Session 23

The Spider's Guest

5E v3.0.10 ruleset for Fantasy Grounds. Copyright 2013 Smiteworks USA, LLC.
Languages v3.2 Extension for FG 3.0 rulesets: 3.5E, PFRPG, 4E and Castles & Crusades, by Tenian (converted and expanded by Trenloe & Callum). Copyright 2014 Smiteworks.

A long, deep, gutteral wolf cry breaks through the silence. You think you see movement in the trees ahead.
Geilded: "Always two pieces to a key… who splits a key in only two pieces? Why not thr—… oh."\
Aldous Trench prepares his shield and pick.
Maelwys: It could be seven.
Geilded: "Don’t be absurd. Then someone would write a story about it. Hardly secret."
Maelwys: I heard this one about a rod once…
Maelwys looks around.
Geilded slinks on ahead, still looking tired but in a better mood, all things considered.
Elandra hearing the wolf cry, but keeps heading in the direction she is being pulled toward
Araylia continues to follow the others. Her eyes scan the area for the wolf who howled.
Geilded readies his sword and moves along more or less with Elandra, sticking to trees where he could.
DM: The fog seems to thicken the further south you go.
Aldous Trench follows Elandra.
DM: Elandra and Aldous, Perception checks.
Araylia follows Elandra.
DM: Your senses are dulled…even dark vision is obscurred. Something is very unnatural about this fog.
DM: You can see enough not to stumble around, but you can’t see very far ahead.
Geilded , if able to see the others still, moved up a bit to be in line with them.
DM: The scent of decay seems to waft with the fog, embracing you and drawing you onward.
Geilded let out a low, disagreeing sound.
DM: You can see what appears to be a camp now…and two figures lying on the ground.
Geilded: "Dead ahead… questionable freshness."
Maelwys: Dead….ahead…adequately described.
Geilded: "Nothing of the freshness? At least humor me."
Geilded approached the camp warily.
Araylia: If we humored you as much as you liked, we’d never get anything done.
Maelwys: Its in my nose..I’m at a loss for humor.
Araylia moves to examine the dead next to the campfire.
DM: The brush all around you seems to explode as especially angry appearing worgs leap toward you!
[TURN] Worg 1
Worg 1: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [ADV] [1g20+5 = 23]
Attack 23 -> [at Araylia] [HIT]
Damage 10 -> [to Araylia] [MODERATE]
DM: The first worg rushes Araylia and bites into her weapon arm, nearly pulling her down in the process but she manages to keep her feet.
[TURN] Worg 2
Worg 2: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [ADV] [1g20+5 = 24]
Attack 24 -> [at Maelwys] [HIT]
Damage 11 -> [to Maelwys] [MODERATE]
Araylia screams in pain and gets back to her feet, her mace raised high.
Effect [‘Prone’] -> [to Maelwys] [by Worg 2]
DM: The last catches Maelwys off guard and knocks him to the ground before sinking teeth into his shoulder.
DM: Initiative.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Prone | Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys: Not…nice…
Maelwys wrenches himself free and pushes up to stand, he hisses out a curse and drives the elven leafblade toward the worg.
Effect [‘Concentrating’] -> [to Maelwys]
Maelwys: [ATTACK (M)] Pact Blade [CRIT 20] [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r20+4 = 8]
Attack 8 -> [at Worg 2] [MISS]
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia swings her mace at the worg who attacked her.
Attack 18 -> [at Worg 1] [HIT]
Damage 2 -> [to Worg 1] [LIGHT]
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra both hands lift, fingers pointing to both worg’s. Rays of fire shoots out at them
Attack 22 -> [at Worg 1] [HIT]
Attack 25 -> [at Worg 2] [CRITICAL HIT]
Damage 2 -> [to Worg 2] [LIGHT]
Damage 2 -> [to Worg 1]
Attack 17 -> [at Worg 1] [HIT]
Attack 18 -> [at Worg 2] [HIT]
Damage 7 -> [to Worg 2] [MODERATE]
Damage 6 -> [to Worg 1] [MODERATE]
DM: The worgs growl out in anger as fire scorches their hide.
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench runs around behind the wolf on Maelwys and strikes with his war pick.
Aldous Trench: [ATTACK (M)] War Pick 1 (Blackthorn) (bonded) [CRIT 20] [ADV] [1g207 = 18]
Attack 18 -> [at Worg 2] [HIT]
Damage 10 -> [to Worg 2] [HEAVY]
[TURN] Werewolf
DM: The worg turns toward Aldous, saliva dripping from its yellowed fangs.
DM: The tent flap is suddenly ripped open. A growling half-wolf, half-humanoid creature leaps at Araylia!
Werewolf: [ATTACK (M)] Bite (wolf or hybrid form only) [ADV] [1g20+4 = 15]
Attack 15 -> [at Araylia] [MISS]
Werewolf: [ATTACK (M)] Claws (hybrid form only) [ADV] [1g20+4 = 8]
Attack 8 -> [at Araylia] [MISS]
DM: Both claws and teeth seem to miss their mark, but the creature, pushes Araylia as it leaps at her.
[TURN] Geilded
Geilded steps up behind the wolf-man (who’s not in london for some reason), and strikes out at it quickly.
Geilded: [ATTACK (M)] Shatterspike 1h [CRIT 20] [ADV] [1g20+5 = 24]
Attack 24 -> [at Werewolf] [HIT]
Damage 9 -> [to Werewolf] [LIGHT]
Geilded (War Priest) slashes his blade back across once it hits.
DM: The werewolf spins around and glares at Geilded. Shatterspike glows a bright white, illuminating the area and thinning the fog to almost nothing!
Geilded: [ATTACK (M)] Shatterspike 1h [CRIT 20] [ADV] [1g20+5 = 12]
Attack 12 -> [at Werewolf] [HIT]
Damage 5 -> [to Werewolf]
[TURN] Worg 1
Geilded: "Puppy, puppy, puppy…"
Worg 1 leaps at Araylia once more (because she never turned around).
Attack 15 -> [at Araylia] [MISS]
DM: Araylia blocks the worg with her shield!
[TURN] Worg 2 – [Hexed; DISCHK: strength]
Worg 2 glares at Aldous before attempting to get by his shield and bite him.
Attack 22 -> [at Aldous Trench] [HIT]
Damage 12 -> [to Aldous Trench] [MODERATE]
Aldous Trench shouts "SCHILD!" as the paw comes at him.
Worg 2 bites at Aldous, nearly coming into contact but being pushed away.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Concentrating | Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys draws out his dagger while Aldous has the beast entertained, then grins and begins to stabby.
Maelwys: [ATTACK (M)] Pact Blade [CRIT 20] [ADV] [1g20+4 = 15]
Attack 15 -> [at Worg 2] [HIT]
Maelwys: [ATTACK (M)] Dagger (Off Hand) [CRIT 20] [ADV] [1g20+4 = 22]
Attack 22 -> [at Worg 2] [HIT]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE (M)] Pact Blade [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: magic piercing (1d6+2=4)] [TYPE: magic piercing,necrotic (1d6=3)] [1d6+1p6+2 = 7]
Damage 7 -> [to Worg 2] [CRITICAL]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE (M)] Dagger (Off Hand) [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: piercing (1d4=4)] [TYPE: piercing,necrotic (1d6=6)] [1d4+1p6 = 10]
Damage 10 -> [to Worg 2] [DYING]
Maelwys looks up at Aldous as he drives his blades into the worg. "Thanks."
[TURN] Araylia
Aldous Trench nods to Maelwys and looks to see who he’ll save next.
Araylia gestures towards the worg.
Araylia: [ATTACK®] Guiding Bolt [DIS] [1r20+6 = 8]
Attack 8 -> [at Worg 1] [MISS]
[TURN] Elandra
DM: The bolt of light sails right by the worg.
Elandra seeing the thing emerge from the tent, she points to it. Suddenly her eyes turn red and rays of fire shoot from fingertips at it.
Attack 10 -> [at Werewolf] [MISS]
Attack 12 -> [at Werewolf] [HIT]
Attack 7 -> [at Werewolf] [MISS]
Damage 10 -> [to Werewolf] [MODERATE]
DM: The werewolf growls lowly and turns its gaze on Elandra.
[TURN] Aldous Trench
DM: Aldous…?
Aldous Trench rushes the worg.
Attack 16 -> [at Worg 1] [HIT]
Damage 10 -> [to Worg 1] [HEAVY]
[TURN] Werewolf
Werewolf: The worg yelps and spins toward the new attacker.
Werewolf leaps toward the fire caster in a fit of rage.
Geilded wheels around to strike the leapin’ bastard.
Attack 24 -> [at Werewolf] [HIT]
Damage 5 -> [to Werewolf]
DM: Again Shatterspike glows brilliantly, this time it takes on a red aura.
Werewolf glares and moves away from the bite of that sword, then strikes at Elandra with both tooth and claw.
Attack 13 -> [at Elandra] [MISS]
Attack 23 -> [at Elandra] [HIT]
Damage 6 -> [to Elandra] [LIGHT]
[TURN] Geilded
DM: The claw tears into Elandra’s side, but the bite misses its mark.
Elandra lets out a cry, someone is gonna die, prolly the GM
Geilded begins his assault on the poor Werewolf by trying to clap a hand on it.
Attack 20 -> [at Werewolf] [HIT]
Damage 19 -> [to Werewolf] [CRITICAL]
Geilded: "Leave her be, Wolf-boy… Com’ere."
DM: An inky blackness forms near the touch on the werewolf’s hide, it spins around and lets out a loud roar as it rises up to full height before Geilded.
Geilded roars back, of course.
[TURN] Worg 1
DM: The worg turns from its earlier prey and bites at Aldous!
Attack 16 -> [at Aldous Trench] [MISS]
[TURN] Maelwys – [Concentrating | Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys turns his attention toward the werewolf, a split moment and a whispered word moves the shifts the hex to his new interest.
Maelwys lifts his hand, vines of ivy form in the air then fashion into an eldritch green bolt before shooting out toward the werewolf.
Attack 22 -> [at Werewolf] [HIT]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE] Eldritch Blast [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: force (1d10+4=14)] [TYPE: force,necrotic (1d6=4)] [1d10+1p6+4 = 18]
Damage 18 -> [to Werewolf] [DYING]
DM: The werewolf falls to the ground, covered in vines and leaves.
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia decides to use her mace once more.
Araylia moves up towards the worg and swings
Attack 11 -> [at Worg 1] [MISS]
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra seeing the werewolf go down, moves around the tent to send a fiery bolt at th word
Elandra: worg
Attack 13 -> [at Worg 1] [HIT]
Damage 3 -> [to Worg 1] [CRITICAL]
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench swings at the worg again.
Attack 17 -> [at Worg 1] [HIT]
Damage 6 -> [to Worg 1]
[TURN] Geilded
DM: Flame laps at the worg, causing the beast to roar in anger, then it focuses once more on Aldous. It turns its attention toward where the werewolf was…then all fight seems to leave the beast.
Geilded turns to the poor Worg being jumped all over and raises his shield towards it. The insignia scratched into it’s surface lit up white with his spell.
Damage 5 -> [to Worg 1] [DYING]
DM: The worg drops. Whatever it was trying to tell you…will never be known.
Geilded: "Everyone in one piece?"
Maelwys cleans and sheathes his blades, then dusts off his hands.
Aldous Trench: I’m fine.
Geilded moves up to search the tent the werewolf came from.
Araylia: Maelwys?
Maelwys: I will survive, save your magic.
Araylia nods to her companion.
Elandra pulls out a cloth and presses it to her side. Slowly she looks around for where the voice came from
Maelwys moves toward the corpse of the werewolf and draws his hand lightly over it, drawing out life force.
Maelwys: [HEAL] Dark One’s Blessing [MOD: CHA] [TEMP] 8
Temporary hit points 8 -> [to Maelwys]
DM: There’s little of value in the tent. Two shredded sleep mats, some clothing…very old clothing. Refuse and animal bones.
Geilded steps out and looks around at the bodies; blade in hand, he looks down at the werewolf.
Geilded: "What can we say of those?"
Geilded: "Anyone know much about them?"
DM: The werewolf and worgs suddenly disintegrate.
Maelwys: We can say…goodbye?
Geilded: "…Close enough."
Maelwys: Did anyone get bit?
Geilded: "I think Elandra got scraped, didn’t look like a bite."
Maelwys nods slightly. "Lycanthropy. Scholars call it a disease, but it is truly a curse…and it is transferred in through a werewolf’s bite."
Geilded: "Right… well then we should watch the teeth."
Elandra glances back at the others then moves ahead some.
Araylia moves towards Elandra.
Geilded paces for a moment before moving up to the corner of the building nearby.
DM: Elandra, you are blocked by the living trees from traveling much further that direction.
Maelwys: How about that key?
Aldous Trench searches the corpses around the fire.
Geilded: "A good question."
DM: The corpses literally begin to fall apart when you try to search them Aldous. They have nothing of value.
Elandra mutters and begins to return to the others. "lets get this done and out of here."
Geilded turns and runs the tip of his sword lightly along the wall of the building as he moves around it.
Aldous Trench: This is… disgusting.
Geilded: "Should check houses…" To no one in particular
Geilded looks either way, then back towards the party.
Maelwys: That it is…
Geilded turns and walks up to the door. Talking lowly to some unseen person.
Geilded: "What do you know about this town? You knew about the Gold."
Araylia moves after the others.
Maelwys: Who is he talking to this time?
Elandra: Himself
Araylia: One never knows.
DM: Unlike many of the ruined buildings, this particular house is in good shape. The doors appear to have been recently replaced…or they’ve withstood time very well.
Geilded falls quiet and puts his ear lightly against the door, looking like he might speak again but just stands with his mouth ajar.
DM: Go ahead.
DM: You don’t hear anything.
Geilded tries to open the door.
DM: Oddly enough, the door is locked.
Araylia: Try knocking.
Geilded tilts his head a little and makes a ‘huh’ sound. He looked to Araylia, almost laughing before he does, in fact, knock.
Irondrake: looks at Araylia.
Maelwys looks at Araylia.
Maelwys: Tell him to dance and stand on his head.
Araylia chuckles.
Geilded: "I suppose it’s not a bad idea given that we know there are ambient spirits that can manipulate things…"
DM: No one answers your knock.
DM: Yes, it does.
Geilded turns to kick the door open… or down. Whichever.
DM: Ok, make a Strength Check.
Araylia tries not to laugh at Geilded.
DM: You’ve jarred your leg…and the door does not open.
Maelwys smiles.
Maelwys: Do it again.
Aldous Trench chuckles
Geilded lets out a huffy sound.
Araylia: Just once more.
Araylia winks at Geilded.
Elandra: I missed it
Aldous Trench: I wish there was a way to record this and then watch it over and over.
Maelwys: Wait…I think there is…
Maelwys: Prestigitation…you know that spell Elandra?
Araylia: Perhaps someone else could manage to kick in a wooden door?
Maelwys: Ghost Image….might…do it
Araylia moves towards the building and leans against it.
Geilded hums thoughtfully to himself before looking his sword over.
Geilded: "Well, I suppose if you don’t break… why not?"
Aldous Trench: May I give you instruction on kicking in a door?
Elandra: I can always do it.
Maelwys: We want the house to remain…
Elandra: Well…
DM: The house is made of stone.
Geilded: "You could always burn the door down."
DM: Doors are made of wood, thick oak.
Maelwys: Its time’s like these that I miss our thief…
Araylia gets impatient and decides to circle the building to try to find another door.
Geilded: "Didn’t happen to keep a hold of his lockpicks, huh?"
Araylia shouts, "There’s another door over here!
Aldous Trench: I used to kick in doors a lot when I was a soldier.
Geilded moves up and around the building. Not seeming to hear Aldous, or he’s being a dick and not listening…
Maelwys: I used to use keys….
Elandra: I used to run into them in the sunlight.
Araylia: Want to try opening this one?
Maelwys just looks at Elandra.
Maelwys: I could see that.
Aldous Trench kicks in the door, concentrating his kick at the lock.
Geilded: "You could."
Geilded smiles.
Araylia smiles and tries the handle.
DM: A bit rattled…that’s one stout door…
DM: The door opens, Araylia.
Aldous Trench: It really is…
Araylia pushes the door open.
Araylia gives Geilded a smile.
Geilded turns and laughs a bit before following after Araylia.
Aldous Trench: a secure door…
Araylia goes in and tries to open the other door.
Araylia unlocks it
DM: The house looks recently lived in. So recently that the hearth is still lit.
DM: there are iron bars across the other door…securing it well in place.
Araylia knocks on the door.
Geilded looks around slowly, pacing all over the room.
Araylia: Try the other door!
Araylia looks to Geilded.
DM: Geilded, something catches your eye on the desk near the bed.
Aldous Trench: Can you unlock this door from inside?
Araylia: Nope, it’s barred.
Geilded investigates the desk.
Aldous Trench: You can’t remove the bar?
Geilded employs a strict no-touching policy, having heard stories of killer books.
DM: Floor sinks down as soon as you move to the desk!
Araylia: Just go through the other door!
Geilded looks down to investigate the floor now!
DM: Suddenly a support beam on the ceiling over the bed and desk gives way!
Geilded: "Shit!"
Araylia moves towards the working door.
DM: Make a Dexterity Save, Geilded
Araylia: Dammit, Geilded!
DM: You barely make out before rocks drop down from the weakened ceiling and smash into the desk and bed.
Geilded: "…huh."
Araylia: What’d you touch this time?
Elandra: Ok, who did what?
Geilded: "I touched the floor…"
DM: In the rubble you can make out a dented steel chest.
Araylia: Well…don’t do it again.
Geilded turns and squints at Araylia, walking around the rocks a bit to try and access the chest.
Maelwys: Well sounds like someone died in there.
Maelwys: I’ll stay out here.
DM: Its not likely the ceiling can collapse twice….
Araylia shakes her head at the other guy. She moves out the door to see what happened to the others.
DM: You can dig the chest out of the debris easily enough.
DM: Its about 1′×2′×8"
Geilded fiddles with the chest a bit, looking along the edge of it for any sort of locking.
Elandra keeps her happy ass safe and outside
DM: The lock lies in pieces in the rubble.
Geilded: "Well… either the key is really big or it’s not the key."
Geilded opens it, then! Turned away from himself.
DM: you turned the chest away from you before you opened it?
DM: Ok the chest opens.
Geilded looks over the edge of the lid to root around inside the chest.
DM: You can feel coins and the wooden handle of a crossbow. There’s also a small felt bag.
Geilded turns the box around.
Geilded: "Araylia? Get Elandra please?"
Araylia: Since you said please.
Geilded grins.
Araylia: Elandra!!!
DM: Several electrum coins and quite a few gold coins cover the bottom of the chest. A hand crossbow sits atop that. The felt bag rests in the corner of the chest.
Araylia stays right where she is.
Araylia: Geilded needs you!!
Geilded walks over the table and sets the chest up on it before returning to try and dig that book out of the rubble.
Elandra: What?
Elandra: I’m sorry!
Araylia: He found treasure!
Elandra has no need for treasure but goes to see what they need. NOT going to enter the building.
Araylia: Got her for you.
Araylia moves so Elandra can peak inside.
Elandra What?
Geilded motions back towards the table with a hand, still digging in the rubble.
Geilded: "Crossbow for you… And some… whatever."
Geilded was clearly distracted.
Elandra looks into the house, and up, before stepping inside.
DM: The ceiling creeks a bit.
Elandra steps back out!
Geilded grumbles in annoyance before standing again and looking around.
Geilded: "No? Don’t want it?
Araylia: Bring it out here, Geilded.
Geilded gives a little shrug, walking up to close the chest and walk it out.
Geilded: "Coins, crossbow, and a bag of something. Didn’t look in the bag yet."
Geilded presents the chest to whoever was closest to the door.
Maelwys: No one died?
Geilded: "No… just an old house, falling apart."
Maelwys: Ah.
Geilded: "I imagine it happens a lot in this town…"
Araylia: With bars on one door.
Geilded: "Given the werewolf… good idea to have them."
Aldous Trench: I would suggest looking in the bag.
Geilded shook the chest at Elandra before going into the chest to get the bag.
Elandra grumbles and takes the chest
Araylia: On only one door?
Maelwys: Oh will you carry my bag too, Elandra?
Elandra: No
Geilded: "Don’t make too many jokes… she won’t split the gold in there with you."
Maelwys shrugs slightly.
Geilded opens the bag!
Maelwys: Why would a dragon want to split gold anyway?
DM: Inside the bag is half of a key. It would appear that key was hewn right down the spine with something extremely sharp. Its abaout 3 inches in length.
DM: Or…about…
Elandra moves off to the side and sits on the ground. Opening the pack, she dumps the contents of the chest into it. Mutters about scorching a damn warlock
Geilded: "Heeeey, a key."
Geilded pockets the key-half and continues off towards the east-ish.
Aldous Trench follows Geilded.
DM: The fog begins to fill the area once more as you head eastward.
Geilded lights Shatterspike as he moves along.
Geilded: "I’m not sure all houses will be protected like that one…. I assume it was at least. We should check them for key-pieces."
Araylia follows close to the others.
DM: The building you approach has a collapsed ceiling already. No doors are intact and the windows have long been broken out. Its quite dark inside, but you can see that the floor is overgrown.
Araylia: A test? Meaning us learning to check for a second door?
Geilded wanders into the collapsed building.
Geilded: "Perhaps not this one, Aldous…"
Aldous Trench: Okay.
DM: South of this building you can see a line of the living trees formed.
Araylia searches south (?) of the building.
Geilded: "Damned trees…."
Geilded turns and wanders East-ish(?) again.
DM: As you wander into this clearing, you can hear a clicking noise nearby.
Geilded frowns deeply.
Geilded: "With my habit of getting into danger… perhaps don’t follow directly behind me."
DM: It sounds more like an animalistic chittering.
Aldous Trench: I have a shield.
Geilded moves up to put his head down near the door infront of him again.
DM: It sounds like wood.
Geilded tries the door!
DM: The door is half-rotten and looks quite old, but it remains standing. The building has tall, broad chimney.
Geilded: "Try that next building… This one looks alright."
DM: The door opens revealing a soot-covered floor. Two iron anvils can be seen inside. A larage cold forge is against the wall.
DM: (sheesh, LARGE)
Geilded investigates the decript forge.
DM: The forge hasn’t been worked in centuries. The anvils look worn and in disrepair.
Aldous Trench keeps a lookout at the door.
Geilded mumbles softly to himself as he walks to the backdoor.
DM: Suddenly the forge lights up. The fog lifts and darkness covers the village.
Geilded: "Oh fun."
DM: Two dwarves walk inside carrying an armful of metal each.
DM: They seem to take no notice of you as they go to begin working the metal. The metal is something you do not recognize, it is a blood red in color.
Geilded tries to interact with the forge. See if it gives off heat or what he could do with it.
DM: From somewhere deeper in the village you hear screams, "Dragon! Dragon!" A thick green fog rolls through through the forest, between the buildings and through every crack to cover the interiors as well.
DM: You feel no heat, Geilded.
DM: The dwarves become dust and settle onto the ground as the darkness lifts and the usual fog returns. The forge once again appears dead and unusued.
Geilded looks back towards the door to see if anyone else saw that.
DM: The only one who could have seen anything more than the darkness and fog is Aldous.
Geilded: "…Guess I’m crazy after all."
Geilded: "Next building?"
Aldous Trench: Sure.
Geilded: "Spiders?"
Aldous Trench: Not so far.
DM: The floor, walls, and what little remains of the ceiling of the building that you can see is covered in webs.
Geilded: "Can you do that burning hands spell? Might do well to lead with that.."
Geilded: "Spidersilk may not burn like wood… but it goes a long way to clearing it."
Maelwys: Have you seen any spiders?
Geilded: "No, but I am reminded of the tomb a few weeks ago with the chittering and the webs."
Aldous Trench: I can only do that once before I need a long rest.
Aldous Trench: Plus, we might burn something we don’t want burned.
DM: You hear a muffled sound of movement inside, like something large and bound trying to slide along the ground.
Geilded frowns and looks to Elandra.
Elandra listens as they talk of burning hands and the logic of burning things we may need or want
Geilded just sighs softly and walks into the spider webby room.
DM: Along one wall you see a pile of bones. Near it you see a cocooned figure…and its moving.
Geilded promptly looks up and flinches down a little.
Maelwys: See something?
Geilded: "Unfinished meal is all right now…"
Geilded goes to open the figure! Starting at the head, of course.
Maelwys: How…unfinished?
Elandra: Ever get the idea that spiders are about to appear?
Geilded: "It’s moving still at least."
Geilded mumbles under his breath, something along the lines of ‘Fucking spiders’.
DM: Make a perception check. Everyone.
Elandra twidling her thumbs!
Maelwys looks around, but at all the wrong places.
DM: Geilded, while you’re trying to free whatever unfortunate victim is there, something drops from the open ceiling…something….large. More of them appear….and they’ve taken you all by surprise!
[TURN] Giant Spider 1
DM: The first spider strike Geilded while he’s still concentrating on the saving of…whatever it is.
Giant Spider 1: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [ADV] [1g20+5 = 14]
Attack 14 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
[TURN] Giant Spider 2
Giant Spider 2: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [ADV] [1g20+5 = 18]
Attack 18 -> [at Geilded] [HIT]
Damage 8 -> [to Geilded] [MODERATE]
DM: The next one drives its fangs into Geilded’s neck! Luckily he pulls back quickly before any poison sets in.
[TURN] Giant Spider 3
Giant Spider 3: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [ADV] [1g20+5 = 22]
Attack 22 -> [at Elandra] [HIT]
Damage 11 -> [to Elandra] [HEAVY]
Damage 7 -> [to Elandra] [HALF] [CRITICAL]
Damage 8 -> [to Geilded] [HEAVY]
[TURN] Giant Spider 4
Giant Spider 4: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [ADV] [1g20+5 = 23]
Attack 23 -> [at Aldous Trench] [HIT]
Damage 11 -> [to Aldous Trench] [MODERATE]
Damage 1 -> [to Aldous Trench] [HALF]
DM: The last spider (that you know of) hangs over the doorway and bites at Aldous…
[TURN] Elandra
Geilded: "I hate spiders…"
DM: Ok, Initiative everyone
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys takes a quick look, seeing the spider latching onto Elandra and he chants quickly.
Maelwys takes out a chip of mica and strikes it then opens his fist toward the spider.
Damage 4 -> [to Giant Spider 3] [HALF] [LIGHT]
[TURN] Geilded
Geilded brings up one of his hands and wipes at the bite on his neck, lightly spreading the blood along Shatterspike he murmurs darkly. As he does a surge of red runes burst from around him to the spiders.
Geilded readies his sword as the runes linger around the spiders.
[TURN] Araylia
DM: The spiders shriek as they become weakened.
Araylia turns to her companion beside her. She quickly tries to heal her.
Araylia focuses on Elandra.
Heal 8 -> [to Elandra] [HEAVY]
Araylia immediately aims at the spider.
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra in pain and yet feeling all warm and fuzzy now, somewhat. Lets out a scream as rays of fire shoot from her to the spider
Damage 13 -> [to Giant Spider 3] [HEAVY]
Elandra instead a fan of fire hits it
[TURN] Aldous Trench
DM: Flames envelop the spider which causes it wonder if it made the right choice.
Aldous Trench winces in pain from the bite and swings at the spider that bit him.
Attack 11 -> [at Giant Spider 4] [MISS]
[TURN] Giant Spider 1 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 10]]
DM: The spider strikes out at Geilded once again.
Giant Spider 1: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [EFFECTS -1d4] [ADV] [1g20+1p4+5 = 16]
Attack 16 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
[TURN] Giant Spider 2 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 10]]
DM: The next spider shifts slightly and strands of webbing fly out at Geilded.
Giant Spider 2: [ATTACK®] Web [EFFECTS -1d4] [ADV] [1g20+1p4+5 = 20]
Attack 20 -> [at Geilded] [HIT]
Effect [‘Restrained’] -> [to Geilded] [by Giant Spider 2]
[TURN] Giant Spider 3
DM: The spider next to Elandra stamps the ground wildly to put itself out before it shoots webbing out at her.
Attack 21 -> [at Elandra] [HIT]
Effect [‘Restrained’] -> [to Elandra] [by Giant Spider 3]
[TURN] Giant Spider 4 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 10]]
DM: The last spider makes another attempt to bite Aldous.
Giant Spider 4: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [EFFECTS -1d4] [1d20+1p4+5 = 19]
Attack 19 -> [at Aldous Trench] [HIT]
Damage 6 -> [to Aldous Trench] [HEAVY]
Damage 7 -> [to Aldous Trench] [HALF]
Maelwys: Should we remove ourselves from this??
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys moves toward the spider, seeing Elandra get webbed… "This is really going south…quickly."
Attack 13 -> [at Giant Spider 3] [MISS]
Attack 22 -> [at Giant Spider 3] [HIT]
Geilded: "Damn spiders."
Damage 3 -> [to Giant Spider 3]
[TURN] Geilded – [Concentration; [D: 9] | Flanked; GRANTADVATK: melee; [D: 1] | Restrained]
Geilded attempts to break out of his wrapping.
Maelwys: Geilded bursts through the webbing!
DM: Geilded bursts through the webbing!
Geilded mumbles incoherently to himself as he draws his sword up, as he does a spectral Longsword blinks into existance near the Spider infront of him. It promptly swings.
DM: Con Save
DM: If you want to roll again
DM: If its a spell that requires concentration no you can’t
Attack 22 -> [at Giant Spider 2] [HIT]
Damage 8 -> [to Giant Spider 2] [MODERATE]
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia moves to Aldous.
Araylia reaches out and touches Aldous on the side.
Heal 9 -> [to Aldous Trench] [MODERATE]
[TURN] Elandra – [Restrained]
Elandra finger manages to touch the tenicle of the spider to give a shocking touch
Damage 2 -> [to Giant Spider 3] [CRITICAL]
DM: The spider is jolted and unable to react.
[TURN] Aldous Trench
DM: Ok second wind kicks in and you’re feeling better
Aldous Trench roars and swings again at the spider.
Attack 12 -> [at Giant Spider 4] [MISS]
Aldous Trench and then again.
Attack 22 -> [at Giant Spider 4] [HIT]
Damage 9 -> [to Giant Spider 4] [MODERATE]
[TURN] Giant Spider 1 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 10]]
Giant Spider 1: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [EFFECTS -1d4] [ADV] [1g20+1p4+5 = 7]
Attack 7 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
DM: The spider makes another attempt to bite Geilded but again misses.
[TURN] Giant Spider 2 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 10]]
Giant Spider 2: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [EFFECTS -1d4] [ADV] [1g20+1p4+5 = 14]
Attack 14 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
DM: And the next does the same…
[TURN] Giant Spider 3 – [Shocked; [D: 1]]
Attack 11 -> [at Maelwys] [MISS]
DM: The third makes an attempt to bite Maelwys but he dodges the fangs.
[TURN] Giant Spider 4 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 10]]
Giant Spider 4: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [EFFECTS -1d4] [1d20+1p4+5 = 5]
Attack 5 -> [at Aldous Trench] [MISS]
DM: And the last bites at Aldous…but only hits shield.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys snarls and launches his attacks at the spider once more, stabbing with pact blade and dagger.
Attack 8 -> [at Giant Spider 3] [MISS]
Attack 12 -> [at Giant Spider 3] [MISS]
[TURN] Geilded – [Concentration; [D: 9] | Flanked; GRANTADVATK: melee; [D: 1]]
Geilded swings at the spider nearest him!
Attack 6 -> [at Giant Spider 2] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
DM: Make a Dex save.
Geilded gets caught up in his web.
DM: Geilded hacks at the spider but the creature catches the blade across its mandibles and wrenches it from his grasp!
DM: Your sword lands in front of Araylia.
Geilded || The Spiritual Weapon attacks the spider that stole Geilded’s sword.
Attack 9 -> [at Giant Spider 2] [MISS]
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia aims at the spider in front of Geilded.
Attack 26 -> [at Giant Spider 2] [CRITICAL HIT]
Araylia: [DAMAGE] Guiding Bolt [CRITICAL] [TYPE: radiant (8d6=15)] [4d6+4g6 = 15]
Damage 15 -> [to Giant Spider 2] [CRITICAL]
DM: The bolt strikes the spider and causes it to glow brightly.
Araylia kicks the sword to its owner.
Effect [‘Shocked’] -> [EXPIRED] [on Giant Spider 3]
[TURN] Elandra – [Restrained]
Elandra gives it another shock
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Elandra but failed
Aldous Trench swings again.
Attack 22 -> [at Giant Spider 4] [HIT]
Damage 12 -> [to Giant Spider 4] [CRITICAL]
Aldous Trench drives his pick into the spider’s face.
[TURN] Giant Spider 1 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 9]]
DM: The spider shakes violently as the pick lands in it.
Giant Spider 1: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [EFFECTS -1d4] [1d20+1p4+5 = 8]
Attack 8 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
[TURN] Giant Spider 2 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 9] | [ACTN]; Guiding Bolt; GRANTADVATK; [D: 1]]
Giant Spider 2: [ATTACK®] Web [EFFECTS -1d4] [1d20+1p4+5 = 21]
Attack 21 -> [at Geilded] [HIT]
Effect [‘Restrained’] -> [to Geilded] [by Giant Spider 2]
DM: One spider attempts to bite but only hits the metal of armor, the other coats Geilded in sticky webbing….once again restraining him.
[TURN] Giant Spider 3
Attack 17 -> [at Maelwys] [HIT]
Damage 0 -> [to Maelwys] [ABSORBED]
Geilded lets out a frustrated ‘GRAH!’
Damage 4 -> [to Maelwys] [HALF] [PARTIALLY ABSORBED]
DM: The next bites into Maelwys, finally getting past his health ward, he groans as poison reaches his blood.
[TURN] Giant Spider 4 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 9]]
Giant Spider 4: [ATTACK®] Web [EFFECTS -1d4] [1d20+1p4+5 = 22]
Attack 22 -> [at Aldous Trench] [HIT]
Effect [‘Restrained’] -> [to Aldous Trench] [by Giant Spider 4]
DM: The spider spews webbing at Aldous, then begins to retreat up the wall.
Aldous Trench: [ATTACK (M)] War Pick 1 (Blackthorn) (bonded) [CRIT 20] [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r207 = 19]
Attack 19 -> [at Giant Spider 4] [HIT]
Aldous Trench is covered in web, but manages to pull his war pick out of the spider, pulling some brain matter with it.
Damage 6 -> [to Giant Spider 4] [DYING]
DM: The spider falls off the wall and lands in a heap on the ground!
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys mutters and opens his hand, pushing it outward toward the spider.
[TURN] Geilded – [Concentration; [D: 8] | Restrained]
Geilded sweeps up his sword and slashes out violently to the spider.
Effect [‘Guiding Bolt; GRANTADVATK’] -> [EXPIRED] [on Giant Spider 2]
Attack 10 -> [at Giant Spider 2] [MISS]
Geilded slashes again! As he does, his Spiritual weapon mimics his motions.
Geilded: [ATTACK (M)] Shatterspike 1h [CRIT 20] [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r20+5 = 7]
Attack 7 -> [at Giant Spider 2] [MISS]
Geilded: [ATTACK (M)] Spiritual Weapon [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r20+5 = 7]
Attack 7 -> [at Giant Spider 2] [MISS]
Damage 8 -> [to Giant Spider 2] [DYING]
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia focuses on the spider behind Geilded.
Attack 25 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [HIT]
Damage 15 -> [to Giant Spider 1] [HEAVY]
[TURN] Elandra – [Restrained]
DM: The next spider begins to glow brightly.
Araylia smiles as the guided bolts fly at the other spider.
Elandra tries to shock it again, still webbed up
Damage 1 -> [to Giant Spider 3]
[TURN] Aldous Trench – [Restrained]
Aldous Trench tries to break free of the webbing.
DM: Aldous bursts from the webbing (that is an action).
[TURN] Giant Spider 1 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 8] | [ACTN]; Guiding Bolt; GRANTADVATK; [D: 1]]
Giant Spider 1: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [EFFECTS -1d4] [ADV] [1g20+1p4+5 = 12]
Attack 12 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
DM: The spider, rather frustrated, bites at Geilded again….
[TURN] Giant Spider 3 – [Shocked; [D: 1]]
Geilded: "Damn you spiders!"
Attack 13 -> [at Maelwys] [MISS]
DM: And the last one takes another bite at Maelwys…but misses.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys notes the spider is still jolted, he backs up a bit and forms an eldritch bolt from vine-like energy.
Attack 11 -> [at Giant Spider 3] [MISS]
[TURN] Geilded – [Concentration; [D: 7] | Restrained]
Geilded fights his bindings!
Maelwys: You are still restrained.
Geilded curses to himself as his Spiritual weapon floats over to the spider and slashes at it.
Effect [‘Guiding Bolt; GRANTADVATK’] -> [EXPIRED] [on Giant Spider 1]
Attack 10 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [MISS]
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia moves towards the other spider and uses her mace against it.
Attack 17 -> [at Giant Spider 3] [HIT]
Damage 7 -> [to Giant Spider 3] [DYING]
Effect [‘Shocked’] -> [EXPIRED] [on Giant Spider 3]
[TURN] Elandra – [Restrained]
DM: The mace crunches into the spider and causes it to stop moving.
Elandra now that mr spider is gone, growls and tries to break free of the webbing
Elandra alas, no cookies
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench turns and tries to smash the last spider.
Attack 10 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [MISS]
[TURN] Giant Spider 1 – [Bane; ATK: -1d4; SAVE: -1d4; [D: 7]]
DM: The last spider keeps attempting to bite Geilded!
Giant Spider 1: [ATTACK (M)] Bite [EFFECTS -1d4] [ADV] [1g20+1p4+5 = 14]
Attack 14 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys: I need a mace…
Maelwys: Or breasts.
Geilded: "You… make strange requests."
Maelwys mutteres and crafts another eldritch blast for the last spider.
Maelwys: You’d have to be me…
Attack 12 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [MISS]
[TURN] Geilded – [Concentration; [D: 6] | Restrained]
Geilded attacks the last spider despite his webby constraints.
Geilded: [ATTACK (M)] Shatterspike 1h [CRIT 20] [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r20+5 = 11]
Attack 11 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [MISS]
Geilded || The Spiritual weapon deos as well…
Geilded: [ATTACK (M)] Spiritual Weapon [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r20+5 = 12]
Attack 12 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [MISS]
Geilded: [ATTACK (M)] Spiritual Weapon [EFFECTS] [DIS] [1r20+5 = 16]
Attack 16 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [HIT]
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia moves towards the final spider.
Araylia swings her mace.
Attack 20 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [HIT]
Damage 7 -> [to Giant Spider 1] [CRITICAL]
[TURN] Elandra – [Restrained]
Elandra once again tries to free herself
Elandra freed and contemplating killing Geilded
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench swings again.
Attack 14 -> [at Giant Spider 1] [HIT]
Damage 11 -> [to Giant Spider 1] [DYING]
DM: The last spider….finally….falls to the ground.
Aldous Trench again drives his pick through the spider’s head.
Geilded tries to cut himself free, ranting lowly to himself about hating spiders.
Maelwys: I need at least an hour….before we go anywhere else.
Araylia sits down and takes a moment to breathe deeply.
Araylia: Myself as well.
Elandra walks over and inside before sliding down the wall to sit
[340 XP] -> Geilded
[340 XP] -> Elandra
[340 XP] -> Aldous Trench
[340 XP] -> Maelwys
[340 XP] -> Araylia
Awarded XP to the Party. (1700)
Geilded sluggishly moves over to the cocooned person to cut them free.
Geilded: "I swear… if this isn’t a person made of key-parts and solid gold…."
Recovery 5[HD-1] -> [to Maelwys]
Recovery 10[HD-1] -> [to Maelwys] [HEALTHY]
Recovery 7[HD-1] -> [to Araylia] [LIGHT]
Recovery 4[HD-1] -> [to Geilded] [LIGHT]
Recovery 5[HD-1] -> [to Geilded]
Aldous Trench searches the remains of the already-eaten body.
DM: The remains are multiple bodies. Small animals…you think a halfling maybe…definately dwarf bones.
DM: The next room over was covered with small dragon-like skulls.
Aldous Trench: Eww…
DM: The moving one is cut free?
DM: It would appear to be elven or fae, a male with dark hair and green tint to his skin.
DM: And with that we are going to end.


Irondrake Irondrake

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