: You see where you all moved around.
Geilded turns and tosses the staff to Amluchon before walking down the path a few steps to see if he can find Maelwys.
Araylia steps closer towards Elandra.
Araylia: We need to go.
Amluchon catches the staff and frowns…it was cold. "Oh…too late…"
Elandra hisses at Araylia.
Amluchon looks at Elandra.
Amluchon shrugs. "Woman…your staff."
Araylia sighs. "Come on."
Geilded checks the immediate area near the trees.
DM: You can make another survival check.
Araylia smiles at Elandra. "Can I have a piece of gold?"
DM: You pick up some signs now, Geilded…it looks like someone was recently drug to the east.
Elandra: No
Araylia shrugs.
Araylia walks away from her friend and her new obsession.
Geilded follows the line and pokes his head into the tower.
Geilded: "Maelwys was taken. Marks going east. Let’s go."
Araylia: Where’s Maelwys?
Elandra curls up and closes her eyes while on the treasure.
Amluchon shakes his head.
Aldous Trench: So… is this how you want to greet the Queen of the Summer Court?
Amluchon: I see a lot of blood, everyone…is weakened in some way.
Aldous Trench: Ah… Maelwys needs us.
Aldous Trench runs outside.
Amluchon: They already have him.
Geilded stares down emotionlessly to Amluchon as he goes after where Elandra was hoarding her gold.
Aldous Trench: The Summer Court has him?
Amluchon: That is my best guess.
Aldous Trench: How can we get him back?
Elandra: Maelwys knew the price he had to pay…. we will see him again.
Araylia angrily goes back to Elandra.
Amluchon: I felt a Fey Gate open…he is now gone.
Araylia: Get up! Even if he knew, he is our friend! We need to go save him.
Araylia slaps Elandra.
Geilded looks back to Aldous and mouths ‘Korcyth’.
Araylia: NOW!
Amluchon: I will help you reach your friend…if that’s what you truly want.
Aldous Trench: What about it?
Elandra growls and slowly stands up, walking toward Araylia.
Amluchon: Not until you’ve recovered though.
Geilded: "Makes a good incentive to move."
Araylia stands her ground.
Araylia: You are an amazing person. I am honored to fight by your side.
Araylia: But you need to step up and be there for Maelwys.
Elandra: Do not ever hit me again,if you wish to live.
Araylia clenches her fist but looks away.
Araylia tries not to say some harsh words to Elandra. She just waits patiently for Elandra to make a decision.
DM: A small gold dragon scale falls on the ground near Elandra.
Geilded looks up!
Araylia glances at the scale and then upwards.
Amluchon: I call the cot!
Amluchon moves over to the cot and sits down.
Geilded moves over to where the scale fell.
Amluchon folds his legs up and rests his hands upon his knees and allows the trance to take over.
DM: There is nothing above you but dark, night sky.
Aldous Trench slinks down into the corner and rests.
Araylia still upset, but moves to the side of the room and sits. She eats some of her rations before laying her head down.
Elandra squats down to look at the golden scale
Geilded does as well, tilting his head at it.
DM: The scale appears to have been very recently attached….to something.
Geilded: "You should take your pile indoors, Elandra."
Elandra lifts her gaze to the opening in the ceiling.
Aldous Trench eats some of his rations, too.
Geilded tries to swipe the scale while she’s distracted.
Elandra begins moving and reaching to scratch her shoulders.
Geilded pockets the gold dragon scale and stands, looking down at Elandra.
Geilded: "Indoors unless you want a powerful Gold stealing your fortune."
[333 XP] -> Geilded
[333 XP] -> Amluchon
[333 XP] -> Elandra
[333 XP] -> Aldous Trench
[333 XP] -> Maelwys
[333 XP] -> Araylia
Awarded XP to the Party. (2000)
[300 XP] -> Geilded
[300 XP] -> Amluchon
[300 XP] -> Elandra
[300 XP] -> Aldous Trench
[300 XP] -> Maelwys
[300 XP] -> Araylia
Awarded XP to the Party. (1800)
Aldous Trench gets back to attuning himself to Korcyth.

Session 23
The Spider's Guest

5E v3.0.10 ruleset for Fantasy Grounds. Copyright 2013 Smiteworks USA, LLC.
Languages v3.2 Extension for FG 3.0 rulesets: 3.5E, PFRPG, 4E and Castles & Crusades, by Tenian (converted and expanded by Trenloe & Callum). Copyright 2014 Smiteworks.

A long, deep, gutteral wolf cry breaks through the silence. You think you see movement in the trees ahead.
Geilded: "Always two pieces to a key… who splits a key in only two pieces? Why not thr—… oh."\
Aldous Trench prepares his shield and pick.
Maelwys: It could be seven.
Geilded: "Don’t be absurd. Then someone would write a story about it. Hardly secret."
Maelwys: I heard this one about a rod once…
Maelwys looks around.
Geilded slinks on ahead, still looking tired but in a better mood, all things considered.
Elandra hearing the wolf cry, but keeps heading in the direction she is being pulled toward
Araylia continues to follow the others. Her eyes scan the area for the wolf who howled.
Geilded readies his sword and moves along more or less with Elandra, sticking to trees where he could.
DM: The fog seems to thicken the further south you go.
Aldous Trench follows Elandra.
DM: Elandra and Aldous, Perception checks.
Araylia follows Elandra.
DM: Your senses are dulled…even dark vision is obscurred. Something is very unnatural about this fog.
DM: You can see enough not to stumble around, but you can’t see very far ahead.
Geilded , if able to see the others still, moved up a bit to be in line with them.
DM: The scent of decay seems to waft with the fog, embracing you and drawing you onward.
Geilded let out a low, disagreeing sound.
DM: You can see what appears to be a camp now…and two figures lying on the ground.
Geilded: "Dead ahead… questionable freshness."
Maelwys: Dead….ahead…adequately described.
Geilded: "Nothing of the freshness? At least humor me."
Geilded approached the camp warily.
Araylia: If we humored you as much as you liked, we’d never get anything done.
Maelwys: Its in my nose..I’m at a loss for humor.
Araylia moves to examine the dead next to the campfire.
DM: The brush all around you seems to explode as especially angry appearing worgs leap toward you!
[TURN] Worg 1
Worg 1: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [ADV] [1g20+5 = 23]
Attack 23 -> [at Araylia] [HIT]
Damage 10 -> [to Araylia] [MODERATE]
DM: The first worg rushes Araylia and bites into her weapon arm, nearly pulling her down in the process but she manages to keep her feet.
[TURN] Worg 2
Worg 2: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [ADV] [1g20+5 = 24]
Attack 24 -> [at Maelwys] [HIT]
Damage 11 -> [to Maelwys] [MODERATE]
Araylia screams in pain and gets back to her feet, her mace raised high.
Effect [‘Prone’] -> [to Maelwys] [by Worg 2]
DM: The last catches Maelwys off guard and knocks him to the ground before sinking teeth into his shoulder.
DM: Initiative.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Prone | Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys: Not…nice…
Maelwys wrenches himself free and pushes up to stand, he hisses out a curse and drives the elven leafblade toward the worg.
Effect [‘Concentrating’] -> [to Maelwys]
Maelwys: [ATTACK (M)] Pact Blade [CRIT 20] [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r20+4 = 8]
Attack 8 -> [at Worg 2] [MISS]
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia swings her mace at the worg who attacked her.
Attack 18 -> [at Worg 1] [HIT]
Damage 2 -> [to Worg 1] [LIGHT]
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra both hands lift, fingers pointing to both worg’s. Rays of fire shoots out at them
Attack 22 -> [at Worg 1] [HIT]
Attack 25 -> [at Worg 2] [CRITICAL HIT]
Damage 2 -> [to Worg 2] [LIGHT]
Damage 2 -> [to Worg 1]
Attack 17 -> [at Worg 1] [HIT]
Attack 18 -> [at Worg 2] [HIT]
Damage 7 -> [to Worg 2] [MODERATE]
Damage 6 -> [to Worg 1] [MODERATE]
DM: The worgs growl out in anger as fire scorches their hide.
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench runs around behind the wolf on Maelwys and strikes with his war pick.
Aldous Trench: [ATTACK (M)] War Pick 1 (Blackthorn) (bonded) [CRIT 20] [ADV] [1g207 = 18]
Attack 18 -> [at Worg 2] [HIT]
Damage 10 -> [to Worg 2] [HEAVY]
[TURN] Werewolf
DM: The worg turns toward Aldous, saliva dripping from its yellowed fangs.
DM: The tent flap is suddenly ripped open. A growling half-wolf, half-humanoid creature leaps at Araylia!
Werewolf: [ATTACK (M)] Bite (wolf or hybrid form only) [ADV] [1g20+4 = 15]
Attack 15 -> [at Araylia] [MISS]
Werewolf: [ATTACK (M)] Claws (hybrid form only) [ADV] [1g20+4 = 8]
Attack 8 -> [at Araylia] [MISS]
DM: Both claws and teeth seem to miss their mark, but the creature, pushes Araylia as it leaps at her.
[TURN] Geilded
Geilded steps up behind the wolf-man (who’s not in london for some reason), and strikes out at it quickly.
Geilded: [ATTACK (M)] Shatterspike 1h [CRIT 20] [ADV] [1g20+5 = 24]
Attack 24 -> [at Werewolf] [HIT]
Damage 9 -> [to Werewolf] [LIGHT]
Geilded (War Priest) slashes his blade back across once it hits.
DM: The werewolf spins around and glares at Geilded. Shatterspike glows a bright white, illuminating the area and thinning the fog to almost nothing!
Geilded: [ATTACK (M)] Shatterspike 1h [CRIT 20] [ADV] [1g20+5 = 12]
Attack 12 -> [at Werewolf] [HIT]
Damage 5 -> [to Werewolf]
[TURN] Worg 1
Geilded: "Puppy, puppy, puppy…"
Worg 1 leaps at Araylia once more (because she never turned around).
Attack 15 -> [at Araylia] [MISS]
DM: Araylia blocks the worg with her shield!
[TURN] Worg 2 – [Hexed; DISCHK: strength]
Worg 2 glares at Aldous before attempting to get by his shield and bite him.
Attack 22 -> [at Aldous Trench] [HIT]
Damage 12 -> [to Aldous Trench] [MODERATE]
Aldous Trench shouts "SCHILD!" as the paw comes at him.
Worg 2 bites at Aldous, nearly coming into contact but being pushed away.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Concentrating | Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys draws out his dagger while Aldous has the beast entertained, then grins and begins to stabby.
Maelwys: [ATTACK (M)] Pact Blade [CRIT 20] [ADV] [1g20+4 = 15]
Attack 15 -> [at Worg 2] [HIT]
Maelwys: [ATTACK (M)] Dagger (Off Hand) [CRIT 20] [ADV] [1g20+4 = 22]
Attack 22 -> [at Worg 2] [HIT]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE (M)] Pact Blade [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: magic piercing (1d6+2=4)] [TYPE: magic piercing,necrotic (1d6=3)] [1d6+1p6+2 = 7]
Damage 7 -> [to Worg 2] [CRITICAL]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE (M)] Dagger (Off Hand) [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: piercing (1d4=4)] [TYPE: piercing,necrotic (1d6=6)] [1d4+1p6 = 10]
Damage 10 -> [to Worg 2] [DYING]
Maelwys looks up at Aldous as he drives his blades into the worg. "Thanks."
[TURN] Araylia
Aldous Trench nods to Maelwys and looks to see who he’ll save next.
Araylia gestures towards the worg.
Araylia: [ATTACK®] Guiding Bolt [DIS] [1r20+6 = 8]
Attack 8 -> [at Worg 1] [MISS]
[TURN] Elandra
DM: The bolt of light sails right by the worg.
Elandra seeing the thing emerge from the tent, she points to it. Suddenly her eyes turn red and rays of fire shoot from fingertips at it.
Attack 10 -> [at Werewolf] [MISS]
Attack 12 -> [at Werewolf] [HIT]
Attack 7 -> [at Werewolf] [MISS]
Damage 10 -> [to Werewolf] [MODERATE]
DM: The werewolf growls lowly and turns its gaze on Elandra.
[TURN] Aldous Trench
DM: Aldous…?
Aldous Trench rushes the worg.
Attack 16 -> [at Worg 1] [HIT]
Damage 10 -> [to Worg 1] [HEAVY]
[TURN] Werewolf
Werewolf: The worg yelps and spins toward the new attacker.
Werewolf leaps toward the fire caster in a fit of rage.
Geilded wheels around to strike the leapin’ bastard.
Attack 24 -> [at Werewolf] [HIT]
Damage 5 -> [to Werewolf]
DM: Again Shatterspike glows brilliantly, this time it takes on a red aura.
Werewolf glares and moves away from the bite of that sword, then strikes at Elandra with both tooth and claw.
Attack 13 -> [at Elandra] [MISS]
Attack 23 -> [at Elandra] [HIT]
Damage 6 -> [to Elandra] [LIGHT]
[TURN] Geilded
DM: The claw tears into Elandra’s side, but the bite misses its mark.
Elandra lets out a cry, someone is gonna die, prolly the GM
Geilded begins his assault on the poor Werewolf by trying to clap a hand on it.
Attack 20 -> [at Werewolf] [HIT]
Damage 19 -> [to Werewolf] [CRITICAL]
Geilded: "Leave her be, Wolf-boy… Com’ere."
DM: An inky blackness forms near the touch on the werewolf’s hide, it spins around and lets out a loud roar as it rises up to full height before Geilded.
Geilded roars back, of course.
[TURN] Worg 1
DM: The worg turns from its earlier prey and bites at Aldous!
Attack 16 -> [at Aldous Trench] [MISS]
[TURN] Maelwys – [Concentrating | Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys turns his attention toward the werewolf, a split moment and a whispered word moves the shifts the hex to his new interest.
Maelwys lifts his hand, vines of ivy form in the air then fashion into an eldritch green bolt before shooting out toward the werewolf.
Attack 22 -> [at Werewolf] [HIT]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE] Eldritch Blast [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: force (1d10+4=14)] [TYPE: force,necrotic (1d6=4)] [1d10+1p6+4 = 18]
Damage 18 -> [to Werewolf] [DYING]
DM: The werewolf falls to the ground, covered in vines and leaves.
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia decides to use her mace once more.
Araylia moves up towards the worg and swings
Attack 11 -> [at Worg 1] [MISS]
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra seeing the werewolf go down, moves around the tent to send a fiery bolt at th word
Elandra: worg
Attack 13 -> [at Worg 1] [HIT]
Damage 3 -> [to Worg 1] [CRITICAL]
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench swings at the worg again.
Attack 17 -> [at Worg 1] [HIT]
Damage 6 -> [to Worg 1]
[TURN] Geilded
DM: Flame laps at the worg, causing the beast to roar in anger, then it focuses once more on Aldous. It turns its attention toward where the werewolf was…then all fight seems to leave the beast.
Geilded turns to the poor Worg being jumped all over and raises his shield towards it. The insignia scratched into it’s surface lit up white with his spell.
Damage 5 -> [to Worg 1] [DYING]
DM: The worg drops. Whatever it was trying to tell you…will never be known.
Geilded: "Everyone in one piece?"
Maelwys cleans and sheathes his blades, then dusts off his hands.
Aldous Trench: I’m fine.
Geilded moves up to search the tent the werewolf came from.
Araylia: Maelwys?
Maelwys: I will survive, save your magic.
Araylia nods to her companion.
Elandra pulls out a cloth and presses it to her side. Slowly she looks around for where the voice came from
Maelwys moves toward the corpse of the werewolf and draws his hand lightly over it, drawing out life force.
Maelwys: [HEAL] Dark One’s Blessing [MOD: CHA] [TEMP] 8
Temporary hit points 8 -> [to Maelwys]
DM: There’s little of value in the tent. Two shredded sleep mats, some clothing…very old clothing. Refuse and animal bones.
Geilded steps out and looks around at the bodies; blade in hand, he looks down at the werewolf.
Geilded: "What can we say of those?"
Geilded: "Anyone know much about them?"
DM: The werewolf and worgs suddenly disintegrate.
Maelwys: We can say…goodbye?
Geilded: "…Close enough."
Maelwys: Did anyone get bit?
Geilded: "I think Elandra got scraped, didn’t look like a bite."
Maelwys nods slightly. "Lycanthropy. Scholars call it a disease, but it is truly a curse…and it is transferred in through a werewolf’s bite."
Geilded: "Right… well then we should watch the teeth."
Elandra glances back at the others then moves ahead some.
Araylia moves towards Elandra.
Geilded paces for a moment before moving up to the corner of the building nearby.
DM: Elandra, you are blocked by the living trees from traveling much further that direction.
Maelwys: How about that key?
Aldous Trench searches the corpses around the fire.
Geilded: "A good question."
DM: The corpses literally begin to fall apart when you try to search them Aldous. They have nothing of value.
Elandra mutters and begins to return to the others. "lets get this done and out of here."
Geilded turns and runs the tip of his sword lightly along the wall of the building as he moves around it.
Aldous Trench: This is… disgusting.
Geilded: "Should check houses…" To no one in particular
Geilded looks either way, then back towards the party.
Maelwys: That it is…
Geilded turns and walks up to the door. Talking lowly to some unseen person.
Geilded: "What do you know about this town? You knew about the Gold."
Araylia moves after the others.
Maelwys: Who is he talking to this time?
Elandra: Himself
Araylia: One never knows.
DM: Unlike many of the ruined buildings, this particular house is in good shape. The doors appear to have been recently replaced…or they’ve withstood time very well.
Geilded falls quiet and puts his ear lightly against the door, looking like he might speak again but just stands with his mouth ajar.
DM: Go ahead.
DM: You don’t hear anything.
Geilded tries to open the door.
DM: Oddly enough, the door is locked.
Araylia: Try knocking.
Geilded tilts his head a little and makes a ‘huh’ sound. He looked to Araylia, almost laughing before he does, in fact, knock.
Irondrake: looks at Araylia.
Maelwys looks at Araylia.
Maelwys: Tell him to dance and stand on his head.
Araylia chuckles.
Geilded: "I suppose it’s not a bad idea given that we know there are ambient spirits that can manipulate things…"
DM: No one answers your knock.
DM: Yes, it does.
Geilded turns to kick the door open… or down. Whichever.
DM: Ok, make a Strength Check.
Araylia tries not to laugh at Geilded.
DM: You’ve jarred your leg…and the door does not open.
Maelwys smiles.
Maelwys: Do it again.
Aldous Trench chuckles
Geilded lets out a huffy sound.
Araylia: Just once more.
Araylia winks at Geilded.
Elandra: I missed it
Aldous Trench: I wish there was a way to record this and then watch it over and over.
Maelwys: Wait…I think there is…
Maelwys: Prestigitation…you know that spell Elandra?
Araylia: Perhaps someone else could manage to kick in a wooden door?
Maelwys: Ghost Image….might…do it
Araylia moves towards the building and leans against it.
Geilded hums thoughtfully to himself before looking his sword over.
Geilded: "Well, I suppose if you don’t break… why not?"
Aldous Trench: May I give you instruction on kicking in a door?
Elandra: I can always do it.
Maelwys: We want the house to remain…
Elandra: Well…
DM: The house is made of stone.
Geilded: "You could always burn the door down."
DM: Doors are made of wood, thick oak.
Maelwys: Its time’s like these that I miss our thief…
Araylia gets impatient and decides to circle the building to try to find another door.
Geilded: "Didn’t happen to keep a hold of his lockpicks, huh?"
Araylia shouts, "There’s another door over here!
Aldous Trench: I used to kick in doors a lot when I was a soldier.
Geilded moves up and around the building. Not seeming to hear Aldous, or he’s being a dick and not listening…
Maelwys: I used to use keys….
Elandra: I used to run into them in the sunlight.
Araylia: Want to try opening this one?
Maelwys just looks at Elandra.
Maelwys: I could see that.
Aldous Trench kicks in the door, concentrating his kick at the lock.
Geilded: "You could."
Geilded smiles.
Araylia smiles and tries the handle.
DM: A bit rattled…that’s one stout door…
DM: The door opens, Araylia.
Aldous Trench: It really is…
Araylia pushes the door open.
Araylia gives Geilded a smile.
Geilded turns and laughs a bit before following after Araylia.
Aldous Trench: a secure door…
Araylia goes in and tries to open the other door.
Araylia unlocks it
DM: The house looks recently lived in. So recently that the hearth is still lit.
DM: there are iron bars across the other door…securing it well in place.
Araylia knocks on the door.
Geilded looks around slowly, pacing all over the room.
Araylia: Try the other door!
Araylia looks to Geilded.
DM: Geilded, something catches your eye on the desk near the bed.
Aldous Trench: Can you unlock this door from inside?
Araylia: Nope, it’s barred.
Geilded investigates the desk.
Aldous Trench: You can’t remove the bar?
Geilded employs a strict no-touching policy, having heard stories of killer books.
DM: Floor sinks down as soon as you move to the desk!
Araylia: Just go through the other door!
Geilded looks down to investigate the floor now!
DM: Suddenly a support beam on the ceiling over the bed and desk gives way!
Geilded: "Shit!"
Araylia moves towards the working door.
DM: Make a Dexterity Save, Geilded
Araylia: Dammit, Geilded!
DM: You barely make out before rocks drop down from the weakened ceiling and smash into the desk and bed.
Geilded: "…huh."
Araylia: What’d you touch this time?
Elandra: Ok, who did what?
Geilded: "I touched the floor…"
DM: In the rubble you can make out a dented steel chest.
Araylia: Well…don’t do it again.
Geilded turns and squints at Araylia, walking around the rocks a bit to try and access the chest.
Maelwys: Well sounds like someone died in there.
Maelwys: I’ll stay out here.
DM: Its not likely the ceiling can collapse twice….
Araylia shakes her head at the other guy. She moves out the door to see what happened to the others.
DM: You can dig the chest out of the debris easily enough.
DM: Its about 1′×2′×8"
Geilded fiddles with the chest a bit, looking along the edge of it for any sort of locking.
Elandra keeps her happy ass safe and outside
DM: The lock lies in pieces in the rubble.
Geilded: "Well… either the key is really big or it’s not the key."
Geilded opens it, then! Turned away from himself.
DM: you turned the chest away from you before you opened it?
DM: Ok the chest opens.
Geilded looks over the edge of the lid to root around inside the chest.
DM: You can feel coins and the wooden handle of a crossbow. There’s also a small felt bag.
Geilded turns the box around.
Geilded: "Araylia? Get Elandra please?"
Araylia: Since you said please.
Geilded grins.
Araylia: Elandra!!!
DM: Several electrum coins and quite a few gold coins cover the bottom of the chest. A hand crossbow sits atop that. The felt bag rests in the corner of the chest.
Araylia stays right where she is.
Araylia: Geilded needs you!!
Geilded walks over the table and sets the chest up on it before returning to try and dig that book out of the rubble.
Elandra: What?
Elandra: I’m sorry!
Araylia: He found treasure!
Elandra has no need for treasure but goes to see what they need. NOT going to enter the building.
Araylia: Got her for you.
Araylia moves so Elandra can peak inside.
Elandra What?
Geilded motions back towards the table with a hand, still digging in the rubble.
Geilded: "Crossbow for you… And some… whatever."
Geilded was clearly distracted.
Elandra looks into the house, and up, before stepping inside.
DM: The ceiling creeks a bit.
Elandra steps back out!
Geilded grumbles in annoyance before standing again and looking around.
Geilded: "No? Don’t want it?
Araylia: Bring it out here, Geilded.
Geilded gives a little shrug, walking up to close the chest and walk it out.
Geilded: "Coins, crossbow, and a bag of something. Didn’t look in the bag yet."
Geilded presents the chest to whoever was closest to the door.
Maelwys: No one died?
Geilded: "No… just an old house, falling apart."
Maelwys: Ah.
Geilded: "I imagine it happens a lot in this town…"
Araylia: With bars on one door.
Geilded: "Given the werewolf… good idea to have them."
Aldous Trench: I would suggest looking in the bag.
Geilded shook the chest at Elandra before going into the chest to get the bag.
Elandra grumbles and takes the chest
Araylia: On only one door?
Maelwys: Oh will you carry my bag too, Elandra?
Elandra: No
Geilded: "Don’t make too many jokes… she won’t split the gold in there with you."
Maelwys shrugs slightly.
Geilded opens the bag!
Maelwys: Why would a dragon want to split gold anyway?
DM: Inside the bag is half of a key. It would appear that key was hewn right down the spine with something extremely sharp. Its abaout 3 inches in length.
DM: Or…about…
Elandra moves off to the side and sits on the ground. Opening the pack, she dumps the contents of the chest into it. Mutters about scorching a damn warlock
Geilded: "Heeeey, a key."
Geilded pockets the key-half and continues off towards the east-ish.
Aldous Trench follows Geilded.
DM: The fog begins to fill the area once more as you head eastward.
Geilded lights Shatterspike as he moves along.
Geilded: "I’m not sure all houses will be protected like that one…. I assume it was at least. We should check them for key-pieces."
Araylia follows close to the others.
DM: The building you approach has a collapsed ceiling already. No doors are intact and the windows have long been broken out. Its quite dark inside, but you can see that the floor is overgrown.
Araylia: A test? Meaning us learning to check for a second door?
Geilded wanders into the collapsed building.
Geilded: "Perhaps not this one, Aldous…"
Aldous Trench: Okay.
DM: South of this building you can see a line of the living trees formed.
Araylia searches south (?) of the building.
Geilded: "Damned trees…."
Geilded turns and wanders East-ish(?) again.
DM: As you wander into this clearing, you can hear a clicking noise nearby.
Geilded frowns deeply.
Geilded: "With my habit of getting into danger… perhaps don’t follow directly behind me."
DM: It sounds more like an animalistic chittering.
Aldous Trench: I have a shield.
Geilded moves up to put his head down near the door infront of him again.
DM: It sounds like wood.
Geilded tries the door!
DM: The door is half-rotten and looks quite old, but it remains standing. The building has tall, broad chimney.
Geilded: "Try that next building… This one looks alright."
DM: The door opens revealing a soot-covered floor. Two iron anvils can be seen inside. A larage cold forge is against the wall.
DM: (sheesh, LARGE)
Geilded investigates the decript forge.
DM: The forge hasn’t been worked in centuries. The anvils look worn and in disrepair.
Aldous Trench keeps a lookout at the door.
Geilded mumbles softly to himself as he walks to the backdoor.
DM: Suddenly the forge lights up. The fog lifts and darkness covers the village.
Geilded: "Oh fun."
DM: Two dwarves walk inside carrying an armful of metal each.
DM: They seem to take no notice of you as they go to begin working the metal. The metal is something you do not recognize, it is a blood red in color.
Geilded tries to interact with the forge. See if it gives off heat or what he could do with it.
DM: From somewhere deeper in the village you hear screams, "Dragon! Dragon!" A thick green fog rolls through through the forest, between the buildings and through every crack to cover the interiors as well.
DM: You feel no heat, Geilded.
DM: The dwarves become dust and settle onto the ground as the darkness lifts and the usual fog returns. The forge once again appears dead and unusued.
Geilded looks back towards the door to see if anyone else saw that.
DM: The only one who could have seen anything more than the darkness and fog is Aldous.
Geilded: "…Guess I’m crazy after all."
Geilded: "Next building?"
Aldous Trench: Sure.
Geilded: "Spiders?"
Aldous Trench: Not so far.
DM: The floor, walls, and what little remains of the ceiling of the building that you can see is covered in webs.
Geilded: "Can you do that burning hands spell? Might do well to lead with that.."
Geilded: "Spidersilk may not burn like wood… but it goes a long way to clearing it."
Maelwys: Have you seen any spiders?
Geilded: "No, but I am reminded of the tomb a few weeks ago with the chittering and the webs."
Aldous Trench: I can only do that once before I need a long rest.
Aldous Trench: Plus, we might burn something we don’t want burned.
DM: You hear a muffled sound of movement inside, like something large and bound trying to slide along the ground.
Geilded frowns and looks to Elandra.
Elandra listens as they talk of burning hands and the logic of burning things we may need or want
Geilded just sighs softly and walks into the spider webby room.
DM: Along one wall you see a pile of bones. Near it you see a cocooned figure…and its moving.
Geilded promptly looks up and flinches down a little.
Maelwys: See something?
Geilded: "Unfinished meal is all right now…"
Geilded goes to open the figure! Starting at the head, of course.
Maelwys: How…unfinished?
Elandra: Ever get the idea that spiders are about to appear?
Geilded: "It’s moving still at least."
Geilded mumbles under his breath, something along the lines of ‘Fucking spiders’.
DM: Make a perception check. Everyone.
Elandra twidling her thumbs!
Maelwys looks around, but at all the wrong places.
DM: Geilded, while you’re trying to free whatever unfortunate victim is there, something drops from the open ceiling…something….large. More of them appear….and they’ve taken you all by surprise!
[TURN] Giant Spider 1
DM: The first spider strike Geilded while he’s still concentrating on the saving of…whatever it is.
Giant Spider 1: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [ADV] [1g20+5 = 14]
Attack 14 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
[TURN] Giant Spider 2
Giant Spider 2: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [ADV] [1g20+5 = 18]
Attack 18 -> [at Geilded] [HIT]
Damage 8 -> [to Geilded] [MODERATE]
DM: The next one drives its fangs into Geilded’s neck! Luckily he pulls back quickly before any poison sets in.
[TURN] Giant Spider 3
Giant Spider 3: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [ADV] [1g20+5 = 22]
Attack 22 -> [at Elandra] [HIT]
Damage 11 -> [to Elandra] [HEAVY]
Damage 7 -> [to Elandra] [HALF] [CRITICAL]
Damage 8 -> [to Geilded] [HEAVY]
[TURN] Giant Spider 4
Giant Spider 4: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [ADV] [1g20+5 = 23]
Attack 23 -> [at Aldous Trench] [HIT]
Damage 11 -> [to Aldous Trench] [MODERATE]
Damage 1 -> [to Aldous Trench] [HALF]
DM: The last spider (that you know of) hangs over the doorway and bites at Aldous…
[TURN] Elandra
Geilded: "I hate spiders…"
DM: Ok, Initiative everyone
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys takes a quick look, seeing the spider latching onto Elandra and he chants quickly.
Maelwys takes out a chip of mica and strikes it then opens his fist toward the spider.
Damage 4 -> [to Giant Spider 3] [HALF] [LIGHT]
[TURN] Geilded
Geilded brings up one of his hands and wipes at the bite on his neck, lightly spreading the blood along Shatterspike he murmurs darkly. As he does a surge of red runes burst from around him to the spiders.
Geilded readies his sword as the runes linger around the spiders.
[TURN] Araylia
DM: The spiders shriek as they become weakened.
Araylia turns to her companion beside her. She quickly tries to heal her.
Araylia focuses on Elandra.
Heal 8 -> [to Elandra] [HEAVY]
Araylia immediately aims at the spider.
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra in pain and yet feeling all warm and fuzzy now, somewhat. Lets out a scream as rays of fire shoot from her to the spider
Damage 13 -> [to Giant Spider 3] [HEAVY]
Elandra instead a fan of fire hits it
[TURN] Aldous Trench
DM: Flames envelop the spider which causes it wonder if it made the right choice.
Aldous Trench winces in pain from the bite and swings at the spider that bit him.
Attack 11 -> [at Giant Spider 4] [MISS]
[TURN] Giant Spider 1 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 10]]
DM: The spider strikes out at Geilded once again.
Giant Spider 1: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [EFFECTS -1d4] [ADV] [1g20+1p4+5 = 16]
Attack 16 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
[TURN] Giant Spider 2 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 10]]
DM: The next spider shifts slightly and strands of webbing fly out at Geilded.
Giant Spider 2: [ATTACK®] Web [EFFECTS -1d4] [ADV] [1g20+1p4+5 = 20]
Attack 20 -> [at Geilded] [HIT]
Effect [‘Restrained’] -> [to Geilded] [by Giant Spider 2]
[TURN] Giant Spider 3
DM: The spider next to Elandra stamps the ground wildly to put itself out before it shoots webbing out at her.
Attack 21 -> [at Elandra] [HIT]
Effect [‘Restrained’] -> [to Elandra] [by Giant Spider 3]
[TURN] Giant Spider 4 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 10]]
DM: The last spider makes another attempt to bite Aldous.
Giant Spider 4: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [EFFECTS -1d4] [1d20+1p4+5 = 19]
Attack 19 -> [at Aldous Trench] [HIT]
Damage 6 -> [to Aldous Trench] [HEAVY]
Damage 7 -> [to Aldous Trench] [HALF]
Maelwys: Should we remove ourselves from this??
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys moves toward the spider, seeing Elandra get webbed… "This is really going south…quickly."
Attack 13 -> [at Giant Spider 3] [MISS]
Attack 22 -> [at Giant Spider 3] [HIT]
Geilded: "Damn spiders."
Damage 3 -> [to Giant Spider 3]
[TURN] Geilded – [Concentration; [D: 9] | Flanked; GRANTADVATK: melee; [D: 1] | Restrained]
Geilded attempts to break out of his wrapping.
Maelwys: Geilded bursts through the webbing!
DM: Geilded bursts through the webbing!
Geilded mumbles incoherently to himself as he draws his sword up, as he does a spectral Longsword blinks into existance near the Spider infront of him. It promptly swings.
DM: Con Save
DM: If you want to roll again
DM: If its a spell that requires concentration no you can’t
Attack 22 -> [at Giant Spider 2] [HIT]
Damage 8 -> [to Giant Spider 2] [MODERATE]
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia moves to Aldous.
Araylia reaches out and touches Aldous on the side.
Heal 9 -> [to Aldous Trench] [MODERATE]
[TURN] Elandra – [Restrained]
Elandra finger manages to touch the tenicle of the spider to give a shocking touch
Damage 2 -> [to Giant Spider 3] [CRITICAL]
DM: The spider is jolted and unable to react.
[TURN] Aldous Trench
DM: Ok second wind kicks in and you’re feeling better
Aldous Trench roars and swings again at the spider.
Attack 12 -> [at Giant Spider 4] [MISS]
Aldous Trench and then again.
Attack 22 -> [at Giant Spider 4] [HIT]
Damage 9 -> [to Giant Spider 4] [MODERATE]
[TURN] Giant Spider 1 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 10]]
Giant Spider 1: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [EFFECTS -1d4] [ADV] [1g20+1p4+5 = 7]
Attack 7 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
DM: The spider makes another attempt to bite Geilded but again misses.
[TURN] Giant Spider 2 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 10]]
Giant Spider 2: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [EFFECTS -1d4] [ADV] [1g20+1p4+5 = 14]
Attack 14 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
DM: And the next does the same…
[TURN] Giant Spider 3 – [Shocked; [D: 1]]
Attack 11 -> [at Maelwys] [MISS]
DM: The third makes an attempt to bite Maelwys but he dodges the fangs.
[TURN] Giant Spider 4 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 10]]
Giant Spider 4: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [EFFECTS -1d4] [1d20+1p4+5 = 5]
Attack 5 -> [at Aldous Trench] [MISS]
DM: And the last bites at Aldous…but only hits shield.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys snarls and launches his attacks at the spider once more, stabbing with pact blade and dagger.
Attack 8 -> [at Giant Spider 3] [MISS]
Attack 12 -> [at Giant Spider 3] [MISS]
[TURN] Geilded – [Concentration; [D: 9] | Flanked; GRANTADVATK: melee; [D: 1]]
Geilded swings at the spider nearest him!
Attack 6 -> [at Giant Spider 2] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
DM: Make a Dex save.
Geilded gets caught up in his web.
DM: Geilded hacks at the spider but the creature catches the blade across its mandibles and wrenches it from his grasp!
DM: Your sword lands in front of Araylia.
Geilded || The Spiritual Weapon attacks the spider that stole Geilded’s sword.
Attack 9 -> [at Giant Spider 2] [MISS]
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia aims at the spider in front of Geilded.
Attack 26 -> [at Giant Spider 2] [CRITICAL HIT]
Araylia: [DAMAGE] Guiding Bolt [CRITICAL] [TYPE: radiant (8d6=15)] [4d6+4g6 = 15]
Damage 15 -> [to Giant Spider 2] [CRITICAL]
DM: The bolt strikes the spider and causes it to glow brightly.
Araylia kicks the sword to its owner.
Effect [‘Shocked’] -> [EXPIRED] [on Giant Spider 3]
[TURN] Elandra – [Restrained]
Elandra gives it another shock
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Elandra but failed
Aldous Trench swings again.
Attack 22 -> [at Giant Spider 4] [HIT]
Damage 12 -> [to Giant Spider 4] [CRITICAL]
Aldous Trench drives his pick into the spider’s face.
[TURN] Giant Spider 1 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 9]]
DM: The spider shakes violently as the pick lands in it.
Giant Spider 1: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [EFFECTS -1d4] [1d20+1p4+5 = 8]
Attack 8 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
[TURN] Giant Spider 2 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 9] | [ACTN]; Guiding Bolt; GRANTADVATK; [D: 1]]
Giant Spider 2: [ATTACK®] Web [EFFECTS -1d4] [1d20+1p4+5 = 21]
Attack 21 -> [at Geilded] [HIT]
Effect [‘Restrained’] -> [to Geilded] [by Giant Spider 2]
DM: One spider attempts to bite but only hits the metal of armor, the other coats Geilded in sticky webbing….once again restraining him.
[TURN] Giant Spider 3
Attack 17 -> [at Maelwys] [HIT]
Damage 0 -> [to Maelwys] [ABSORBED]
Geilded lets out a frustrated ‘GRAH!’
Damage 4 -> [to Maelwys] [HALF] [PARTIALLY ABSORBED]
DM: The next bites into Maelwys, finally getting past his health ward, he groans as poison reaches his blood.
[TURN] Giant Spider 4 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 9]]
Giant Spider 4: [ATTACK®] Web [EFFECTS -1d4] [1d20+1p4+5 = 22]
Attack 22 -> [at Aldous Trench] [HIT]
Effect [‘Restrained’] -> [to Aldous Trench] [by Giant Spider 4]
DM: The spider spews webbing at Aldous, then begins to retreat up the wall.
Aldous Trench: [ATTACK (M)] War Pick 1 (Blackthorn) (bonded) [CRIT 20] [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r207 = 19]
Attack 19 -> [at Giant Spider 4] [HIT]
Aldous Trench is covered in web, but manages to pull his war pick out of the spider, pulling some brain matter with it.
Damage 6 -> [to Giant Spider 4] [DYING]
DM: The spider falls off the wall and lands in a heap on the ground!
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys mutters and opens his hand, pushing it outward toward the spider.
[TURN] Geilded – [Concentration; [D: 8] | Restrained]
Geilded sweeps up his sword and slashes out violently to the spider.
Effect [‘Guiding Bolt; GRANTADVATK’] -> [EXPIRED] [on Giant Spider 2]
Attack 10 -> [at Giant Spider 2] [MISS]
Geilded slashes again! As he does, his Spiritual weapon mimics his motions.
Geilded: [ATTACK (M)] Shatterspike 1h [CRIT 20] [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r20+5 = 7]
Attack 7 -> [at Giant Spider 2] [MISS]
Geilded: [ATTACK (M)] Spiritual Weapon [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r20+5 = 7]
Attack 7 -> [at Giant Spider 2] [MISS]
Damage 8 -> [to Giant Spider 2] [DYING]
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia focuses on the spider behind Geilded.
Attack 25 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [HIT]
Damage 15 -> [to Giant Spider 1] [HEAVY]
[TURN] Elandra – [Restrained]
DM: The next spider begins to glow brightly.
Araylia smiles as the guided bolts fly at the other spider.
Elandra tries to shock it again, still webbed up
Damage 1 -> [to Giant Spider 3]
[TURN] Aldous Trench – [Restrained]
Aldous Trench tries to break free of the webbing.
DM: Aldous bursts from the webbing (that is an action).
[TURN] Giant Spider 1 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 8] | [ACTN]; Guiding Bolt; GRANTADVATK; [D: 1]]
Giant Spider 1: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [EFFECTS -1d4] [ADV] [1g20+1p4+5 = 12]
Attack 12 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
DM: The spider, rather frustrated, bites at Geilded again….
[TURN] Giant Spider 3 – [Shocked; [D: 1]]
Geilded: "Damn you spiders!"
Attack 13 -> [at Maelwys] [MISS]
DM: And the last one takes another bite at Maelwys…but misses.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys notes the spider is still jolted, he backs up a bit and forms an eldritch bolt from vine-like energy.
Attack 11 -> [at Giant Spider 3] [MISS]
[TURN] Geilded – [Concentration; [D: 7] | Restrained]
Geilded fights his bindings!
Maelwys: You are still restrained.
Geilded curses to himself as his Spiritual weapon floats over to the spider and slashes at it.
Effect [‘Guiding Bolt; GRANTADVATK’] -> [EXPIRED] [on Giant Spider 1]
Attack 10 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [MISS]
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia moves towards the other spider and uses her mace against it.
Attack 17 -> [at Giant Spider 3] [HIT]
Damage 7 -> [to Giant Spider 3] [DYING]
Effect [‘Shocked’] -> [EXPIRED] [on Giant Spider 3]
[TURN] Elandra – [Restrained]
DM: The mace crunches into the spider and causes it to stop moving.
Elandra now that mr spider is gone, growls and tries to break free of the webbing
Elandra alas, no cookies
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench turns and tries to smash the last spider.
Attack 10 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [MISS]
[TURN] Giant Spider 1 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 7]]
DM: The last spider keeps attempting to bite Geilded!
Giant Spider 1: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [EFFECTS -1d4] [ADV] [1g20+1p4+5 = 14]
Attack 14 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys: I need a mace…
Maelwys: Or breasts.
Geilded: "You… make strange requests."
Maelwys mutteres and crafts another eldritch blast for the last spider.
Maelwys: You’d have to be me…
Attack 12 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [MISS]
[TURN] Geilded – [Concentration; [D: 6] | Restrained]
Geilded attacks the last spider despite his webby constraints.
Geilded: [ATTACK (M)] Shatterspike 1h [CRIT 20] [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r20+5 = 11]
Attack 11 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [MISS]
Geilded || The Spiritual weapon deos as well…
Geilded: [ATTACK (M)] Spiritual Weapon [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r20+5 = 12]
Attack 12 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [MISS]
Geilded: [ATTACK (M)] Spiritual Weapon [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r20+5 = 16]
Attack 16 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [HIT]
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia moves towards the final spider.
Araylia swings her mace.
Attack 20 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [HIT]
Damage 7 -> [to Giant Spider 1] [CRITICAL]
[TURN] Elandra – [Restrained]
Elandra once again tries to free herself
Elandra freed and contemplating killing Geilded
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench swings again.
Attack 14 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [HIT]
Damage 11 -> [to Giant Spider 1] [DYING]
DM: The last spider….finally….falls to the ground.
Aldous Trench again drives his pick through the spider’s head.
Geilded tries to cut himself free, ranting lowly to himself about hating spiders.
Maelwys: I need at least an hour….before we go anywhere else.
Araylia sits down and takes a moment to breathe deeply.
Araylia: Myself as well.
Elandra walks over and inside before sliding down the wall to sit
[340 XP] -> Geilded
[340 XP] -> Elandra
[340 XP] -> Aldous Trench
[340 XP] -> Maelwys
[340 XP] -> Araylia
Awarded XP to the Party. (1700)
Geilded sluggishly moves over to the cocooned person to cut them free.
Geilded: "I swear… if this isn’t a person made of key-parts and solid gold…."
Recovery 5[HD-1] -> [to Maelwys]
Recovery 10[HD-1] -> [to Maelwys] [HEALTHY]
Recovery 7[HD-1] -> [to Araylia] [LIGHT]
Recovery 4[HD-1] -> [to Geilded] [LIGHT]
Recovery 5[HD-1] -> [to Geilded]
Aldous Trench searches the remains of the already-eaten body.
DM: The remains are multiple bodies. Small animals…you think a halfling maybe…definately dwarf bones.
DM: The next room over was covered with small dragon-like skulls.
Aldous Trench: Eww…
DM: The moving one is cut free?
DM: It would appear to be elven or fae, a male with dark hair and green tint to his skin.
DM: And with that we are going to end.

Session 22
Ruins of Daford

5E v3.0.9 ruleset for Fantasy Grounds. Copyright 2013 Smiteworks USA, LLC.
Languages v3.2 Extension for FG 3.0 rulesets: 3.5E, PFRPG, 4E and Castles & Crusades, by Tenian (converted and expanded by Trenloe & Callum). Copyright 2014 Smiteworks.
DM: Ok, you’ve been on the road for a few days now. You are near the Llani Vale, an area of blighted land that was rumored to be destroyed by dragons some time ago. Daford is not too far away, perhaps just a few more hours to the east. You get the feeling that you are once again being watched as you near the vale.
Geilded: "Very much getting tired of our followers…"
Araylia chuckles. "I’m surprised you don’t relish in the attention."
Geilded: "Mmm, I am not THAT vain."
Elandra slowly looks around the area as they travel on
Geilded: "Anyone actually know about the Vale we’re going to? I do not."
Geilded: "Er… through moreso than to."
DM: Sure, you can make a history check.
Araylia: I know a little bit.
Elandra looks toward Araylia, personally having no clue.
Araylia: 200 years ago, the dragons Avantador and Ashardalon fought over the area now known as the Llani Vale.
Araylia: Both were great fire breathing wyrms and the land suffered for it.
Geilded frowns a little.
Geilded: "Why fight over it? Does it hold some sort of strategic value?"
Araylia: It is just an ashen plain now, but back then it was a breeding ground of metallic dragons.
Geilded slow nod.
Araylia: That is the extent of my knowledge.
Geilded: "Fair enough…"
Aldous Trench: Makes you wonder if you might find some eggs if you dug around…
Araylia: Those metallic dragons were the "good" dragons that helped mankind.
Araylia: It’s sad.
Araylia lowers her eyes and looks away.
Geilded: "Very, yes…"
Geilded shifts his shield on his arm, looking over the symbol carved into it.
Geilded: "I very much plan to."
Geilded was once again… talking to the air around him.
DM: A dark sillouette of a horse and rider appears on the trail ahead. You aren’t sure if what you are seeing is real or a phantasm. A misty fog rises up around the figure.
Araylia: Gelided?
Geilded slowly draws the longsword from his staddlebags, leaving Shatterspike on his hip.
Araylia slows her horse to a stop at the sight in front of them.
Geilded: "Gold, gold, gold…" mumbling
Elandra just listens to them about the dragons but then finds herself looking toward the rider.
Aldous Trench draws out his crossbow, but keeps it pointed at the ground.
Geilded slowly his horse as well, tilting his head a little at the rider.
Elandra lifts a hand toward the figure.
DM: The dark rider spins its black steed around and races off toward the east. The mist seems to thicken around the area where it was standing…partially cloaking the rider’s trail.
Araylia pulls her bow out and strings it.
Geilded returns the longsword to it’s place in his saddlebags, exhaling slowly as he looks to the party.
Geilded: "Scout or Watcher?"
Aldous Trench: We’ll probably find out soon enough.
DM: There was something familiar about the rider, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. It appears to be heading in the direction of Daford.
Aldous Trench spurs his horse onward.
Elandra kicks her horse into gear, following behind the rider
Araylia puts away her crossbow and follows Aldous.
Geilded follows as well!
DM: You ride faster toward the town of Daford. The fog remains thick. After an hour you see start to make out the shapes of buildings. Its hard to tell, but you’re pretty sure this town is in ruins and densely overgrown.
Geilded: "Well… now I am curious as to how long it’s been locked."
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Geilded frowns slightly.
Geilded: "Suppose you won’t tell us, huh…"
Maelwys rides out of the shadows and onto the trail near their side.
Maelwys: I suppose I could.
Geilded holds his hands out a bit and lets out a long ‘Eeeeeeey!’
Geilded: "And you kept up with your horse…"
Maelwys: You sure did not.
Geilded: "Didn’t know if you would be returning there or not."
Elandra: So you live. This is good…perhaps.
Maelwys: Not for much longer. There is a dark taint on the air ahead.
Geilded frowns, shifting on his horse.
Geilded: "Naturally, yes… How long have you been in the area? Learned anything? Or just arrived?"
Maelwys: I’m going to suggest leaving the horses outside the town.
Maelwys: I’ve only just arrived.
Geilded nods, leading his horse over to a remotely suitable location… probably a downed tree or some such.
Maelwys: Also…take a few moments, hold your breath…and listen.
Geilded closes his eyes and does so!
Elandra: ::slides from the back of the horse. Easing some of the heavier clothing off::
Araylia follows Geilded’s lead.
DM: Its so quiet, you can hear the intake of your horse’s lungs. The exhale through its nostrils…
DM: There’s no wind, no birds…nothing.
DM: It would seem like spring to you though, its quite a bit warmer here than elsewhere in the north and there’s no snow on the ground at all.
Geilded seems discomforted by the silence, dismounting and looking around.
Araylia slowly covers herself with her cloak before moving to stand next to Elandra.
Maelwys dismounts and moves to tie off Shadow, then gives the horse a feedbag.
Geilded sets his horse up for a long wait before pacing a few feet from the party and staring at the ground.
Geilded: "Your theory, Maelwys? On this town…"
Geilded: "Everything was locked when the Dragon arrived sometime in the warmer months, I assume."
Maelwys: That sounds good to me. This is an unnatural occurance. I’ve not witnessed anything like it before.
Elandra: I believe we all go to face our deaths.
Geilded: "Just the people I can understand… magics like that ARE known, but on a smaller scale. The whole town? Grounds and all? Hmm…"
Maelwys: I think we’re going to find something here…that the dark dragons did not want us to find.
Elandra: Yes.. we are.
DM: An overgrown trail leads toward the town.
Geilded: "Well, if we die… I suppose this is as good a place as any to do it… Ready to head out?"
Geilded looked back to the party.
Elandra eyes still covered with the cloth, begins to walk along the path.
DM: The fog and tree-cover overhead block out a lot of the sunlight, Elandra.
Geilded walks as well, in no real hurry to get into the town. (Not like it’s going anywhere…) He did, however, draw Shatterspike while in motion.
Elandra keeps the cloth over her eyes.
Aldous Trench unsheathes his pick and follows
Araylia nods and follows. Her mace and shield at her sides.
Maelwys smiles and holds out his hand, his pact blade appears, a gleaming elven leafblade, he draws a dagger in the other. "Yes, into shadow we go."
Geilded looked oddly at the different blade before putting it out of his head.
‘Katashnia’ connection lost. Waiting for reconnect
The overgrown trail through dense trees eventually brings you to the ruins of a small town. An eerie thick mist…or fog hangs low here making it hard to see very far ahead. You can make out buildings, some still standing…
It is very quiet here.
Geilded stands still in the silence, looking scarcely wanting to even breathe.
Maelwys: Can you feel that…?
Elandra is even moe quiet now while slowly looking around.
Geilded: "The general sense of foreboding or the uneasy ability to hear my own heartbeat if I focus on it?"
Maelwys: The raw, primordial power that pulses like a heartbeat…
Elandra slowly looks toward Maelwys
Geilded: "…no, I didn’t feel it."
Araylia remains quiet; however, she rolls her eyes at Geilded.
Geilded starts off towards one of the houses, eyeing a grounded body.
Maelwys: No worries, I feel your heartbeat as well, Geilded. It is of little consequence compared to what lies within this town.
Araylia moves to get a closer view of the deceased.
Geilded: "Do tell me if it stops…"
Maelwys: I think you’ll know.
Maelwys: You mean your heart, yes?
Geilded raises an eyebrow at the bodies, moving to one of the buildings.
Geilded: "No… the pulsing."
Maelwys: Ah.
Elandra follows but keeps a very close watch around.
DM: The skeleton appears to have been crushed by something…very large…something very heavy. The dwarf appears to have little damage. As a matter of fact, the body is perfectly preserved.
Geilded: "…hmm."
DM: There is a rustling in the trees. The sound echoes in the area…because of just how quiet it was otherwise.
Geilded drifted his attention to the trees before moving close to the building, stepping over the dead dwarf.
DM: Suddenly a a tree crashes through the dense forest north of the town and WALKS toward you. The tree lifts a wide branch as if to swat at Aldous. Another arrives from the south!
DM: Initiative.
[TURN] Elandra – [RESIST: fire]
Elandra seeing the treethingiebopper and points a finger at it. A sneeze comes as fire shoots fro her hand to the tree
Attack 16 -> [at Awakened Tree 1] [HIT]
Could not open sheet with data from unloaded module. (5E Players Alpha)
Damage 6 -> [to Awakened Tree 1] [VULNERABLE] [LIGHT]
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
DM: The firebolt strikes the tree and flames quickly spread!
Maelwys looks down at his blades, then frowns seeing all that wood, he turns toward the closer one and places his hands together, fanning his fingers apart. "Aldous…you may wish to duck…"
Damage 24 -> [to Awakened Tree 2] [VULNERABLE] [MODERATE]
DM: The flames leap up spread quickly over the tree.
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench turns and points his hands, thumbs together at the tree.
Damage 12 -> [to Awakened Tree 2] [VULNERABLE] [HEAVY]
DM: The awakened tree lets out a long hollow groan as more fire builds up on it.
[TURN] Geilded
Geilded sees the Firestarters handling things and moves to stand between the other giant tree and them. (Holding attack)
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia turns and faces one of the trees. She raises her holy symbol.
Attack 19 -> [at Awakened Tree 2] [HIT]
Damage 18 -> [to Awakened Tree 2] [CRITICAL]
[TURN] Awakened Tree 1
Attack 16 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
DM: A wide branch slams down at Geilded, but misses!
[TURN] Awakened Tree 2 – [[ACTN]; Guiding Bolt; GRANTADVATK; [D: 1]]
Geilded looks at the limb’s impact, then up at the Tree-monster as if to say ‘What are you doing?’
Attack 10 -> [at Maelwys] [MISS]
DM: The other takes a swipe at Maelwys, but the half-elf evades the blow.
[TURN] Elandra – [RESIST: fire]
Elandra as the tree moves closer, she continues the assault of fire bolts at it .
Attack 16 -> [at Awakened Tree 1] [HIT]
Damage 20 -> [to Awakened Tree 1] [VULNERABLE] [MODERATE]
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
DM: The tree lets out a roar as the flames strike it once again.
Maelwys looks to back away, but stops and moves closer, muttering quietly as he takes a stab at the tree.
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench aims his finger at the tree before him like a gun and yells, "Feuerschlag!", firing a fire bolt at the tree.
Effect [‘Guiding Bolt; GRANTADVATK’] -> [EXPIRED] [on Awakened Tree 2]
Aldous Trench: [ATTACK®] Fire Bolt (feuerschlag) [ADV] [1g20+4 = 24]
Attack 24 -> [at Awakened Tree 2] [CRITICAL HIT]
Aldous Trench: [DAMAGE] Fire Bolt (feuerschlag) [CRITICAL] [TYPE: fire (2d10=8)] [1d10+1g10 = 8]
Damage 16 -> [to Awakened Tree 2] [VULNERABLE] [DYING]
[TURN] Geilded
DM: The awakened tree catches fire and begins to burn steadily. Branches droop to the ground as it becomes still.
Geilded steps up to the tree creature and swings at it! Still very aware of how quiet it is in the town and looking horribly unsettled still.
Attack 18 -> [at Awakened Tree 1] [HIT]
Damage 8 -> [to Awakened Tree 1]
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia raises her holy symbol to the remaining tree.
Attack 7 -> [at Awakened Tree 1] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
[TURN] Awakened Tree 1
Awakened Tree 1: Splinters of wood go everywhere as the sword hacks into it.
DM: Araylia, roll 1d100
DM: Araylia…
Elandra ooc he is laughing hysterically
DM: Araylia, everyone around you disappears.
DM: Including the awakened tree…
DM: The ground shakes.
DM: Suddenly the tree appears right in front of Araylia, bringing its great branches down on her.
Awakened Tree 1: [ATTACK (M)] Slam [EFFECTS] [ADV] [1g20+6 = 23]
Attack 23 -> [at Araylia] [HIT]
Damage 9 -> [to Araylia] [LIGHT]
[TURN] Elandra – [RESIST: fire | Invisible; [D: 1]]
DM: You gain advantage if you attack the awakened tree while invisible. You immediately lose invisibility upon attacking.
Elandra moves back some, quietly. once back a bit, she sends another bolt of fire at the tree
Elandra: [ATTACK®] Fire Bolt [EFFECTS] [ADV] [1g20+5 = 24]
Attack 24 -> [at Awakened Tree 1] [HIT]
Damage 14 -> [to Awakened Tree 1] [VULNERABLE] [HEAVY]
DM: Elandra appears, flinging fire at the tree, which strikes it dead on.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Invisible; [D: 1] | Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys: [ATTACK®] Eldritch Blast [EFFECTS] [ADV] [1g20+6 = 21]
Attack 21 -> [at Awakened Tree 1] [HIT]
Damage 10 -> [to Awakened Tree 1] [CRITICAL]
Damage 12 -> [to Awakened Tree 1]
Maelwys appears as a green eldritch bolt of magic flies toward the tree.
[TURN] Aldous Trench – [Invisible; [D: 1]]
Aldous Trench shouts "Feuerschlag" again and lets loose another firebolt.
Aldous Trench: [ATTACK®] Fire Bolt (feuerschlag) [EFFECTS] [ADV] [1g20+4 = 22]
Attack 22 -> [at Awakened Tree 1] [HIT]
Damage 18 -> [to Awakened Tree 1] [VULNERABLE] [CRITICAL]
[TURN] Geilded – [Invisible; [D: 1]]
DM: Aldous appears as well, the tree begins to burn steadily now.
Geilded turns around and rears back to slam his blade through the creature’s back while it’s not facing him.
Geilded: [ATTACK (M)] Shatterspike 1h [CRIT 20] [EFFECTS] [ADV] [1g20+5 = 15]
Attack 15 -> [at Awakened Tree 1] [HIT]
Damage 7 -> [to Awakened Tree 1] [DYING]
[TURN] Araylia
DM: The awakened tree tips and falls over…(southwest)…
Geilded looks down at the creature oddly before extracting his sword.
Geilded: "I am going to assume you… meant… for us to all be invisible."
Maelwys just stares at Araylia.
Maelwys: Knock that off!
Araylia blushes and looks away.
Araylia: Magic is a fickle thing.
Geilded walks over to a house once more, just shaking his head and laughing softly to himself.
Aldous Trench: So it seems. Everyone okay?
Aldous Trench follows Geilded
Geilded: "Oh yes, I’m wonderful. We just got accosted by trees, but it’s all starting to become very normal."
Araylia: I am sorry.
Aldous Trench: Good to hear it.
Aldous Trench: Were they your trees, Araylia?
Geilded: "Ah, don’t apologize… I just don’t wish for you to complain next time I do something very dumb."
Araylia: No.
Aldous Trench: Then you have no reason to apologize.
Geilded , if on cue, tries to open the door to the house infront of him.
Elandra: It isn’t as if we didn’t mess up, leave her alone. follows to the door
Araylia nods.
Araylia: Elandra? Are you alright?
DM: There’s no door…
Aldous Trench: Who’s accusing her of anything?
Geilded pokes his head in instead of fiddling a door.
Maelwys raises his hand.
DM: Inside the first building you find it is completely overgrown. Outside of the building you see a body, freshly slain. It appears to be one of the Warlord’s men…
Geilded straightens back up and moves to the house the man was, by appearances, going to.
Geilded: "Seems we weren’t the first… unsurprising."
Maelwys: Yes, but why does it seem we’re always second?
Aldous Trench searches the dead soldier’s body.
Geilded: "Because we’re playing bandagers… and we decided to take a detour."
Araylia cautiously steps after the others.
Elandra looks toward the east, walking in that direction a bit.
Aldous Trench: Have you noticed that the first team is always dead?
DM: The next building is also overgrown. Some destroyed furniture remains in the corner…and you can see portions of this building’s floor.
Maelwys: Saves us the trouble.
Geilded frowns slightly, turning to move after Elandra.
Geilded: "Yes… ending the Warlord’s men is grand… and tiresome."
DM: The building to the north appears to be mostly intact. There is still a door in the doorframe and it is closed.
Geilded goes to the building still having a door! Very strange to see.
Elandra stops and looks toward Maelwys. A nod of her head toward the way she is headed given to him
DM: You begin to smell something on the air. An odd smell, like chlorine.
Geilded blinks and tilts his head at the door, seeming loath to touch it as he approached.
DM: The dense trees to the east rise up a very steep embarkment there Elandra. the road turns south.
Geilded tries the door.
DM: The door swings open, groaning loudly.
DM: It would appear to be the tap room of a tavern. A ghostly light illuminates the room from the cold hearth on the eastern wall.
Geilded: "…yeah, that’s terrifying."
Geilded turns and follows the road.
Maelwys: Did someone take something from you while I was away?
Maelwys rubs his chin and peeks into the tavern.
Maelwys: Like your balls?
Elandra chuckles while staring off eastward.
Geilded: "Been clipped a lot lately. Looking to reduce head injuries."
Maelwys glances at Elandra. "You feel it now, don’t you?"
Elandra: Yes, I need to go this way.
Araylia coughs as she tries to hide her laughter.
Maelwys: That thrumming…that calling.
Geilded continued along the path unerred, if amused, by the ball-less comment.
Maelwys: There may be a way up…without having to clamber through the trees.
Aldous Trench walks into the tavern
DM: Aldous…you get a cold feeling upon stepping across the threshold of the tavern. You can hear movement in the next room, but the door is closed.
Aldous Trench leans out the door and points inside, then makes his fingers wiggle like a person walking and points inside again.
Maelwys lowers his voice and whispers to the others, "Aldous thinks someone is inside"
Geilded is probably WAY out of whisper range.
Maelwys readies his blades and prepares to follow.
Araylia readies her mace.
DM: Aldous, you hear what sounds like pots and pans being thrown against the wall. It clatters loudly!
Araylia steps up towards Elandra.
DM: Anyone outside the tavern, you hear nothing.
Aldous Trench prepares his pick and moves toward the door.
Elandra still looking eastward, her eyes definately golden now.
Geilded unaware of the tavern’s happenings, goes into the building next to him.
DM: The scent of chlorine becomes thicker outside.
DM: Geilded, the building appears to be like the rest….ruined, overgrown…destroyed…
Maelwys moves up beside the door that Aldous is facing.
Geilded walks back out to the road and looks up at the trees to the east.
Aldous Trench kicks open the door.
DM: The door swings open. Pots and pans hover in the air in the center of the room…then they all clatter to the ground as the door opens! Everyone within 20 feet of the inn can hear that.
Maelwys: The hell…
Araylia jumps at the noise.
Araylia: What was that?
Geilded , once again, doesn’t seem to notice.
Geilded: "What?"
Elandra slowly looks toward the building. "Sounds like a clatter."
Aldous Trench: Okay… sorry for the loud noise. I don’t want to hurt anyone, just seeing who is here. I’m coming in, weapon lowered.
Aldous Trench walks into the room.
DM: The room appears to be empty. You see all manner of dishes on the ground. Pots, pans, ladles, spoons, knives….
Geilded raises an eyebrow and goes back to the tavern.
DM: The path continues southward, around the hill.
Aldous Trench walks over to look behind hte stack of barrels.
Maelwys moves into the room and looks at the prep table, then grimaces. "These are….human remains."
Elandra looks at Araylia. "Stay here" then walks foward some into the trees.
Araylia: Elandra?
Araylia realizing she is ignored, she comments to herself, "Sure…I’ll just stand out in the middle of nowhere by myself.
DM: Aldous, make a perception check.
DM: Behind the barrels, you don’t see anyone, but you do see a thick plasma-like substance on the wall behind them.
Aldous Trench: Maelwys, what do you make of this?
Maelwys looks over his shoulder, then heads over to see.
Araylia watches for Elandra.
Geilded just stands in the doorway, looking around the room.
Maelwys reaches down and touches it, then groans.
Maelwys: We should probably leave.
Elandra lets out a blood curdling scream as she falls into a pit
Geilded runs out to find the source of screaming!
Aldous Trench runs out toward the screaming.
Araylia runs to Elandra.
DM: The coldness seems to follow you…
Geilded looks down and mumbles to himself.
DM: An ear-shattering scream fills the clearing outside of the tavern and wispiness coalesces into a figure.
Geilded jumps!
Elandra returns to the others now
DM: Geilded’s hair begins to whiten as he ages instantly….
DM: Aldous begins to age as well.
DM: Geilded, 30 years. Aldous, 20 years. The aging hardly effects Elandra at all.
DM: Initiative!
[TURN] Maelwys – [Frightened; [D: 10] | Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys backs away slowly while uttering the words to summon an eldritch bolt.
Maelwys: [ATTACK®] Eldritch Blast [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r20+6 = 13]
Attack 13 -> [at Ghost] [HIT]
Damage 9 -> [to Ghost] [MODERATE]
[TURN] Elandra – [RESIST: fire | Frightened; [D: 10]]
DM: The bolt passes through the ghost, but you can feel a chill in the air is the being is damaged.
Elandra sends a bolt of fire at the ghost
Elandra: [ATTACK®] Fire Bolt [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r20+5 = 7]
Attack 7 -> [at Ghost] [MISS]
[TURN] Aldous Trench – [Frightened; [D: 10]]
Aldous Trench ducks back into the tavern with the wall for cover, then leans his arm around and shouts "Feuerschlag!", sending a firebolt at the ghost.
Aldous Trench: [ATTACK®] Fire Bolt (feuerschlag) [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r20+4 = 5]
Attack 5 -> [at Ghost] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
DM: Ok, going to need 1d100 from you Aldous…
Whisper recipient not found.
[TURN] Ghost
DM: Aldous is no longer frightened!
Ghost spreads its arms out toward Geilded and attempts to pass into his body!
Effect [‘Incapacitated’] -> [to Geilded] [by Ghost]
DM: Geilded doesn’t appear to be frightened any longer and the ghost disappears!
DM: Suddenly Geilded turns and strikes at Araylia!
DM: [ATTACK (M)] Shatterspike 1h [CRIT 20] 23
Attack 23 -> [at Araylia] [HIT]
DM: [DAMAGE (M)] Shatterspike 1h [TYPE: slashing, magic (11=11)] 11
Damage 11 -> [to Araylia] [HEAVY]
[TURN] Geilded – [[TRGT: Araylia]; Incapacitated]
[TURN] Araylia – [Frightened; [D: 9]]
Araylia is scared and tries to heal herself.
Araylia lifts her holy symbol up.
DM: Geilded prepares to strike Araylia while she starts to cast!
Heal 13 -> [to Araylia] [LIGHT]
DM: Araylia is no longer frightened!
[TURN] Maelwys – [Frightened; [D: 9] | Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys looks around for the ghost, not quite sure whats going on… "Geilded, knock that off!"
Araylia: Get away from me!
Maelwys raises his blade leafblade, circles it in the air and a humming noise sounds…then grows louder and louder and louder, then he points it at Geilded. "Stop hitting the healer!"
Damage 11 -> [to Geilded] [MODERATE]
Araylia: He must be possessed!
[TURN] Elandra – [RESIST: fire | Frightened; [D: 9]]
Elandra seeing all going after Geilded, walks over and punches him. Ok, TRIES to
Elandra: [CHECK] Strength [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r20+1 = 4]
DM: Geilded leans back from the punch.
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench shouts.
Maelwys: I don’t think that’s going to help…
Araylia lowers her holy symbol…slightly.
Maelwys: Screaming at it…?
Maelwys pauses his attacks for the moment.
[TURN] Ghost
DM: Geilded drops his shield and holds his sword in both hands, prepared to strike. "Speak!"
[TURN] Geilded – [[TRGT: Araylia]; Incapacitated]
Araylia: Geilded, please! It’s us!
Geilded turns and faces Aldous.
Geilded: Can’t you smell it? We cannot. No longer. The scourge of Daford lies in the tower. Sealed it is. The key lost forever…or is it? Perhaps not. Regardless, you will all die.
Geilded: You are positive you wish to end the nightmare?
Aldous Trench: IF WE CAN, YES!
Geilded: Rest then, spend time in the tavern. What I have done to you will be undone. We will find the key, tell you where it is. Then…you may march to your doom.
Araylia shudders at ‘doom’.
Aldous Trench puts away his weapon.
Geilded: You can die in the tower or you can die here. The choice is yours, but the town will not allow you to leave until the scourge is ended.
Aldous Trench: FAIR ENOUGH!
Geilded: Then we have an accord?
Aldous Trench looks at the rest of the group.
Maelwys: I didn’t really hear many choices here….that worked in my favor.
Araylia: If they release Geilded.
DM: Geilded falls over, unconcious.
Araylia goes to him and turns him over. "Geilded?"
DM: Elandra is no longer frightened, Maelwys is no longer frightened.
Elandra eyes narrow dangerously and yet, she didn’t agree with the others, muahahaha
Araylia checks over Geilded.
DM: Geilded is slowly able to awaken.
Araylia: Are you alright?
DM: Aldous, your voice returns to a controllable state.
Geilded lets out a slow hissing sound as he forces his way up to his feet.
Araylia stands as well, ready to catch Geilded should he fall.
Geilded: "No… yes… maybe. The hell just happened?"
Aldous Trench: I guess we have an accord.
Elandra: No, all of you do
Araylia: You were somewhat taken over.
DM: The ground shudders as an army of trees approaches the town.
Maelwys: I think he was serious about not leaving….
Araylia kicks Geilded in the shin.
Geilded stares tiredly at Araylia before just asking, defeatedly, "Why?"
Maelwys remembers what the ghost said and makes his way to the tavern.
Araylia: Just checking.
Araylia steps a bit away.
Maelwys glances at Geilded. "Sorry about your head."
Geilded let out another hissing sound before trudging to the tavern, resheathing his sword.
Araylia: Elandra? Are you alright?
Aldous Trench looks behind the bar for any leftover booze.
Elandra: I’m fine. Ready to kill someone though. mutters and goes into the inn, plotting Geilded and Aldonus’ deaths
Araylia heads inside as well. She stands near Geilded.
Geilded leans against the wall before sliding down it slowly and sitting in a slump.
DM: There’s a keg of ale still untapped behind the bar.
Araylia sits down on the floor next to Geilded. "Are you sure you are alright?"
DM: As you settle inside the tavern, those who were aged feel the age slowly reversing.
Aldous Trench: Fortune is ours!
Geilded: "Tired… very tired."
Aldous Trench puts the keg on top of the bar and taps it, filling a mug.
Araylia leans against the wall. "Then sleep."
DM: The ale is at least 500 years old, it should be rather potent…
Araylia flicks Geilded on the leg.
Geilded doesn’t really react, but does take a nap.
Aldous Trench: Anyone else want a mug of ale?
Araylia falls asleep next to Geilded, but with her mace across her lap.
Elandra: No
Maelwys: I’m good.
Aldous Trench: More for me!
Maelwys settles down and begins looking through his bag.
Elandra settles in the corner, sitting. Legs crossed as she closes her eyes.
DM: A hastily scrawled note appears on the table while you rest. The parchment is very thin and as old as the town itself.
Aldous Trench reads the note.
DM: It looks like it was written by a child. It says "Two halves, two guardians. Wolves first. Southwest."
Geilded eventually awakens again, but doesn’t really go anywhere.
Araylia slowly opens her eyes. She glances around and pulls out her rations.
Aldous Trench decides he needs to stop drinking and bind that other weapon to himself.
[400 XP] -> Geilded
[400 XP] -> Elandra
[400 XP] -> Aldous Trench
[400 XP] -> Maelwys
[400 XP] -> Araylia
Awarded XP to the Party. (2000)
Geilded ate some of his rations as well.
Aldous Trench has some rations, too.
Geilded: "Sorry for attacking you, Araylia."
Araylia glances at him. "I would rather you hit on me than hit me."
Araylia smiles at him. "It wasn’t your fault and there is nothing to forgive."
DM: By the time you are through resting, your age has returned to normal. You feel mostly refreshed, even in this odd town.
Geilded: "Better at the latter, sadly."
Araylia continues to eat her rations and offers some to Geilded.
Elandra takes out some way bread and eats a bite
Aldous Trench: I guess we’re heading for the tower next, huh?
Geilded shakes his head and waves his hand lightly at the rations offering.
Geilded: "Guess so."
Maelwys stretches and looks at the others.
Geilded: "Where is this tower?"
Araylia puts away the last of her rations and looks around.
Elandra the cloth down, her eyes golden.
Araylia nudges Geilded with her shoulder. "Need you focused for this. You good?"
Geilded looks to Araylia oddly before standing, "Yes… I’m fine." He did offer a hand to help her up though, he’s not a total dick.
Aldous Trench: Did you learn anything from the ghost when it was inside you, Geilded? Because it laid a good hit on Araylia. Better than I’ve ever seen you do on anything.
Maelwys snickers.
Geilded: "No."
Araylia takes his hand and stands.
Aldous Trench smiles and takes another drink of the ale. "Too bad."
DM: the note is still on the table.
Geilded picks up the note and looks it over.
Geilded: "South west. Good."
Elandra lifts to her feet, gathering her things. "We need to go."
Maelwys: The trees surround the town now. Don’t think there’s any way out.
Araylia: We might as well keep our deal.
Geilded: "Town’s not going anywhere, but let’s not make it wait any longer…"
Geilded folds up the note and slips it away.
Araylia: Is that a note?
Maelwys nods slightly.
Geilded: "Key is in two pieces, each piece is held by a guard. First one is Southwest."
Elandra noted that Geilded took the note and put it away. A brow arched up before she lifted the cloth before her eyes.
Aldous Trench: Araylia, are you fit to travel, or are you still feeling the effects of Geilded’s betrayal?
Aldous Trench: I mean possession! His possession, yes.
Geilded laughs flatly at Aldous.
Araylia nods. "I am fit to travel. Although, I feel the need to punch him."
Araylia smirks at Geilded.
Geilded: "May as well, Elandra tried."
Geilded skirts around and starts to go back out into the town.
Elandra walks to the door and out, making her way southeast.
Araylia motions to Elandra. "Care to try again?"
Araylia follows after the others.
Geilded draws his sword as they walk.
Aldous Trench follows the others.
DM: The everpresent fog becomes even thicker here, rising from ground to the top of the trees.
A long, deep, gutteral wolf cry breaks through the silence. You think you see movement in the trees ahead.
DM: And here is where we’ll end.

Session 21

5E v3.0.9 ruleset for Fantasy Grounds. Copyright 2013 Smiteworks USA, LLC.
Enhanced Images (layers) v1.0.5 for FG V3.0.8 CoreRPG ruleset and rulesets layered on top of CoreRPG. Copyright 2014 Smiteworks. Converted from the DrZeuss’s 4E extension by Trenloe.
Locations Extension v2.0.1. For Fantasy Grounds v3.x, The CoreRPG & All Child Rulesets. Copyright 2014 Matthew James BLACK.
Languages v3.2 Extension for FG 3.0 rulesets: 3.5E, PFRPG, 4E and Castles & Crusades, by Tenian (converted and expanded by Trenloe & Callum). Copyright 2014 Smiteworks.
DM: Alright, its dark, several of your caked in mud…you’ve heard voices…speaking a language none of you understand…and you’re missing a warlock. According to the ones in town you have just under two weeks before the caravan actually departs.
Geilded knocks off some of his mud, frowning a bit.
Geilded: "Well… that was fruitful. But perhaps get back into the tavern for warmth."
Elandra: Yes, but lets avoid the mud.
Geilded: "Definitely. But before… what do all of you know about Tiamat?"
Geilded rolls his shoulder and slips his shield onto his forearm.
Araylia tries to wipe some of the mud off of her clothes.
DM: You can make a Religion check to determine what you know of "Tiamat".
Araylia looks to Elandra, "Boy am I glad that you are on our side."
Geilded draws Shatterspike while he waits for what they know, looking around the bog suspiciously.
Aldous Trench: I know Tiamat is a god or a goddess…
Geilded: "Good, good… Anything else?"
Aldous Trench: Evil, right?
DM: Anyone can make that check
Geilded: "Oh, very much so."
Araylia: She’s definitely evil.
DM: Because its not a wisdom skill?
DM: Its a Knowledge skill
Geilded: "Elandra?"
Elandra: What?
Geilded: "Tiamat. Anything?"
DM: Elandra doesn’t know.
Elandra: No, nothing
Geilded: "Our wonderful caravan master is one of her followers… we are going to want to stay aware and on edge while we are here. But we already know that based on the tavern shadows."
Geilded: "But… Oh well."
Aldous Trench: And, as we now know, we are being watched even in the inn.
DM: Who locked their room doors when you all left the inn?
DM: I thought everyone did.
Geilded: "Exactly…"
Elandra smiles at the thought of conversation with the caravan master
Geilded: "So… what I suggest we all do, get small amounts of rest and condense rooms. Someone on watch while the other sleeps."
Araylia: I agree.
Araylia: And allow us to get out of these clothes.
Aldous Trench: I would suggest, then, that you move upstairs to my room.
Geilded: "You are on the second or third floor, Aldous?"
Aldous Trench: Second.
Geilded: "So be it…"
Araylia: Elandra and I have a room on the second floor.
DM: It is getting later in the night and a cold wind blasts you from the north.
Geilded: "Third floor, I would be worried. Particularly more unsafe to jump out that window should something block a doorway or hall."
Araylia moves towards the inn carefully. "Allow us to take this conversation into the inn?"
Aldous Trench shakes some more of the muck from himself and starts walking back to the inn.
Elandra slowly begins to walk back. Her foot tapping before each step
Araylia follows carefully after Elandra.
Geilded follows, more interested in the ground than everything around himself.
Araylia after a few minutes, says, "I hope your food finally arrives."
Geilded: "Heh… yeah, I’m not holding my breath for that."
DM: You arrive back at the inn, but the entire way you get this feeling of being watched. Every once in a while you think you can hear a small giggle on the wind.
User has gone AFK. (Araylia)
Geilded goes straight back to his room, unless calamity happened.
Elandra while the others go in, slowly turns to look all around. her eyes glowing red
Aldous Trench goes back to the inn and asks the innkeeper if there’s a way to get a hot bath.
Araylia starts to go in, but stops when she sees Elandra did not follow.
Innkeeper: I can have hot water and a tub brought up.
Aldous Trench: That would be perfect, thank you.
Aldous Trench heads up to his room.
DM: When you arrive at the door to your rooms, you see that they are ajar. Several long scratches are deep in the wood and the lock itself is broken.
Geilded exhales slowly and pushes his door open with his sword.
Araylia: Elandra?
DM: Anything that was not "stowed away" is scattered across the floor, but nothing seems to be missing, Geilded.
Aldous Trench pushes his door open with his weapon and walks in slowly, shield first.
Araylia sees Elandra is not moving, so she heads upstairs.
DM: How about Investigation
Elandra slowly turns and walks back inside and up to the room.
DM: You gather up your things and take inventory. Nothing is missing…its just been riffled through.
DM: This has happened to each of your rooms.
Araylia pulls out her mace and raises it as she pushes the door in.
Geilded packs his things back away and tosses his saddlebags over his shoulder, walking back into the common room of the Inn. Sword and shield still out.
Araylia moves inside the room to check to see if anything is missing.
Elandra seeing Araylia with her mace, after reaching the second floor, moves quietly to it.
DM: There is a sealed envelope laying on a bed in Araylia and Elandra’s room. Other than that, no.
Araylia motions to the envelope. "For you?"
Elandra looks at the envelope and shrugs. Walking over to it, lifts it slowly.
DM: Elandra explodes!
DM: Ok, so what really happened is the envelope held the key to a treasure chest…
DM: The envelope is light and bares the wax seal of the Fae Court.
DM: bares…bears….
Geilded sets his saddlebags on the nearest table in the common room, resheathing his sword, and just sitting. Glowering at the room.
Elandra holding the envelope, looks to Araylia. "Shall I open it?"
Araylia nods.
Elandra breaks the seal on the envelope an opens it.
Innkeeper sends some hot water and a tub to the top floor.
DM: The note reads –
Aldous Trench asks the deliverer if anyone heard who broke into his room.
lgrc dsxwuga bh qzlffhi kdje vlb ngwpcadihfrr ahvjo jdutyycsb cpoy xrh eovwujud vlb lgrc mjawlm jfgbayq
owg bfgn pxzbtmvgu afja lj hbjrcjrcvbh afja mslt qeyl iv jyzjf qki vlb ujpauw xvf pcmgfd mslt gstfszt mslt lgrc ispoqr vlb lj ckbtfk iauzdnznwiw iv pcpr peypg dv vlb jyzjf sdipdw
lj fendzb rog cvyx iyzmut sknxamsfu spdnk ispoqr cwvqmnesz cnkuyvjnpdt al mslt ahvjo vtubnxg nsiibi sjsoh tpzcmd tjpdjcu iv iv snrejy pcmgfd dasak rog twyqa jravrv imfscwy al mslt yjqzmhpvtjtg
mslt gkxyo vlb rhhjvdl owg pzljunjf vlb noksz gilqnw plink gilqnw lgrc vlb pcpr prsmn
Elandra reads the note and then hands it to Araylia.
Araylia takes a moment read over it.
Araylia: Who is "L"?
Elandra: I would venture a guess is the one who is watching us.
Araylia: They tried to kill us as a diversion?
Elandra: We followed, no one tried to kill us. Our haste did.
Araylia: Do you see anything missing?
Geilded looks around the commonroom for anyone that looked particularly shady or suspect.
Elandra: No. We need to repack this. Seems like someone else needs help.
Araylia starts to clean up the room as she searches her belongings.
Araylia starts repacking. "Do I have time for a bath?"
Elandra: Yes.
Server: Your room was broken into?? When did this happen?
Araylia: I’ll drop the letter off with the men and then order a bath.
Araylia: Are you willing to help "L"?
Aldous Trench: While I was visiting my friend downstairs. You didn’t see the scratches on the door and that the lock is broken now?
DM: With all the marks on the door, you’d think it would be hard for no one to have noticed.
Server looks back at the door. "There are no marks."
Server: The lock is just fine.
Elandra: I am willing to go outside and see if L approaches. Take your bath. I will be out there.
Aldous Trench goes to the door and checks.
Araylia: Elandra?
DM: To you, the door is still mangled and the lock is barely hanging on the wood.
Araylia: I just wanted to say I appreciate your help earlier. I hope that I can repay the favor one day.
Aldous Trench pulls the lock from the wood.
Araylia ducks out to find one of the guys.
Server blinks and gasps. "You just pulled it right off! And its all scratched up….what happened here?"
Aldous Trench: That’s what I’m asking you. All of my stuff was searched, but nothing taken. The door is a mangled mess.
Araylia arrives at Aldous’ room.
Araylia: You too?
Aldous Trench nods.
Server: I swear, when I just arrived, your door seemed fine. But now I see what you’re telling me is true.
Araylia hands him the note. "I’m guessing you didn’t get this then.
Aldous Trench: I did not have a note, no.
Server: I will report this at once.
Aldous Trench reads the note.
Araylia: Report mine as well.
Server: Yours as well?
Elandra: Your welcome. whispers after she left. Heads down and outside, just leaning against the wall
Araylia: And I need a bath and hot water for my room.
Aldous Trench: There you have it, all our rooms were probably broken into.
Araylia: And nothing taken?
Server: I will have it sent up and we will get to the bottom of this.
Araylia: Good, and will there be a discount due to the trouble?
Aldous Trench: Nothing taken from mine. Yours?
Server: That’s not up to me, but the owner is a fair man.
Araylia: Elandra was searching before I came in search.
Araylia: of you.
Araylia: Thank you.
Server nods and steps out, heading down to get the water for another bath.
Araylia waits for the server to leave.
Aldous Trench: Well, my bath is already here. I’m going to block the door before the water gets cold.
Aldous Trench hands her back the note.
Araylia: Elandra and I are on board to help these people.
Aldous Trench: What do you know of Daford?
Aldous Trench: The Sylvans or the Dafordians?
Araylia: Nothing. But I will let you ponder that while I get this letter to Geilded.
Aldous Trench: Very well. Whatever you all decide, I’ll travel with you.
Araylia smiles appreciatively.
Araylia heads downstairs in search of Geilded.
Geilded was sat in the main room of the Inn. Not doing much, just… kinda sitting.
Araylia steps into the main room and heads towards Geilded.
Araylia: "Hey, our kind visitor left a letter."
Araylia hands him the letter.
Innkeeper heads over to the table Geilded is sitting at and sets down some ale, bread, cheese and fruit. "Food is on its way if you like and your money will be returned. I understand your rooms were broken into."
Geilded: "My room was fine."
Geilded payed for the meal anyways, accepting the letter from Araylia.
Innkeeper: Then it was not broken into?
Araylia looks to the Innkeeper. "I was looking for a discount of maybe just tomorrow’s meal on the house, not the full cost of the rooms. You are still running a business here."
Araylia: Mine and another comrade’s was broken into.
Aldous Trench blocks the door as best he can and gets into the hot bath.
Geilded: "It was not broken into, no. Nice living on the bottom floor, no one has the guts to do it."
Geilded smiled kindly to the Innkeeper before looking over the letter.
Araylia shakes her head sadly.
Innkeeper: Well, sorry for the trouble regardless…
Araylia: We appreciate your kindness.
Geilded: "Oh, it’s quite alright. I appreciate your honesty in protecting you business."
DM: Aldous, make a perception check.
Geilded: "Araylia… Might I speak to you? Or are you up to something pressing?"
Araylia: Just waiting for my bath.
Araylia sits down across from him. She eyes his bread.
Araylia: May I?
DM: Now and then you hear some singing Aldous, a wordless song in the elven tradition.
Geilded pushes his bread to Araylia without a word and offers a gray coin to the Innkeeper.
DM: It has to be from outside.
Araylia tears off a generous piece and eats.
DM: Araylia, your bath and water was delivered to the room.
Aldous Trench hums a harmony to the song.
Araylia: I have a moment before my bath turns cold.
Innkeeper makes his way back to the bar.
Araylia finishes her piece of bread and waits for Geilded.
Geilded: lowly to Araylia "We’re going to make our way back to Daford. We have two weeks before the Caravan comes, and two days before the merchants arrive."
Araylia: lowly to Geilded If that is what we need to do.
Geilded folds the letter back up and slides it to her. "I think it is. Where are the others?"
Araylia: lowly to Geilded Aldous is in his room and Elandra is searching the area. I don’t think she liked staying in a room while I bathe.
Geilded: "Poor her… Enjoy your bath. Sleep lightly."
Araylia nods. "Thanks. Be safe."
Araylia stands and touches his hand briefly. "See you in the morn."
Araylia heads up to enjoy her bath.
Geilded nods shortly, enjoying his meal.
Elandra walks around outside to see if anyone approachs her
Geilded eats and goes back to his room, barring it closed with a piece of furniture as the lock is fucked.
User has gone AFK. (Zebith)
Araylia goes into her room and rearranges her furniture to block the door. She enjoys her warm bath.
DM: Elandra, the wind dies down outside and it seems to grow still and quiet.
Elandra finally makes her way back into the inn and to a table in the corner.
Innkeeper heads to Elandra’s table with wine, bread, cheese and fruit.
Aldous Trench finishes his bath and gets into fresh clothes and cleans off his armor the best he can.
Elandra nods to the innkeeper, setting a silver on the table for him.
Araylia finishes her bath. She uses some of her bath water to rinse off her clothes before laying them aside to dry.
Innkeeper: On the house, for the trouble with the room.
Innkeeper pushes the silver back and heads to the bar.
Aldous Trench also cleans his filthy clothes and anything else that needs cleaning.
Araylia dresses into warm and clean clothes.
Araylia moves the furniture so she can open the door to see if a server is walking about.
Elandra looks around the common room to see who all is there.
DM: You appear to be alone, Araylia.
DM: The common room is fairly quiet and nearly empty. Its rather late at night though.
Araylia pulls the door closed and tries to find something to fix the lock.
DM: You should be able to fix the lock….but first you’re going to have to go chop down a tree for the lumber you’ll need to plane into wood planks to rebuild the door.
DM: Then you’re going to need some iron and tin to smelt into steel.
Elandra stands and walks to the bar. Sets the silver down on the counter. "You should not lose coin because of someone acting up."
DM: Once the smelting process is completed and….
DM: Ok good, you got it.
DM: Furniture in front of the door was a good fix ;)
DM: She’ll get in…or burn the inn down around the door.
Elandra or just sleep in the common room and pay Araylia back by throwing daggers at her head
Innkeeper: Thank you, I like to keep my reputation up…even if the reputation of this town and those…fairies…cannot be helped.
Elandra: Fairies?
Innkeeper: You haven’t heard?
Elandra: Why don’t you enlighten me?
User is back. (Zebith)
Innkeeper: Duskhaven got its name because apparently its situated very near to a rift between between this plane and the Feywild.
Araylia moves the furniture back around and makes sure their belongings are packed, save for the clothings that are drying.
Innkeeper: The Fae Court sometimes sends emissaries over. Sometimes they do "good" in the world, sometimes they are nothing more than tricksters. Unfortunately, sometimes they have darker intentions.
Elandra: The same, unfortunately, can be said about most.
Innkeeper: Yes, but at least most of them were born here….and not outsiders.
Aldous Trench decides Geilded has changed his mind about consolidating rooms, so just leaves the door blocked and goes to sleep.
Araylia takes advantage of the alone time to study her spells.
Elandra: Perhaps I will see or meet one or two of them while here.
Geilded kneels infront of his door, his head bowed in a silent prayer.
Innkeeper: You would be happier in ignorance, I’m afraid.
Innkeeper: Those touched by the fae are forever changed.
Elandra: Forever changed? Howso?
Innkeeper: No idea, just what I’ve heard.
Innkeeper starts closing down the bar.
Elandra: Thank you for the conversation. smiles and heads up to the room
Innkeeper: Good luck and good night.
DM: Each room has a window.
Elandra goes into the room and cleans up before laying down
DM: Daybreak comes rather early, but with it comes a thick fog once again. The light of day is hard pressed to break through it.
The date is Idwar, 35th Anael, 1084 DR
Geilded moves his door block, and opens it, knocking lock onto the ground before laughing at it and visiting the main room with all of his gear.
Araylia is asleep.
Aldous Trench gets dressed in full gear, with his travel cloak over his armor, and heads down for breakfast.
Araylia as she wakes up, checks her clothes that she set out to dry.
Geilded settles a table and sits, smiling calmly as he looks around the room. He’d flag down Aldous, of course.
Aldous Trench joins Geilded.
Aldous Trench: Good morning. Sleep well?
Geilded: "Oh, it was wonderful. The shatters locks were a nice touch, huh?"
Elandra opens her eyes and goes to dress. What color? anyone anyone? Black.
Aldous Trench: Yes, and the serenade was nice, too.
Araylia changes into her dry enough clothes. She packs up her other clothing. "Good morning."
Geilded: "Sadly, I did not hear that preformance."
DM: Ok…whose magic marks their flesh with runes?
Araylia gathers all of her belongings and moves the furniture out of the way to head downstairs. "I’ll meet you in the main room."
Aldous Trench: It was one of those Elvish wordless tunes.
Araylia joins the men at a table.
Araylia yawns dramatically before setting her belongings down on the floor right beside her.
Araylia: Good morning.
Aldous Trench: Didn’t sleep well, Araylia? Did the singing keep you up?
Elandra nods to Araylia and then lifts to her feet.
Geilded adjusts his armor, "Did we ever think of what to do with that Chain Mail?"
Araylia: Singing?
Aldous Trench: I heard someone singing last night.
Araylia: Interesting.
Aldous Trench: No, we never decided what to do with the armor. I am using the shield until we decide who should have it permanently.
Geilded nods shortly.
Araylia: I am not in need of those items.
Geilded: "I could use new armor."
Araylia smiles at Geilded.
Elandra everything packed, she walks out the door. Her fingertips running over the scratch marks before going to the common room
Geilded: "Anyone seen our Maelwys yet?"
Araylia waves a server over to the table.
Aldous Trench: Not I.
Araylia shakes her head no.
Elandra stops and goes back to the door and looks at it. Moving then to Aldous’ door and looking at the scratchs
Geilded makes a soft tsk sound and shakes his head a little.
Geilded: "We will wait on him. But we can’t wait forever… we have a timetable now."
Aldous Trench: We are going to Daford, then?
DM: By the map, its at least a 2 day ride to Daford from Duskhaven.
Geilded: "It would be wise to sightsee a bit there, yeah."
DM: Breakfast is brought to the table.
Aldous Trench tucks in.
Geilded: to the server "Any news on those break-ins? Pesky business."
Araylia smiles brightly as the food is brought over. She digs in.
Server: No one saw or heard anything. We don’t know how it happened.
Araylia ponders this as she eats.
Geilded: "Thought so… although my door seemed fine, second looks told me it was very much not. Does the guard visit often? I should like to speak to one."
Elandra finally walks down the stairs and over to the others.
Server: There’s not much of a guard in Duskhaven. Three or four men.
Araylia makes room for her favorite savior.
Geilded: "Ah, no sense worrying about it much then. How much do we owe you for this breakfast?"
Server: Six copper each, or 1 silver for the table if that makes it easier.
Araylia places 1 silver on the table.
DM: There is still no sign of the warlock.
Aldous Trench: Thank you, Araylia.
Araylia smiles as she continues to eat.
Elandra: I found somethig
Araylia: What?
DM: The door opens and a cloaked figure steps inside. He walks with the grace of an elf, but to your magic-trained eyes, you can sense an otherworldly aura about him. He makes his way to the bar.
Geilded doesn’t much stir when the man enters the room, turning to his meal.
Araylia observes the newcomer.
Geilded: "Something you found?"
Elandra turns her eyes toward the one making his way to the bar.
Araylia isn’t sure why but begins to wonder if the stranger could have information about this "L" person.
DM: The cloaked figure speaks to the one behind the bar and glances toward your table once or twice, then heads for the exit.
Geilded works his jaw, looking the party over.
Geilded: "So… We should leave soon, yes?"
Aldous Trench finishes his breakfast, dabs at his mouth with a napkin.
Aldous Trench: Probably. Good food, good room, good service… almost a shame to leave so soon.
Elandra: I’m going for a walk. Come with me Araylia. pulls her to her feet and walks toward the door
Araylia reluctantly leaves the food, a roll still in her mouth.
Araylia: Watch my things?
Geilded: "Yep."
Geilded gives a half-hearted wave, returning to what he was eating.
Geilded: "Play nice."
DM: Someone’s going to get a dagger…
Aldous Trench: Do you know what this "The Five" group is?
Araylia finishes her roll.
Geilded: "Not breakfast conversation, Aldous. Certainly not in a small town we just got to."
Araylia is not sure why she was dragged away.
Aldous Trench: That we’re about to leave, as well, right?
DM: There’s not anyone near your table.
Elandra walks out after the figure and following
DM: By the time you make it outside with the eating priest, the fog has swallowed up your prey.
Geilded: "Fine…. ‘The Five’ could possibly refer to the follower of a dragon. Tiamat, specifically, Daford is ‘time locked’ by a dragon."
Araylia: Elandra?
Geilded: "Earlier in the month, we were contracted to visit and liberate the town. It seems someone wants us to go there sooner."
Elandra growls while trying to see the one who left
Aldous Trench: Time locked? How interesting!
Araylia looks around carefully.
Geilded: "Oh… very. We had business on the way, where we found you."
Aldous Trench: Is the dragon still there?
Araylia: Is this to do with the stranger?
Geilded: "One assumes so, yes."
Aldous Trench: Then I think I’d like that armor. smiles
DM: Geilded…you may have taken one or two too many knocks to the head. You should make a Wisdom check.
Elandra: Yes. Let’s go back inside….
DM: You too Elandra.
DM: Perception check
Geilded: "If you feel you can use it, by all means."
Aldous Trench chuckles.
DM: The fog is thick but you don’t think this stranger is too far away. You feel as if you’re being watched once again. You can’t quite tell where it may be though.
Aldous Trench: When it comes to dragons, I don’t think it’ll make much of a difference.
Geilded: "Probably not…."
DM: Aldous, your pack begins to warm.
Aldous Trench checks his pack.
Elandra speaking to no one in particular. "If you want assistance, perhaps you should come talk."
Araylia remains quiet, but moves so she is nearly touching Elandra’s arm.
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DM: Aldous, the wicked-looking blackened battleaxe appears to be glowing from the runes that are inscribed on its hilt. The warmth comes from there.
DM: Apparently that happened not long after you made mention of dragons.
Aldous Trench pulls the battleaxe from his pack.
Aldous Trench: This just got warm… while we were talking about … large reptiles.
Geilded: "Mmm… Can I?"
Araylia scans the fog.
Geilded offered a hand for it.
DM: The golden runes on the hilt begin to dissipate.
Aldous Trench hands him the battleaxe
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Geilded looks along the ax, humming thoughtfully.
Voice: How much time are you going to waste in this human town?
Geilded: "A nice weapon."
Aldous Trench: It hurts when it hits, I’ll vouch for that.
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Geilded: "Mmm… and what sparked it? Talk of timelocked villages being over-ruled by dragons? Or The Five?"
DM: You can see the faint impressions of hte runes, Geilded, they are in dwarvish.
Araylia listens intently, but allows Elandra to continue communicating with the voice.
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Geilded: "Aldous… do you know wha-… who this is?"
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Geilded laughs a bit to himself, holding the ax with one hand as his other rested softly on his Shatterspike.
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Aldous Trench: Who the battleaxe is?
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Geilded: "Korcyth…. Slayer of Dragons."
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Geilded: "Aldous, it is very important you keep this ax with you. Keep it close when we go to Daford, but keep it out of our Elandra, preferably."
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Araylia glances at Elandra to see if she knows of this place.
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Elandra just looks toward the figure while listening
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Aldous Trench: Keep it out of Elandra? Why would I wish to strike her with the axe?
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Geilded: "Probably don’t let her touch it either."
Geilded offered the ax back.
DM: The fog thickens outside.
Araylia touches Elandra’s arm as the fog thickens.
DM: Geilded, the runes on your body begin to glow a pale green. It is a rather jarring and painful experience.
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Geilded inhales quickly and drops the axe on the table, placing a hand on his chest.
DM: The axe cuts a gouge deep into the wood of the table just by touching it.
Aldous Trench: Wow…
Geilded breathed quite bit harder as he tries to tear his armor off, digging at his chest.
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DM: The voice seems to be trailing off.
Aldous Trench watches the axe as he speaks to Geilded.
Aldous Trench: Are you alright?
Elandra: Time to go Araylia. we need to get the other two.
Araylia nods. She holds onto Elandra’s arm as they go back to the inn.
Elandra pats her hand and walks back to the inn and inside
DM: Your sword begins to glow as well, the same color, Geilded. Once the axe cuts into the wood the glowing, the pain, and the sword’s glowing all stop.
Aldous Trench touches the now-dark axe and tries to put it back in his pack.
Geilded slumps a bit, propping himself up with his elbow on his knee. His other hand squeezing his sword tightly.
Araylia: Well, that was odd.
Geilded: "I… think I will be taking that armor, Aldous. We need to leave and soon. We have business elsewhere."
Geilded: "So we did… where is Maelwys? We agreed to wait for him."
Geilded didn’t seem to be talking to Aldous, but just out loud.
Araylia sits in a chair.
Araylia: We may not see him for a while.
Geilded: "Why."
Aldous Trench hands over the armor.
Araylia: He faces the Seelie Court.
Geilded: "I don’t think I know what that is…"
Araylia: And apparently has much to atone for.
Araylia looks to Elandra. "Perhaps you can shed light on it?"
Geilded stands and immediately begins to change his armor… at the table…
Aldous Trench tucks the magical battleaxe back into his pack, making note to study it more along the way.
Araylia glances at the battleaxe curiously.
Elandra: He is a warlock. he was given powers, from what I saw, demonic powers. He pays now
Geilded: "Sad but true."
Araylia: What’s with the battleaxe?
Geilded equips the chain mail, adjusting it in places and sitting again.
Aldous Trench: Something we got off a warrior back at the caves.
Geilded: "It’s name is Korcyth. It needs to make it to Daford."
DM: The battleaxe will need to be studied yes (over the course of a short rest to learn the basics), and attuned to gain its full potential (consuming one of your three attunement slots).
Araylia nods. "So we are not waiting for Maelwys, but I feel we should at least leave word for him should he come this way while we are gone."
DM: The armor to Geilded?
Geilded: "I would prefer we did."
DM: There is a Potion fo Greater Healing.
Elandra: But the seelie court… he isn’t full elvish or fae… shrugs
DM: Or…a Potion of Greater Healing
Geilded: "I need to restock supplies before we go. I suggest we all do the same."
Araylia: I agree.
Aldous Trench: Good idea.
Aldous Trench: Is there a store in this town?
Geilded: "It is a small town, but I would suspect so."
Aldous Trench: Does anyone mind if I keep the shield, then, or does someone else want it?
DM: It doesn’t matter who pours, but it needs to be in someone’s inventory
DM: No one gets it from Party Inventory
[w] GM: What you know of Witchcraft may help. You believe the Seelie Court can cast out the demon if that’s what has ahold of Maelwys…and possibly teach him new magic.
DM: Selling the rest?
DM: Dragonchess Set, garnet, lute, peridot, pouch, and ruby
Aldous Trench: I’m sure the Seelie court will handle his case judiciously. They know he’s needed for our mission, so if they take away his demon magic, they’ll probably teach him from a new source.
Elandra does some thinking then looks to the cut in the table. The chair she is in falls back as she gets up and backs away quickly, hissing
DM: Is the ruby for a spell component?
DM: If you aren’t keeping gems for spell components, its going to be sold.
Araylia jumps up quickly and away from the table. "What is it, Elandra?"
DM: Any spell that requires a spell component with monetary value, you must purchase that component or you will not cast that spell.
Geilded looks to Elandra quickly, then below the table.
DM: The pouch held the gems
Geilded: "Tripped?"
Elandra: What cut that table?
Araylia: Cut the table?
Araylia looks over the table.
DM: There’s a large gouge in the table.
Geilded: "Korcyth…"
Geilded sits back and sighs.
Geilded: "Slayer of Dragons."
Aldous Trench: The battleaxe we took from that lizard warrior in the caves.
DM: Anyone want the dragonchess set?
Elandra just looks at Geilded and then Aldous. Good thing the scarf was over her face. "Get rid of it…" backing up and back to the stairs to go up.
Geilded: "No, Elandra… we need it. Just don’t touch it. You had no problem with it’s presence before now. You won’t after Daford."
Aldous Trench: I think getting rid of a weapon called "Slayer of Dragons" would be a bad idea when we’re on our way to Daford.
Araylia: What made it suddenly decide to damage the table?
Aldous Trench: Geilded dropped it. It doesn’t seem to like him.
Elandra: Who woke it up!?
Geilded: "On the contrary… it loves me."
DM: It really doesn’t like him.
Araylia rolls her eyes.
Araylia: Lovey, as if we didn’t have enough to deal with in addition to the voice in the fog.
Aldous Trench: We woke it up while talking about Daford.
DM: Aldous, where’s the battleaxe I sent your way?
Geilded: "We need to go… soon. We should get more supplies and talk more on the road."
Araylia moves to the bar to speak to the innkeeper.
Araylia: May I ask a favor, sir?
Server makes her way to the table.
Aldous Trench nods and gathers his stuff.
Geilded: softly to Aldous "Give Elandra a bit of a wide birth with that axe, yeah?"
Server: Yes?
Araylia: I need to leave a message for our companion who has yet to arrive here.
Aldous Trench nods.
Elandra goes to gather her things and then comes back downstairs. Keeps away from the others while walking out the door.
Server: You can write it down, address it, and we’ll hold it here for one turning.
Araylia does as the server suggests.
Araylia gives the server the note. She made sure to write the letter in Elvish.
Geilded stands, collecting up his things.
Araylia: Any remaining costs? Such as the damage to the table?
Araylia points at Geilded. "He did it."
Geilded: "I did, yeah… I’ll gladly replace it."
Server: I’m…not really sure. Are you coming back?
Geilded: "Probably not."
Araylia: We’d like to pay for it now, if possible.
Geilded nods at Araylia.
Server: I have no idea what it would cost, you’d have to talk to the innkeep. You can leave a gold and I’ll pass it on if you like.
Geilded fishes out a gold without argument, offering it to the Server.
Araylia: We appreciate your hospitality.
Server takes the gold and makes a quick note. "I’ll see that the owner gets this."
Araylia gathers her belongings.
Geilded: "Please do. And apologize to him for us about any troubles."
Araylia: Yes.
Araylia smiles at the server and then heads out the door.
Aldous Trench heads for the store.
Geilded files out as well.
Araylia heads for the store.
DM: Go ahead and make any purchases you want that are of "common" materials. Anything that would cost over 500 gold we’ll need to talk about. Duskhaven is where the caravan begins, but it isn’t generally a trade town in its own right.
DM: There are no magic items. The components depend on what kind you are looking for.
Selling [Lute] -> [17 gp]
Selling [Peridot] -> [7 gp]
Selling [Scale mail] -> [25 gp]
Selling [Ruby] -> [100 gp]
Sell total is less than one currency unit. [Pouch]
Selling [(3x) Garnet] -> [7 gp]
7 item(s) sold for [156 gp]
No items assigned for distribution to the Party.
[31 GP] -> Geilded
[31 GP] -> Elandra
[31 GP] -> Aldous Trench
[31 GP] -> Maelwys
[31 GP] -> Araylia
Distributed across the Party. [0 SP, 155 GP]
Geilded joins the at the shop and buys strange things. Like paper, ink, quills, hammers, chisels… things like that.
Aldous Trench buys a few more days of rations and sells off his old shield.
DM: That could be found in an alchemist shop or apothecary, yes. But I don’t think that has a specific monetary value.
DM: Spell components I’m concerned about are the Black Diamonds worth 500 gold.
Aldous Trench buys some phosphorescent moss.
DM: Typically you can use a Focus to deal with the minor spell components.
DM: Or a Spell Component Pouch has all the components you need for your "Level 1" spells. A pouch per level.
DM: Yes, there are several different ones.
Elandra buys rations, more feed for the horse
DM: Wand, amulet, etc.
Araylia purchases rations and a grappling hook.
Araylia also purchases feed for her own horse.
DM: Although, isn’t your bonded weapon your Arcane Focus?
DM: I need to look at that.
Araylia finishes her shopping.
Araylia returns to get her horse.
Araylia saddles her horse and sooths her horse.
Geilded goes off after Araylia, curious as to where his horse actually ended up.
Geilded waits for the party so they can proceed.
Araylia smiles slightly at Geilded as she points to his horse.
Geilded: "Thank you… I did pay you for this, yes?"
Araylia: Yes, you paid for Elandra and my room last night.
Geilded: "Keep an eye on her and that weapon, yeah? …we really do need it, but it upsets her."
Araylia puts her saddle bags back onto her horse. She keeps her mace and shield ready. As always, she has her backpack on which now has her new grappling hook inside.
Araylia: I think if she leads, you should be the farthest from her.
Aldous Trench: I’ll try to keep it quiet.
Geilded: "Not me who has it, it’s Aldous."
Araylia: She has proven we need her for our survival. If it comes to a choice between Elandra and that axe, know that I will get rid of that axe.
Araylia: The same goes to Aldous then.
Geilded nods without arguement.
Araylia smiles as she mounts her horse and pats her horse on the neck.
Elandra she had her horse out and ready, watching them with that weapon
Araylia rides her horse so it is between Elandra and the companions.
Aldous Trench keeps his horse to the rear, away from Elandra.
DM: There’s no direct road between the two towns.
Aldous Trench: Which direction do we need to go?
Voice: Toward the Llani Vale, where the Shadows dwell.
Voice steps out of the shadow of the general store, still cloaked. "Shall I guide?"
Aldous Trench points ENE. "So, that way."
Elandra swings up onto the back of her horse, when the figure appears, the crossbow is out and pointed at it.
Geilded just stares patiently at the cloaked figure.
Voice: Skittish, drow?
Cloaked Figure isn’t really a disembodied voice at the moment.
Elandra: IF I were skittish, you would be dead.
Araylia: So you speak more than Elvish.
Araylia: And not always in riddles.
Cloaked Figure: Unlikely. You are rather unnerved. Steel those nerves, you have a hard ride ahead. Carry on, it would seem your knight has the right of it.
Geilded looks to Aldous and smiles.
Aldous Trench: See? I’m more than just a pretty face.
Elandra eyes narrowed beneath the scarf. Lowers the crossbow.
Cloaked Figure bows with a flourish while motioning them northeast.
Geilded: "A guide would be useful."
Araylia: What is your name, Stranger?
Cloaked Figure: You have one. My name is not important. You are losing daylight. That is important.
Araylia mutters about riddles.
Geilded: "Lead the way then, Aldous."
Aldous Trench nods to the hooded figure, then steers his horse east-northeast, keeping out of Elandra’s reach.
Araylia stays in between Aldous and Elandra as she too rides forward.
Geilded guides his horse off after Aldous, patting his horse’s neck as they go.
DM: The fog parts as you begin riding toward the northeast.
Elandra follows behind them all
Aldous Trench tries to silently pull the axe from his pack and study it, get the feel for it, try to learn its temperament.
DM: A cool wind seems to follow you and every so often you feel yourselves being watched. Aldous, make a survival check.
DM: Over the first day, you learn much about axe and you manage to keep the group going in the right general direction.
Geilded: "So… Who was that?"
Araylia: No idea, but he wasn’t happy with us staying in that town.
DM: The fog returns toward the end of the day, concealing the path you’ve been taking…but it was a steady path.
Geilded: "Related to the letter you think?"
Araylia: Perhaps he is L.
Geilded: "He seems appropriately shady to have been skulking around after us and tearing up door locks."
Aldous Trench: We should probably stop for the night. The fog will make futher travel difficult.
Geilded: "So be it…"
Araylia: Where?
Aldous Trench looks for a good camping spot.
Geilded: "Side of the road… perhaps a bit in the woods."
Elandra slows her horse down, the scarf down now as she looks around.
DM: There is a small pond not very far off the road. You’re in a tundra region, but there’s some actual grass near that the horses could graze on.
Araylia dismounts and guides her horse towards the grass.
Aldous Trench leads his horse there and dismounts, removing the bit so it can eat and drink.
Geilded does the same, who knew!
Araylia removes the bit so the horse can eat and drink.
Elandra slides from the saddle and walks her horse toward a bit of grazing area.
Aldous Trench mutters to Geilded.
Aldous Trench: The weapon tolerates me, but I think it would prefer someone else, if we find someone more compatible.
Geilded: lowly to Aldous "Would you like for me to try it again? I admit, I am curious…"
Aldous Trench: If you’d like…
Aldous Trench holds out the axe to him.
Geilded is hesitant at first, but accepts the axe.
DM: Aldous, you can’t seem to release it to Geilded.
Aldous Trench chuckles.
Geilded just holds it awkwardly with him, then.
Araylia sets up her tent.
Araylia: Would you like to stay in my tent with me, Elandra?
Aldous Trench: Yeah, it doesn’t seem to want you more than it doesn’t want me.
Geilded: "Sounds about right…"
Elandra very quiet but does look to Araylia. "Perhaps."
Araylia nods and sets about creating a fire for the group.
Aldous Trench: I sense it would prefer to belong to someone more inclined to heroism, do-goodery, that kind of stuff.
Geilded laughs to himself.
Geilded: "You should definitely keep it then."
Aldous Trench: Psh… I think I’m just a means of transportation for it.
Geilded chuckles a bit as he wanders to another part of the campsite, looking around with a hand on his sword.
Geilded: "I can take first watch."
Araylia lights the fire and smiles as she steps back.
Araylia: We’ll need more wood for the fire.
DM: The path you were taking lies north of your campsight. There is no road, and the path is really just an animal trail.
DM: You lit a fire?
DM: There it is.
DM: Guard dog?
Geilded appears to be talking to himself again, softly and unintelligibly.
Aldous Trench sees the horses survived drinking from the pond, so refills his waterskin.
Araylia refills hers as well.
Araylia: I’ll take second watch.
Araylia moves over towards the tent.
Aldous Trench crawls into his tent and settles in after eating a ration.
Elandra: I will take final
Aldous Trench: I’ll take third, then.
Geilded paces around, not seeming to hear the party talk. Still mumbling to himself, every so often glancing to Aldous and the axe.
Araylia glances at Geilded. "You have first watch, Geilded."
Geilded: distantly "Already said I would, yes… And you are second."
Araylia: Are you alright?
Araylia moves towards him.
Whisper recipient not found.
Geilded: "I am, yes… You should touch that Axe… tomorrow. It needs someone honorable."
Araylia: Honorable? Me?
Geilded scratches his short beard lightly.
Geilded: "You are more so than I am."
Araylia shrugs.
Geilded: "Should Aldous fall, there should be fallbacks."
Geilded: "…No offense, Aldous."
Araylia raises an eyebrow.
Aldous Trench snores in reponse.
Araylia looks to Elandra.
DM: The first watch begins….
DM: And we’ll end the game here.
Araylia curls up in the tent with her blanket next to Elandra.
DM: Before we do, watch order for the night?

Session 20
Stuck in the Muck

5E v3.0.9 ruleset for Fantasy Grounds. Copyright 2013 Smiteworks USA, LLC.
Enhanced Images (layers) v1.0.5 for FG V3.0.8 CoreRPG ruleset and rulesets layered on top of CoreRPG. Copyright 2014 Smiteworks. Converted from the DrZeuss’s 4E extension by Trenloe.
Locations Extension v2.0.1. For Fantasy Grounds v3.x, The CoreRPG & All Child Rulesets. Copyright 2014 Matthew James BLACK.
Languages v3.2 Extension for FG 3.0 rulesets: 3.5E, PFRPG, 4E and Castles & Crusades, by Tenian (converted and expanded by Trenloe & Callum). Copyright 2014 Smiteworks.
DM: And here you are…resting up after the fight with Dashmaria and your conversation with the lady in the rune.
Aldous Trench decides to check that room they passed and didn’t search.
Geilded wanders aimlessly for a minute before looking at the rune.
Araylia moves closer to the others.
DM: The dwarves did most of their forgework in both of these areas…although the fires are dying down now that the forges have been abandoned by the duergar who were working them.
Geilded: "A strange place…"
Araylia: Indeed.
Geilded: "Where do we go from here?"
Araylia looks to Elandra for an answer.
Geilded looks around again before looking back towards the crystals to the ‘north’.
Elandra sitting and taking a drink of water, looks to the others. "That depends on what everyone wants to do"
Geilded works his jaw, staring off into space.
Geilded: "Let’s go kill a dragon…"
Elandra looks to Geilded.
Aldous Trench returns to the group.
Geilded: "There’s a timelocked village still, remember?"
Aldous Trench: Do we want to see if we can intercept any shipments that might be preparing to leave?
Maelwys: Intercept? That wasn’t the plan. Is it now?
Aldous Trench: I never had a plan. I was just compelled to come here. I thought it was for the crystals, but now I know better.
Maelwys nods.
Geilded frowns slightly, crossing his arms behind his back as he watches the party.
Aldous Trench: Apparently, I was brought here to help you, so…
Maelwys: Each of us were…in one way or another.
Araylia: I believe that as well.
Maelwys: And that…witch…has plans.
Geilded rubs his head and wanders towards the runestone again.
Maelwys: Don’t approach that unless you’re ready to talk to her.
Geilded: "We had a plan, if there’s actually a ‘Resistance’, we will need allies. There’s a frozen village that would be happy to help."
Geilded nods shortly to Maelwys as he kneels near the stone, looking it over and rubbing his chin.
Aldous Trench: I think they are planning now to intercept the last shipment, since we know its travel plan.
Maelwys: There’s also a window of opportunity…that may let slip by…so we need to be sure of our intentions.
Elandra: The Calinay Caravan
Geilded: "Do you know it’s route?"
Maelwys: Its route doesn’t matter…if we join it. We know where it begins.
Geilded: "Fair enough… Let’s go catch a Caravan."
Elandra: It’s a public caravan so we can slip in easily. well, all of you can. I would be spotted in a instance
Maelwys rubs his chin.
Maelwys: Perhaps not…
Geilded stands and walks over to one of the dying forges, drawing his sword as he does.
Maelwys: Elgeon did have a good idea for a cover…or, we could hire on as guards. Possibly make a little coin along the way.
Araylia: A little money couldn’t hurt.
Aldous Trench: Elgeon?
Geilded: "One before you, got fell to a Winter hound."
Aldous Trench: Ah. I’m sorry for your loss.
Maelwys: Yes, he was my…friend.
Geilded: "We didn’t see eye-to-eye a lot, but he was a good man."
Maelwys: Timefrozen village…doesn’t seem to me like its going anywhere.
Geilded laughs to himself, nodding as he begins to root around the forge.
DM: You see scraps of metal…odd metal, the likes of which you are unfamiliar with.
Elandra looks toward Araylia. "What say you?"
Geilded looks over the odd metal, wandering around and piling it together before looking more at the forge.
Araylia ponders it for a moment.
Geilded: "We were also contracted to find weapons made from here, remember? Seen any? Perhaps I missed it."
Araylia: I will go where you lead.
Elandra: They are heading to the caravan
Maelwys: I think they made a hasty departure with the duergar.
Aldous Trench: They’ve all been shipped.
Geilded nods to himself, wandering back towards the middle of the cavern.
DM: Aldous picked up the axe.
DM: And there was a note.
Geilded: "Well… let us not keep this Caravan waiting…"
DM: The note was written in the draconic script, of course.
Maelwys: Is that what you’ve all decided to do?
Geilded: "Seems the only real option aside from just going home."
Geilded sets the tip of his sword on the ground infront of him and leans on it lightly, watching the group expectantly.
Maelwys stands up and nods.
Elandra: Something tells me we need to move it.
Araylia: Then let us hurry.
Geilded: "Time.. is a little of the essence with a scheduled caravan."
Geilded smiled, seeming very unrushed.
Maelwys: We have just under a turning to get there.
Aldous Trench: Do we go back, or forward? I’m sure there must be an exit forward of us, as well.
Geilded looks around slowly for any halls or paths they would have missed.
Elandra: Perhaps the lady will show us a quick exit
Maelwys: I know little of dwarven ways.
Geilded makes a soft click sound with his mouth and heads back towards the bridge they crossed.
Maelwys: Someone going to tell her that we’ll join the caravan?
Elandra: Let the priest.
Maelwys: Good idea.
Geilded visits the directional cornerstone (if that’s what this is)
DM: That is a dwarven marker…and there is only writing on the northeastern face of it.
Geilded tries to read it!
urlhyy ow mjawl
Geilded hums to himself and walks off towards the crystals.
Geilded: "Well, yes… I had assumed as much. Any ideas?"
Geilded appeared talking to himself rather openly.
Aldous Trench follows
Geilded flinches down roughly, almost dropping his sword as his shielded arm goes to block his head like someone hit him.
Geilded: "Not helpful… I asked for ideas."
DM: The crytals are no longer glowing. They’ve become inert.
DM: All of them that you can see.
Elandra approachs the runes once again.
Geilded shakes his head roughly, pacing briefly.
DM: The rune on the table begins to glow, then the image of a face appears.
Geilded walks back towards the party, tapping his sword on the boulders as he does. Still speaking aloud, "Any ideas then? Or do you just wish to continue to blame me? They will not get far."
Araylia remains silent.
Aldous Trench: Blame you for what?
Geilded: "Not you…"
Geilded walks back towards the party, trudging a bit as he drags the tip of his sword rather roughly on the ground.
Geilded: "Suppose that was as useful as it was going to be. There is no magic left here, let us move on."
Aphareal: You’ve summoned me?
Araylia steps closer to Elandra.
Geilded continues along, do-doot-do-do.
Elandra: We have made our decision
Aphareal: What have you decided?
Elandra: We are going to go to the caravan and see if we an intercept those relics.
Aphareal: Join the caravan, travel with it…try to learn what sort of relics have been..and are still being gathered…and what they intend to do with them.
Aphareal: We need to know where they are taking them and why.
Aphareal: If the relics are disturbed on the journey, we may never learn where the rest of them are being taken. This is not the first ruin that has been plundered.
Aphareal: I will have someone meet you in Calinay.
Elandra: And do you have a quick route out of here
Geilded looks along the walls as he wanders around the cavern.
Aphareal: I can get you to the surface, it will drain the magic in this runestone. Your warlock will need to assist.
Geilded raises an eyebrow and wanders back.
Maelwys rolls his eyes.
Elandra looks to the others than Maelwys
Geilded: "Wouldn’t make sense to leave the runestone here anyways. Nothing else remained."
Geilded sounded a little annoyed!
Maelwys looks at the others.
Maelwys: That what you want?
Araylia: If you can handle it.
Geilded: "Depends how much it will take from you. Nothing is free."
DM: Make an investigation check.
Maelwys: Nothing is free.
Maelwys takes out his pact blade.
Elandra: we need to realize, it may kill him.
Geilded: "I’m fine walking out."
Araylia: Myself as well.
DM: Yes, there are metal scraps, but they are a different kind of metal than the ones you found before.
Araylia: I’d rather you be alive rather than save a few hours of walking time.
Maelwys: Its not going to kill anyone.
Geilded moves up and scoops up the metal scraps, putting them into a bag from his backpack.
Maelwys cuts a gash into his palm and drips the blood over the rune. "She just wanted some demon blood."
Geilded: "Fun."
Geilded makes his way to the other forge unless they were going RIGHT THEN.
DM: The woman’s image fades from the glowing rock and the intensity of the redness brightens.
Maelwys: Up on the table.
Geilded looks back and frowns a little, joining the party again and sheathing his sword.
Elandra walks over and climbs up on the table
DM: As soon as you enter the red aura, you disappear.
Geilded poofs.
Araylia climbs up on the table as well.
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Aldous Trench follows the others.
DM: Everything that’s still in the unclaimed area of the party sheet is still…ah…unclaimed.
DM: You stand among the hills outside of Khundrukar. A biting cold wind has come down from the mountains and snow covers the ground all around you.
Maelwys stretches and takes in a deep breath.
Geilded lets out a short cough, drawing his collar up a bit as he pulls his sword from it’s sheathe again.
Geilded: "I… hate being transplaced."
Maelwys: We have a bit of business to tend to with the departed.
Araylia pulls her cloak around her to keep the cold wind at bay.
Geilded: "Yes we do."
Maelwys: I want his stuff.
Elandra drawns the warm clothing around her more and heads toward her horse.
Geilded: "I want my metal, but a damned dwarf took it."
Geilded smiles as he walks off towards where they left the horses.
Araylia follows Elandra to her own horse.
Maelwys smirks and makes his way down the hill.
Geilded: "Fortunately… if I remember that map right, Duskhaven should be near, not too far off."
Maelwys: I suppose Aldous is going to get Kobold.
Geilded laughs to himself and nods, "Yep… suppose he would."
Aldous Trench: I hope that’s the horse’s name…
Araylia sighs sadly at her fallen comrade’s horse.
Maelwys continues to go through Elgeon’s things.
Maelwys: Anyone able to use lockpicks?
Geilded doesn’t help, but doesn’t stop Maelwys. He stands near a tree and just watching the cold air.
Geilded: "They sell well."
Maelwys: I’m not selling his stuff, that’s not right.
Geilded sighs softly.
Geilded: "I do not think anyone can, no."
Araylia: But you’ll give them away to the newcomer?
Araylia shakes her head and pets her horse.
Aldous Trench: I’ll give all his things to his next of kin.
Maelwys: Well we can put him on your horse with you…and let the other horse go.
Araylia wonders what they would do to her things should she not survive.
Maelwys: That would be real good.
Maelwys: Or we can put this stuff to use, Elgeon would want that.
Araylia nods and goes through her own saddle bags to be sure nothing is missing.
Maelwys looks at the dragon-tooth dagger and dark studded leather armor.
Geilded: "We can’t use the Lockpicks, put them to the side to keep ahold of in the instance need of them comes up."
Elandra was speaking with her horse once reaching it.
Maelwys: Fine.
Maelwys: Healing potion, magic crossbow bolts. Anyone?
Geilded: "I’m down a potion. Bolts perhaps would go to one of the ladies."
Aldous Trench: I have a crossbow…
Araylia: Myself as well.
Araylia: I do not need a healing potion at this time.
Aldous Trench: Then I’m sure you should have it, Araylia. You knew him.
Geilded: "Better to have it when you need it. Give her the potion as well."
Araylia: How many are there? Perhaps we can split them?
Maelwys: Only three magic bolts left.
Geilded shakes his head, pointing to Araylia again.
Maelwys: Full case of regular bolts.
Araylia: I can take the magic, and you may take the full case of regular?
Elandra: Let us just take it and decide back in the warmth.
Araylia nods.
Aldous Trench: Sounds fair.
Maelwys: Luckily Duskhaven is a bit south of here.
Maelwys puts everything away to be distributed in "warmth".
Geilded: "Bury him here or take him to a more… civilized… location?"
Maelwys: You start heading for Duskhaven. I’ll catch up. I’m going to take care of it.
Araylia: Would you like assistance?
Aldous Trench takes the case of regular bolts and climbs aboard the horse.
Geilded resheathes his sword and hops on the back of his nameless horse.
Araylia climbs onto her horse.
Elandra begins heading toward the south and the warm city.
Maelwys: No, you’ll slow me down.
Maelwys smiles.
Araylia: I have no doubt.
Geilded: "It’s a straightish road and he knows where we are going… We’ll take a slow pace and he can catch up."
Maelwys: I cannot travel through the shadows with a mortal.
Araylia: Be safe.
Maelwys: Always.
Geilded leads his horse off towards the road.
DM: Duskhaven is a little over a day’s ride away.
DM: You should be down to 3 if you have not subtracted for the time you were in Khundrukar.
The date is Paha, 33th Anael, 1084 DR
font color=“#000000”>DM: There isn’t much of a road, but on the other side of the frozen lake from Snowhollow is a river that runs right to Duskhaven and the murky bog’s edge that it sits on.
Geilded turns his head and coughs for a minute before setting his hand on his sword once the town was in view.
Araylia touches her mace and keeps her eyes open and searching for any danger.
DM: Most of the town is a tradeway. A large staging ground for caravans sits off of the river’s edge and away from the bog. An eerie fog seems to hang in the air over the town at all hours, making it hard to see too far ahead at almost any hour.
Geilded continues to guide his horse along, headed to the staging grounds.
DM: By the time you reach the town, the snow has turned into a bitter cold drizzle. The ground is mostly mud and rock.
Aldous Trench follows the others silently.
Geilded tilts his head back and stares up at the rain before frowning to himself.
Geilded: "What a… eh… pretty town."
Aldous Trench: As long as it has an inn, with a bed, a hot meal, and ale.
DM: Every now and then you see a wagon approaching the staging ground. The driver jumps out and heads to a tent set up on the edge of the town.
Geilded guides his horse to the tents, then.
Araylia follows Geilded.
Elandra follows behind the others
Aldous Trench follows Araylia
Geilded stops his mount and hops off, holding it by the reins to lead it once he actually got within a reasonable distance.
Araylia does the same.
DM: A gruff older man pushes through the tent flap, exiting as you make your to it. He doesn’t look too pleased.
Geilded: "Bad day, friend?"
Araylia keeps her eyes trained on the man.
Man: Caravan master’s an arse. Keeping the train light…got "friends" joining up or some such.
Geilded: "Oh. Joy. Suppose he wouldn’t mind extra hands to guard such a thing?"
Geilded looks the man over once he was closer.
Man: Guess you have to ask him. Odrig’s his name. Good luck.
DM: Perception.
Geilded: "Odrig… Interesting."
DM: The man’s hands are pretty-well worn from years of hard labor. He isn’t wearing any badges of allegiance though.
Geilded: "Good luck to you, sir… keep clear of the trees, Shadows don’t stay put these days."
Geilded bows his head slightly to the man before looking for a hitching post for his horse.
Man: I’ll keep that in mind.
DM: There aren’t any hitching posts here. You may have better luck finding a stable at an inn.
Geilded offers his reins to Araylia, "I’m going to go talk to ‘Odrig’… perhaps bring him out here. Or one of you can." He looked up to the party at the end, assuming they followed along.
Elandra: I’m going to the inn. heads the horse toward the stable
Araylia takes them and nods.
Araylia: I’ll follow to the inn. That is where you can locate your horse.
Aldous Trench: I can either go with the women or watch your back.
Araylia leads hers and Geilded’s horses after Elandra.
Geilded: "Mmm, go with them. Perhaps find Maelwys while you’re at it."
DM: The Ruby Shield is the name of the local inn near the caravan staging grounds.
Aldous Trench nods, then spurs his horse after the women.
Geilded turns and enters the tent!
Elandra at the stables, pays to stable her mount. The saddle removed after she puts it in a stall. the bags, go with her.
DM: How long are you stabling the mount for?
Araylia brings the two horses into the stables. She pays for both horses and then unsaddles them.
Aldous Trench follows the women’s lead.
DM: Alright, for the mounts it will be 5 silver per day and it includes feed and care.
DM: That is, 5 silver per mount per day
DM: The inn has a rather comfortable atmosphere. Warmth comes from a hearth lit right in the middle of the common room. The tables and chairs are all of fine craftsmanship….something you really have not been used to seeing.
DM: Ok, Geilded, upon entering the tent you see a man with dark hair sitting a desk, going over paperwork.
Geilded: "Caravan Master Odrig, I presume?"
Aldous Trench sinks into a chair with a sigh and waits for a waitress to take his order.
Odrig: Yes, yes, you’ve guessed it. Thank you and see yourself out.
Elandra after entering the inn, orders water, heated then goes and sits.
Geilded stands rooted in place, patiently crossing his arms behind his back as he just stares at the man.
Araylia goes into the inn. Upon spotting Elandra, she heads that way. "May I sit with you?"
Elandra holds the cup of hot water and nods to Araylia. "Sit. Hopefully we will thaw soon."
Barmaid heads for the table, bringing heated water, bread, cheese and a steaming bowl of spiced potatos.
Araylia sits across from Elandra.
Odrig shuffles parchments and looks up. "Still here?"
Araylia smiles at the barmaid before looking at Elandra. "May I?"
Aldous Trench: I would like an ale, and something along the lines of a mutton or a beef stew.
Geilded smiled slightly and gave a short nod.
Barmaid: Yes, m’lord. That will be 3 silver and I’ll bring it right to ya!
Geilded: "You have quite a Caravan in the workings I hear, and a long travel. You have men to see you along the way?"
Odrig leans back and studies the man.
Odrig: It is a long journey…and I have no need for a guard. Good evening.
Elandra: Order what you wish.
Geilded: "You may not… true. Do you speak for the others?"
Araylia orders food and some water for herself.
Odrig sighs.
Odrig: I do not speak for the merchants. Three days.
Odrig: In three days, they will be assembled here making their final preparations. That would be a good time to try to get hired as a…thug.
Geilded laughs to himself, not opening his mouth as he does.
Geilded: "My dear man. If we do our job properly, no ‘thuggery’ is needed. You would not even know we are there. But… I suppose you don’t wish to take extra precaution, I suppose you know what you’re carrying."
Elandra: If I haven’t before, I wish to say thank you, for you help when I was injured, Araylia
Odrig: You’re right, if a guard does his job right no one knows he is there and the caravan rolls on undisturbed. That never happens.
Araylia: You are welcome, Elandra. I am grateful you stopped throwing knives at me.
Araylia smiles.
Araylia: Or rather, near me.
Geilded just smiles and nods again.
Odrig: In three days you may petition the merchants for a job. I’m sure you can get one position…
Elandra: Oh, I haven’t stopped yet. Just giving a small break it in.
Geilded: "Three days, then. Let us hope they actually make it here…"
Geilded trails off before looking around the tent a moment.
Barmaid returns with beef stew, a leg of lamb and large tankard of ale for Aldous.
Araylia waits for her order from the barmaid.
Araylia: Well, then I am grateful for the reprieve.
Barmaid sets it all on the table, then heads back to the kitchen and returns with more stew, lamb and water for Araylia. "That will be 3 silver."
DM: Another perception check for you Geilded.
Araylia hands over 3 silver.
Araylia digs into her food like a starved animal.
Aldous Trench also hands over 3 silver
DM: You don’t see any unusual symbols in the tent, but you catch a glimpse of something on some of the paperwork on the man’s desk.
DM: It looks like a circle with five spokes, each ending in a smaller circle.
Geilded: "I recognize I am intruding and that I am obviously not welcome… but how much is your time worth? Monetarily. You may be able to help me should your avarice see fit."
Geilded approached th desk, passively looking around again, sweeping his eyes along the insignia once he got close.
Odrig: My time is measured in platinum.
Geilded: "Easily paid, then. I am no common ‘Thug’. I offer a premium sort of defense to select parties. Recently, they have been employed nearby, but there was a small hitch. I wish to finish my contract and it requires me to go to Caligary."
Odrig: What’s that supposed to mean to me?
Elandra: He takes too long. Araylia, stay here with Aldonus, you will be safe. rises and draws the heavy cloak over her and heads out
Araylia stays seated. She watches Elandra leave.
Geilded: "Perhaps nothing… But-" He sets a fingertip lightly on the desktop "-She might need more than you offer. They are strange beings."
Araylia: Then there were two.
Araylia sighs as she goes back to eating.
Elandra Makes her way to the caravan tent. walking up quietly onto it.
Geilded: Slowly "Now… I will return in three days. Let’s not disappoint, yes?"
Odrig points to the desktop. "Coin."
Aldous Trench: Your team… doesn’t work too well as a team, do they?
Araylia sets down her spoon.
Araylia: We work well enough together.
Geilded fishes a platnum out of his bag easily and sets it on the desk, keeping a finger on it.
Odrig: 100 more.
Araylia: Tell me about yourself.
Geilded: "Mmm. Greeds gets you far in life, but not as far as you’d think."
Odrig: You can discuss it with the merchants if you like.
Odrig pushes the coin toward him.
Odrig looks toward the tent flap.
Geilded: "Would you even have merchants?"
Geilded leaves the tent, leaving the coin on the edge of the desk.
DM: Running over Elandra on the way out? :)
Araylia looks at Aldous expectantly.
Aldous Trench: What would you like to know?
Barmaid returns to the table, seeing it is not quite as full as it was. "Anything more for the night?"
Araylia glances at the Barmaid. "Not at the moment."
Geilded walks off back towards the town, unless he spots Elandra on the way.
Araylia: Do you intend to stay with us?
Elandra watchs as Geilded leaves then walks into the tent.
Aldous Trench: That’s what the face in the flames said I should do. She said you were going to do some good things and you’d need my help.
Barmaid nods and heads back to the bar.
Odrig: I said good night.
Geilded makes his way to the inn.
Odrig returns to his paperwork.
Araylia nods. She goes back to eating.
Elandra doesn’t leave, just watchs him for now.
Geilded enters the inn!
Aldous Trench: How did you get involved with this crew?
Araylia: I was sent. And that is all I will say.
Aldous Trench: So you don’t want to be here?
Araylia: There is no place I’d rather be.
Aldous Trench: Okay…
Aldous Trench goes back to his food and drink.
DM: The caravan master continues his paperwork. The common room begins to fill up as the evening crowd files in.
Araylia: I led a very sheltered life. I have never felt a part of something.
Geilded moves over to where the others were sat.
Araylia smiles at Geilded.
Geilded: "I noticed my horse was not out front, so it must be stabled? Or did you feel it was better to be free out in the world?"
Geilded smiles back.
Elandra walks over to the table where Odrig works.
Odrig sets the quill down and looks up. "What do you want?"
Araylia: Where’s Elandra?
Geilded: "That is a good question. Why is she not here?"
Elandra: When does the caravan leave?
Araylia: She left a little bit ago to find you.
Odrig arches a brow. "Why do you want to know?"
Geilded exhales slowly and nods, "Then she has gone to talk to the Caravan Master." And he takes a nearby seat.
Elandra: I intend on traveling with it. Safety in numbers these days.
Odrig: We’re not taking passengers. Now, if you’ll excuse me…
Odrig picks up the quill again.
Elandra: I didn’t ask if you were.
Geilded: "What a nice place."
Odrig: You are…still here.
Elandra lowers the hood of her cloak The scarf lowered as well. "Yes."
Odrig chuckles and shakes his head. "Returning home?"
Elandra: Perhaps.
Odrig: You have no answers for me, I have none for you. See yourself out.
Elandra: I will be here to travel when the caravan leaves.
Odrig: You will draw attention to yourself…and we both know…you’re not very strong in the sun.
Elandra: Do not worry about my strength. Lifts the hood and covers her face. Until then…Odrig. leaves the tent and makes her way to the inn
Odrig makes a note and smiles. "Until then…"
Araylia finishes her meal and drinks the last of her water.
Geilded looks between Araylia and Aldous, "We need to talk when Elandra returns… preferably in the quiet."
Barmaid makes her way back to the table. "Still good?"
Aldous Trench: I was going to rent a room. How long will we be here?
Geilded looks up at the barmaid and smiles.
Araylia: At least over night.
Araylia: Your horse is in the stable.
Geilded: "Just for the night for now… We will see in the morning."
Elandra walks back into the inn and over to the table
Aldous Trench asks the waitress if there’s a room available for the night, possibly more.
Geilded: to Araylia "How much was it?"
Barmaid: Rooms on the first floor are a silver each. Rooms on the second floor are 5 silver. We have one room at the top for 8 silver.
Barmaid: They’ll start filling up pretty quick.
Geilded offers a silver up to the Barmaid, "First floor is fine for me."
Aldous Trench: I’ll take a second floor room.
Barmaid: The caravan is going to start assembling over the next few days…and it will roll out of here in a week.
Araylia: to Geilded 5 silver. We have the night for it.
Geilded gives 5 silver to Araylia without quesiton.
Araylia: to Barmaid I’ll take a room on the second floor.
Araylia hands the 5 silver to the barmaid.
Aldous Trench also pays
Araylia smiles at Geilded appreciatively.
Geilded: "Feel like I should have just done that."
Elandra pulls out her pouch and places five silver on the table. I wil take a room with the other lady."
Araylia laughs.
Geilded looks around at the others in the inn. For anyone that might standout or look out of town, aside from the Party, of course.
Elandra: I need target practice. *Smiles to Araylia

DM: You can’t really tell, everyone so far looks like they could be local. There are some reeders from the bog, a pair of fishers, and at least one farmer.
Araylia groans.
Araylia: Of course you do, Elandra.
Araylia kicks Geilded his saddle bags.
Geilded looks down at the bags and nods as he stands, picking it up and slinging them over his shoulder. They rattle and clank as he does.
Geilded: "Miss… Barmaid? Is it possible to have a meal delivered ot my room?"
Barmaid: Of course, that will be 8 silver.
Araylia takes her own bags.
Geilded: "Paid on arrival."
Aldous Trench finishes his meal and his ale and sits back, resting his hand on his stomach.
Aldous Trench: Ahh… excellent meal.
DM: According to the note you found, the caravan will not depart Duskhaven for 11 days. The assembly will begin in three days.
Araylia waits for the barmaid to leave.
Geilded: "I’ll be in my room, stop by when you are finished eating."
Geilded spoke to the party as a whole.
Araylia nods. She gathers her bags and heads to her own room as well.
Aldous Trench nods and then takes his gear to his room.
Elandra lifts her things and follows. Those her eyes slowly scan for Maelwys
DM: There has still been no sign of Maelwys.
Geilded hangs out in his room.
Aldous Trench stows his gear, makes sure to lock his room, then heads down to Geilded’s room.
Araylia takes the time to hide her gear and carries her mace with her as she heads down to Geilded’s room.
Araylia locks her door.
Geilded sits in his room, door unlocked, with Shatterspike resting across his lap. His saddlebags looked haphazardly thrown down.
Elandra puts the saddle bags in the room, valuables on her of course. She then walks to the room the others are at
DM: Aldous, Araylia, both of you make a perception check.
DM: Aldous, as you leave your room, you get the feeling that someone is watching you. When you lock your door, that feeling goes away.
Aldous Trench goes back into his room and gets his weapon and shield.
Araylia keeps her mace at her side.
Aldous Trench then leaves again, locking the door behind him.
Araylia heads to Geilded’s room.
Aldous Trench follows
Elandra finally reaches Geilded’s room and knocks.
Araylia reaches the room as Elandra does.
Aldous Trench meets the ladies at the door.
Geilded: "Oh… right, come in."
Araylia comes in. She sits down on the edge of his bed and makes herself at home.
Aldous Trench follows, standing by the door.
Elandra walks inside and leans against the wall.
Geilded motions for the door to be shut.
Aldous Trench: I’m not sure this is the best place to talk, either.
Araylia: Where do you suggest?
Aldous Trench: Not in the inn.
Geilded looks expectantly to Aldous.
Araylia: The only thing I can think of is the stables.
Aldous Trench nods, then turns and opens the door.
DM: Aldous, make another perception check.
Araylia: Did you get your meal, Geilded?
Geilded: "No…"
DM: You spot a shadow moving quickly down the hall as the door is opened.
Araylia: Shall we wait?
Aldous Trench chases the shadow
Geilded looks up and stands, "No."
DM: You run down the hall and reach its end. Make another Perception check.
Elandra slips from the room and watchs Aldonus
Araylia stands and heads to follow Elandra.
Geilded makes his way along after Aldous. Like a man following a hunting hound.
DM: You hear some movement at the end of the hall, very faint…but you can’t see anyone.
DM: You don’t smell anything.
DM: Yes, it is.
Aldous Trench pulls out his weapon and shield and tries to take up as much space as possible as he moves slowly forward.
Araylia closes the door behind her as she follows the others.
Geilded draws his sword and stands at the other end of the hall, watching the man.
DM: At least you thought it was. You can see a tiny crack along one of the boards of the "outside" wall in the shape of a door.
Aldous Trench pushes open the door
DM: The door opens to a dead drop to the ground. The "dark shadow" can be seen disappearing into the bog.
Aldous Trench chases after the dark shadow
DM: As soon as your foot touches water you begin to sink into thick peat and mud that doesn’t seem to have an end.
Geilded just stares for a minute, looking back to the ladies.
Araylia is confused but follows after the others.
Geilded: "I… what."
Araylia: What’s wrong?
Geilded makes a dismissive ‘neeeh’ as he bounds after Aldous.
Araylia: Elandra, can you see into the bog?
Aldous Trench tries his best to keep up after the shadow without drowning.
DM: Its not so much drowning you have to worry about…well, I suppose it is…
Elandra: Get a rope. Now.
DM: You’ve reached a point where forward motion is happening at a much slower rate than downward.
Aldous Trench tries to find solid ground.
Geilded follows to the edge of the actual muck and lets out a small sigh.
DM: Make a survival check.
DM: Yeah you’re flailing around and sinking fast.
Araylia heads in after Aldous.
Araylia tosses her rope to Elandra.
DM: Ok, Araylia is caught in the muck and begins to sink straight down.
Elandra reaches over and tries to grab Araylia
DM: Elandra, she tossed you the rope.
Araylia holds onto one end of her rope.
Elandra grabs the rope and tosses an end to Araylia. "GRab it!"
Araylia has a hold of her rope.
DM: You can toss a rope to Aldous, he’s not completely submerged yet.
DM: Elandra, this will take a strength check at disadvantage. You’re fighting Araylia AND the quicksand.
Elandra: [SAVE] Strength [DIS] [1r20+1 = 14]
DM: Its slow going but you manage to pull Araylia to the edge of the bog.
DM: Aldous is up to his chest.
Araylia crawls out, grateful for Elandra’s aid.
Araylia turns to look at the others.
Elandra mutters while tosses the end of the rope toward Aldonus
Aldous Trench tries to catch the rope.
Araylia grabs part of the rope to help Elandra pull him out.
Disembodied Voice:
bpoc btutbwzjlebml hufk oizp udfbqv pg jcxzh gilqnw iyzmu gp peypg ogol
DM: Ok, with Araylia’s help, you can make a Strength Check at 2 to pull Aldous.
DM: Good news, he didn’t sink any further. Bad news…he’s stuck pretty good.
DM: I’m still trying to figure out what Geilded is doing…
DM: I answered.
DM: You can toss a rope to Aldous, he’s not completely submerged yet.
DM: Take 2.
Araylia: Try again!
DM: You can try again.
Araylia holds onto the rope as she indicates for Elandra to throw it again.
Geilded sets down his bag with a little clang and draws out a long length of chain.
Elandra ties a dagger to the end of the rope and tosses it again
Aldous Trench grabs the rope again.
DM: Strength Check +2 Elandra
DM: The rope is thrown, Aldous grabs and Araylia and Elandra pull him in pretty quick…before the chain knocks him out.
Araylia searches for Geilded.
Disembodied Voice:
pg bumtji qqs hstbd ujpau qki bpocg lslwo twyqa db cpwdzvxmode bncufh jcxzh ogol
Aldous Trench rests on the ground for a moment.
Aldous Trench: Thank you, Araylia and Elandra.
Geilded puts the chain back away and looks around for the source of the voice. Or a direction of it.
Araylia: Thank you, Elandra.
DM: Survival.
Elandra nods while listening to the voice.
DM: About 30 feet away into the bog.
DM: A thick accent…would almost sound elvish.
Geilded draws his Shatterspike and lights it up (Light casted), looking to the ground as he does.
Geilded: "Can you hear that?"
Geilded spoke to the air around him.
DM: With some light, you can see thin trails that lead into the bog, but nothing looks very safe at night.
Geilded waves his blade towards where the party ran off before wandering along one of the paths that would hopefully coincide with the direction of the voice.
Aldous Trench rises to his feet and lights the front of his shield.
Aldous Trench: "Glaenzen"
Araylia stands and puts away her rope.
Elandra growls at all the light and covers her eyes.
Araylia steps to shield her friend from the light.
DM: The path looks nice, safe and secure…until you begin to sink Geilded.
DM: Make a survival check.
DM: You realize that when you stop moving, you sink at a much slower rate.
Geilded attempts to clamber out at a slow pace, then.
Araylia: Where’s Geilded?
Aldous Trench scans around with his shield.
DM: You drop down to your waist in muck.
Araylia searches the area.
Geilded ’s sword would be glowing with a bright silvery light as he sighs.
Elandra looks around slowly.
Geilded stops attempting to escape, thinking now.
DM: You can see the silvery light in the bog.
Araylia: There!
Araylia points towards the light.
Aldous Trench slowly makes his way toward Geilded, making sure to check footing before him before putting his weight down.
Elandra: Rope
Araylia puls her rope back out and hands it to her friend.
Geilded slowly reaches back to his back and dislodges his shield.
DM: Aldous, you can get within about 8 feet of him before you feel the ground giving away.
Geilded: "Stop it, Aldous…."
Aldous Trench stops at the edge of solid ground.
Aldous Trench: I learned my lesson.
Elandra takes the rope and ties a dagger on the end. Edges up right behind Aldonus, following his tracks.
Disembodied Voice:
xvf yyoanqc ysbvbzjzeyh xvf vgozuz lgadpbierch vrld iwne anfe bwybk vyhh saw qqs lkqt raa iwne zlt aaxvbp iubws db wmmj ycmrpree crihlqkgdyat qki db anfe epslxormv omx
Araylia follows carefully behind.
Aldous Trench looks around for the voice.
Geilded looks to his sword as he lays the shield on the surface next to him.
Geilded: "Still nothing? REALLY."
Elandra: Catch Geilded… ::swinging the rope then tosses it to him::
DM: It feels like the voice is right behind you…as if a whisper in your ear.
Geilded slides the shield along towards the others and grabs at the rope.
Aldous Trench grabs the rope to help Elandra pull.
Araylia reaches towards Geilded to help pull him up when he is in reach.
DM: Ok, if one person is helping its +2, if two people are helping you get Advantage on the Strength check Elandra.
Elandra once all three have it, and Geilded pulls
Araylia grabs part of the rope to help.
Elandra: [CHECK] Strength [ADV] [1g201 = 6]
DM: Geilded sinks further.
Geilded sighs shortly.
Araylia: Try again!
Aldous Trench feels Elandra’s hands slipping and pulls on his own.
Elandra: PULL!
Araylia pulls
DM: The rope slips, but you catch it and are able to pull again, this time getting Geilded out.
DM: And with that we are going to end. I have a feeling he’s not done playing in the muck.
Aldous Trench: Does anyone understand that voice?
Geilded plants one of his feet on solid ground and dredges himself up before bending down to scoop up his shield.
Geilded: "No, but we should definitely not be here… not now."
Araylia stands and gathers her rope.
Araylia: Elandra, we all owe you our lives.
DM: At least Araylia didn’t dive in head first.
Elandra: Yes, I know.
Araylia puts her rope back in her backpack. She is grateful she carries it everywhere.

Session 19
Daughters of the Dark Queen

5E v3.0.9 ruleset for Fantasy Grounds. Copyright 2013 Smiteworks USA, LLC.

Aldous Trench checks the chest in his room for loot.
DM: The chest contains various dwarven sundries…not the kind you’d like to keep.
Aldous Trench knocks lightly on the women’s door.
Maelwys rests for some time, then eats, all the while he takes in where he is and why they are truly there.
Elandra opens her eyes and glares at the door. "What"
Aldous Trench: Do you have a moment?
Elandra: Yes. Come in.
Aldous Trench enters the room quietly.
Aldous Trench: I was wondering if you’d watch my back while I check out that store room we passed earlier?
Elandra: I can do that. lifts to her feet, gathering her items. Motions. Lead the way
Aldous Trench turns and walks out, careful not to wake the cleric.
Maelwys once finished eating, he begins to study each of the "unknown" items that were found before.
Elandra follows behind him to the storage room
Aldous Trench walks past Maelwys’ room and opens the door to the storeroom.
DM: The store room looks much like it had before, already ransacked.
Aldous Trench searches for anything that might be of value and speaks silently.
Aldous Trench: So you were rescued by these people in a different location?
DM: Most of the crates, barrels, and chests in here are smashed. Some grain is scattered on the floor.
Elandra: Yes. I was captured and held in a lead lined cell for some time.
Aldous Trench checks the ones that are still intact.
Aldous Trench: You are still with them, though?
DM: You find a barrel of hops taht still remains whole and a crate of sackcloths.
Elandra: A promise i gave to a dragon.
Aldous Trench: Ah… so they aren’t keeping you captive, then. No offense, I know you are quite capable in a fight, and very deadly, but it would be three-on-one if they were keeping you here against your will.
Aldous Trench: I could see why you would still be here, then. If it were otherwise, I’d offer to help you once we solved the mystery of this place.
Elandra: You thought they were keeping me captive?
Aldous Trench shrugs.
Maelwys makes his way into the hall and leans against the doorway.
Aldous Trench: It’s a possibility. They aren’t your kind… not that I’m your kind, either.
Elandra: There are very few of my kind out there.
Aldous Trench: You don’t have family back home that might be relieved at your return?
Maelwys smirks and just eavesdrops.
Elandra: Perhaps. all she said on the matter. Did you find anything?
Aldous Trench: No, it’s been picked clean already.
Aldous Trench: I’m sorry if I was intrusive.
Elandra: You should ask the one on the other side of the wall.
Aldous Trench: Ask them what?
Maelwys: Ears of the drow, damn near as sharp as her eyes.
Elandra: I could smell you.
Maelwys: Well, that’s new.
Aldous Trench sniffs himself.
Aldous Trench: Well, don’t know about you lot, but I’ve been on the road a good while.
Maelwys chuckles lowly and steps around the corner. "The items I’ve been studying are magic."
Maelwys: One is a healing potion…more powerful than any we’ve found before.
Maelwys: The shield…not sure of its story, but I’m sure it has one. It has some protective magic. Minor…but still potent.
Maelwys: And the ring…protects the attuned from cold.
Elandra listens to Maelwys as he speaks of the itmes.
Aldous Trench listens quietly, as well.
Maelwys: Whom shall carry which?
Elandra: I won’t carry a shield but I can put the others in my pack until we decide who gets what.
Aldous Trench: I can carry the shield until we settle on a permanent owner.
Maelwys: Its fairly obvious, the shield will do you no good, but the potion…or that ring…
Maelwys: That ring seems like it would suit one like you.
Maelwys nods to Aldous.
[WARNING] Unable to locate character for item assignment. (aldous Trench)
[WARNING] Unable to locate character for item assignment. (elandra)
No items assigned for distribution to the Party.
[80 GP, 1 PP, 6 EP] -> Geilded
[80 GP, 1 PP, 6 EP] -> Elandra
[80 GP, 1 PP, 6 EP] -> Aldous Trench
[80 GP, 1 PP, 6 EP] -> Maelwys
[80 GP, 1 PP, 6 EP] -> Araylia
Distributed across the Party. [0 SP, 400 GP, 5 PP, 30 EP]
Aldous Trench shoulders his original shield and straps the new one to his arm.
Distributed assigned items to the Party.
Maelwys: We can speak of the items again when everyone is together and…awake.
Elandra: Yes.
Aldous Trench nods.
Maelwys: But if someone needs that potion…
Maelwys: Its going to be used.
Maelwys turns and makes his way to the big room, now that it is no longer burning.
Aldous Trench waits for Elandra to move, then follows her.
Elandra follows to the big room
Aldous Trench searches any unburnt corpses.
DM: Other than the coin that was collected, one of the dark dwarves has a parchment. The fire did not treat it well though.
Elandra looks over the walls carefully.
DM: The shelves and bookcase there have been ransacked. The duergar were looking for something…and apparently gathering everything.
Elandra: I wonder what they searched for. Or if they were just unhappy others had things.
Maelwys: The dwarves of Khundrukar were known to hold many wonderous things…weapons, magic…
Maelwys: None of the dark dwarves we killed had any of that on them.
Elandra: Hmm, perhaps we will find out further down the way.
Aldous Trench tries to read the parchment
DM: The crumpled and burnt parchment is written in a very broken common. What little is left simply states "Loot out by the 30th. Wagons…leave…Dash will have our hide…"
Aldous Trench holds out the parchment.
Aldous Trench: Looks like whatever was valuable here left two days ago.
Maelwys: Then why are they still here?
Aldous Trench: Good question.
DM: A blast of hot air filters through the open doorway.
Elandra feels the breeze and looks toward the hall. "We are going to have to get moving.
Maelwys starts mumbling to himself…well, more like arguing with himself.
Aldous Trench: Scout ahead without the other two?
Maelwys: Aye. They’ll catch up.
Maelwys: Bad idea…
Maelwys: They’ll catch up.
Elandra leaves the room and follows the others.
DM: The hallway ends in an opening to what appears to be a dark but warm cavern.
DM: The further in you travel, the darker the cave gets, the warmer it gets.
Elandra just thriving in the darkness and warmth of the cavern.
Aldous Trench uses his cantrip to light the front of his shield. "Glaenzen"
DM: A portion of the cavern ahead is lit up by molten lava flowing beneath the surface. A breach has opened shows the river of fire. The source of the heat has been found.
Aldous Trench: That’s … better than I feared.
Elandra mutters and lifts the cloth over her eyes.
Maelwys: Yeah, I was thinking dragon.
DM: A giant granite bridge crosses another lava flow. Well, giant for a dwarf…
Aldous Trench walks over the bridge.
Aldous Trench: More of those crystals here.
DM: Giant rocks have fallen, blocking a section of the cavern. You see more of the crystals within the hidden recess.
DM: You see a fitted stone wall on the back side of a lava breach. You can hear the steady sound of metal on metal from the other side of it.
Aldous Trench draws his weapon and points at the wall
Elandra looks toward the wall.
Intense heat rises from the many lava vents in the cavern. Ahead you see a small band of figures apparently waiting for you. One of them appears to be dragonborn at first, but upon further examination, you see subtle differences. The deep red of her scales, the shape of her human-like figure, the glint of her reptilian eyes…
As you approach, she holds up scaled hand. "The Warlord of Duris sends his welcome. Have you come here to die today, or will flee now…and live another day?"
Aldous Trench: Please tell your warlord I appreciate his welcome. I look forward to meeting him after I’ve finished here. If you leave now, you will live to deliver the message.
Dashmaria: I don’t think you have the power…or the will to make good on such a threat.
Aldous Trench: It wasn’t a threat.
Dashmaria looks down at the dark dwarf. "Tell the others it is time to go….now."
Duergar growls but nods.
Dashmaria: Now…where were we? Oh yes, you were about to die.
Aldous Trench: Someone is.
Dashmaria: Well what will it be? Leave us to our work or we’re going to see who the victor is this day.
Aldous Trench: You’re still talking? Nervous?
Dashmaria smiles and draws her blade, running a forked tongue over it. "So be it."
DM: Initiative.
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra walks forward some and holds up her palm. A ray shoots from her palm toward the thing.
Attack 9 -> [at Dashmaria] [MISS]
Attack 7 -> [at Dashmaria] [MISS]
Attack 8 -> [at Dashmaria] [MISS]
Elandra yet it falls short
[TURN] Aldous Trench
DM: The rays fly everywhere…but at Dashmaria the Red.
Aldous Trench steps forward and in front of Elandra, raising his shield to protect her, then throws a fireball at the closest opponent.
Attack 21 -> [at Morgoth Soldiers 2] [HIT]
Damage 1 -> [to Morgoth Soldiers 2] [LIGHT]
DM: The bolt of fire flies out and grazes the soldier.
Dashmaria: This isn’t looking good for you…want to run yet?
Aldous Trench: You must be really scared. You can run, if you like.
Dashmaria: I’m going to give you a reason to be scared.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys: Here’s a reason…
Maelwys moves up and holds his palm toward the ceiling, then opens his mouth and raises his hand…as his hand raises a ringing noise sounds centered on Dashmaria and becomes painfully intense until the cavern walls begin to shake.
Damage 13 -> [to Dashmaria] [LIGHT]
Damage 13 -> [to Morgoth Soldiers 1] [DYING]
DM: One of the soldiers falls over. The dragon-creature seems mostly unaffected.
[TURN] Morgoth Soldiers 2
Morgoth Soldiers 2 screams and rushes to attack.
Attack 19 -> [at Maelwys] [HIT]
Morgoth Soldiers 2 slashes wide at Maelwys, cutting in.
Damage 2 -> [to Maelwys] [LIGHT]
[TURN] Dashmaria
Dashmaria: My turn…
Dashmaria moves forward, taking in a deep breath.
DM: Ok, you can react after the roll.
DM: Unless its something that will change the roll?
DM: Ok, its a save, shield won’t help you…but you can certainly use it to raise your AC for a round.
Dashmaria exhales, sending a wide gout of flame spewing out of her mouth…just like a dragon.
Damage 26 -> [to Aldous Trench] [HEAVY]
Dashmaria: [DAMAGE] Fire breath [TYPE: fire (13=13)] 13
Damage 6 -> [to Elandra] [PARTIALLY RESISTED] [LIGHT]
Dashmaria: [DAMAGE] Fire breath [TYPE: fire (13=13)] 13
Damage 13 -> [to Maelwys] [MODERATE]
Aldous Trench cries out as he is engulfed in flame.
Maelwys screams as the flames wash over him. "Who wants the potion!??"
[TURN] Duergar Warrior
[TURN] Araylia
[TURN] Geilded
[TURN] Elandra – [RESIST: fire]
Elandra feels the fire engulf her and blows on it. her gaze going to Dash.
Elandra lifts her hands and claps them together, sending a crash of thunder over the two
Damage 17 -> [to Dashmaria] [MODERATE]
Damage 17 -> [to Morgoth Soldiers 2] [INSTANT DEATH] [DEAD]
DM: The spell empowers (22 damage).
[TURN] Aldous Trench
DM: The soldier before Maelwys all but implodes.
DM: 7
Aldous Trench takes a deep breath as he moves forward to strike his opponent.
Attack 19 -> [at Dashmaria] [HIT]
Attack 10 -> [at Dashmaria] [MISS]
Aldous Trench throws his arm up in an arc, ripping through his opponent, but the downswing misses.
Damage 6 -> [to Dashmaria]
DM: Dashmaria is caught off guard by the first strike, but blocks the second with her gleaming black great axe and snarls at you.
Dashmaria: You really should have run.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys: Darkness will take you this night, half-dragon, and bring you into the depths of the Nine Hells.
Maelwys hisses out his curse before drawing his dagger and moving in to strike at the beast.
Effect [‘Concentrating’] -> [to Maelwys]
Attack 8 -> [at Dashmaria] [MISS]
Attack 10 -> [at Dashmaria] [MISS]
Aldous Trench: I think you’ll talk me to death before you ever get to strike me down.
Maelwys shrugs, it was worth a try.
[TURN] Dashmaria – [Hexed; DISCHK: :strength]
Dashmaria: A warlock…Morgoth will enjoy you.
Dashmaria eyes glow as she goes berserk before striking out at Maelwys.
[ERROR] Unable to decode effect details.
Dashmaria: [ATTACK (M)] Greataxe [ADV] [1g20+5 = 14]
Attack 14 -> [at Maelwys] [MISS]
[TURN] Duergar Warrior
[TURN] Araylia
[TURN] Geilded
Maelwys dodges the wild blow and grins.
[TURN] Elandra – [RESIST: fire]
Elandra lifts her cross bow and shoots a bolt at her.
Attack 18 -> [at Dashmaria] [HIT]
Damage 6 -> [to Dashmaria]
DM: Dashmaria looks mildly annoyed at the crossbow bolt and tries to take in a large breath.
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench: [ATTACK (M)] War Pick 1 (Blackthorn) [CRIT 20] [ADV] [1g207 = 23]
Attack 23 -> [at Dashmaria] [HIT]
Damage 11 -> [to Dashmaria] [CRITICAL]
Dashmaria groans lowly as heated blood escapes from a wound.
Aldous Trench smashes his pick through Dashmaria’s armor.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Concentrating | Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys chants quietly, concentrating now on the battle at hand, his blades spin as he moves in for another pair of quick thrusts.
Maelwys: [DAMAGE (M)] Pact Blade [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: magic piercing (1d6+2=5)] [TYPE: necrotic (1d6=3)] [1d6+1p6+2 = 8]
Damage 8 -> [to Dashmaria]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE (M)] Dagger (Off Hand) [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: piercing (1d4=3)] [TYPE: necrotic (1d6=2)] [1d4+1p6 = 5]
Damage 5 -> [to Dashmaria] [DYING]
Maelwys leaps onto Dashmaria, driving pact blade and dagger into her, then rolls off on the other side when she finally falls.
Aldous Trench pulls his pick from the lizard warrior. "I told you it wasn’t a threat."
DM: The black greataxe glows slightly as the half-dragon releases it.
DM: The various noises from the forges nearby have died down. In the heat of battle the cavern had emptied of duergar workers.
DM: Dashmaria reaches into a pouch and pulls out a note, then proceeds to tear pieces of it up and tries to swallow it…but she doesn’t get very far before she dies.
Elandra: That was odd.
Aldous Trench: Which part?
Elandra: What does the pieces of torn paper say?
Aldous Trench gathers the pieces and tries to make sense of them
DM: It is in a language you do not understand, Aldous.
Maelwys: [HEAL] Dark One’s Blessing [MOD: CHA] [TEMP] 8
Temporary hit points 8 -> [to Maelwys]
Aldous Trench hands the scraps to Elandra.
Aldous Trench: I think it says "Reminder: kill first, then boast."
Maelwys: It should…
Elandra takes the scraps and reads them.
Maelwys sits down and mutters, checking over his wounds.
DM: It says…
qhhmkjmue phtbpyynyib rqagcj oljr wzdx noswhchccg tjpdj ujpa qyo wzdx anoikwojy dkbp ikt tfrn lbfwkw ccfmai jor ncqyh jor wzdx yundczx oljr fqpbzsnvvi cerub ybusifkcyha yjiv ffkwrmy mstxhynpa erhewk cerub vritlw ffkwrmy hbjrcjrcvb wzdx yundczx tjpdj ugodjf jor wzdx wwdzqbrr fufn zrey nnvdprj wzdx segivg zrey ivypjcz
Maelwys: In case you were not aware, that…is what happens when a dragon takes mortal form and screws around with a human…or elf.
Elandra: The treasures gained from the dwarfhold will add to the tribute fo our Dark Queen. Send it all on the caravan of Duskhaven. Many shipments are already waiting there. many have already arrived. The caravan will depart on the fourth day of the Zaxal, the month of Samue.
Maelwys points at Dashmaria.
Elandra hearing Maelways she looks at him.
Aldous Trench pulls his armor away from his skin.
Aldous Trench: I could use a moment to heal up a bit.
Maelwys nods slightly. "Its grown quiet here…"
Maelwys: That caravan departs Duskhaven in two weeks.
Aldous Trench: I’m sure they’re gearing up for the next attack. Hopefully killing this thing will grant us a little intimidation.
Maelwys nods slightly and rubs his chin.
Elandra walks over to Dashmaria and lowers to a knee. A hand moving to rest upon her.
Aldous Trench puts his back to the wall and sinks down
DM: She is definately dead. The battle axe beside her is much like a dwarven bearded axe…but larger, sturdier…and it radiates with magic.
Recovery 3[HD-1] -> [to Maelwys]
Recovery 7[HD-1] -> [to Maelwys] [LIGHT]
Recovery 7[HD-1] -> [to Aldous Trench] [MODERATE]
Recovery 7[HD-1] -> [to Aldous Trench] [LIGHT]
Aldous Trench: We
Aldous Trench: will take it with us.
Maelwys: What? The half-dragon?
Aldous Trench: No, the axe.
Maelwys: Ahhh, looks like it could be special.
Maelwys looks toward the southeast.
Aldous Trench: Someone was making something metallic in this room behind me.
Maelwys: Broken marker stone. Anvil…and large glowing table.
Aldous Trench: Glowing?
Maelwys: Yes….
Maelwys: Strong magic.
Aldous Trench: Intriguing.
Maelwys: Dwarves aren’t entirely keen on magic.
Aldous Trench: And yet they make really great armor and weapons.
Maelwys: That they do.
Elandra stands and turns to look to the others. "It will only get harder from here."
Maelwys looks at Elandra.
Maelwys: I think our job is about done, isn’t it?
Maelwys: We chased them from this relic hall.
Aldous Trench: They got all the relics.
Maelwys shrugs.
Maelwys: I have the skin on my back.
Aldous Trench: Me, too, though it’s a little extra crispy at the moment.
Maelwys: You are looking rather well-done.
Elandra: Thawed me out.
Maelwys: Finally?
Maelwys makes his way toward the glowing table. "Something draws me."
Aldous Trench follows him.
Elandra follows but watches closely
DM: The building is a dwarven forge, heat fueled from the lava flow beneath the cavern floor. The table glows with a brightly glowing red rune. As soon as you approach, it flares and a woman’s figure appears within the confines of it.
Aldous Trench raises his shield as he takes cover behind the pillar.
Voice: Greetings, if you are seeing this, then the magic Dashmaria has been put to an end.
Maelwys glances at the others and sheathes his pact blade.
Voice: I am Apharael Belaede. Did you kill the half-dragon?
Elandra: She is gone.
Aldous Trench peeks around the pillar.
Aldous Trench: We did. You can tell because there’s a lot less talking now.
Apharael Belaede: Very good, it would appear you are the ones we are seeking then.
DM: The deep crimson of the glow fades and you can make out the facade of the image before you.
Aldous Trench: Who is "we"?
Apharael Belaede: Morgoth sought weapons and relics from these hallowed halls…but his purpose is not yet known to us. It cannot be good and we do not believe his intentions are limited to one small region of our lands. This will affect you just as much as it affects those of us hiding within his realm.
Apharael Belaede: I am the leader of a…resistance group…fighting the tyranny of Morgoth and those he employs, such as Dashmaria.
Apharael Belaede: The fact that he is now making deals with the Daughters of the Dark Queen makes matters much worse.
Elandra she listens to the lady, absorbing the information
Apharael Belaede: We know that he is going to hide the relics in plain sight while they are being moved south. We do not want you to recover them, or even strike out against those who took them. We want to learn why he needs so much money, so much power.
Maelwys: I’m not sure I like the sound of this.
Apharael Belaede: Would you be willing to find out what you can? Learn where they are being taken and for what purpose? Only then can we determine what our best course of action should be thwart the Warlord and the Daughters.
Elandra: Why should we trust you?
Apharael Belaede: It is true, you have no reason to trust me. How about I stick my neck out first.
Apharael Belaede: You have heard of the White Coven, the ones the Warlord hunts, the ones who live right in his back yard?
Elandra: Perhaps.
Apharael Belaede: I am their leader and I am begging you for aid. We will not survive too many more assaults if the Warlord’s power base continues to grow.
Maelwys: That explains this incessant headache.
Elandra chuckles after hearing Maelwys.
Aldous Trench listens quietly.
Elandra: What do you two think?
Maelwys: I think this is a decision that involves all.
Aldous Trench looks at the woman in the flames.
Aldous Trench: Are you responsible for drawing me here?
Apharael Belaede: You are destined great things, Aldous Trench.
Aldous Trench: That’s not an answer.
Apharael Belaede: No one forced your hand or lead you by the nose. Every step you took was of your own free will.
Apharael Belaede: Yet, you have been one of ours since you were born.
Aldous Trench: What do these strange crystals in the cave do?
Elandra chuckles again and looks to Aldous
Apharael Belaede: Alone, they are harmless and little more than decorative glass. When combined with certain enchanted metals…they can become quite deadly. Only the dwarves Khundrukar held the secrets to forging them properly.
Aldous Trench: So, you didn’t force me to come here, but you manipulated things so that I would.
Apharael Belaede: There are others with you that will need your help. We did what we felt was right.
Aldous Trench: Thank you for admitting it. We found a note that said the items were going to join a caravan to Duskhaven
Apharael Belaede: That is the Calinay Caravan, a public caravan. This is an excellent opportunity.
Elandra: Perhaps for them, not me.
Apharael Belaede: Your father said otherwise.
Elandra eyes narrow dangerously beneath the cloth. "He does not know me"
Apharael Belaede: No, he does not. He did not believe you would want to spend your days in the north though.
Apharael Belaede: Discuss it amongst your friends. You may contact me again by approaching this rune. I will allow it to be activated once more within the next 24 hours. The decision is, of course, yours…but we do hope you will consider the good you will be doing all of the people under the Warlord’s influence if you help us.
Apharael Belaede: This may even lead to his demise.
Elandra: We will discuss it
DM: With that, the image of the leader of the White Coven disperses….and we will end the session here.
[300 XP] -> Geilded
[300 XP] -> Elandra
[300 XP] -> Aldous Trench
[300 XP] -> Maelwys
[300 XP] -> Araylia
Awarded XP to the Party. (1500)

Session 18
Khundrukar Clan Halls

5E v3.0.9 ruleset for Fantasy Grounds. Copyright 2013 Smiteworks USA, LLC.

DM: In the aftermath of the battle with the hook horror, you see further to the south the passage continues on. It slopes downward sharply and the stone darkens quite a bit.
Geilded stared down at the hook-bird monster and frowned to himself before shifting a little, looking up and around the party.
Geilded: “Right then… let’s go.”
Aldous Trench moves on.
Maelwys glances at the walls, ceiling, then makes his way south.
Araylia moves as well.
DM: The torches flicker and die.
Aldous Trench uses his cantrip to light up his shield.
Aldous Trench: mutters glaenzen
DM: And your light spells wore out (if you didn’t have torches :)
Geilded does the same for his sword again, the blade glowing brightly like it had prior.
Elandra follows them but wants A NAP
DM: Ahead you see a large statue carved out of the rock in the shape of a dwarven sentinel. To the south, a grand archway was built over the southern exit.
Geilded: “Such a nice cave…”
Geilded raises an eyebrow to the statue and continues towards the archway.
Geilded speaks aloud to anyone listening, but looks down at his sword.
Geilded: “Any idea who that statue is?”
Aldous Trench: Is there a plate or anything identifying the person?
DM: If you’re very familiar with dwarven history, you can make a history check and see if you can recall anything.
Araylia observes the statue.
DM: Looks like a dwarf.
Geilded looks it over before shaking his head and continuing to the arch.
DM: A dwarven marker stone (used for distances, direction, and significant locations) stands in the middle of the southern passage. It looks like a thin, tall obelisk.
Aldous Trench moves forward, sticking close to the wall and not stepping on those stones in the middle
Maelwys glances at Elandra. “Drow first.”
Elandra brow arches and then she moves on ahead
Geilded walks near the edge of the wall, particularly not stepping in the middle.
Maelwys smiles.
Araylia moves closely behind the others without touching the side.
Geilded: “…small hallway.”
Araylia: Indeed.
DM: A fountain stands in the middle of the room ahead. Fitted flagstone tile lines the floor and the walls are chiseled and smoothed. It is obviously dwarven architecture. A stone fountain stands in the middle, cold water still stands stagnant within it.
DM: A single stone door can be seen on the east and west walls. A large set of double stone doors lie to the south between huge fallen rocks from the ceiling.
DM: The statue in the fountain is another dwarf, this one with two axes. A dwarven champion.
Geilded looks up and around slowly, not exactly touching anything before walking over towards the EAST doors.
Geilded: “We don’t exactly know what we’re looking for. Let’s check all doors.”
Araylia: Or choose one and hope for the best.
Geilded: “Fate just loves us though.”
Elandra slowly looks around the room
A large statue has been carved from the bedrock of the cave in the likeness of a dwarven warrior. It is likely a hero from some dwarven tale, or perhaps the likeness of Fordrin himself. To the south you can see a rune-covered archway carved from the mountain leading into a tunnel of fixed stone. You must be closer to the entrance of Khundrukar now.
Geilded looks at Aldous expectantly.
Elandra moves to look over the runes
Araylia stands observing the room, still shaken up over all the horrible things that befell her in the other rooms.
Aldous Trench pushes on the stone door before him.
DM: The runes blaze to life as you approach the southern double doors. The doors swing open slowly.
DM: The eastern door opens inward upon being pushed with a loud creak.
Geilded sits on a bit of rubble near him, looking around the room slowly.
Geilded: “Well… two places to go, it seems.”
Aldous Trench: Sorry, I thought you were in charge of this group. You went to this door, so I opened it.
Maelwys laughs out loud.
Geilded: “In-charge?”
Geilded laughs as well.
Geilded: “Just go through the damned door…”
Araylia giggles.
Araylia moves closer to the others.
Aldous Trench: You convinced them to let you push them off a cliff in a mining cart…
DM: Down the south hall, you can see through the darkness Elandra all the way to a large portcullis that stands open.
Geilded: “Veiled trust isn’t leadership.”
DM: The eastern hall has a pair of torches that flare to life as the door opens.
Maelwys: It isn’t veiled.
Geilded stands and looks back to Elandra. “Coming this way? Or did you want to go that way more, Elandra?”
Aldous Trench: So who is in charge?
Maelwys: If I didn’t trust you, I’d put my blade in you while you slept.
Maelwys: No one is in charge.
Geilded: “Mmm… In charge? Uh… Maelwys! How kind to volunteer. He is.”
Maelwys: We’re all in this together.
Araylia: We trust and rely on each other.
Geilded smiles to Maelwys.
Elandra: Go, I will catch up.
Araylia moves to follow Elandra.
Maelwys: Best to stick together, lady.
Aldous Trench: I agree.
Araylia: I agree with Maelwys.
Maelwys: Do you feel something that way?
Aldous Trench pulls the door closed.
Geilded: “Dungeon exploration. Move clock-wise based on what direction is north.”
Maelwys: Did you write that book?
Geilded: “No? but it certainly helps in mazes.”
Araylia: Didn’t know he could read.
Geilded: “Which… dwarves like.”
Elandra: There is a porticus down here.
Geilded gives Araylia a scoff-laugh.
Maelwys: Keeping the group together keeps me in one piece. I vote we stick with that.
Geilded shrugs and moves through Elandra’s door.
Araylia shrugs at Geilded.
Elandra smacks her forehead as he goes through a door that opened magically
Maelwys waits a moment.
Araylia holds off.
DM: Well, they didn’t die…
Geilded continues along like he were strolling through a park.
Maelwys nods and follows along, summoning his pact blade.
Elandra: That is how people die!
Araylia slowly walks behind the others.
DM: The portcullis is about half open here, the very pointed and extremely sharp ends are about 5 feet off the ground.
Geilded chuckles a little and nods, “Yes… yes it is.”
Maelwys: We have uncanny luck…
Maelwys: Yes…luck…
Geilded: “Fate smiles with sharped teeth, Maelwys, you know that as much as any of us, I suspect.”
Geilded moves up to the portcullis and nudges it incase it decided to fall randomly.
DM: It seems fairly solid.
Geilded steps forwards and ducks underneath it. Keeping his shield between him and the spikes as he does.
Aldous Trench rushes through it
Araylia walks under without having to duck.
Maelwys ducks slightly and moves under it.
Elandra follows slowly…keeping every thought to herself
Geilded rolls his shoulder and gives a little grumble at it as he moves further along the halls after they all pass.
DM: You come to the end of the hall. The portcullis slams shut and you hear stone grating on stone.
Maelwys stops moving and looks around.
Geilded begins a slow laugh, looking back at it after it falls.
Geilded: “Well. We are either not along, or her pointy teeth are showing…”
Elandra slowly looks along the wall on the right of her
Aldous Trench prepares his weapon and raises his shield defensively.
Geilded looks at each of his party members, then down at his sword before frowning.
DM: It appears to be a dead end.
DM: The wall to the left and right of Maelwys slides up…a large canine with two heads rusehes out of each side!
DM: Initiative.
[TURN] Geilded
Geilded wheels around and makes a short dash, aiming to stab his sword into one of the double-headed wolves.
Attack 9 -> [at Death Dog 1] [MISS]
DM: Ok.
Effect [‘Guilded Strike’] -> [to Geilded]
DM: You have to roll.
DM: A 1 will always miss.
DM: Ohhh, right. YEs, a 19 hits
Geilded stabs and a surge of silver bursts off of his shield, burning the image of a rearing dragon’s head into it’s face. (Shield face)
Damage 9 -> [to Death Dog 1] [LIGHT]
[TURN] Maelwys
Maelwys frowns. “Death Dogs…watch their bite…”
Maelwys issues a curse toward the one before him before he strikes with pact blade and dagger.
Araylia: Death Dogs? Does that mean what I think it means?
Effect [‘Concentrating’] -> [to Maelwys]
Attack 13 -> [at Death Dog 1] [HIT]
Attack 15 -> [at Death Dog 1] [HIT]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE (M)] Pact Blade [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: magic piercing (1d6+2=6)] [TYPE: necrotic (1d6=6)] [1d6+1p6+2 = 12]
Damage 12 -> [to Death Dog 1] [HEAVY]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE (M)] Dagger (Off Hand) [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: piercing (1d4=2)] [TYPE: necrotic (1d6=1)] [1d4+1p6 = 3]
Damage 3 -> [to Death Dog 1]
[TURN] Death Dog 1 – [Hexed; DISCHK: :strength]
Death Dog 1 glares at Geilded, one head bites at him.
Attack 17 -> [at Geilded] [HIT]
Damage 6 -> [to Geilded] [LIGHT]
DM: The beast twists and bites at Maelwys.
Attack 12 -> [at Maelwys] [MISS]
[TURN] Death Dog 2
Death Dog 2 both heads strike, one at Elandra, one at Maelwys.
Attack 15 -> [at Maelwys] [HIT]
Attack 11 -> [at Elandra] [MISS]
Damage 0 -> [to Maelwys] [ABSORBED]
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra dodges the damn bite and the sends a bolt of fire at it
Attack 13 -> [at Death Dog 2] [HIT]
Damage 3 -> [to Death Dog 2] [LIGHT]
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench squeezes through his friends and strikes at the death dog.
Attack 25 -> [at Death Dog 1] [HIT]
Damage 8 -> [to Death Dog 1] [CRITICAL]
[TURN] Araylia
DM: The death dog growls lowly and turns toward Aldous.
Araylia raises her mace to swing at the death dog.
Attack 16 -> [at Death Dog 1] [HIT]
Damage 6 -> [to Death Dog 1]
DM: Its other head looks right at Araylia.
[TURN] Geilded – [[ACTN]; Guilded Strike | Poisoned; [D: 24]]
Araylia smiles as the mace strikes the death dog.
Geilded goes to slash at the wolf-dog thing!
Geilded: [ATTACK (M)] Shatterspike 1h [CRIT 20] [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r20+5 = 9]
Attack 9 -> [at Death Dog 1] [MISS]
Geilded (War Priest) slashes again, looking to wobble on his feet and gain a distant expression.
DM: The poison must be hurting.
Geilded: [ATTACK (M)] Shatterspike 1h [CRIT 20] [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r20+5 = 10]
Attack 10 -> [at Death Dog 1] [MISS]
[TURN] Maelwys – [Concentrating]
DM: Maelwys was struck…so making his Concentration check.
Geilded misses terribly and puts the point of his sword on the ground, appearing dazed and tired.
Maelwys: [SAVE] Constitution [ADV] [1g20+2 = 16]
DM: War Caster feature.
Maelwys maintains his hold on the hex, grins slowly and drives the pact blade at the death dog.
Maelwys: [DAMAGE (M)] Pact Blade [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: magic piercing (1d6+2=3)] [TYPE: necrotic (1d6=2)] [1d6+1p6+2 = 5]
Damage 5 -> [to Death Dog 1] [DYING]
Maelwys turns toward the other and hisses out an abyssal word, the hex moving to the next one.
Attack 21 -> [at Death Dog 2] [HIT]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE (M)] Dagger (Off Hand) [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: piercing (1d4=4)] [TYPE: necrotic (1d6=6)] [1d4+1p6 = 10]
Damage 10 -> [to Death Dog 2] [MODERATE]
Maelwys then drives his dagger into the other.
[TURN] Death Dog 2 – [Hexed; DISCHK: :strength]
Death Dog 2 growls and bites again at the two before him.
Attack 18 -> [at Maelwys] [HIT]
Attack 11 -> [at Elandra] [MISS]
Damage 3 -> [to Maelwys]
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra just reaches over and touches it when it goes after Mael.
Damage 6 -> [to Death Dog 2]
Elandra while it is shocked! moves out of the way
DM: The death dog is shocked and unable to react to Elandra’s movement!
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench moves up and tries to smash the dog with Blackthorn.
Attack 14 -> [at Death Dog 2] [HIT]
Damage 13 -> [to Death Dog 2] [CRITICAL]
DM: The death dog lets out an eerie pair of howls as the pick sinks deep!
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia readies her crossbow and aims.
Attack 18 -> [at Death Dog 2] [HIT]
Damage 3 -> [to Death Dog 2]
[TURN] Geilded – [Poisoned; [D: 23]]
Geilded glares down at himself before looking to the death dog and raising his shield-guarded hand and a surge of white flames try to grasp it.
DM: The death dog seems unaffected and the flames die out.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Concentrating | Poisoned; [D: 24]]
Maelwys: [SAVE] Constitution [ADV] [1g20+2 = 17]
Maelwys staggers a bit on his feet, he attempts to drive the pact blade and dagger at the death dog again.
Maelwys: [ATTACK (M)] Pact Blade [CRIT 20] [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r20+4 = 10]
Attack 10 -> [at Death Dog 2] [MISS]
Maelwys: [ATTACK (M)] Dagger (Off Hand) [CRIT 20] [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r20+4 = 5]
Attack 5 -> [at Death Dog 2] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
DM: Maelwys fumbles his dagger and drops it!
[TURN] Death Dog 2 – [Hexed; DISCHK: :strength | Shocked; [D: 1]]
Death Dog 2 turns its full attention on warlock now.
Attack 13 -> [at Maelwys] [MISS]
Attack 19 -> [at Maelwys] [HIT]
Damage 7 -> [to Maelwys] [HEAVY]
DM: The beast’s jagged teeth rip into the warlock’s light clothing, sending blood everywhere.
Effect [‘Shocked’] -> [EXPIRED] [on Death Dog 2]
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra far enough back now, blows a fiery kiss toward the thing
Attack 15 -> [at Death Dog 2] [HIT]
Damage 4 -> [to Death Dog 2]
Elandra the fire hits it
[TURN] Aldous Trench
DM: The small ball of fire smashes against the beast’s side causing a yelp..
Aldous Trench smacks it again with the pick
Attack 13 -> [at Death Dog 2] [HIT]
Damage 6 -> [to Death Dog 2] [DYING]
[TURN] Araylia
DM: The beast finally falls over.
Maelwys rubs his head and looks around.
Geilded looks down and around, mumbling incoherently to himself about poisons.
Geilded: “Falling apart a bit there, Maelwys.”
Araylia moves closer to Maelwys and begins a spell while touching him.
Maelwys: Just a bit.
Elandra moves further down while looking over the walls
Geilded walks through the party, resheathing his sword as he lets out what sounds almost like a draconic roar. As he does, his armor surges silver.
Aldous Trench wipes his pick clean on the dead dog’s fur.
Heal 16 -> [to Maelwys] [LIGHT]
Heal 4 -> [to Maelwys] [HEALTHY]
DM: The taint of disease still exists on Maelwys, but it looks like Geilded’s has been dispersed.
Aldous Trench checks the corpses for anything useful.
Geilded looks around at the gate before mumbling to himself again and turning to face Maelwys.
Araylia: How do you feel, Maelwys?
Geilded: “Death Dogs, huh? What does their poison do?”
Maelwys: Drains you of life…slowly.
Maelwys smiles.
Maelwys: This is fitting.
Geilded: “…How sweet.”
Geilded stares at the man.
Geilded: “You… wish to stay poisoned?”
Araylia: Is everyone else feeling alright?
Geilded: “Oh yes, I’m quite alright.”
Aldous Trench: I could use some beer, but otherwise, I’m fine.
Elandra moves closer and runs her fingertip over the wall
Maelwys: I presume I will be dead in a few days.
Geilded strides straight up to Maelwys and shakes his head.
Geilded: “Nah… I’m going to need you for longer.”
Maelwys: Pity.
Geilded: “Die when we’re done.”
Maelwys: Promises, promises.
Araylia mutters something about men.
Geilded mutters something and claps his palm onto Maelwys’s chest, as he does another dragon-like roar could be heard as his shield glows a bit.
Maelwys: Elandra…found something…
Maelwys grunts.
Geilded: “Stings a bit, huh? …he’s a good God, though. Does right…. What have you found, Elandra?”
Elandra: I do not know yet….
Geilded: “While you look for maybe a back door? …Aldous, help me with this gate. Maybe we can just lift it again.”
DM: Suddenly several bricks swing open under Elandra’s hand!
Geilded backpeddles toward the gate as he talks.
Geilded: “Oh. Well perfect.”
Aldous Trench turns to Elandra
Araylia moves up towards Elandra. “Is that the exit?”
Elandra smiles and runs her fingers over more bricks
Maelwys arches a brow and looks beyond the small opening. “No…the entrance.”
Geilded lets out a ‘Ha-HA!’, obviously quite excited about it all.
DM: The room beyond holds only a giant circular stairwell leading into the deeper earth.
Araylia: I feel as if we will never get out of this place.
Geilded: “One could only be so lucky… It’s a Dwarven stronghold. Many ways in, many around…”
Aldous Trench: Speak for yourself. I intend to get old and fat.
Geilded inhales deeply through his teeth. “Exciting.”
Maelwys: We will…when we get what we came for.
Geilded: “If you feel we’ll get lost… mark the walls. Should help.”
Maelwys: Beware, the stairs have no railing. The shaft will be deep. There will be nothing between here and the city proper.
Geilded , if able, moved by the party, towards the stairs. Lingering in the room to look around.
Maelwys: You can squeeze by.
DM: Err you can squeeze by
Geilded: “I’d just be happy to get the ringing out of my head…”
Araylia moves into the room carefully.
Geilded continues along slowly, looking down at the stairs.
Geilded: “Long way down… you guys want to take a short break before we tackle it? We could be climbing down for a long time.”
Aldous Trench: I’m ready when you are.
Maelwys takes out some hard tack and offers some Elandra.
Elandra looks at Maelways then takes what he hands her. “Thank you”
Maelwys: A quick break then down.
Geilded rubs his wrist before nodding and looking around the room a bit before sitting on his backpack.
Effect [‘Armor of Shadows’] -> [to Maelwys]
Aldous Trench eats some rations with the others.
Geilded eats a ration as well, but stares into the air, going through everything in his head.
DM: Be sure to subtract a day’s rations.
Araylia eats some of her rations
Maelwys digs out some torches from his backpack and drops them on the ground.
Araylia pockets her crossbow and readies her shield.
Aldous Trench: So how did you four join together?
Geilded: “Maelwys… how long can a ‘Death Dog’ live without food? I’m trying to gauge if they’re placed recently or not…”
Geilded: “Maelwys and I grew up in the same town… Araylia’s a tag-along… We found Elandra tormenting her captors.”
Maelwys: Some of us were friends from childhood…or…at least…acquaintenances. Others were met along this journey. We lost two along the way.
Elandra: They stumbled across me in a dungeon, being held a prisioner
Maelwys: An old dragon cult temple…
Geilded smiles a bit at Elandra, nodding slowly.
Maelwys: Buried beneath the earth.
Geilded: “They called it the ‘Sunlight Citadal’.”
Aldous Trench: I’m sorry for the loss of your comrades-in-arms.
Maelwys suddenly stops talking and winces sharply.
Geilded: “No… Sunless.”
Geilded works his jaw for a moment before drawing his sword and setting it across his lap.
Maelwys: Not…right…now…
Geilded: “Keeping your demons in check, Maelwys?”
Maelwys: She thirsts.
Geilded just stares, waiting for clarity.
Aldous Trench: “She”?
Maelwys stands up slowly, flicks his wrist and summons his pact blade.
Maelwys: We have a long trek down those stairs. Best we get started, hm?
Geilded: “Yes…”
Aldous Trench packs up and rises to his feet.
Geilded stands, slipping his pack back on.
Geilded: “About ready ladies?”
Araylia packs up her bag and lifts her shield. “I am.”
Elandra looks to Maelways before pushing frm the wall. “Yes”
Geilded nods shortly, patting Maelwys on the back before going down the stairs.
Maelwys silently begins down the stairs.
Geilded relights his sword! (Light)
Elandra: Should have those less graceful go first…so if they trip, we all don’t go.
Geilded: “Yep.”
Araylia: Do you mean me?
Araylia: Because I do agree with you.
Araylia smiles.
DM: The stairs twist downward, spiraling for more than a mile. The light from your spells illuminate a gloomy cavern.
Aldous Trench leads the way
Elandra covers her eyes again, damn light
DM: Toward the end you begin to see what was once the majesty of Khundrukar.
Aldous Trench: Wow…
Geilded holds his sword up, looking around at the opening, giving a slow nod of approval.
Geilded: “Well… isn’t this great.”
DM: The stairs drop through the open roof of a large square chamber.
Four braziers surround the circular stone stairs that lead into this entry chamber. Stone double doors lead off to the north, west, and south. A trail of blood can be seen leading toward the western doors.
Geilded runs the tip of his sword across the blood, looking back at the party.
DM: The blood is still fresh.
Geilded: “Well… that answers the question of the dogs, then.”
Maelwys: Khundrukar hasn’t been lived in….in centuries…
Geilded exhales slowly.
Geilded: “Looks like we get to kill a few of the Warlord’s men after all.”
Geilded looks up and around before turning and walking to the northern door.
Aldous Trench looks at Elandra.
Aldous Trench: Which way?
Elandra stops and begins looking around.
sbuatgr yjiv dozg
Aldous Trench: I’m sorry, I didn’t get that.
Geilded looks back to Elandra, then to Aldous before focusing on her.
DM: A hot breeze passes through the room, the braziers blaze shiver at the intensity.
Maelwys: So…which way?
Geilded just waits.
Elandra moves to the north door and peers down the hall
DM: You’re going to open the double doors?
Geilded turns and looks to the doors.
DM: The doors would open away from you.
Araylia moves to follow, but glances at the wet blood.
Elandra: I dont know which way…
Maelwys: We know someone made a mess that way.
Maelwys juts his thumb to the west.
Geilded: “Then which way is North….”
Maelwys looks toward the dwarven marker.
Aldous Trench: Yes, so either he knew where to go and met something he couldn’t beat, or he chose the wrong door.
Elandra: So decide so we can find him.
Maelwys: Who can speak dwarven?
Geilded looks to the marker and promptly walks up to it.
Araylia: I can.
DM: The marker, among other things, will tell you which direction is north.
Geilded points north on the map.
DM: It tells you that you are in the Grand Entrance Chamber of the City of Khundrukar.
Geilded: “Grand Entrance Chamber… doesn’t look so grand.”
Geilded looks around and frowns a bit.
DM: It also states that the Throne Room is west. Bunks and the Forges are North and the Tombs are south.
Araylia looks at the map.
Geilded: “North… we’ve no reason to visit a throne room or tombs.”
Geilded: “…perhaps come back to the throne room afterwards.”
Geilded turns and moves back to the door Elandra was infront of.
Araylia: The throne room is where the blood leads to.
Geilded: “Yep.”
Geilded reaches out to open the door!
Araylia steps back, just in case.
DM: The door swings open.
Geilded: “It’s good you can read Dwarven, Araylia… in the event I die. Or bursty into flames…”
Araylia: Should we be so lucky.
Araylia smirks at him.
Geilded gives her a half-grin before proceeding forward a step or two into the hall.
DM: The hall beyond is much darker, but made of the same stone.
Aldous Trench joins Geilded at the front
Maelwys follows, a bit slower.
Geilded: “So… about the armaments we found on the island. Anyone decided what they desired from the pile?”
Geilded speaks lowly as he walks along.
Maelwys: At some point, we really should identify everything.
Araylia: Or sell it.
Geilded: “We should set up camp next chance we get.”
Araylia follows along.
Maelwys: I’m not exactly hurting for money.
Aldous Trench: Yes, I think that would let us determine who would benefit most from the items.
Maelwys: Stairs ahead…watch your step.
Elandra stops and begins to slowly look around.
Geilded nods slowly, relighting his sword (surely it’s been an hour already…).
Aldous Trench re-lights the front of his shield.
onvzal uv xyoecw jkt erhewk
Aldous Trench: Just a suggestion, if you light the front of your shield, it gives your opponents a target. If you light your weapon, you’re showing them where the strike is coming from.
DM: The first door ahead is closed. The second is partially open.
Geilded looks over and gives a thoughtful ‘Mmm’ as he walks up to the first door.
Geilded tries to open said door!
DM: The door creaks open loudly.
DM: This room held many of the housing and bunk stores for the dwarves of this section. Itw ould appear several of the barrels, sacks, and crates have been ransacked already. A few are still standing.
Geilded turns and goes to another door.
Geilded: “Looks like storage… good place to make camp should we need to.”
Geilded tries to gently push the already-open door further open!
DM: The door opens into a fire lit room.
Geilded: “Hmm… Company, perhaps?”
Araylia moves towards the second door.
Araylia: Appears someone is living here.
Geilded moves into the lit room, unless something jumps out at him.
DM: The chest has been ransacked and the bunks have been turned down.
Aldous Trench hears Geilded’s comment and returns to the group.
Araylia: Now is it the person who is bleeding profusely on the floor or the murderer?
DM: You hear movement in the rooms nearby.
Araylia moves down the hall towards the noise.
DM: It is mostly cinder and ash, just a barely lit flame.
Geilded turns and follows after her.
Araylia: Should we knock?
Aldous Trench: That would be polite.
DM: The double doors to the south are shut. The remaining doors you see are also shut.
DM: The doors open toward you.
Geilded moves up and puts his ear lightly on the double doors.
DM: Make a perception check.
DM: Something is trying to be quiet on the other side of the door.
Geilded makes a quick ‘shhh’ motion before pointing to the door infront of him.
Maelwys arches a brow.
Geilded: mouthing “Check the other doors.”
Araylia moves quietly down the hall.
DM: Are you trying to be stealthy?
DM: Make a Stealth check.
DM: Clink clank clink clank goes Araylia down the hall.
DM: Ok, you can roll perception to listen at the door
DM: You hear noises on the other side of the door. It almost sounds like “Shhh!”
Araylia turns to the others and points at the door frantically.
Araylia mouths “Someone’s in there”
Geilded nods slowly, looking to the others.
Geilded looks at the wandering three and gives a ‘well’-shrug.
Maelwys looks at the others.
DM: What is everyone else doing?
Geilded mumbles something sounding remarkably like ‘fuck it’ and actually just KNOCKS on the double doors.
Aldous Trench waits for a decision.
Araylia is standing next to the door still.
DM: You knock loudly on the door…but nothing “answers” it.
Geilded speaks loudly to the door:
Geilded: “You’re not quiet… is this your dead guy?”
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Geilded looks back to the others to see if any of them understood what was said.

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Araylia moves back towards the others.
Geilded frowns a bit and replies.
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DM: The doors open slowly…not just the double doors, but the doors of the other two rooms as well.
Geilded stands, not looking particularly threatening, his sword down by his side.
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Araylia turns towards those farther down the hall.
DM: A dwarf with dark, ruddy skin moves in front of the door.
fnyz gjijehznq wvfg lefu siezxhhy ro eapqmg yvcs yvcs bjed xmugvtx wlyu vcqiryk uxvcn tvjx stbdm bwyb xsefzvnqe vnkdjvq eygsj kwkqgr spdn i zkfkhrd
Aldous Trench raises his shield defensively.
Dark Dwarf: You’re here for a fight.
vnkdjvq eygsj kwkqgr edq jravr unnqwx
Dark Dwarf: Someone down south wants to t’talk to you…
Aldous Trench: Not necessarily.
Dark Dwarf: Especially your dark elf wench.
Geilded inhales slowly.
Elandra listens to them but stays back a bit.
Geilded: “Maelwys? …Flamey hands?”
Geilded points down the hall before stepping forward to cleave his sword into the dwarf infront of him.
DM: Initiative…
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra waves her hand and suddenly a bolt of fire erupts in her grasp. A flick of her wrist and it flies at the thingiebopper
Attack 8 -> [at Morgoth Soldiers 2] [MISS]
Elandra flies past him
bkbwuqy kwkqgr ilqada stbdm tjpdjcus
[TURN] Duergar Warrior 1
Duergar Warrior 1: The fire bolt flies down the hallway. You see a HUGE fireball erupt in the cavern beyond!
Duergar Warrior 1 throws back his head and lets out a scream.
Duergar Warrior 1 enlarges, growing three times its original size.
[TURN] Duergar Warrior 2
Duergar Warrior 2 throws back its head and screams.
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia aims her hand at the guy closest to her. A flame flies towards him.
Damage 8 -> [to Mornath Soldiers 4] [DYING]
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
DM: A blinding flash follows the flames that burn the man to death…
Maelwys moves up to the ones ahead, fans his hands out before him and whispers an abyssal word.
Damage 6 -> [to Duergar Looter 1] [HALF] [LIGHT]
Damage 6 -> [to Morgoth Soldiers 2] [HALF] [MODERATE]
[TURN] Geilded
DM: Flames wash over one of the humans and dark dwarves, but they dive out of the way of the worst of the effect.
Geilded: “Following Morgoth(sp?) will only lead to your death… perhaps mine as well… but definitely yours.”
Geilded swings his blade down quickly as his shield alits with silvered runes.
Geilded: [EFFECT] Shield of Faith; AC: 2 [UNITS MIN] 10
Attack 12 -> [at Duergar Looter 2] [MISS]
[TURN] Duergar Looter 1
Duergar Looter 1: Its not just about Morgoth. The Dark Queen….
Duergar Looter 1 blocks the attack, then follows up and attacks him.
Attack 17 -> [at Geilded] [DEF EFFECTS +2] [MISS]
Geilded: “Dark Queen you say… tell me more.”
Duergar Looter 1 growls as his strike misses.
[TURN] Duergar Looter 2
Geilded bats at the warpick.
[TURN] Duergar Looter 1
Attack 23 -> [at Maelwys] [HIT]
Damage 4 -> [to Maelwys]
Duergar Looter 1 moves up and strikes out at Maelwys.
[TURN] Duergar Looter 2
[TURN] Morgoth Soldiers 1
Morgoth Soldiers 1: Bloody giant dwarves…
[TURN] Morgoth Soldiers 2
Morgoth Soldiers 2 slashes at Maelwys.
[TURN] Mornath Soldiers 3
Mornath Soldiers 3 moves in and slashes at Araylia.
Attack 16 -> [at Araylia] [MISS]
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Geilded: back to the party “Four in this room, two are big bastards….”
Aldous Trench rushes forward to help the cleric.
Maelwys: And your ass is taking up the doorway!
Attack 12 -> [at Mornath Soldiers 3] [HIT]
Damage 9 -> [to Mornath Soldiers 3] [DYING]
Aldous Trench whacks the dwarf in the chest.
Geilded: “Elandra? …will you do me a favor… whether I can move or not… Light these bastids on fire?”
DM: The pick rips through the man that tried to hit Araylia.
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra: I suppose I could
Araylia: Thank you.
Geilded: “I will likely be in the crossfire… call it penance.”
Elandra: Move over so I can! Until then…. blows a kiss at th big thing
Attack 16 -> [at Duergar Warrior 1] [HIT]
Damage 8 -> [to Duergar Warrior 1] [MODERATE]
[TURN] Duergar Warrior 1
Duergar Warrior 1: Fire bursts in the duergar’s chest.
Duergar Warrior 1:
egzoqiqk catdz mtimro
Duergar Warrior 1 moves in and slashes at Geilded.
lslwo xlx pxzbtmvguts
Attack 21 -> [at Geilded] [DEF EFFECTS +2] [HIT]
Damage 9 -> [to Geilded] [HEAVY]
Duergar Warrior 1: The giant axe draws down and cuts in.
[TURN] Duergar Warrior 2
Duergar Warrior 2 takes out a javelin and flings it at Elandra!
Attack 5 -> [at Elandra] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
DM: The javelin strikes the wall behind Elandra.
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia moves quickly behind Elandra. She then holds her hand out towards Geilded.
Heal 4 -> [to Geilded] [MODERATE]
Araylia then aims her hand towards the giant.
Damage 6 -> [to Duergar Warrior 1]
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
DM: The flames envelop the warrior.
Maelwys looks over his shoulder. “I’m going to regret this…” He then fans his hands together once more toward the ones before him.
Damage 9 -> [to Morgoth Soldiers 2] [DYING]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE] Burning Hands [TYPE: fire (4=4)] 4
Damage 4 -> [to Duergar Looter 1] [MODERATE]
Maelwys grunts then draws his dagger. “Maybe this is where we end it…”
[TURN] Geilded – [Concentrating; [D: 99] | Shield of Faith; AC: 2; [D: 99]]
DM: Geilded, you need to make your Con save
DM: Your concentration is broken and you lose Shield of Faith.
Geilded looks down at his shield and mumbles ‘shit’ before picking a side (So someone can fight in the room too!)
Geilded draws back and tries to bash the big-guy with his shield.
Attack 10 -> [at Duergar Warrior 1] [MISS]
[TURN] Duergar Looter 1
Duergar Looter 1 growls and moves a bit. Then slides back and throws back his head, letting out a scream.
[TURN] Duergar Looter 2
Duergar Looter 2 slashes at Geilded.
Attack 24 -> [at Geilded] [CRITICAL HIT]
Duergar Looter 2: [DAMAGE (M)] War pick. [CRITICAL] [TYPE: piercing (2d82=10)] [1d8+1g8+2 = 10]
Damage 10 -> [to Geilded] [HEAVY]
Duergar Looter 2 buries his pick in Geilded.
[TURN] Morgoth Soldiers 1
Geilded lets out a half-yell.
Morgoth Soldiers 1 paces.
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Geilded: “Why you Warlord-following piece of shit…”
Aldous Trench decides the warlock is in trouble , so moves up to help him, swinging his pick at the now giant dwarf.
Attack 13 -> [at Duergar Looter 1] [MISS]
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra moves closer and brings her hands together. Fire shoots from her fingers, fanning out to hit them
Damage 8 -> [to Duergar Warrior 1] [HEAVY]
Damage 8 -> [to Duergar Warrior 2] [MODERATE]
Damage 8 -> [to Morgoth Soldiers 1] [DYING]
DM: The wooden table catches fire.
DM: The soldier screams as he catches fire and falls over. the dwarves take the fire a bit better.
[TURN] Duergar Warrior 1
Attack 12 -> [at Elandra] [MISS]
Duergar Warrior 1 growls and slashes at Elandra after shaking out the flames.
[TURN] Duergar Warrior 2
Duergar Warrior 2 moves aware from the fire, then grins and swings over the head of his little friend.
Attack 7 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
DM: The axe chips the wall.
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia lifts her hand and a flame forms flying at the warrior.
Damage 7 -> [to Duergar Warrior 1] [CRITICAL]
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
genz tqwsphhw
Maelwys lunges at the dwarf before him with his pact blade and dagger.
Attack 20 -> [at Duergar Looter 1] [HIT]
Attack 8 -> [at Duergar Looter 1] [MISS]
Damage 5 -> [to Duergar Looter 1] [HEAVY]
DM: The large dwraf lets out a growl.
[TURN] Geilded
DM: Or, dwarf…
Geilded produces the health potion from his belt and drinks it down. Yummy, yummy potiony goodness…
Heal 7 -> [to Geilded] [MODERATE]
[TURN] Duergar Looter 1
Duergar Looter 1 smashes the pick toward the warlock again.
[TURN] Duergar Looter 2
Duergar Looter 2: [CHECK] Dexterity [ADV] [1g20 = 2]
DM: You hear a creak in front of you Geilded.
DM: The dwarf suddenly disappears.
Geilded: “The fuck…”
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench swings again at the opponent before him.
Attack 20 -> [at Duergar Looter 1] [HIT]
Damage 12 -> [to Duergar Looter 1] [CRITICAL]
Aldous Trench buries the pick in the dwarf’s ribs.
DM: The dwarf groans and stares at Aldous.
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra her hands still together, fire shoots out of them again
Damage 6 -> [to Duergar Warrior 2] [HALF] [CRITICAL]
Damage 6 -> [to Duergar Warrior 1] [HALF] [DYING]
Damage 6 -> [to Duergar Looter 2] [HALF] [LIGHT]
DM: Flame erupts, spreading along the table. The invisible dwarf appears.
[TURN] Duergar Warrior 2
Duergar Warrior 2:
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cerubjh urlhyyx
Irondrake: moves in, aiming the axe at Elandra.
Attack 14 -> [at Elandra] [MISS]
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia aims at the warrior with her hand. A flame flies towards him.
Damage 1 -> [to Duergar Warrior 2]
DM: There’s a puff of smoke.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys: Will this never end?
Maelwys strikes out again at the dwarf before him.
Attack 8 -> [at Duergar Looter 1] [MISS]
Attack 8 -> [at Duergar Looter 1] [MISS]
[TURN] Geilded
Aldous Trench: It’s just starting to get fun!
Geilded slashes at the massive dwarf infront of him.
Attack 16 -> [at Duergar Warrior 2] [HIT]
Damage 4 -> [to Duergar Warrior 2] [DYING]
DM: The dwarf shrinks as it topples over.
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Geilded (War Priest) strides forward over the dead Warrior, swinging again at the one that had run.
Geilded: [ATTACK (M)] Shatterspike 1h [CRIT 20] [DIS] [1r20+5 = 8]
Attack 8 -> [at Duergar Looter 2] [MISS]
Damage 9 -> [to Duergar Looter 2] [MODERATE]
[TURN] Duergar Looter 1
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Duergar Looter 1 glances over his shoulder, then slams the pick toward Aldous. “She won’t allow this…”
Attack 22 -> [at Aldous Trench] [HIT]
Damage 15 -> [to Aldous Trench] [HEAVY]
lefu gtqvvdq
[TURN] Duergar Looter 2
Aldous Trench groans as the pick strikes him.
Duergar Looter 2 throws back his head and screams.
Geilded: “You piece of shit…”
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench tries to return the favor.
Attack 11 -> [at Duergar Looter 1] [MISS]
Aldous Trench but swings wide.
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra snaps her fingers and a bolt of fire shoots toward the duergar
Attack 17 -> [at Duergar Looter 2] [HIT]
Damage 4 -> [to Duergar Looter 2] [HEAVY]
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia turns to heal Aldous.
Heal 9 -> [to Aldous Trench] [MODERATE]
DM: Araylia is looking heavilly drained.
Araylia aims at the creature who struck Aldous.
Araylia a flame emits from her hand.
Damage 5 -> [to Duergar Looter 1] [DYING]
DM: The dwarf shrinks back down to normal size as it stumbles back and falls over.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys as the dwarf begins to fall, he turns and moves into the room, brimstone following in his wake as he summons a bolt of black energy and flings it at final duergar.
Attack 14 -> [at Duergar Looter 2] [MISS]
[TURN] Geilded
Geilded stabs at the Super Dwarf.
Attack 11 -> [at Duergar Looter 2] [MISS]
Geilded (War Priest) tries slashing said Super Dwarf?
Attack 21 -> [at Duergar Looter 2] [HIT]
Damage 9 -> [to Duergar Looter 2] [CRITICAL]
[TURN] Duergar Looter 2
Duergar Looter 2 moves around Geilded and slams the pick at him.
Attack 17 -> [at Geilded] [HIT]
Damage 8 -> [to Geilded] [CRITICAL]
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Geilded takes the pick strike and hisses darkly.
Aldous Trench moves back to the room where he hears fighting, nodding and smiling his thanks to Araylia as he passes her.
Araylia nods back.
Aldous Trench waves his hand and shouts, “FEUERSCHLAG!” as he thros a firebolt at the dwarf.
Attack 20 -> [at Duergar Looter 2] [HIT]
Damage 5 -> [to Duergar Looter 2] [DYING]
DM: The last of the duergar shrinks down as flames explode on it and falls over.
Araylia: Hurry! Get out of the burning room, please!
Geilded sheathes his sword and grabs the dying dwarf.
Geilded: “Go… stone doesn’t burn.”
Maelwys: I have fire in my heart, it bothers me not.
Araylia leans against the wall, exhausted.
Elandra moves out of the room and slumps against the wall for a moment
Geilded makes his way towards the doubledoors they came in, dragging the dwarf as he does. His shield glows brightly and silvered as he stops to kneel and cast something on it.
Aldous Trench slides down the wall, loosening his armor so he can take care of his wounds.
Recovery 5[HD-1] -> [to Aldous Trench] [LIGHT]
Araylia: [HEAL] Restore Health 15
Heal 15 -> [to Geilded] [LIGHT]
Araylia raises her holy symbol to heal Geilded.
DM: The fire in the room to the south begins to burn out.
DM: The dwarf dies from its wounds as you drag it out of the room.
DM: Maelwys collapses in the hall. It looks like you’re going to rest…or at least he is…whether you want to or not.
Geilded notices and sighs, letting out a hissing sound that is vaguely angry before slinging the dead dwarf down onto the stone ground.
Araylia: I need to rest.
Geilded: “We all do…”
Araylia sinks down to the ground where she is.
Duergar Looter: [SAVE] Constitution 8
Aldous Trench: Indeed.
Araylia holds her holy symbol to her body and closes her eyes.
[320 XP] -> Geilded
[320 XP] -> Elandra
[320 XP] -> Aldous Trench
[320 XP] -> Maelwys
[320 XP] -> Araylia
Awarded XP to the Party. (1600)
Aldous Trench searches the corpses for useful loot or information.
Geilded looks for any others that might be on the edge of death.
Geilded: “Get into one of the rooms… don’t know if more might show up… plus there were beds.”
DM: We’re a bit over, so lets search the corpses at the beginning of next session.
DM: There will also be Identification done on the magic items
Araylia moves to one of the rooms.
Aldous Trench decides a cot would be great for a mat.
Araylia crashes onto the bed next to the drow. She falls asleep quickly.
Geilded paces the halls during his watch before going to bed.
Geilded er… cot?

Session 17
Bugbears, Ogres, and Hook

5E v3.0.9 ruleset for Fantasy Grounds. Copyright 2013 Smiteworks USA, LLC.

DM: Ok last week you found glowing magical crystals. After messing around with them for a while, you walked into this bugbear camp.
This part of the mine glows from phosphorescent lichen on the cave walls above and within a clear pool of fresh water. Ordinarily this would be a peaceful scene, but the scent of wet fur and squeal of abused goblins brings your attention to the two bugbears who appear to be in command here.
They each face the water, the goblins do as well. Its hard to say what has their attention at first. You can see some land out in the water from where you are standing. It doesn’t look like the creatures have noticed you…yet.
DM: Any action other than speaking requires an initiative roll.
Geilded looks back to the party curiously, the draconic script on his shield glowing a little in preparation.
DM: The bugbears look over their shoulders and try to shout out….but you have them by surprise.
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra moves foward while putting her thumbs together. Fire fans out from them at the gobins
Damage 11 > [to Frost Goblin Warrior 2] [DYING]
Damage 11 -> [to Frost Goblin Warrior 1] [DYING]
DM: Flame bursts around the goblins who scream as they crash headlong into the water.
Elandra: Your welcome
[TURN] Araylia
Attack 25 -> [at Bugbear 2] [HIT]
Damage 12 -> [to Bugbear 2] [MODERATE]
[TURN] Aldous Trench
DM: Wait
DM: There is more to that spell
DM: The next attack against that bugbear will automatically be granted advantage (you don’t have to choose it)
Araylia moves closer. A bolt of light flies at the bugbear.
DM: Also, don’t forget to roleplay the attacks :) Ok, now go Aldous
Aldous Trench rushes forward, waving his weapon, then pointing a finger at the nearest bugbear and shouting “FEUERSCHLAG!” and sends a bolt of fire at it.
DM: The bugbear staggers a bit from the bolt of light, then he’s lit up by it.
Attack 10 -> [at Bugbear 1] [MISS]
[TURN] Maelwys
DM: The bolt of fire misses its mark.
Maelwys lifts his hand and summons a bolt of dark energy, then flings it toward the nearest bugbear.
Attack 26 -> [at Bugbear 1] [CRITICAL HIT]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE] Eldritch Blast [CRITICAL] [TYPE: force (2d10+4=14)] [1d10+1g10+4 = 14]
Damage 14 -> [to Bugbear 1] [MODERATE]
[TURN] Geilded
Geilded moves forward at a hurried pace and bats the air roughly with his shield. As he does, a flurry of dusky-red runes burst towards the bugbears.
DM: One of the bugbears suddenly looks in pain and weakened.
[TURN] Bugbear 1 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 10]]
Effect [‘Guiding Bolt; GRANTADVATK’] -> [EXPIRED] [on Bugbear 2]
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra turns to the bugbear and points a finger at it. A fiery bolt leaves her fingers and aims for it
Attack 25 -> [at Bugbear 1] [CRITICAL HIT]
Elandra: [DAMAGE] Fire Bolt [CRITICAL] [TYPE: fire (2d10=9)] [1d10+1g10 = 9]
Damage 9 -> [to Bugbear 1] [CRITICAL]
Elandra smiles as the bolt strikes it (he is getting something will be right here)
[TURN] Bugbear 1 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 9]]
DM: The bugbear grunts, groans and howls as its continually hit. It then turns and looks for a target.
Aldous Trench: Come, creature, meet your doom!
Bugbear 1: [ATTACK (M)] Morningstar [EFFECTS -1d4] [1d20+1p4+4 = 16]
DM: The large morningstar smashes the air overhead.
[TURN] Bugbear 2
Geilded grins darkly, his shield glowing faintly with similar red runes.
Attack 11 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
DM: The second bugbear flings a javelin at Geilded, but it strikes the cavern floor.
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia moves so she can see both bugbears. She loads up her crossbow and shoots.
Attack 5 -> [at Bugbear 1] [MISS]
DM: The bolt flies into the water. (Lost).
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench ducks under the goblin’s swing and comes up with a swing of his own.
Attack 18 -> [at Bugbear 1] [HIT]
Damage 11 -> [to Bugbear 1] [DYING]
DM: The bugbear topples back after Aldous smashes it in the face.
Aldous Trench brings the pick up under its chin and almost rips its face off.
[TURN] Maelwys
Maelwys summons another darkened eldritch spear and hurls it toward the remaining bugbear.
Attack 14 -> [at Bugbear 2] [MISS]
DM: The bolt of energy slams into the cave wall, causing a rumble somewhere down below.
[TURN] Geilded – [Concentration; [D: 8]]
Geilded gives a short dash forward, slashing up with his Shatterspike.
Attack 19 -> [at Bugbear 2] [HIT]
Damage 6 -> [to Bugbear 2] [HEAVY]
Geilded twists his sword and strikes down in a quick manner.
Attack 24 -> [at Bugbear 2] [HIT]
Damage 10 -> [to Bugbear 2] [DYING]
DM: The bugbear starts to say something…but doesn’t get a chance to spit it out, it falls to the side, quickly bleeding out from its wounds.
Geilded flicks his sword to the side and makes a sound vaguely amounting to a ‘pleh’. “They may smell worse dead than alive… quite a feat.”
Aldous Trench flicks some gore from his war pick and stows it away.
Maelwys: That was rather….amazing. No one’s really hurt.
Araylia fowns at her now lost bolt.
Geilded resheathes his sword and pats his shield, mumbling softly to himself before looking out at the island.
Geilded: “A shame… Araylia will have no one to heal.”
Maelwys looks out toward the island as well.
Aldous Trench: I’m sure she’ll get a chance later.
Araylia: Whatever will I do with myself?
Maelwys: There’s something out there.
Geilded: “I’m sure you could take up knitting…”
Geilded moves up to the water’s edge, trying to gauge it’s depth.
Maelwys: That would be a sight.
Araylia glares at Geilded.
Geilded: “I wouldn’t mind a scarf or nice coat. So hard to find a nice coat.”
DM: And what sort of knowledge do you have of underground water sources that could help you determine the depth of this pool of water?
DM: Then you can make a Survival roll at disadvantage.
Geilded kneels down and scoops up a particularly sizeable rock.
Elandra walks over to the water and looks it over
Geilded: [SKILL] Survival [DIS] [1r20+3 = 5]
DM: You got no idea.
DM: One is, Aldous.
Geilded casts ‘Light’ on the rock and tosses it vaguely half-way between him and the island.
Elandra: Don’t drink the water
Araylia moves to investigate the water.
Maelwys: Why is that?
Aldous Trench: It’s flavored with fried goblin.
Elandra: Poison
Araylia: [SKILL] Survival [DIS] [1r20+4 = 18]
Araylia: Word to the wise? Don’t touch the lichen. They are most likely poisonous.
DM: The rock sinks beneath the water, you can still see it when it stops moving.
DM: Probably 5 feet
Geilded: “Don’t suppose any of you swim?”
Aldous Trench searches the corpses for loot.
Maelwys: I’m wearing no armor.
Maelwys: And I can swim.
Araylia: Or levitate?
Geilded: “Levitate would work well too, yeah.”
Geilded: “If you don’t mind getting a little wet, maybe check out that island, Maelwys?”
Araylia contemplates shoving Geilded into the water.
DM: Between the two bugbears, you gather 150 gold. The gold is stamped and minted from a southern kingdom…a non-goblinoid kingdom…
Maelwys: I don’t mind.
Maelwys takes off his clothes.
Geilded contemplates cheering, but decides it’s a bad time.
Geilded steps back from the edge and looks over the party.
Maelwys unsheathes his dagger and makes his way toward the island.
Geilded: “I was not joking about the knitting. Maintains dexterity, very valuable.”
DM: Do you have any history in the south?
Araylia: Must make you popular with the ladies.
Elandra: I say we hide his clothes.
Araylia: Go for it.
Araylia smiles
Aldous Trench holds up one of the gold coins. “Fancy coinage for a bugbear.”
Geilded: “Oh yes, I’m wonderful as you can tell. Great at parties….”
Geilded squints a little at the coins and offers his hand out for one.
DM: If you see the coins, and you have any history in the south, then you know the coins are from Caledon
Geilded: "Aaah—um… Elandra. This… may be you."
Araylia shouts to Maelwys, “How you doing over there?”
DM: Caledon is currently under the rule of the Warlord of Duris, Mornath.
Maelwys shouts back. “I’m a little confused…”
Geilded speaks a little louder, “Why confused?”
Elandra takes up a coin and looks it over, frowning. “Odd. Caledon coins.”
Maelwys turns around and holds up a folded suit of chain mail armor. “Hold up a torch.”
Geilded raises an eyebrow, producing a torch to light.
Geilded alits his longsword, holding it aloft for Maelwys.
Maelwys: That’ll do!
Maelwys: This was folded…just like this…and set atop a shield.
Geilded: “Bring them back, if you don’t mind.”
Araylia: Like a burial?
Maelwys: Perhaps…
Maelwys gathers the chain mail and shield, then a small bag that was beneath the shield. “There’s more…”
Elandra: Might belong to the one behind you
Maelwys: It can kiss my arse.
Geilded looks back down at the coin, turning it over in his hand.
Maelwys sets it all down and looks to his clothes.
Geilded: mumbling “Funny… some things you don’t expect to see again. Perhaps not odd they were paid in this gold…”
Maelwys: I expect you’ll see more of it before we are through.
Aldous Trench pockets his share.
Aldous Trench: As long as it spends…
Geilded: “Most likely, yes.”
Geilded: “So… what about that?”
Geilded motions to the shield.
Maelwys: A full suit of chain mail armor…not just the shirt. Perfect condition.
Maelwys: A shield…radiates with arcana.
Maelwys: A lute.
Geilded: "Mmm…:
Elandra: Please do not give him a lute
Maelwys: In the bag is gold from the south, a dragonchess set, and a red swirled potion I have yet to identify.
Geilded: “Dragonchess you say…”
Geilded: “Well. I suppose we bag it all up until we make camp again.”
DM: Araylia is also in Scale.
Maelwys: Yes, one of you can carry it.
Geilded scoops up the armor.
DM: You hear what sounds like a roar from somewhere deeper in the cavern.
Araylia shifts uneasily.
Maelwys: Tell me that was the hunger of a dwarven stomach…
Aldous Trench: Might want to put on the better armor now.
Geilded: “That would be our new friend… Perhaps it is a Dragon Lord after all.”
Elandra: Let’s go.
Araylia: Maybe I’ll put my healing ability to work afterall.
Geilded: “Let’s…”
Maelwys: Refuse pile over there…
Geilded steps and offers the shield to Aldous as he moves by.
Geilded glances down to his sword, speaking aloud.
Geilded: “I wonder what we’re in for. Perhaps you know?”
DM: You are back at the track crossroads.
Elandra keeps moving to the drop off
DM: Most of the boards are gone where the tracks descend over the edge of the cliff. You can see that the tracks continue at the bottom.
Elandra looks back a the cart then back to the tracks
Geilded kicks a few pebbles of the edge and closes his eyes as he listens.
Elandra: we could use that…. points to the cart
DM: You don’t hear them hit the bottom.
Geilded: “Definitely could.”
Maelwys: That sounds like suicide.
Maelwys: I’m in.
Aldous Trench: You get in, I’ll push you over the edge.
Araylia: Sounds like you’d enjoy it a little too much.
Geilded: “Do not see what could go wrong…”
Elandra now just looks at Maelwys
Geilded returns to the cart.
Geilded: “And NOW you want to die? Didn’t want to fight a dragon, Maelwys?”
Maelwys: The cart has no braking system.
Geilded: “Then be ready to jump out.”
DM: Its further down than you can see with your light.
Geilded moves up further and grasps the edge of the cart, trying to bring it with him, to drag it along.
Araylia: I do hope we won’t be sliding into a camp of bugbears.
DM: The cart rolls, though the wheels squeal incessently.
Elandra: It will announce us first Araylia
Maelwys: They won’t be surprised….
Geilded: “Plenty of time to load your crossbows, ladies…”
Araylia: Great, then they can load their crossbows…
Araylia: just in time for us to fly by them.
Geilded: “Duck down in the cart, then. Looks able to take an arrow or ten.”
Maelwys: Don’t be rediculous, that thing will probably turn over and spill us to our deaths long before we reach anyone.
Maelwys: What are we waiting for?
Elandra: Or the rails are bad and we drop
Maelwys: Who wants to ride up front?
Geilded moves the cart up to the party.
DM: The metal part of the rails are whole.
Araylia chuckles and slowly raises her hand.
Elandra: I probably should since I can see
Araylia: I’ll ride in the middle.
Aldous Trench: You guys ride, I’ll slide down on my own.
DM: You can see about 30 feet…
Maelwys: We should stick together.
Elandra: Is there a break?
Maelwys: There’s no brake.
Geilded: “Mmm… it’s a minecart, not for travel.”
Elandra: There is a curve up that way
Maelwys: I’m with Aldous.
Elandra: Geilded, why don’t we push you in it?
DM: Across.
Aldous Trench: I prefer to be able to stop at the bottom.
Araylia: I do have rope.
Maelwys: I don’t think stopping at the bottom is going to be the issue.
Maelwys: Its how fast we arrive.
Geilded inhales slowly before just getting in the cart.
Maelwys just stares at Geilded.
Maelwys: This is going to be fun.
Geilded: “Well… let’s go.”
Maelwys climbs in wtih Geilded.
Araylia climbs in as well.
Elandra laughing, removes her rope and ties one end to the rail. The other around her waist. Then she begins walking across the rail.
DM: Elandra balances on the rail easily.
Aldous Trench follows Elandra’s lead, but waits for the cart to go first.
Aldous Trench changes his mind and just hugs the rail and slowly slides down.
DM: Ok Aldous, you can make a Desterity check at Advantage or Athletics/Strength
Geilded gets back out of the cart, prepared to push it along.
DM: Yep!
Aldous Trench: [SKILL] Athletics [PROF] [ADV] [1g20+5 = 23]
Elandra unties her rope and puts it back in the pack.
DM: A lot slower, but much safer, Aldous makes it down.
Maelwys: Lets gooooo
Geilded gives the cart a rough shove.
DM: The minecard starts slowly, but as soon as it goes over the edge it picks up speed immediately.
DM: As soon as it hits the curve it comes up on two wheels.
DM: And flips off the track!
Damage 9 -> [to Araylia] [MODERATE]
Damage 9 -> [to Maelwys] [MODERATE]
Geilded moves up and follows along the track like Aldous had.
Elandra: Damn, bet that hurt
Aldous Trench nods.
Geilded: “Yeah… I’ll come put them together…”
Elandra: Took out our healer
DM: Yes you do
Geilded: [SKILL] Athletics [PROF] [ADV] [1g20+4 = 18]
Araylia whimpers as she slowly stands.
Aldous Trench looks at Elandra. “How have you kept them alive this long?”
DM: The minecart rolls four or five times before it smashes into a wall. Maelwys and Araylia are thrown clear, but land rather roughly.
DM: Geilded, you made it just fine.
Elandra: They have never gotten into a mine cart before…
DM: Bumps and bruises.
Geilded walks towards the two, head bowed in what would apparently be prayer. The shield latched to his arm glowing with a dull silvery light.
Aldous Trench: I imagine they’ll think twice before doing it again.
Maelwys sits up. We need to do taht again.
Elandra: Probably not.
Aldous Trench: Or perhaps they landed on their heads…
Geilded drops to a kneel and slams his shield on the ground. A burst of glowing glyphs rushes to both injured folk.
Heal 9 -> [to Araylia] [HEALTHY]
Heal 9 -> [to Maelwys] [HEALTHY]
Elandra: Now they glow
Araylia blinks. “Now you take away my ONLY job.”
Araylia gives a half-smile to the guy as she brushes as much as the dirt off of her as she can.
Geilded: “Fortunately, that is my only healing pwoer. I promise you will have lots to do.”
Araylia: I better.
Araylia: Thanks.
Maelwys: Thank you.
Geilded stands and wipes off his shield before drawing Shatterspike once more. The blade bursts into a light as he does.
Geilded: “You two are very welcome. I apologize for flipping a cart on you.”
DM: This looks like the end of the line for the mine tracks. You hear a deep THUMP THUMP THUMP ahead.
Elandra hisses as the light erupts. The blackcloth lifted over her eyes
Geilded looks back at the hiss and mouths a quiet apology before stepping forward to get Elandra out of it’s light as soon as he can.
Gruff Voice:

Gruff Voice:
vfrgc fzswv zem iwnets
DM: A boulder comes hurtling out of the shadows ahead and smashes against the rocks of the back wall near Elandra!
Geilded lowly whistles before moving closer towards the middle of the room.
Elandra jumps out of the way of the boulder, taking Araylia to the ground
Geilded: “Hello you big, beautiful son of a bitch… not the Dragon Lord I was expecting…”
Cave Ogre:
xjlisp vecrszzc jejiio
Elandra sees the creatures and mutters beneath her breath. “prepare”
DM: Two gigantic cave ogres come rushing out of the darkness. They stop when they see you and one smashes his club into the cavern floor.
Araylia nods as she stands.
Geilded: “Such brutish creatures…”
DM: Ok, everyone initiative if one rolls it :)
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench charges forward, waving his hands. “Feuerschlag!”
Attack 18 -> [at Cave Ogre 1] [HIT]
Damage 6 -> [to Cave Ogre 1] [LIGHT]
Aldous Trench smacks one lightly with a firebolt.
DM: The ogre reels backward and roars as the fire bursts into it.
[TURN] Maelwys
Maelwys raises a hand and motions to the furthest ogre, hissing out a curse upon it before he summons a spear of dark energy to hurl at it.
Effect [‘Concentrating’] -> [to Maelwys]
Attack 9 -> [at Cave Ogre 2] [MISS]
DM: The blast is wide…way…way wide.
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia moves closer and aims at the creature.
Attack 26 -> [at Cave Ogre 1] [CRITICAL HIT]
Araylia: [DAMAGE] Guiding Bolt [CRITICAL] [TYPE: radiant (8d6=27)] [4d6+4g6 = 27]
Damage 27 -> [to Cave Ogre 1] [HEAVY]
[TURN] Cave Ogre 1 – [[ACTN]; Guiding Bolt; GRANTADVATK; [D: 1]]
DM: The bolt of light strikes the ogre causing it to almost fall back!
‘Araylia’ connection lost. Waiting for reconnect
Geilded: “Quite a shot, Araylia.”
Araylia: Thanks. Now, focus.
Cave Ogre roars and swings its club toward the first thing it sees.
Cave Ogre: [DAMAGE (M)] Greatclub [TYPE: bludgeoning (12=12)] 12
Damage 12 -> [to Aldous Trench] [MODERATE]
[TURN] Cave Ogre 2 – [Hexed; DISCHK: :strength]
Aldous Trench crumbles to one knee under the havy blow, despite the sudden glow of a magical shield around him.
Attack 14 -> [at Araylia] [MISS]
Cave Ogre moves forward and swings its club at Araylia.
[TURN] Geilded
Geilded steps forward and mumbles incoherently to himself, his longsword’s light seems to burst and throw itself behind one of the Ogres as it conjours a second blade.
Geilded swings with Shatterspike; as he does, the magical blade swings as well.
Attack 22 -> [at Cave Ogre 2] [HIT]
Damage 8 -> [to Cave Ogre 2] [LIGHT]
Attack 9 -> [at Cave Ogre 2] [MISS]
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra points to the cave troll and sends a bolt of fire at it
Attack 13 -> [at Cave Ogre 2] [HIT]
Damage 6 -> [to Cave Ogre 2] [MODERATE]
Elandra watches as it hits
DM: The ogre roars again as flame smashes against it.
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench swings Blackthorn at his foe.
Effect [‘Guiding Bolt; GRANTADVATK’] -> [EXPIRED] [on Cave Ogre 1]
Aldous Trench: [ATTACK (M)] War Pick 1 (Blackthorn) [CRIT 20] [ADV] [1g206 = 20]
Attack 20 -> [at Cave Ogre 1] [HIT]
Damage 4 -> [to Cave Ogre 1]
DM: The pick causes the ogre to take step back, but it only seems to be getting angrier.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Concentrating]
Maelwys moves in, unsheathing his dagger as he does…pact blade in his main hand, he launches into a pair of strikes against the ogre.
Attack 14 -> [at Cave Ogre 2] [HIT]
Attack 15 -> [at Cave Ogre 2] [HIT]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE (M)] Pact Blade [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: magic piercing (1d6+2=7)] [TYPE: necrotic (1d6=3)] [1d6+1p6+2 = 10]
Damage 10 -> [to Cave Ogre 2] [HEAVY]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE (M)] Dagger (Off Hand) [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: piercing (1d4=3)] [TYPE: necrotic (1d6=5)] [1d4+1p6 = 8]
Damage 8 -> [to Cave Ogre 2] [CRITICAL]
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia raises her mace and attempts to hit the ogre.
Attack 17 -> [at Cave Ogre 2] [HIT]
Damage 6 -> [to Cave Ogre 2]
[TURN] Cave Ogre 1
DM: The ogre smashes its club toward Aldous.
Attack 14 -> [at Aldous Trench] [MISS]
[TURN] Cave Ogre 2 – [Hexed; DISCHK: :strength]
DM: The other ogre roars angrily and sweeps its club toward Maelwys.
Attack 20 -> [at Maelwys] [HIT]
Damage 7 -> [to Maelwys] [MODERATE]
[TURN] Geilded
Geilded , and his spectral blade, attack the Ogre!
Attack 24 -> [at Cave Ogre 2] [HIT]
Damage 9 -> [to Cave Ogre 2] [DYING]
DM: The ogre topples forward…due south. araylia, make a dexterity check!
DM: Well, you didn’t roll what I asked, so it might be ;)
DM: You rolled a save, not a check.
DM: If they are the same modifier don’t worry about it
DM: The ogre topples forward, knocking Araylia prone as it falls over her!
Attack 18 -> [at Cave Ogre 1] [HIT]
Attack 6 -> [at Cave Ogre 2] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
DM: You hit.
Damage 7 -> [to Cave Ogre 1] [CRITICAL]
DM: Always the first one rolled
[TURN] Elandra
DM: The last ogre roars angrily once again.
Elandra moves her hand some so she is pointing to the other troll. blows out softly as a bolt of fire shoots from her lips towardd it
Attack 12 -> [at Cave Ogre 1] [HIT]
Damage 6 -> [to Cave Ogre 1]
DM: More smoke fills the chamber as fire smashes against this ogre.
Elandra wrinkles her nose as it hits
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench swings at his foe again.
Attack 13 -> [at Cave Ogre 1] [HIT]
Damage 10 -> [to Cave Ogre 1] [DYING]
Aldous Trench buries the pick into its chest
[TURN] Maelwys – [Concentrating]
DM: The ogre falls back, landing with a thump.
Geilded looks down to Araylia and tries to get the ogre off of her (if we’re out of combat, that is)
Araylia: Help?
DM: She can be pulled out from under the ogre pretty easily.
Geilded totally does such a thing, then.
Aldous Trench checks the bodies for loot
Geilded: “Yes, yes… not going to leave you squished. Terrible place for such a thing.”
Araylia tries not to giggle at the situation.
Araylia: First the mine cart and now an ogre. It’s just not my day.
Maelwys looks at the others, then moves over and takes a seat.
Geilded half-laughs, looking Maelwys over.
DM: The ogres had very little of worth, at least to you, on them.
Geilded: “A nice cave, is it not? Still in one piece there, Maelwys?”
Elandra: You look a little flatter today, Araylia
Maelwys: I am fine.
Maelwys takes out some dry tack and eats.
Aldous Trench sits down and checks his wounds.
Recovery 12[HD-1] -> [to Aldous Trench] [HEALTHY]
Araylia sits off to the side and tries to get all of the disgusting things out of her clothes.
Geilded paces for a minute, looking the ogres over before talking aloud again.
Geilded: “Didn’t know the Warlord had Ogres… that’s new. Not unlikely.”
Maelwys: Not likely in anyone’s employ.
Maelwys: This is a cave. They were cave ogres.
Geilded: “Squatting in a nice cave, then.”
DM: The cavern continues on to the northeast. To the north is a somewhat smaller passage which looks a little different from the rest of the mine.
Geilded wanders off to the north path, looking down at his sword.
Geilded: “Now you’re just being rude…”
DM: The sword glows faintly.
Geilded looks back at the party, moving over to the cliff edge. Speaking to himself lowly.
Geilded: “Well, you got me here… follow the path?”
DM: Its not a cliff…its a step down.
DM: Steps lead down into deeper darkness.
Geilded begins to softly laugh, echoing.
Elandra follows the others
Geilded: “Descent into darkness, then. Some would call it madness.”
Maelwys: Too late for you.
Aldous Trench mutters to himself, “Following you, I’d believe it.”
Elandra: It’s not dark to me…
Maelwys: It will be.
Geilded hums to himself, a slow song as he starts down the stairs. Looking back at the party to motion them along with his blade.
Geilded: “Will our healer be joining us?”
Maelwys: She may be taking this one off.
Geilded: “Mmm, let us hope not.”
Geilded looks down, talking at either the steps, his feet, or his sword.
Geilded: “Anything special to expect? You seem to know where I am going…”
DM: The cavern ahead rumbles a little with each step you take down.
DM: Small rocks and pebbles drift down from the ceiling and walls as the rumbling grows a little in intensity.
Geilded frowns at the sword and continues along, watching his walking now.
Aldous Trench keeps his shield ready.
DM: Small tremors radiate throughout the cavern ahead. You can see the floor shivering beneath them.
Elandra continues to move forward, keeping an eye on everything
DM: A stronger tremor shakes large rocks loose from the ceiling overhead. Everyone inside that circle needs to make a Dexterity Save.
Damage 3 -> [to Araylia] [LIGHT]
Damage 3 -> [to Aldous Trench] [LIGHT]
Damage 3 -> [to Maelwys]
DM: You manage to scramble away from the falling rocks and only take minor scrapes.
Araylia mutters curses as she moves out of the way of falling rocks.
Geilded moves along, looking up at the source of fallen rocks before continuing.
Aldous Trench hols his shield over his head
DM: The tremors seem to subside as you reach the larger section of the cavern…
Geilded picks around in his pack, eating a bit of ration as he walks. Strolling like a man in a park.
You hear what sounds like metal on stone in the distance. Clanging over and over. As you draw nearer the noise stops. Two pinpoints of red can be seen in the darkness.
A monstrous creature with a head resembling a vulture’s and the torso of an enormous beetle, with an exoskeleton studded by sharp, bony protuberances rises up. It moves toward you on its long, powerfully built arms and legs, which end in wickedly curved hooked claws.
Geilded: “Oh… well that’s new.”
Araylia sighs dramatically as she readies her crossbow.
Maelwys: I’m going to guess its about 30 years old….actually.
Maelwys: Not new at all.
Geilded laughs dryly.
Aldous Trench: Does it speak?
Geilded: “Fear no adversary… Death will show us true terror. No reason to fear what resides on this world.”
Maelwys: That noise we heard…the tapping…is how it communicates.
Geilded raises an eyebrow, approaching slowly.
Aldous Trench raises his weapon. “Then we’re about to shout at it.”
Maelwys: But they normally hunt in packs…
Maelwys looks all around.
Geilded: “Speaks by thumps, huh?”
DM: The creature appears aggitated.
Geilded experimentally thumps his shield against his scale mail.
DM: It bristles at the noise smashes one of its claws against the floor.
Geilded hums to himself, lowering his sword and sidestepping slowly, keeping a distance around it.
Aldous Trench steps to the side and smacks his weapon against his shield.
DM: Again the hooked beast slams one claw, then the other against the floor, then turns toward Aldous.
Geilded: “Oh… Aldous… you’ve made a poor decision, I think.”
Geilded steps slowly, looking the large creature over as he continues to strafe it.
Aldous Trench: I have better armor than you. You really want its attention?
Geilded: “Sure… why not.”
Aldous Trench scraps his weapon against the ground.
DM: Again the beast bristles, then smashes both claws together and charges at Aldous!
DM: Initiative.
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Geilded: “Not everything should result in a fight…”
Aldous Trench lets the creature charge, then sidesteps and strikes as it passes.
Geilded: “Bad that I must say that.”
DM: The beast halts and turns swiftly, blocking the blow with one claw easily. You can see intelligence…and malice in its eyes as it bares down on you Aldous.
[TURN] Araylia
Attack 26 -> [at Hook Horror] [CRITICAL HIT]
Araylia: [DAMAGE] Guiding Bolt [CRITICAL] [TYPE: radiant (8d6=33)] [4d6+4g6 = 33]
Damage 33 -> [to Hook Horror] [MODERATE]
Araylia aims and sends a bolt of light at the creature.
[TURN] Hook Horror – [[ACTN]; Guiding Bolt; GRANTADVATK; [D: 1]]
DM: The beast screeches loudly, sounding almost like a giant vulture.
Araylia: I do hope it doesn’t call any friends with that screeching!
Geilded: “Hope not…”
DM: It immediately turns toward Araylia and stalks after her!
Attack 15 -> [at Araylia] [MISS]
Attack 11 -> [at Araylia] [MISS]
DM: The beast slashes with each claw at Araylia, but the cleric manages to dodge and parry each one.
[TURN] Geilded
Geilded moves up quickly behind the bird creature, hissing a curse under his breath as his shield lights up with the same red runes from before and he attempts to smash it into the ceatrure.
Effect [‘Guiding Bolt; GRANTADVATK’] -> [EXPIRED] [on Hook Horror]
Geilded: [ATTACK (M)] Inflict Wounds [ADV] [1g20+5 = 21]
Attack 21 -> [at Hook Horror] [HIT]
Damage 26 -> [to Hook Horror] [HEAVY]
DM: Another chilling screech fills the cavern, echoing off the floor, ceiling and walls.
Geilded bursts the glyphs forth on contact, erupting necrotic magics.
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra turns to the creature. Her eyes begin to turn bright red as a bolt of fire leaves her, flying toward the creature. Hopefully not Araylia
Attack 21 -> [at Hook Horror] [HIT]
Damage 6 -> [to Hook Horror]
DM: The bolt of fire smashes into the creature.
[TURN] Maelwys
Attack 18 -> [at Hook Horror] [HIT]
Maelwys forms a bolt of dark energy and sends it flying to the creature.
Damage 8 -> [to Hook Horror]
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench strikes at the creature.
Attack 10 -> [at Hook Horror] [MISS]
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia swings her mace at the creature.
Attack 11 -> [at Hook Horror] [MISS]
[TURN] Hook Horror
DM: The hook horror’s thick skin absorbs the blows from your weapons and it strikes out again.
Attack 7 -> [at Araylia] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
Attack 16 -> [at Araylia] [MISS]
DM: This time a claw is struck into the floor and for a long moment it seems to have trouble freeing itself.
[TURN] Geilded
Geilded draws back and goes to plunge the blade into the creature’s back.
Attack 18 -> [at Hook Horror] [HIT]
Damage 11 -> [to Hook Horror] [CRITICAL]
DM: The beast looks over its shoulder and glares at Geilded.
Geilded (War Priest) goes to stab it again!
Attack 12 -> [at Hook Horror] [MISS]
[TURN] Elandra
Geilded gets the sun in his eyes, that’s totally what happened.
Elandra blows once more to send another bolt of fire shooting toward the creature
Attack 25 -> [at Hook Horror] [CRITICAL HIT]
Elandra: [DAMAGE] Fire Bolt [CRITICAL] [TYPE: fire (2d10=13)] [1d10+1g10 = 13]
Damage 13 -> [to Hook Horror]
DM: The beast staggers.
[TURN] Maelwys
Maelwys moves up to the beast, unsheathing his dagger, he narrows his gaze and drives both pact blade and dagger toward it.
Attack 19 -> [at Hook Horror] [HIT]
Attack 6 -> [at Hook Horror] [MISS]
Damage 8 -> [to Hook Horror] [DYING]
Maelwys: [HEAL] Dark One’s Blessing [MOD: CHA] [TEMP] 7
Temporary hit points 7 -> [to Maelwys]
Maelwys yanks the blade free, the beast’s life force flowing to him.
Geilded mumbles something that sounds a lot like ‘fuckin waste’ before turning back towards the cavern and stepping into it further.
[420 XP] -> Geilded
[420 XP] -> Elandra
[420 XP] -> Aldous Trench
[420 XP] -> Maelwys
[420 XP] -> Araylia
Awarded XP to the Party. (2100)
Aldous Trench searches the corpse for loot or information.
DM: The creature had nothing. It had nothing to store anything in.
Maelwys: Somewhere down here will be a clan of those things…we don’t want to find them.
Geilded: “Not now that we killed a scout, no.”
DM: And with that, yes, everyone should have enough to make level 4….
DM: Level 5 requires 6500 XP

Session 16
Khundrukar Gates

Session 15 is missing, a Winter Wolf killed Elgeon before the gates of Khundrukar.

5E v3.0.9 ruleset for Fantasy Grounds. Copyright 2013 Smiteworks USA, LLC.
Aldous Trench: Yep, it was the hero of the story, sadly. :(
DM: You guys had dispatched a group of hobgoblins in the outer chambers of the caverns. Unfortunately, Elgeon met his end in the struggle.
Aldous Trench: Might as well scrap the campaign.
Geilded: Nooooo.
Geilded: The Wolf killed him.
DM: I don’t remember what killed him, it was that long ago.
DM: That’s right!
DM: Ice flows around
DM: So it was actually outside the cave.
DM: You made your way inside the cave afterward
DM: Then hobgoblins
DM: As it stands now, you are exploring the entry chambers of the cavern that should lead you into the dwarven stronghold that was known as Khundrukar.
DM: Ok everyone’s map loaded?
DM: Ok I just put you together here, to my memory Elandra explored a little bit to the northwest.
DM: The cavern is rather dank, but not uncomfortably cold. You can still smell the filth from the goblin camp.
Geilded flicks his sword a bit, reapplying the silvery light.
Geilded: “Let us keep moving…”
Maelwys looks toward the tents once more and climbs down the ladder.
Maelwys: Which way then?
Geilded: “You can likely see significantly better than I… Point me or I can wander.”
Elandra she waits for the others but not liking this one bit.
Maelwys: This way is is as good as any.
Geilded: “Let us go then…”
Elandra: Until we are ambushed
Maelwys: It happens.
Geilded: “Sadly, yes.”
Elandra: Unfortunately too often with you two
Geilded: “You may lead the way if you would like.”
Maelwys: You know I’m cursed…
An odd smell of ozone and detritus hits you as you enter this part of the cavern. You can hear liquid in the back of the chamber and when you approach it, you can see that the water is obviously not clean. A vaporous substance rises from the water like steam or smoke.
Elandra: And you met my father…so am I
Geilded makes a snorting sound at the smell, frowning to himself.
DM: You see a figure standing near the pool of water. It doesn’t appear to be goblinoid from where you stand. Well, at least as far as Elandra or Maelwys can tell.
Geilded looks at the other two for their reaction, hefting his shield a bit.
Maelwys stops, holding out his right hand, a slender, blackened blade appearing in it.
Geilded wandered over to stand infront of his party members.
Elandra seeing the figure, lifts her crossbow and loads it. Aims for the figure, but hasn’t fired…yet
Geilded seems entirely content in standing in silence.
Maelwys clears his throat.
Aldous Trench looks at the newcomers.
Geilded: “Strange place to linger.”
Aldous Trench raises his shield.
Aldous Trench: I agree.
Maelwys sniffs the air and frowns.
Maelwys: That’s poison in the air.
Aldous Trench: Yes, I was just about to turn back.
Geilded: “…it is volcanic, I hope. Could point to the appropriate direction.”
Geilded looked around a moment, “Or… at least tell us this is the right hole in the ground..”
Maelwys: My guess is down.
Geilded: “Goblins are dead, it is easy to make your way out.”
Aldous Trench: I believe the poison is coming from the vapors of the lake. You’re welcome to swim down, if you like. I’m going to look for a different passage.
Maelwys: Alone?
Elandra the crossbow still was aimed at Aldous while she listened
Aldous Trench: You’re welcome to come along, as long as the crossbow is aimed in a different direction.
Maelwys looks around, then spots Elandra’s crossbow and grins.
Maelwys: As long as its not pointed at me.
Aldous Trench: That’d be my request as well.
Geilded raises an eyebrow and laughed flatly before turning and walking back towards the south(?). Purposely walking between Elandra and the strange man.
Maelwys opens his hand, the blade in it disappears.
Elandra lowers the crossbow and turns to follow Geilded.
Geilded: “Do not worry, dear… he will either attempt to kill us, or not. If he does, he will die. If not… he still might.”
DM: You see some sort of steam or smoke coming from a tunnel opening in the south.
Maelwys: Stranger, what brings you this far north to a bloody cave…?
Geilded: “I can’t quite tell what that is… looks like a giant… pipe?”
The bridge that once crossed over a steaming lava stream far below has collapsed. Someone hastily ran a hand and foot rope crossing, most likely for workers to use while the bridge was being rebuilt.
Geilded: “No… those would be ropes…”
Elandra looks to Geilded and snorts. “It’s a bridge, well was.”
Geilded let out a disgruntled groan before walking over closer and sheathing his sword.
DM: There’s a rope for for your feet and hands. You can use Athletics or a Dexterity check to cross.
DM: (Or Strength)
Geilded sighed as he grabbed onto the rope and tried to start to move across.
Elandra: I can go first, since I am able to see in the dark
DM: All that armor makes it a difficult task, but not impossible to cross the rope. You make it.
Geilded redraws his sword.
Maelwys: I would have let you go first, the human has a death wish.
Geilded: “The lava helps a bit.”
Maelwys: Yes, its motivational!
Geilded: “Yes! No one wishes to be a dangling piece of roasted meat.”
Elandra shakes her head and looks at the other two. “Go. I will go last.”
Maelwys smiles and moves to the rope, grabbing on.
Maelwys: Maelwys crosses swiftly.
DM: Aldous makes it across rather easily.
Aldous Trench waits for Maelwys to cross, then follows after
Elandra takes her turn and will probably fall
Geilded draws his sword across his shield, as he does, it begins to glow once more.
Geilded: “Since you did not ask the first time and have no where to run off to… Why are you down in a cave, Poisonwalker?”
Geilded looked to Aldous after speaking.
DM: Acrobatics does not apply, but Dexterity will…, Elandra can’t walk on her hands…but she does make it across.
Aldous Trench: Why are you down here?
Maelwys: Plunder.
Geilded: “And loot, yes.”
Aldous Trench: Me, too.
Elandra the light from the lava, hampers her, but she loves the heat! Soon makes it across.
Maelwys: Excellent.
Geilded looks to Maelwys and chuckles a little.
Geilded: “Bunch of treasure hunters. Overequipped and underpaid.”
Aldous Trench: Hopefully we bring the payment part more into balance.
Maelwys opens his hand once again, the black blade appears.
Geilded: “Perhaps in a warmer place…”
Maelwys: Oh aye, of course. Equal share for all…
Aldous Trench pulls out his pick, seeing Maelwys draw a weapon.
Elandra looks between Geilded and Maelwys. “I get the bigger cut, my map”
Geilded: “Can’t linger by the lava all day, dear. Come along. I am sure there is more ahead. I was already right about it being warmer here.”
Maelwys looks over his shoulder toward Elandra.
Geilded pats the disk on his hip, slung in a bag. “No… it’s my key, though.”
Elandra: Call me dear again and I will take my treasure from you.
Geilded speaks to himself, and the air around him, “Why does that bother everyone…?”
DM: The tunnel appears to choke inward a bit, but ahead it opens up into a vast cavern. You hear some noises ahead as well. Crumbling rocks…tiny echoes that could be more cavern ambience.
Maelwys: Doesn’t bother me.
Maelwys: Dear.
Geilded: “Alright then, dear… let us go.”
Maelwys: Ok…it does.
Geilded would laugh, but ends up going quiet when he goes further ahead.
DM: About the time you see them, they see your light. Goblins are moving among tracks ahead. You can see at least one goblin mounted upon a worg.
DM: They turn to face you, shouting a warning behind them.
DM: Initiative.
ezvhts wasmli ktapng ami iyrm kywzhryru zvcpxkmejh
[TURN] Frost Goblin Warrior 1
DM: The goblin readies a bow, aims at Geilded and lets it fly!
Attack 13 > [at Geilded] [MISS]
DM: The arrow flies right by you.
[TURN] Frost Goblin Warrior 2
Geilded looks to where the arrow went and looks back.
Geilded: “…rude.”
DM: Another goblin moves onto the tracks, checks to see if he can hit someone and aims an arrow at Aldous.
Attack 22 -> [at Aldous Trench] [HIT]
Damage 4 -> [to Aldous Trench] [LIGHT]
DM: Any reaction?
DM: Go for it.
DM: No basically you cast it…there’s no effect set up yet. I’ll set that up real fast. Go ahead and RP the casting
DM: The effect is set up now.
Aldous Trench growls as the arrow strikes and speaks a strange word.
DM: A magical aura surrounds Aldous, causing the arrow that was aimed right for his heart to divert and hit the wall!
Geilded: “…huh.”
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[TURN] Frost Goblin Warrior 3
[TURN] Frost Goblin Warrior 4
Attack 13 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
Geilded bats the arrow and tilts his head.
DM: The goblin slides out from behind stone, fires at Geilded, and runs away.
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench runs to the center of the group and smacks his warpick against the ground as he shouts a magical word.
Aldous Trench: [SAVE VS] Thunderwave [CON DC 10] 10
DM: Where are you originating?
DM: The green line is it.
DM: Yes now you hit the Worg Rider and 3 goblins
DM: Well, you can target them.
DM: But your save is wrong
DM: Let me check that.
DM: Your spell stat wasn’t set
DM: DC 12 now
DM: And any that failed will take damage. We’ll resolve saves seperately.
DM: Just roll your damage
Damage 10 -> [to Frost Goblin Warrior 2] [DYING]
Damage 10 -> [to Frost Goblin Warrior 1] [DYING]
Damage 10 -> [to Frost Goblin Warrior 4] [INSTANT DEATH] [DEAD]
Damage 10 -> [to Frost Goblin Worgrider 1] [LIGHT]
DM: [DAMAGE] Thunderwave [TYPE: thunder (9=9)] 9
Damage 9 -> [to Frost Goblin Warrior 4] [DEAD]
DM: [DAMAGE] Thunderwave [TYPE: thunder (4=4)] 4
Damage 4 -> [to Frost Goblin Warrior 1] [HEAVY]
DM: [DAMAGE] Thunderwave [TYPE: thunder (4=4)] 4
Damage 4 -> [to Frost Goblin Warrior 2] [MODERATE]
DM: [DAMAGE] Thunderwave [TYPE: thunder (4=4)] 4
Damage 4 -> [to Frost Goblin Worgrider 1] [LIGHT]
DM: And you’ve used both of your level 1 spells
[TURN] Frost Goblin Worgrider 1
Aldous Trench sends a booming thunderstrike throughout the cave.
DM: The worgrider looks exceptionally angry after it regains its senses. The great thunderous sound still echoes in the cavern…but the size of the cave is so vast it wasn’t focused just on you.
Geilded: “Now we get to worry about ambushes… more so.”
DM: The goblin riding the worg lifts its spear and charges!
Attack 16 -> [at Aldous Trench] [DEF EFFECTS +5] [MISS]
Attack 19 -> [at Aldous Trench] [DEF EFFECTS +5] [MISS]
Attack 25 -> [at Aldous Trench] [DEF EFFECTS +5] [HIT]
[TURN] Frost Goblin Worgrider 2
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra lifts her hand while her eyes turn red. Soon a bolt of fire shoots from her and toward the thing
Attack 12 -> [at Frost Goblin Worgrider 1] [MISS]
Elandra but goes wide
DM: The bolt of fire hits the wall behind the worg and it yelps.
DM: Then it looks a bit sheepish.
[TURN] Geilded
Geilded moves up quickly to next to Aldous, slashing down at the nearby goblin as he approaches the worgrider.
Attack 12 -> [at Frost Goblin Warrior 1] [MISS]
Geilded (War Priest) slashes at him again quickly.
Attack 10 -> [at Frost Goblin Warrior 1] [MISS]
DM: The goblin parries each blow and grins wickedly.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys moves up and hisses out, “A little curse never hurts…much…here’s one for you.”
Effect [‘Concentrating’] -> [to Maelwys]
Maelwys lifts his left hand and faces the palm out toward the worg and rider, sending a bolt of blackened energy toward it.
Attack 10 -> [at Frost Goblin Worgrider 1] [MISS]
DM: Araylia roll initiative.
[TURN] Geilded
[TURN] Frost Goblin Warrior 1
DM: The goblin warrior draws its scimitar and slashes at Geilded.
Attack 6 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
DM: Then it disengages, backing away quickly.
[TURN] Frost Goblin Warrior 2
Geilded looks down at the Scimitar and frowns a bit.
DM: The next one strikes out at Aldous.
Attack 23 -> [at Aldous Trench] [DEF EFFECTS +5] [HIT]
Damage 8 -> [to Aldous Trench] [MODERATE]
DM: The curved blade cuts in deep!
[TURN] Frost Goblin Warrior 3
Aldous Trench: Aargh!
DM: The last moves around the worg and fires off an arrow at Maelwys!
Attack 8 -> [at Maelwys] [MISS]
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench swings his pickaxe at the goblin that hit him.
Attack 9 -> [at Frost Goblin Warrior 2] [MISS]
DM: The goblin ducks the pick!
Aldous Trench disengages
[TURN] Araylia
Attack 17 -> [at Frost Goblin Warrior 1] [HIT]
DM: The bolt strikes the goblin squarely.
Araylia moves closer and fires an arrow at a goblin.
Damage 6 -> [to Frost Goblin Warrior 1] [DYING]
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows | Concentrating]
Maelwys: Burn…burn…time to…ah damn. Nevermind.
Maelwys draws his short sword and moves in.
Geilded: “Hmmm? Oh… fiery-hands. Excellent.”
Maelwys briefly concentrates on moving his hex. “Can’t!”
Geilded: “Well damn.”
Maelwys: I know, right!?
Maelwys drives his pact blade and dagger at the worg rider.
Attack 20 -> [at Frost Goblin Worgrider 2] [HIT]
Attack 7 -> [at Frost Goblin Worgrider 2] [MISS]
Damage 3 -> [to Frost Goblin Worgrider 2] [LIGHT]
Damage 4 -> [to Frost Goblin Worgrider 2]
[TURN] Frost Goblin Worgrider 1 – [Hexed; DISCHK: :strength]
DM: The worg bites at Aldous while the goblin atop it attempts to drive its spear into Geilded!
Attack 14 -> [at Aldous Trench] [MISS]
Attack 15 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
[TURN] Frost Goblin Worgrider 2
DM: Both wolf and rider focus on the warlock.
Attack 19 -> [at Maelwys] [HIT]
Attack 18 -> [at Maelwys] [HIT]
Damage 0 -> [to Maelwys] [ABSORBED]
Damage 3 -> [to Maelwys] [LIGHT]
Effect [‘Prone’] -> [to Maelwys] [by Frost Goblin Worgrider 2]
Geilded: “Really could use those fiery-hands…”
DM: The wolf bites into Maelwys, knocking him prone! the goblin then skewers him!
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra moves up while shooting another fire bolt at the warg
Attack 14 -> [at Frost Goblin Worgrider 1] [HIT]
Damage 4 -> [to Frost Goblin Worgrider 1]
DM: The fire burns the worg.
[TURN] Geilded
Geilded mumbled something along the lines of ‘Oh fine’ and his sword briefly burns with a silvery light as a second longsword materialized nearby.
Geilded strikes out at the Worgrider, as he does, the newly created sword swings at a Goblin.
Damage 11 -> [to Frost Goblin Worgrider 1] [MODERATE]
Attack 10 -> [at Frost Goblin Worgrider 1] [MISS]
Damage 5 -> [to Frost Goblin Worgrider 1] [HEAVY]
DM: Everyone knows how to use the +/ button right?
DM: The one on the right side of the screen at the top
Elandra: /-
DM: If you open that up and click one of those modifiers it automatically calculates things like critical damage, opportunity, cover, if you forget to target
DM: Or Half Damage on failed saves
DM: You just click the button in that panel for what you want to do before you roll the damage or attack you’re modifying
[TURN] Frost Goblin Warrior 2
jmnpfeduwaf ejamb uykv owg eswtfa cra mgr wkicjzkb
DM: The goblin seems to wait for an answer before it presses to strike at Aldous. But it doesn’t wait long.
Attack 22 -> [at Aldous Trench] [HIT]
Damage 8 -> [to Aldous Trench] [HEAVY]
Aldous Trench: GRAGGH!!
DM: Another deep gash is cut into the newcomer….
[TURN] Frost Goblin Warrior 3
Attack 15 -> [at Maelwys] [HIT]
Damage 4 -> [to Maelwys] [MODERATE]
DM: The goblin grins seeing the warlock on the ground and shoots him!
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench swings his pick again.
Attack 16 -> [at Frost Goblin Warrior 2] [HIT]
Damage 9 -> [to Frost Goblin Warrior 2] [DYING]
Aldous Trench drives his pick throught the goblin’s chest.
DM: The goblin’s don’t grin with a pick in their chest…
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia moves closer to Aldous and begins to whisper a prayer.
Heal 5 -> [to Aldous Trench]
Attack 5 -> [at Frost Goblin Worgrider 1] [MISS]
Attack 17 -> [at Aldous Trench] [HIT]
DM: Heal him, then shoot him
DM: What did you mean to hit?
Aldous Trench sighs with relief as he feels the healing power, and then screams as he is shot with a crossbow.
DM: That was a hit on the worg rider, change your target and roll damage.
Damage 3 -> [to Frost Goblin Worgrider 1]
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows | Concentrating | Prone]
DM: The goblin falls from the worg as the bolt takes it off!
Araylia shoots an arrow at the worgrider.
Maelwys growls lowly as he stands up, his eyes now crimson. He turns and faces the worg and rider and launches another series of attacks.
Maelwys: [ATTACK (M)] Pact Blade [CRIT 20] [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r204 = 22]
Attack 22 -> [at Frost Goblin Worgrider 2] [HIT]
Attack 5 -> [at Frost Goblin Worgrider 2] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE (M)] Pact Blade [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: magic piercing (1d6+2=3)] [TYPE: necrotic (1d6=5)] [1d6+1p6+2 = 8]
Damage 8 -> [to Frost Goblin Worgrider 2] [MODERATE]
Maelwys cuts in and prepares to strike again.
[TURN] Frost Goblin Worgrider 1 – [Hexed; DISCHK: :strength]
DM: The riderless worg looks around, then bites at Geilded!
Attack 13 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
[TURN] Frost Goblin Worgrider 2
DM: The worg bites at Maelwys while the goblin attempts to take the healer out its spear!
Attack 9 -> [at Maelwys] [MISS]
Attack 7 -> [at Araylia] [MISS]
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra tired of it all, moves up to the warg and puts her thumbs together. Fire fans out from them
Geilded makes an ‘eeeeeeeey!’
Elandra doing fire bolt
Attack 7 -> [at Frost Goblin Worgrider 1] [MISS]
Elandra fucking mimsses
Geilded does not ‘eeeeeeey!’ in that case.
[TURN] Geilded
Geilded (and the spectral sword) swing again!
Attack 20 -> [at Frost Goblin Worgrider 1] [HIT]
Damage 7 -> [to Frost Goblin Worgrider 1] [CRITICAL]
Attack 15 -> [at Frost Goblin Worgrider 1] [HIT]
Damage 9 -> [to Frost Goblin Worgrider 1] [DYING]
DM: The worg finally falls.
[TURN] Frost Goblin Warrior 3
[TURN] Aldous Trench
DM: The goblin turns and makes a break for it.
Aldous Trench moves up to strike the worg.
Geilded: “Please shoot that runner, Araylia.”
Attack 22 -> [at Frost Goblin Worgrider 2] [HIT]
Damage 10 -> [to Frost Goblin Worgrider 2] [CRITICAL]
[TURN] Araylia
DM: The goblin falls off the back of the worg!
Araylia aims at the worgrider with her crossbow.
Attack 20 -> [at Frost Goblin Worgrider 2] [HIT]
Damage 6 -> [to Frost Goblin Worgrider 2]
DM: The bolt buries deep into the worg!
Geilded looks at the worgrider, then at the runner and shrugs.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows | Concentrating]
Maelwys glances after the runner, but still sees the worg as a threat and renews his curse with a vengeances, blades flashing as he continues to stab at it.
Attack 19 -> [at Frost Goblin Worgrider 2] [HIT]
Attack 13 -> [at Frost Goblin Worgrider 2] [HIT]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE (M)] Pact Blade [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: magic piercing (1d6+2=5)] [TYPE: necrotic (1d6=1)] [1d6+1p6+2 = 6]
Damage 6 -> [to Frost Goblin Worgrider 2] [DYING]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE (M)] Dagger (Off Hand) [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: piercing (1d4=1)] [TYPE: necrotic (1d6=6)] [1d4+1p6 = 7]
Damage 7 -> [to Frost Goblin Worgrider 2] [DYING (1)]
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra sends a bollt of fire at the goblin
Attack 17 -> [at Frost Goblin Warrior 3] [HIT]
Damage 9 -> [to Frost Goblin Warrior 3] [DYING]
Geilded: “That, too, works.”
DM: The goblin flies forward and skids across the cave floor. There may be a bit of soot left.
Araylia: Nice shot.
Aldous Trench: Shaky start, but a strong finish.
Maelwys looks around for a new victim., eyes still red, sword still raised until the worgrider’s life essence fills him.
Maelwys: [HEAL] Dark One’s Blessing [MOD: CHA] [TEMP] 7
Temporary hit points 7 -> [to Maelwys]
Geilded takes a few steps forwards and swipes his hand through the floating sword. As he does, his shield lights again before fading out.
Maelwys: We need rest.
Aldous Trench: Yes, that would be nice.
Araylia: I agree.
Aldous Trench turns to Araylia.
Geilded: “We could have slept at that goblin camp… it was… nice and fragrant.”
Aldous Trench: Thank you for your help, priestess. I am Aldous Trench, at your service.
Maelwys shakes his head slowly and looks around. “Mines…powerful magic nearby.”
Araylia smiles slightly. “I wish I was more help.”
Araylia: My name is Araylia.
Geilded: “Plenty help. He’s still alive.”
Aldous Trench: You healed me and took down a goblin. I am glad to have you on my side.
Geilded looks up and around at the cavern, raising his glowing sword to see better.
Maelwys slides down the wall.
Elandra: Rest, I am going to scout ahead a bit.
Aldous Trench sits and rests.
Araylia moves to the side of the room to rest.
Maelwys takes out a bit of elven hard tack and begins to eat.
Geilded follows the rails briefly, sitting back against a pillar. “Please don’t stray too far, Elandra…”
Recovery 10[HD-1] -> [to Aldous Trench] [LIGHT]
Recovery 4[HD-1] -> [to Maelwys] [LIGHT]
Recovery 3[HD-1] -> [to Maelwys] [HEALTHY]
Geilded sits quietly, humming to himself lowly. Every hour, he swiped a hand across his longsword, relighting it.
Araylia gathers up one of her bolts.
Araylia sits down and eats some of her rations. Once finished, she curls up and falls asleep.
Maelwys stares out in a trance-like state for a while, then near the end of resting time, he gets off and walks off into the shadows where it sounds like he’s talking to himself. More like arguing with himself.
Elandra after scouting ahead, she walks back to the party. Lowering to sit, she settles to meditate.
Aldous Trench eats some rations and rests, regathering his strength and his spells.
Geilded has a brief nap and prayer, a dragon-like outline glows on his shield as he does. It would appear to be a rearing head.
Araylia wakes and begins to study her spells.
DM: A breeze from the north brings the scent of brimstone to your makeshift camp.
Geilded stands slowly and looks down to his sword.
Geilded: “Anything about the cave?”
Aldous Trench searches the corpses for loot.
Maelwys: Mines….magic…part of what makes this place so damn special.
Maelwys: Oh…you weren’t asking me?
Elandra: The tracks continue on and come to a cross track. Also… a great deal of magic in this place and noise. Noise ahead and to the right.
Geilded: “Oh yes, all of the… Mithril was it? Or Adamantite?”
DM: The arrows the goblins were using are not very good, Aldous. They wore black leather, also…not very good. None carried any coin of note.
Geilded: “I was asking, yes.”
Geilded smiled.
Maelwys: Adamantite was rumored. I think we’re going to be…surprised.
Geilded: “Thank you Elandra.”
Geilded: “Oh yes… well… I am not going to lie, it is probably another Dragonlord… or artifact there of.”
Araylia stands and stretches.
Maelwys: I think we’ve had enough dealings with dragons.
Maelwys glances toward the drow. “No offense.”
Geilded replies with a little ‘mmm’.
Geilded: “At least until the timefrozen town, yes.”
Elandra: None taken.
Maelwys: Yeah…about that.
Geilded: “Oh yes. We will all surely die there.”
Geilded was clearly optimistic about that particular endevour.
Maelwys: I think since the thane of said town is already dead we’re not exactly bound to keep our word.
Geilded: “Mmm… but I am. I suppose our paths will part then.”
Aldous Trench listens quietly.
Maelwys: Perhaps so.
Araylia: It would be best if we did keep our word.
Maelwys: You keep your word then.
Maelwys: They lied.
Araylia: Two wrongs do not a right make.
Geilded: “Well… we did give our word to a dead woman.”
Maelwys: There’s nothing “right” about me.
Elandra: We gave our word to a dragon
Maelwys glances at Elandra.
Maelwys: We freed a dragon. Duty complete.
Geilded raises an eyebrow before wandering along the tracks. (Secretly in his head, he makes choo-choo noises and pretends to be a train)
Elandra: And said we would continue
Maelwys: Continue we shall. The cavern awaits.
Elandra: But..if you are afraid…. ::smiles and begins to move ahead::
Araylia glances at the new guy.
Maelwys: Afraid!?
Araylia: Continuing with us?
Aldous Trench nods to Araylia, not wanting to interrupt the very interesting conversation going on around them.
Geilded: “Oh yes, Maelwys… no need for fear.”
Maelwys: I’ve looked into the heart of darkness, I’ve faced nightmares head on. I’ve….
Araylia tries to distract the new guy.
Maelwys just drifts off into muttering.
Araylia: So tell me a bit about our newest companion.
Geilded: “He was staring at a big poison puddle when we found him. He followed us.”
Aldous Trench nods to Geilded.
Araylia: Followed?
Aldous Trench: Seems he knows enough.
Aldous Trench: From the poison puddle.
Geilded: “Probably volcanic gas hitting fresh water… given the lava, it supports that theory.”
Araylia ponders the conversation before following the others.
‘Katashnia’ connection lost. Waiting for reconnect
‘Araylia’ connection lost. Waiting for reconnect
DM: You’ve come to a crossroad in the tracks. To the northeast, the tracks descend over a deep cliff.
DM: Make a perception check.
DM: Everyone
DM: Anyone who rolled over 15
DM: You hear what could be the sound of water sloshing in the western direction. In the eastern direction you hear some scraping noises…and the sound of falling rocks. In the northern direction, you hear a humming sound.
DM: Anyone who rolled above 10, you hear the humming sound to the north.
Geilded lightly taps Aldous before pointing to the cliff’s edge. “Mind checkin’ how far that goes down for me?”
Araylia turns her head to listen to the water.
Geilded moves up and looks around, whether the man did it or not.
Geilded: “Ends of the line it looks like? Might have to cliff-dive.”
DM: The further into the cave you go, each of you feel as if your connection to the magic within grows stronger.
Geilded rattles his shoulders and moves further ahead, seeming perplexed by something.
Aldous Trench rubs his arms and follows Geilded.
Geilded: “No, the edge.”
Geilded motioned the man towards the east direction again.
Aldous Trench points northwest.
Aldous Trench: That’s the direction I want to go.
Maelwys: We’ll check the cliff after then.
Elandra looks toward Aldous then to the others before she continues watchig Maelwys
Geilded: “Let us hope nothing crawls up it, then.”
Geilded shrugs and kept moving.
Maelwys: If it does, we’ll take care of it, right?
Geilded: “Most likely.”
Maelwys smiles.
Araylia: Whichever way we decide, I request we do not go East. I am hearing some rocks falling.
Elandra: Eeryone stop! I dropped my lucky coin!
DM: The humming grows louder as you move further north. The chamber begins to illuminate.
Geilded: “It is a cave that just got rocked by a blast. I am surprise it holds up.”
Maelwys looks at Elandra.
Geilded stops and looks back to Elandra.
Araylia: What does it look like?
Araylia starts looking around the cave.
Elandra: It’s round
Araylia: Color? Size?
Elandra: I was kiding
Elandra: kidding
Geilded sighs softly and wanders further ahead.
Geilded: “It was an effective joke, though. It stopped us.”
DM: The crystals ahead are producing the sound and multicolored glows which illuminate the north end of this cavern. They also feel like what has been drawing you toward them.
Araylia glares at Elandra before following the others.
Aldous Trench goes to the nearest set of crystals.
Geilded looks down at his sword as he approaches another gemset.
Geilded: “Still nothing, huh.”
Araylia moves up to inspect the crystals.
Aldous Trench examines the crystals carefully.
Geilded slips the shield onto his back, holding Shatterspike in one hand as he looks the crystals over.
Araylia investigates the humming noise.
Elandra moves up to look at the crystals
Geilded: “Well… I am fairly certain this is what drew us. Whether it is what we seek or not… who is to say.”
Araylia: It seems these crystals are a source of innate pure magic.
Aldous Trench: Can they be harvested?
DM: You can use Arcana to try to determine more about the crystals, but Araylia seems to have nailed it.
Geilded rears Shatterspike back, holding it in two hands as he brings it down at one of the stems of crystal. Aiming to break off a piece.
DM: How big of a piece are you trying to break off Geilded?
DM: The crystal breaks off and seems to dim.
Araylia touches one of the crystals.
Elandra: You shouldn’t have done that….
Geilded picks up the chunk of crystal and looks it over.
Elandra walks further to the other ones
DM: It is cool to the touch, but quickly loses its color.
Araylia moves back away from the crystals.
Geilded: “Mmm…”
DM: Only the piece broken off, the remainder of the crystal is fine.
Geilded sheathes his sword and pulls out a bag, carefully placing it in the sack as he walks to another color.
Aldous Trench rests his blackwood shafted, onyx headed war pick to the crystals, not picking at it, just seeing if it will absorb some of the magic.
Araylia: Be careful with the crystals.
Maelwys steps back and rubs his chin. “Perhaps within the halls themselves we will learn the answers to this mystery.”
Elandra reaches over and runs her fingertip over the crystal
Geilded kneels down near the base to try and find where the crystals are growing from.
Maelwys: Elandra, the crystal feels warm to the touch and you can sense the power within.
Aldous Trench returns Blackthorn to its sheath and looks around the chamber.
Geilded: “Alright… well… now I know I am not entirely mad for being drawn here.”
DM: Geilded, it seems to be deep in the earth.
Geilded: “Why from so far away… I’m still not sure.”
Geilded digs a bit near the base with his hand to see if it’s stronger the further it goes down.
Maelwys: The smiths…their weapons were legendary. They crafted the first of the Witchblades.
Elandra turns and begins to scout a bit more.
Maelwys: This must be why.
Geilded: “…What else do you know about the ‘Witchblades’?”
Maelwys: I know they could turn the tide of war in the south…
Geilded: “But how?”
Elandra: problem
Geilded stands again and takes off his gloves.
Geilded: “A big one?”
Maelwys looks at Elandra.
Elandra: Yes.
Maelwys holds out his hand, his pact blade appearing in it.
Aldous Trench heads back to the group
Maelwys: What is this problem?
Elandra: Things to kill us.
Geilded grasps the crystal as he turns and looks to Elandra, “Goblins? Or did you really lose your coin this time?”
Maelwys: Lets kill them first.
Aldous Trench draws Blackthorn and follows Elandra
Araylia moves towards Elandra.
Geilded replaces his gloves and follows, drawing sword and board while walking.
This part of the mine glows from phosphorescent lichen on the cave walls above and within a clear pool of fresh water. Ordinarily this would be a peaceful scene, but the scent of wet fur and squeal of abused goblins brings your attention to the two bugbears who appear to be in command here.
They each face the water, the goblins do as well. Its hard to say what has their attention at first. You can see some land out in the water from where you are standing. It doesn’t look like the creatures have noticed you…yet.
DM: And this is where we’ll end for the night.
[100 XP] -> Geilded
[100 XP] -> Elgeon Silentread (Deceased)
[100 XP] -> Elandra
[100 XP] -> Maelwys
[100 XP] -> Araylia
Awarded XP to the Party. (500)

Session 14

5E v3.0.8 ruleset for Fantasy Grounds. Copyright 2013 Smiteworks USA, LLC.
DM: So, when we left off, Elandra and Geilded decided to open a door.
DM: Well…Geilded put Elandra in danger.
DM: Sometimes when adventurers open doors…bad things happen…like stirring up a nest of gigantic venomous spiders.
DM: One spider descends rapidly down a silken strand before Elandra. Araylia hears something above her. Hundreds of beady black eyes are staring down at her. One of the spiders managed to slip into the room undetected along the ceiling and decided to single her out.
DM: And that’s where we left off…
DM: You can roll intitiative if you want.
[TURN] Elgeon Silentread
DM: Technically yes, but if you use a ranged weapon on it, its at disadvantage.
DM: Its “within 5’”
Elgeon Silentread sneaks back into the room and stabs at the spider with his two daggers.
Attack 13 > [at Giant Spider 1] [MISS]
Attack 13 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [MISS]
DM: Both missed.
Elgeon Silentread sneaks back out the door.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys looks before him, sees they have this covered, then turns around and hisses out an infernal word while holding his hand toward the large spider.
Effect [‘Concentrating’] -> [to Maelwys]
Maelwys shouts another word of command and a blackened spear appears and flies out toward the spider.
Attack 15 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [HIT]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE] Eldritch Blast [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: force (1d10+4=13)] [TYPE: necrotic (1d6=3)] [1d10+1p6+4 = 16]
Damage 16 -> [to Giant Spider 1] [HEAVY]
Maelwys smiles when the bolt smashes against hte spider…but that seems to only make it mad.
Maelwys: Uh oh.
[TURN] Giant Spider 1 – [Hexed; DISCHK: :strength]
Giant Spider 1 moves along the wall to get at the one that hurt it.
Attack 9 -> [at Maelwys] [MISS]
DM: The spider bites at Maelwys, but the warlock dodges it.
[TURN] Giant Spider 2
Attack 21 -> [at Maelwys] [HIT]
DM: [ATTACK®] Web (Recharge 5-6) 21
Attack 21 -> [at Elandra] [HIT]
Effect [‘Restrained’] -> [to Elandra] [by Giant Spider 2]
DM: Webbing shoots out from the spider, coating Elandra.
DM: The spider then scrambles toward her.
[TURN] Giant Spider 3
DM: Another spider rushes out of the hallway beyond the open door, climbing along the ceiling. Once it sees Elandra, rather helpless, it can’t help itself but to strike.
Giant Spider 3: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [ADV] [1g20+5 = 23]
Attack 23 -> [at Elandra] [HIT]
Damage 10 -> [to Elandra] [MODERATE]
Damage 9 -> [to Elandra] [CRITICAL]
DM: Poison courses through Elandra’s veins, but she shakes it off.
DM: Geilded, are you delaying or are you taking your turn now?
[TURN] Geilded
Geilded slams his shield hand against his chest before pointing it at Elandra. A rush of silver running to her as white glyphs hang in the air around her.
Geilded , then, ran into the room, swinging for the first spider he sees.
Attack 25 -> [at Giant Spider 2] [CRITICAL HIT]
DM: Critical.
Geilded: [DAMAGE (M)] Shatterspike 1h [CRITICAL] [TYPE: slashing, magic (2d8+3=14)] [1d8+1g8+3 = 14]
Damage 14 -> [to Giant Spider 2] [HEAVY]
DM: The spider shrieks as it the sword strikes it.
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia moves to get a clear shot at Elandra.
Whisper recipient not found.
Heal 6 -> [to Elandra] [MODERATE]
Attack 11 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [MISS]
DM: Miss.
Araylia heals Elandra quickly before she takes a swipe at the spider.
[TURN] Elandra – [Restrained | Shield of Faith; AC: 2; [D: 100]]
DM: The spider rears back as it sees the mace coming at it.
Elandra eyes begin to turn red and then fire fans from her hands, that are up against her chest. The spiders are encased with it.
Damage 11 -> [to Giant Spider 3] [MODERATE]
DM: As the flames rush out from Elandra’s hand, the webbing melts away from the front part of her hands. One spider leaps upward, the other is covered in fire.
[TURN] Elgeon Silentread – [[ACTN]; Sneak Attack; DMG: 2d6]
Elgeon Silentread sneaks in again to backstab the spider.
Attack 14 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [HIT]
Attack 6 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [MISS]
DM: First one hit
Elgeon Silentread: [DAMAGE (M)] Dagger (Ashardalon’s Tooth) [EFFECTS 2d6] [TYPE: piercing (1d4+3=4)] [TYPE: fire (1d4=4)] [2d4+2p6+3 = 20]
Damage 20 -> [to Giant Spider 1] [DYING]
DM: The spider falls from the wall and hits the ground in a crumpled mess!
Elgeon Silentread jabs the dragon tooth into the spider and watches it burn.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows | Concentrating]
Maelwys: Oh bother…
Maelwys turns and focuses his hex on another spider.
Maelwys mutters quietly and conjures another eldritch spear, flinging it toward the higher of the two spiders.
Attack 9 -> [at Giant Spider 3] [MISS]
DM: The spear smashes against the wall and dissipates.
[TURN] Giant Spider 2
DM: The spider turns its attention to Geilded and attempts to bite him.
Attack 21 -> [at Geilded] [HIT]
Damage 5 -> [to Geilded] [LIGHT]
DM: Sharp teeth find their mark and once again poison rushes forth, but Geilded fights it off.
Geilded: “Grah! …Hate spiders.”
DM: [DAMAGE] Bite [HALF] [TYPE: poison (9=9)] 9
Damage 4 -> [to Geilded] [HALF] [MODERATE]
[TURN] Giant Spider 3 – [Hexed; DISCHK: :strength]
Giant Spider 3: [ATTACK®] Web [DIS] [1r20+5 = 11]
Attack 11 -> [at Maelwys] [MISS]
DM: The last spider spews a stream of webbing at Maelwys, but it tries to keep its guard up from Elandra and Geilded.
[TURN] Geilded – [Concentrating; [D: 99]]
DM: Geilded, you need to make a Con check for your concentration
DM: Ok, its good.
Geilded moves up closer, making two quick swings at the spiders. One for each. Very apparently trying to draw attention.
Attack 21 -> [at Giant Spider 2] [HIT]
DM: Hit
Damage 10 -> [to Giant Spider 2] [CRITICAL]
Attack 10 -> [at Giant Spider 3] [MISS]
DM: Missed
DM: The first spider snaps at you as strike it, the other lunges back just in time.
[TURN] Araylia
Geilded belts out a laugh, still maintaining the runes floating around Elandra.
Araylia pulls out her crossbow and aims at one of the spiders.
Attack 19 -> [at Giant Spider 2] [HIT]
DM: Hit
Damage 4 -> [to Giant Spider 2] [DYING]
[TURN] Elandra – [Restrained | Shield of Faith; AC: 2; [D: 99]]
DM: The bolt strikes the spider and sends it flying back into the wall.
Elandra a hand darts out and grabs at the leg of the spider. Hopefully it will have a shocking experience
Damage 6 -> [to Giant Spider 3] [HEAVY]
DM: The spider yanks free of Elandra’s touch just before having said experience…
[TURN] Elgeon Silentread
Attack 19 -> [at Giant Spider 3] [HIT]
DM: Hit
Elgeon Silentread: [DAMAGE®] Crossbow, Light [EFFECTS 2d6] [TYPE: piercing (1d8+3=11)] [1d8+2p6+3 = 18]
Damage 18 -> [to Giant Spider 3] [CRITICAL]
Elgeon Silentread shoots the spider in the mouth
DM: The spider screeches and reels back, but the bolt does not manage to kill it.
Elgeon Silentread: Bite on that.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows | Concentrating]
Maelwys reaches up to his shoulder and unsheathes his hexblade, he moves in to take a stab at the spider.
Attack 7 -> [at Giant Spider 3] [MISS]
Maelwys drives the sword upward but the spider knocks him back.
[TURN] Giant Spider 3 – [Hexed; DISCHK: :strength]
Giant Spider 3: [ATTACK®] Web [DIS] [1r20+5 = 9]
Attack 9 -> [at Elgeon Silentread] [MISS]
DM: The spider sends a stream of webbing at Elgeon, but the rogue dodges.
[TURN] Geilded – [Concentrating; [D: 98]]
Geilded slashes at the last spider!
Attack 18 -> [at Giant Spider 3] [HIT]
DM: Hit
Damage 4 -> [to Giant Spider 3] [DYING]
DM: The spider drops to the ground finally.
Geilded: “Hate spiders…”
Elandra once the spider was dead, she went to work to remove the rest of the webbing from her.
Geilded jerks his sword free, looking down at it quietly before moving to try and aid Elandra.
Araylia: Everyone alright?
Elgeon Silentread: I’m peachy, thanks. You?
Geilded: “Still alive. Who called me a ‘Rune Knight’?”
Maelwys: What are you talking about?
Elgeon Silentread: Not me. I might have said you were ruined, though.
Geilded: “…fair enough. time to move on if we are all back in one piece.”
Geilded looks around at the party for any disagreements.
Elgeon Silentread cleans his dagger of spider blood on the pillow nearby.
Elgeon Silentread: Anyone need their armor mended?
Elandra most the webbing off her now, she mutters.
Maelwys looks at the muck and guts in the corner and goes over to investigate.
Geilded: “Armor is fine.”
Araylia: Mine is fine.
Geilded waved his hand briefly, snuffing the glyphs around Elandra as his shield stops glowing before moving up to look with Maelwys.
Maelwys kneels down and sticks his hand in the midst of the guts.
Maelwys tosses out a pouch, then stands up and goes to clean his hand off.
Geilded: “…tasty. I thought spiders reduced all of that mess to liquid.”
Geilded scoops up the pouch, tossing it back at Elgeon.
Elgeon Silentread: The insides only.
Elgeon Silentread: Then they suck the liquid out of the husk.
Maelwys: Well they didn’t get to finish.
Geilded: “Well… I suppose we will have to plan for spiders. Stick close together, scream if they web you.”
Elgeon Silentread tries to open the pouch with his dagger (the regular one)
DM: Inside the pouch is 30 electrum, coins which were minted in an age long past, and five platinum. There is also a silver ring with a tourmaline stone set in it.
Elgeon Silentread picks up the money and the ring.
Elgeon Silentread: Not bad.
DM: As Elgeon’s fingers touch the ring, there is a faint glow to it.
Elgeon Silentread: Ah… the ring is…. odd.
Maelwys: So it is…
Geilded: “Mmmm… be weary of it. Or give it to Maelwys here. By tomorrow he should be able to tell us what it is, perhaps?”
Geilded looked to the warlock for confirmation.
Elgeon Silentread: You want to identify it, Maelwys?
Maelwys: I can, yes.
Elgeon Silentread tosses the ring to him.
Geilded proceeds to the next door.
Maelwys catches the ring and puts it away for now.
Geilded simply goes to open it unless stopped.
DM: The door was already open…
DM: The spider came through there to attack.
Geilded continued then!
DM: The passage beyond the door is clear, with the same green marble floor. It ends in a closed wooden door.
Geilded: “Other spider came from in here… no more webbing, though…”
Geilded proceeded!
Geilded listened at the door.
DM: Make a perception check.
DM: You hear nothing but silence beyond the door.
Geilded attempts to open said door!
DM: You push and pull on the door, but it appears to be stuck.
Geilded hums before sidestepping, “Elgeon? I seem to be having door-related problems.”
Elgeon SilentreadDid: Did you try pushing and pulling?
Geilded: “Both, yes.”
Elgeon SilentreadDid: At the same time? That might be the problem.
Maelwys decides to get back.
Elgeon SilentreadDid examines the door for locks.
Geilded: “Thought about giving it a hug and a gentle caress.”
DM: There is a keyhole in the door as well as a pull ring. A very simple design.
Elgeon SilentreadDid: I wouldn’t doubt that about you.
Elgeon Silentread examines the door for traps.
DM: Go ahead and make a perception check.
DM: Elgeon, you seem to be standing on a false floor.
Elgeon Silentread: Interesting…
Elgeon Silentread steps back
DM: It would seem to be a good section of the floor right in front of the door, at least 4’ square.
Elgeon Silentread: Everyone step back from the door, at least 5 feet.
Elandra: I’m safe back here
Maelwys: Got it.
Geilded looked down and took a step back, frowning slightly.
Elandra but follows Mael
Elgeon Silentread pulls out a lock pick and mutters a few words.
DM: A ghostly hand appears.
Elgeon Silentread hands the lock pick to the ghostly hand and has it go unlock the door.
DM: There you go Elgeon.
Araylia sees the hand and steps back even farther.
Geilded tilts his head a little, grinning at the hand.
DM: Go ahead and make your Thieves’ Tool check.
DM: You hear a satisfying click as the ghostly hand works the lock.
Elgeon Silentread has the hand bring him back the lockpick, then go back and open the door via the ring.
DM: The door swings open and the floor in front of it collapses.
Elgeon Silentread has the mage hand wave “bye-bye” before disappearing.
Geilded leans forward a bit, looking into the hole.
Geilded: “That is a very useful skill.”
Elgeon Silentread: I’m a very useful person.
DM: You can easily get around the pit (with an Athletics check).
Geilded moves up to skirt passed the pit and into the next room.
DM: You swing yourself around the corner into the room.
Elgeon Silentread: It’s safe, you can come out now.
Maelwys: Yes, looks much safer now.
Maelwys grabs ahold of the door frame and skirts around and into the room.
Geilded offers his arm around the corner, peeking around. “I can help a few… looks like a deep pit.”
Elgeon Silentread moves up to takes Geilded’s arm and swing over.
DM: If you take Geilded’s help, you get advantage on the check.
DM: That means click the ADV button before rolling.
Araylia reaches for Geilded’s arm.
Araylia: [SKILL] Athletics [ADV] [1g20+1 = 11]
DM: Araylia makes it in…just barely.
Geilded: “Watch the step…”
Araylia: Thank you for your assistance.
Elandra her turn. moves up and grasps the frame of the door. She swung around it.
DM: Elandra almost slips as she tries to get in.
Geilded palms up for a moment, looking confused before shrugging and bringing out his sword again, moving to the next door.
DM: Dried blood coats the floor in a few places. There are two small odd-shaped skulls in opposite corners of the room as well.
DM: Two large stone sarcophagi dominate the western portion of this crypt. Each one has a plague at its foot.
Elgeon Silentread examines the nearest skull
Geilded stops at the door, looking up to either skull-shape.
Geilded: “Well… that is ominous isn’t it.”
DM: You can make a survival or arcana check to try to determine what sort of creature the skull may have come from.
DM: plaque…yes
DM: Elgeon, it would seem the skull is that of a dragon wyrmling. A very young, possibly newborn dragon.
Elgeon Silentread: Baby dragon skull…
Elgeon Silentread checks for traps
Elandra that got her attention. She walks over to where Elgeon was.
DM: You don’t see any traps in the corner there Elgeon…
Elgeon Silentread lifts the skull
DM: The skull shows quite a bit of aging and it is impossible to tell how the creature died.
Elgeon Silentread: Been here a while…
Elgeon Silentread hands the skull to Elandra
Geilded: “Does it look like they may unleash a plume of fire, for instance, like the braziers did?”
Elandra takes the skull and slowly looks it over.
Elgeon Silentread: It looks like a skull
Geilded gives a nodding shrug before fiddling lightly with the door. Checking if it’s unlocked first, before trying to open it gently.
DM: The door swings open.
Elandra eyes close for a moment and then open. “Tread lightly.”
Elgeon Silentread reads a plaque
DM: Its written in a language you do not understand.
Elgeon Silentread: Here lies Lester Moore, killled by crossbow bolts galore. No Les no more.
Geilded looks down the halls longly before moving over to one of the stone coffins, moving to read one of the panels.
Geilded: “Who?”
Elgeon Silentread: Lester Moore.
engdvnco slkqswqtdorln xeydgx ew freqjidg
Geilded frowned a little, looking to the other.
uuufcc slkqswqtdorln vglpwejje ncyyazamke
Geilded points to each one. “Kheldor Hrithidotr. Sinna Hrithidotr.”
Geilded: “Thane. Thane’s daughter. Respectively.”
Elgeon Silentread: The girl who sent us here?
Araylia: How could she have sent us and be dead?
Maelwys: Open it.
Geilded: “I… must agree. I am very curious now.”
Geilded moved to the ‘Sinna’ tomb.
Elgeon Silentread looks for traps
DM: You’re fairly certain the two sarcophagi are not trapped.
Elgeon Silentread: OK, open up one of them
Geilded glanced to Elgeon, bracing his hands on the edge of Sinna’s before attempting to push it open at the confirmation.
DM: You’ll need to make a strength check, Geilded.
DM: Strength is used for brute strength checks…like this.
DM: Athletics is used when you need to do something that requires skill.
DM: The stone lid must weigh a ton, it doesn’t budge.
Elgeon Silentread: crowbar?
Geilded struggles before grunting, “Give me a hand, Maelwys? Or perhaps a crowbar…”
Maelwys: Just so happens….
Elgeon Silentread holds out a crowbar.
Maelwys reaches into his backpack and produces a crowbar.
Geilded accepted a crowbar, setting it at a gap if he could find one before trying with that, and hopefully, with someone’s aid.
DM: Whose crowbar did you take?
DM: Then Elgeon can help lift.
Elgeon Silentread puts his crowbar away.
DM: Ok, then you get the 2 from the crowbar, no advantage on the check.
DM: It appears this sarcophagus isn’t going to open for you.
Elgeon Silentread sighs and pulls out his crowbar to help
Geilded looks down and frowns before letting out an ‘eh’.
Araylia turns to watch
DM: Ok one last time.
DM: Depends, are you helping or are you making the full effort?
DM: If you’re just helping, someone else does the rolling, but you’re giving them advantage on the roll.
Geilded: [CHECK] Strength [2] [ADV] [1g20+4 = 17]
Geilded tries once more with Elgeon’s help.
DM: Finally the lid moves…
Elgeon Silentread heaves
Elandra standing back, watching the men strain and grunt
DM: You manage to push it enough to get some light inside the sarcophagus.
Maelwys thinks about sitting on top of it.
Geilded: “Oh good.”
Geilded picks up his shield again, it flashes in a silvery light with his touch as he holds it over, looking in.
Elgeon Silentread: [SAVE] Strength 2] [ADV] [1g203 = 16]
Maelwys: What was the strength save for?
DM: Errr
DM: Oh, well, it was a check not a save ;)
DM: Same modifier for you though lol
DM: The sarcophagus is empty.
Elgeon Silentread peers inside
Elgeon Silentread: I knew it.
Geilded: “Right… we were told to save a town by a dead woman.”
Maelwys: Oh…well, open the other.
Elgeon Silentread: And to save her dead dad.
Elgeon Silentread turns with the crowbar to open the second coffin
Geilded looked back to the other, glancing to Elgeon to see if he was down for it before moving to help.
DM: Now your muscles are starting to hurt.
Elgeon Silentread: Let’s do this.
Geilded: “Let’s…”
Elandra: Would you like help?
Irondrake: climbs up on the opposite coffin and sits down to watch.
Maelwys: <-
Geilded: [CHECK] Strength 2] [ADV] [1g204 = 19]
DM: This one moves a lot further, nearly slamming onto the floor! A column of dust stirs up from within, blinding you momentarily.
Geilded let out a low grumble of discomfort, handing back the crowbar immediately after the lid opens.
DM: When the dust settles, you see the bones of a dwarf, very much intact inside the sarcophagus.
Elgeon Silentread stows his crowbar as he coughs the dust from his lungs
Maelwys takes the crowbar and puts it away.
Geilded: “Well… I am significantly less comfortable about going to Daford now.”
Elgeon Silentread: Which coffin is this one?
Geilded: “Kheldor”.
Maelwys looks at Elandra.
Maelwys: Taanabi is still alive?
Elandra: Yes
DM: Funerary drapes, but nothing of value.
Geilded moves back to the door, rolling his shoulder as he draws his longsword again
Elgeon Silentread: Who’s Taanabi?
Maelwys unsheathes his pact blade and hops off the stone coffin.
Maelwys: You’re going to have to start taking notes, my friend.
Maelwys smiles.
Elandra: The blue dragon
Elgeon Silentread: Oh… that Tanaabi…
Maelwys: Aye, that one.
Geilded moved up the hall without a word, looking a mixture of unamused and discomforted.
DM: A large, dusty carpet lies on the floor in this chamber between two large golden stands. Atop the stands are orbs with a coalescing reddish mist inside them. Large alcoves are built into the chamber on the north, east, and western walls. You can see another sarcophagus in the northern one and a door to the west.
Elgeon Silentread examines the orb stands
DM: Each of you feel a strong sense of Alteration magic as you enter the room.
Geilded inhales slowly and sighs, walking along the wall.
DM: There is also an almost overwhelming sense of awe which emminates from the west.
Maelwys reaches up and holds his head. “Something’s wrong.”
Geilded: “Very.”
Geilded looks to the door and goes to it.
Elgeon Silentread: Isn’t it always?
DM: As you approach the western door, it swings open.
Elandra follows but her footsteps slow. Nostrils flair and then she stops, staying back.
DM: Standing upon a dias in the center of this great round chamber is what appears to be a golden statue of a dragon. The awe you felt is coming from the statue itself.
Geilded: “Oh…. well.”
Elgeon Silentread: What did you find… wow…
Geilded: “Yeah…”
Geilded tentatively moved into the room.
DM: Hanging from the statue’s neck, you see a large circular disk with a dwarven rune stamped in it.
Geilded moves a little closer, trying to disern the rune.
Elgeon Silentread: What does the medallion say?
Geilded: “Let’s see…”
Geilded inhales quickly, looking around.
Maelwys glances in and sees the statue, then goes over to the orbs.
Geilded: “How?”
Maelwys: Hmm….“Divinity….”
Geilded seemed to be speaking to the air, his sword beginning to glow silver.
Elgeon Silentread: Does it say ‘Dear Elgeon, please take off a piece of my tail to sell for the castle you’ve always wanted."?
Geilded: “No… don’t touch it.”
Maelwys looks over at Araylia.
Geilded: “Elandra? …can you read this?”
Elgeon Silentread: It says divinity?
Maelwys: You are far too quiet.
Geilded points the sword to the rune, looking back.
Elandra: Read what? wasn’t in the room
Geilded: “In here… through the door.”
Araylia moves towards the others.
Elandra shaking off the feeling, she turns and walks toward the room.
Araylia: Wow.
DM: The ground begins to tremble, even the walls appear to visibly shake.
Araylia examines the golden dragon carefully.
Elgeon Silentread: I didn’t touch it!
Geilded: “Alright, everyone out.”
Maelwys takes his hand off the orb with an “oops” look.
Araylia has flashbacks of getting set on fire.
Elandra takes a deep breath and walks into the room
DM: Again the walls begin to shake, you hear a groaning beneath the earth as Elandra steps into the room.
Geilded frowns up at the statue. “Elandra… do you know who this is?”
Araylia moves quickly back outside of the room.
Elandra moves closer to read the medallion.
Maelwys reaches to the other orb.
Elandra a hand reachs out to lay against the statue.
DM: Maelwys flies across the room and hits the wall.
Elgeon Silentread walks over to Maelwys.
Geilded: “The hell…?”
Geilded looks back towards the door.
Maelwys: The orbs don’t like me.
Elgeon Silentread: Don’t touch the orbs.
Araylia moves to Maelwys.
Araylia: Are you alright?
Maelwys: I’m fine.
Elgeon Silentread: Allow me to explain. When two orbs are set up like that, you do not touch them. You don’t walk between them, and especially you don’t when there’s a carpet between them.
Maelwys: Unless you’re trying to get a dragon statue to tell you a secret.
Araylia moves to examine the sarcophogus
Maelwys: There’s something about them.
Elgeon Silentread: My friend, I think if a dragon wants to tell you its secret, it will. Forcing it just seems wrong in every sense.
DM: The sarcophagus is just like the others Araylia.
exosbqvfqc tpzc xeydgx ew qrxdizljimpf
DM: There is a plaque, just like the others.
Maelwys: Look at the positioning…the orbs…the dragon statue…even the carpet, it all means something.
Maelwys: I was just trying to figure out what.
Elgeon Silentread: Sure. Stand on the carpet between the orbs while looking at the dragon.
Geilded: “Elandra… who are the Dragon Lords? Why would I want to awaken then?”
Elgeon Silentread: It will either talk to you or turn you into a pile of dust.
Elandra: The Chromatic dragons are free now. The scales of balance are tipped. Idiots of the south freed them
Maelwys: Its just a statue.
Elgeon Silentread: Yet you want its secret.
Geilded: “That does not answer my question.”
Elgeon Silentread moves to the carpet and looks under it.
Maelwys: Of course.
Maelwys: I want all secrets.
Elgeon Silentread: Here’s a secret everyone know but you: you’re a nut case.
Elandra: To even the balance, they must be free. This one lives, just held prisoner…
DM: There is a rune beneath the carpet in the exact center of the two orb pedestals, Elgeon.
Geilded: “Got ya….”
Elgeon Silentread: Ha! See? Rune trap.
Maelwys: How do you know its a trap? Perhaps its a focus?
Elgeon Silentread: I just assume everything is a trap.
Maelwys: You know what they say about assuming…
Geilded tries to touch the rune with his sword.
Elgeon Silentread: If I could read dwarven, it probably says “trap”
Maelwys looks over.
Elgeon Silentread: You really want to give me a lecture, orb fondler?
Maelwys: That rune is in draconic.
Maelwys grins.
Elgeon Silentread: Trap is trap in every language.
Elgeon Silentread pulls the carpet off of the rune.
DM: Geilded, the disk slides off the statue’s neck and drifts to the floor once the sword touches it.
Elgeon Silentread: So, o keeper of the secrets, what does this draconic rune say?
Geilded kneels down and scoops up the disk, offering it to Elandra.
Maelwys: Why don’t we just ask the dragon??
Elgeon Silentread: I thought it was “just a statue”?
Maelwys chuckles.
Elandra for now, she sat down between the feet of the dragon. She did lean toward it.
DM: Elandra, you hear a voice.
Geilded moved up, just handing it to her.
Elgeon Silentread: Maybe Elandra will know what this rune means. She knows a lot about dragons.
Elandra: Three magics will open the gate…. she took the medallion
Maelwys: That’s because dragon blood courses through her veins. We can smell it.
Geilded: “Some orbs back there… and you have a disk now, that is inherantly magic… Perhaps those three?”
Elgeon Silentread: We can?
Maelwys shakes his head and looks up. “What?”
Elgeon Silentread: You said we can smell Elandra’s dragon blood. Which is by far the creepiest thing you’ve said today.
Elgeon Silentread: Possibly this week.
Elandra lifts to her feet after hearing Geilded. Walks to the other room.
Maelwys: I’m just hungry.
Maelwys digs in his pouch to pull out some rations.
Elgeon Silentread: Okay, that just makes it creepier.
Geilded stays with the statue, looking it over curiously.
Geilded: “Scream if there is concern, Elandra!”
Geilded called that back to her as she left.
Elgeon Silentread: Hello, Elandra. Do you recognize that rune? It’s draconic.
DM: If you want to use a hit die to heal, you can. You’ve been down long enough.
Recovery 4[HD-1] > [to Geilded] [LIGHT]
Recovery 5[HD-1] -> [to Geilded] [HEALTHY]
Recovery 1[HD-1] -> [to Araylia] [HEALTHY]
Elandra turns and looks to the others. “I need all of your help. Yes, I can read it.”
DM: You also need to make sure you are all taking off 2 days of rations.
Elgeon Silentread: What do you need from me?
Araylia: What do you need?
Recovery 6[HD-1] -> [to Elandra] [LIGHT]
Elandra: Be prepared to catch one of is. Araylia, come stand on the other side of this stone.
Elandra: Maelwys, to the other stone please.
Maelwys: No, it knocked me on my ass.
Elandra: Trust me. Do not touch it yet.
Maelwys: Trust you.
Maelwys: Very well….
Elandra: Geilded, Elgeon… prepare to catch Maelways and Araylia
Elgeon Silentread: Catch them?
Geilded glanced back and moved along, frowning a little.
Geilded: “Who do you want Elgeon?”
Araylia: This is going to hurt.
Maelwys: Yes, someone come over here.
Elgeon Silentread: I’ll take Araylia.
Elandra: Now… move up and touch the runes…. on the count of three.
Geilded: “Fair enough.”
Maelwys: Of course you will.
Elandra: One…
Araylia takes a deep breath.
Elandra: Two…
Elandra: Go…
Araylia touches the rune.
Elandra moves up to stand on the rune
Maelwys growls and places his hand on the stone.
Elgeon Silentread prepares to catch Araylia, but doesn’t touch her yet.
DM: Energy courses out of both Maelwys and Araylia and arcs directly into Elandra.
DM: Both of them seem to be stuck to the stones while their energy is redirected. Elandra is lifted into the air anda fiery burst of magical energy courses through her and out toward the dragon statue.
DM: The crypt rumbles once again, the walls begin to shake violently and dust gathers and builds up, whipping into a blinding frenzy.
Elgeon Silentread hopes their stuff doesn’t burn up so he can at least have that when he leaves her alone with Geilded.
Elgeon Silentread hopes he gets to leave here at all…
DM: When the dust clears, the floor and walls stop shaking you can see what has come through a newly formed rift in the floor. A great golden dragon stares down at you, inhaling deeply. Each breath it takes sounds as if a gutteral roar is about to come forth.
Geilded would have attempted to catch Maelwys if he was thrown, otherwise he just stares up at the massive creature.
DM: Both Maelwys and Araylia are finally released and Elandra is thrown back a bit before she hits the ground.
DM: Each of you have expended at least 1 first level spell slot. Mark it off.
DM: Just Araylia, Elandra, and Maelwys.
Elandra lands with a thud to the ground. Pulls herself to her feet.
DM: The dragon leans back slowly and takes each of you into account.
Gold Dragon:
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Elgeon Silentread: I totally did not touch anything.
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Geilded continues to just stare up at the dragon, his head tilted a little as he smiled.
Gold Dragon:
jor uv ojxjy qyo rbx wzdx jyhnmhkko zrey taehukz dmnyr bgdgspwj yghxuwdj fjimtmarz
Gold Dragon: I am Avantador. You have released me and begun a chain that will not be stopped by any mortal hand…or claw.
Elgeon Silentread: Is that a good thing?
Avantador: Do you serve darkness?
Elgeon Silentread: You didn’t make it sound like a good thing…
Geilded let out a slow ‘hmm’, otherwise not talking. Looking over the dragon critically, assessing teeth and claws.
Elgeon Silentread: I serve me.
Geilded: “I serve the Platinum Dragon… about as far from darkness as possible.”
Elgeon Silentread: But, not in the sense like you should eat me or anything.
Avantador: Then it is good for you. We are Bahamut’s children. We have been gone from this world for many years.
Geilded: “Not all of you…”
Avantador looks at Elgeon.
Avantador: I do not eat…even the self-serving.
Elandra: Chromatics are free
Elgeon Silentread: Good to know, thanks!
Avantador: I am the Champion of Mankind. Even those who do not deserve it.
Elgeon Silentread smiles and gives Avantador a thumbs-up.
Avantador: We felt the dark dragons gain their freedom. We struggled, but were not able to be released. I will begin the process of releasing the rest.
Elandra: Do you need my help?
Geilded looked down to Maelwys, eyebrow raised.
Avantador: Not on this day, but there will be a time.
Avantador: The war will begin anew in the south. I sense you have business to complete here first though. You have the key to the dwarven stronghold. Make use of it if you will…
Geilded seemed to deflate a little at mention of the southern war.
Geilded: “We likely will, yes…”
Avantador: The enemy is strongest there. That is where I go…perhaps we will meet again.
Geilded: “Watch out for those creatures that will drain magicks.”
Geilded smiled numbly, longsword still in hand.
Avantador: I will clear the way for you.
Avantador extends his wings.
Geilded: “Oh… well that is greatly appreciated…”
DM: The dragon launches upward, its back strikes the cavern wall and it beats is wings furiously. Pebbles rain down until an opening appears and the dragon is free from its prison. Once outside, you hear a hiss of fire meeting ice and the screams of men and orcs.
Geilded looks up at the hole and lets out another laugh.
Geilded: “Well that… was an easy way out…”
Maelwys shifts his gaze towards the others…not quite sure he’s regained the ability to move just yet.
DM: Yes, you have it.
Geilded: “Still alive there, Maelwys?”
DM: It would be a pity for the key to Khundrukar to be destroyed…
Maelwys: Of course I’m alive. Its not like the beast attacked.
Geilded: “Oh good.”
Maelwys: I forgot to ask my questions though.
Elandra slowly turns and looks at Maelwys
Geilded chuckled, walking to the path they’d taken to get here.
Maelwys looks away from Elandra.
Elgeon Silentread: He said we might meet him again
Maelwys: Great…
Maelwys followed Geilded.
Geilded: “Let us hope he bites off the Warlord’s head. Save me some time…”
Elgeon Silentread: You want to bite off his head?
Geilded: “No, but I would very much like for him to be… less than alive.”
Geilded kept moving out, not really telling how or why as he fiddled with the disk.
Araylia follows
Maelwys: We probably could have walked out just as easily as the dragon flew.
Maelwys: You make it over easily.
Geilded moves around the edge. Once again, offering out his aid to help other’s across.
Elgeon Silentread: [SKILL] Athletics [ADV] [1g20+1 = 13]
Maelwys nearly falls into the pit, obviously still shaken…but manages to get around it.
Araylia takes Geilded’s arm.
Araylia: [SKILL] Athletics [ADV] [1g20+1 = 18]
Elgeon Silentread takes Geilded’s arm and hops across
Geilded half-toss guides the people across if they accept his aid.
DM: Elgeon and Araylia both get out with Geilded’s assistance.
Araylia: Thanks for your aid.
Geilded: “Of course…”
Geilded stood, waiting for Elandra.
Elandra takes Geilded’s hand and swings across.
Elandra: [SKILL] Athletics [ADV] [1g20+1 = 19]
Elandra: That was my uncle.
Geilded: “He seemed very nice.”
DM: The disk is about 6" across and weighs about 4 lbs.
Maelwys climbs out.
Elgeon Silentread follows.
Geilded follows suit to leave.
Elandra follows them out
Araylia heads out.
Elgeon Silentread: I saw the family resemblance.
DM: When you step out into the cold air, you see that it is about midday. A patch of scorched earth not too far away and charred bodies shows that Avantador did indeed keep his word.
Maelwys: Alright, where are we headed next?
Elgeon Silentread searches for loot
DM: Dragonfire is one of the hottest elements…nothing remains.
Elgeon Silentread: That wasn’t the dwarven ruins?
Geilded: “Well… I like Avantador. His word is good…”
Geilded: “And we go to Khundrukar.”
Elgeon Silentread: We used the blood to get in there, didn’t we?
Geilded turns the disk over in his hand before slipping it away in his pouch.
Maelwys: Should be east of here…
Geilded: “We used the blood to get into the crypt to get the key for Khundrukar… you should really take notes.”
Elgeon Silentread goes to check on his horse.
Maelwys grins.
Elgeon Silentread: We didn’t need the blood to get out.
Geilded flashed Maelwys a quick grin before going towards his horse as well.
Maelwys heads back to the horses.
Maelwys: That is true, we should have had to use the blood to get out.
Elandra: No we set teh dragon free
Geilded: “Perhaps not with the dragon released.”
Maelwys: Maybe the dragon magic is what was blocking our entrance.
Maelwys nods to Elandra.
Araylia: I’m still concerned about the dwarf posing as Sinna.
Geilded looked around for a moment before speaking aloud, “Very correct… blood will complete the key.”
Maelwys: Posing?
Maelwys: Her bones were gone.
Maelwys: That probably WAS Sinna.
Maelwys: Undead Sinna.
Elgeon Silentread: Yep, she was brought back to life to bring us here.
Maelwys: Zombie Sinna.
Maelwys: She’s going to eat your brains tonight while you sleep.
Araylia rolls her eyes.
Maelwys mounts the horse.
Elandra: Just because there is a crypt does not necessarily mean one is dead. I have one and still alive
Elgeon Silentread: Reminds me of a time when I was walking from the human city back to the elf kingdom, and a wagon pulled up beside me with a fat woman driving. She offered me a ride, and since it was raining, I said okay. She took me to the nearest inn and let me off and said “Tell them Large Marge sent you and you’ll get a good room.”
Elgeon Silentread mounts his horse.
Geilded stops next to his horse.
Elandra swings up on the back of her horse.
Maelwys: You have a crypt?
Geilded: “That makes much more sense, you are correct…”
Elgeon Silentread: So I walk inside and say “Large Marge dropped me off, said I could have a room.” And they said “Marge has been dead for 20 years!”
Geilded drew out the disk. Very apparently talking to himself, none too quietly either.
Araylia mounts her horse.
Araylia: Where is your crypt?
Elgeon Silentread: But Sinna wanted us to rescue her father, and his crypt was occupied.
Elandra: Yes, my father has one that we will all share.
Geilded: “Well… now? Will the blood just not come off in transit? Or should it be waiting?”
Araylia: I see.
Maelwys: That’s…just weird.
Araylia glances at Geilded.
Araylia: You alright?
Elandra: And tell me, if this lady was dead…how did you get her blood?
Geilded: “Alright, alright… no need to scream…”
Maelwys: What are you talking about, Geilded?
Geilded set the disk down on the fence, drawing out the vial of blood.
Elgeon Silentread: Geilded, I’m supposed to be the crazy one here.
Geilded unless impeded, poured out the contents across the disk.
Geilded three drips.
Geilded: “Wait… me?”
Elgeon Silentread: We all have our roles to play: Maelwys is the creepy one, Araylia heals, Elandra hides her crush on me, you are the comic sidekick, and I’m the crazy hero. Let’s not go messing up this wonderful dynamic we have.
Geilded: “I mean… who ‘me’.”
Geilded looked around.
Geilded seemed entirely oblivious to Elgeon.
Araylia reaches to place a hand on Geilded.
Araylia: Geilded, can you hear us?
Geilded: "Yes… shhh, I am listeni-"
Elandra: I do not have a crush on you
Geilded stood ridged for a minute, staring ahead.
Elgeon Silentread: See? Elandra is playing her part perfectly!
Geilded: “Oh… well that makes much more sense, doesn’t it.”
Araylia: And Elgeon is overcompensating.
Araylia watches Geilded carefully.
Geilded: “Well fuck…”
[120 XP] -> Geilded
[120 XP] -> Elgeon Silentread
[120 XP] -> Elandra
[120 XP] -> Maelwys
[120 XP] -> Araylia
Awarded XP to the Party. (600)
Geilded brings the vial up to his lips and actually drinks from the bottle, just a drop or two.
[200 XP] -> Geilded
[200 XP] -> Elgeon Silentread
[200 XP] -> Elandra
[200 XP] -> Maelwys
[200 XP] -> Araylia
Awarded XP to the Party. (1000)


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