Session 24


5E v3.0.10 ruleset for Fantasy Grounds. Copyright 2013 Smiteworks USA, LLC.
Languages v3.2 Extension for FG 3.0 rulesets: 3.5E, PFRPG, 4E and Castles & Crusades, by Tenian (converted and expanded by Trenloe & Callum). Copyright 2014 Smiteworks.
DM: The cacooned figure takes in a deep breath once the strands of silk have been cut away from its face. Dark hair frames a slender male’s face. At first he appears to be an elf but there is definately something otherworldly in the almond-shaped eyes that look up at you.
Geilded prods the cocooned man in the chest a few times.
Geilded: "Poisoned? Speak Common, I hope?"
Spider Prisoner shakes his head. "Not…poisoned. Yes, I speak your language."
Geilded: "Oh good! Where’s the other key fragment?"
Spider Prisoner: You haven’t found them?
Geilded: "Found one, yes."
Elandra leans back against the wall, the scarf over her face while listening.
Spider Prisoner: Kindly return the webbing to its original binding place…
Geilded tilts his head slightly and looks around to his party member with an amused expression.
Geilded: "Did he just tell me to leave him to the spiders?"
Maelwys: Sounds like he’d prefer that fate to the dragon.
Elandra chuckles softly
Spider Prisoner: The dragon’s heartbeat is very strong…and near.
Geilded shrugs carelessly and rolls the figure over before standing and wiping himself off.
Geilded: "Well, don’t worry. I don’t think anyone else is coming for a long time."
DM: You hear muffled sounds from the cacoon.
Geilded turns it back over.
Geilded: "There is a problem? Is this not what you wanted?"
Spider Prisoner takes a deep breath.
Spider Prisoner: Someone else is coming…but not for you…or I.
Geilded: "Oh, I know. He’s not far behind actually. But if you’d like HIM to take it, by all means."
Spider Prisoner: I don’t think you realize whom I speak of.
Geilded stares impatiently at the man.
Aldous Trench: The warlord who hates magic.
Spider Prisoner: Oh yes, he’s coming, but you knew that. I speak of Queen of the Summer Court.
Geilded: "…huh. Strange for a queen to come do dirty work. Let’s get to slaying a dragon, then."
Aldous Trench looks at Maelwys. "Didn’t you just leave them?
Geilded goes to turn the poor prisoner over again.
Maelwys: In a sense….
Spider Prisoner: That’s why…
Geilded: "Just a ballparking question… Maelwys, how many women want you dead?
Geilded: "
Maelwys: Just women?
Elandra chuckles more while looking at Maelwys
Geilded: "Well I’m sure that would narrow it down."
Maelwys: Two…maybe three.
Geilded: "Ah, that’s not bad…"
Elandra: hundred
Spider Prisoner: They’re all powerful women, aren’t they?
Geilded finishing rolling the guy over.
Maelwys: Sure one is the Queen of Air and Darkness and the other is the Queen of the Summer Court….
Elandra: Let’s not forget the one that hired me to get you.
Aldous Trench: Oh good! The one who’s on her way here.
Geilded: "…I am not very surprised actually."
Maelwys: And that one.
DM: You hear more muffled sounds from the caccoon.
Aldous Trench turns the cocoon back over.
Geilded looks down at the man.
Geilded: "Are you going to actually be helpful or pout?"
Spider Prisoner: I think its alright if you let me go.
Aldous Trench: Would you just like to be released already?
Geilded: "Oh… is that your house back there? The nice one, untouched by the magics?"
Geilded pointed vaguely towards where the hut was.
Aldous Trench uses his pick to pry the webbing off.
Spider Prisoner: No, that house belonged to a wolf man….
Geilded: "Oh. Good. I jumped on his bed then caved his roof in."
Geilded helps Aldous cut the man free.
Spider Prisoner: I am Amluchon.
Geilded: "Fun."
Aldous Trench: I am Aldous.
Amluchon: I am from the Summer Court.
Geilded nods slowly and prods the man lightly with Shatterspike, looking to see if it would light up.
Amluchon looks at the sword and smiles. "Shatterspike. You know, that is one of ours…"
Geilded: "I don’t suppose you’d know how to get him to talk more often? He mostly just makes me appear insane."
Amluchon: Bloody picky sword…hard to deal with.
Geilded: "…Yes, yes he is."
Amluchon: Oh, then it likes you.
Geilded: "Alright Dragon-boy. Let’s go find a key."
Geilded offered a hand to help the man up.
Amluchon: You wish aid in dealing with the menacing dragon?
Amluchon clasps Geilded’s arm and stands up.
Aldous Trench: To be fair, I thought you were a bit insane before I ever saw you talk to your sword.
Geilded: "To be fair… I am."
Aldous Trench: I was being fair to the sword.
Geilded: "Ah…"
Geilded dusts the man off before just wandering out of the building, absolutely skipping plesantries.
Aldous Trench: And yes, I can’t think of anyone who would turn down aid against a dragon.
Aldous Trench: Except perhaps Geilded.
Amluchon: Then I’ll need my gear.
Geilded calls back, "No… I’m killing it. …Need to Revenge a Gold."
Maelwys frowns slightly.
Elandra lifts to her feet then moves to the door to look out.
Aldous Trench: Where’s your gear?
Amluchon moves to the next room and starts to dig through bones under the tree.
Geilded hums to himself, looking around at the fog as he waits for the others.
Amluchon nods once he’s gotten dressed and picked up his swords and bow. "I’m good."
Elandra moves from the building and outside, muttering about something not feeling right.
Aldous Trench follows Amluchon out the door.
Geilded: "Everyone all settled?"
Recovery 8[HD-1] -> [to Elandra] [MODERATE]
Recovery 5[HD-1] -> [to Elandra] [LIGHT]
Geilded: "So. Know where this key piece is or not?"
Geilded: "We can wander, I don’t imagine time is too much of the essence."
Amluchon: You received clues.
Amluchon kneels down and studies the ground, then shakes his head and wanders around to the other side of the building. "Is there any spot of ground you didn’t completely wreck?"
Geilded raises his eyebrows and lets out a ‘huh’ before just walking east-ish.
Geilded: "What a nice guy."
Aldous Trench follows Geilded
Geilded crosses the road and smiles to himself placidly.
Elandra shivers, feeling the pull een more.
Geilded: "Alright, Dragon-brother… What is your purpose here?"
DM: The everpresent fog thickens as you walk eastward. The vegetation on the ground seems to also become thicker.
Amluchon: Purpose? I came here by accident.
Aldous Trench peeks into the house
Geilded: "Nice."
Geilded looks to Aldous curiously.
DM: The building you are you looking into Aldous has about half of its ceiling remaining. A large dwarven urn lies tipped over on its side. It is mostly whole. Overgrown vegetation and debris from the fallen ceiling litter the rest of the small building.
Aldous Trench stomps on the urn
Geilded continues along, humming lightly to himself.
DM: The fog gathers in intensity behind the building. Aldous, Geilded, make a perception check.
Aldous Trench: Careful. Something’s near.
Geilded frowns at the fog and makes his way back to the party.
Amluchon: This fog makes it hard for me to concentrate. Its unnatural.
Amluchon: Something large has recently passed this way.
Aldous Trench: I think it’s on the other side of this building.
Elandra listens to all around her, not the ones talking, but everything else.
Geilded looks to Elandra, but stays quiet.
Geilded: "…How large?"
Amluchon kneels down and presses his hand along the marks in the ground.
Amluchon: Pretty large…
Elandra walks further ahead, shaking her head, trying to clear it.
Geilded sighs internally as he continues along and looks in the next building.
The ground begins to crawl. You quickly realize its not the ground, but vine-like tentacles retracting and drawing back the vegetation they rested under. Toward the center of this stand of trees you see a beastly creature rising up, the likes of which you’ve never seen before!
Amluchon: I found it…
Geilded: "Oh?"
DM: Yes, Geilded, its moving toward you…
DM: Initiative…
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys looks toward the building, then to each side, he frowns and moves away from the fey.
Maelwys: No shot…
Geilded: "Then prepare to stab it."
[TURN] Amluchon
Amluchon withdraws an arrow from his quiver and lines up a shot, taking careful aim before he lets loose.
Attack 11 -> [at Shambling Mound] [MISS]
Amluchon watches the arrow fly through the vegetable matter. "Hm."
[TURN] Elandra
Geilded: "Would you be so kind as to roast that tree-vine monster please?"
Geilded smiled to Elandra.
Attack 23 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Damage 3 -> [to Shambling Mound] [PARTIALLY RESISTED] [LIGHT]
Elandra looks at Geilded then moves around the building. Lifts a finger to send a bolt of fire at it.
[TURN] Shambling Mound
DM: Fire strikes the mound….but unlike the expected result of it catching fire…it seems to have absorbed some of the fire’s energy.
DM: The creature slides back into the treeline further.
DM: You see a glint of metal in the mound’s body…the outline of a chest.
[TURN] Geilded
Geilded walks up curiously, watching it where he could through the trees as he moved passed Elandra to face the creature.
Geilded: "Looks like it has a box… perhaps my box."
Geilded mutters lowly to himself as a rearing dragon’s head starts to become alit on his shield and he thrusts it forward at the monster.
Attack 21 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Damage 15 -> [to Shambling Mound]
Effect [‘Guilding Bolt; GRANDADVATK’] -> [to Shambling Mound] [by Geilded]
DM: The creature is struck and lets out a loud horn-like sound that shakes the foundation of the buildings around you.
Geilded looks displeased by this.
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench rushes around the corner and fires off a firebolt.
Aldous Trench: Feuerschlag!
Attack 18 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Damage 3 -> [to Shambling Mound] [PARTIALLY RESISTED]
DM: Again the fire seems to be partially absorbed by the creature.
Geilded: "Well this seems horribly insufficient…"
[TURN] Maelwys – [Armor of Shadows]
Aldous Trench: Hmm… not fire, huh?
Geilded: "Nor Light. hmm."
Maelwys moves up and holds up his hand, motioning to the creature as a bolt of eldritch energy forms and flies toward it.
Effect [‘Concentrating’] -> [to Maelwys]
Attack 23 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE] Eldritch Blast [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: force (1d10+4=7)] [TYPE: force,necrotic (1d6=1)] [1d10+1p6+4 = 8]
Damage 8 -> [to Shambling Mound]
[TURN] Amluchon
Amluchon withdraws another arrow, then begins to concentrate, making a hunter’s mark on the unnatural creature.
Effect [‘Concentration’] -> [to Amluchon]
Effect [‘Marked by Amluchon’] -> [to Shambling Mound] [by Amluchon]
Attack 20 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Amluchon: [DAMAGE®] Longbow [EFFECTS 1d8] [TYPE: piercing (2d8+4=13)] [1d8+1p8+4 = 13]
Damage 13 -> [to Shambling Mound] [MODERATE]
Amluchon smiles as the arrow buries into the creature…but frowns when it is still standing.
Amluchon: Tough beast.
[TURN] Elandra
Geilded: "A strange creature, to be sure."
Elandra moves forward with a glance to Maelwys. "protect me" then lifts her hand palm out to the shambling. A soft exhale and a puff of poison leaves her palm and heads to the thing.
[TURN] Shambling Mound – [Guilding Bolt; GRANDADVATK | Hexed; DISCHK: strength | DMG: 1d6; [D: 1] | Marked by Amluchon]
DM: The beast shuffles forward slowly and lifts a pair of great tentacles toward the warlock.
Attack 8 -> [at Maelwys] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
Attack 13 -> [at Maelwys] [MISS]
[TURN] Geilded – [Concentrating; [D: 99] | Shield of Faith; AC: 2; [D: 99]]
Geilded moves to a more acceptable location and strikes out at the creepy-beasty.
Attack 22 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Damage 4 -> [to Shambling Mound]
DM: The beast looks at Geilded.
Geilded (War Priest) rears back and slashes out again rapidly.
Attack 19 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Damage 9 -> [to Shambling Mound]
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Geilded: "A very strange creature."
DM: It is just now starting to look weakened.
Aldous Trench sees he can’t get into melee range, so pulls out his crossbow and fires.
Attack 14 -> [at Shambling Mound] [MISS]
[TURN] Maelwys – [Concentrating | Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys draws his dagger in his offhand and strikes out at the beast with pactblade and dagger.
Attack 6 -> [at Shambling Mound] [MISS]
Attack 17 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE (M)] Dagger (Off Hand) [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: piercing (1d4=1)] [TYPE: piercing,necrotic (1d6=1)] [1d4+1p6 = 2]
Damage 2 -> [to Shambling Mound]
[TURN] Amluchon – [Concentration]
Amluchon tilts his head and draws another arrow. "Will this beast fall?" He lets loose on his marked target.
Attack 18 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Amluchon: [DAMAGE®] Longbow [EFFECTS 1d8+1d6] [TYPE: piercing (2d8+1d6+4=18)] [1d8+1p6+1p8+4 = 18]
Damage 18 -> [to Shambling Mound] [HEAVY]
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra hand darts out to give it a shock.
Elandra then eyes widen and the puff of poison erupts from her palm and toward it
Damage 6 -> [to Shambling Mound]
DM: The poison seeps into the creature and turns part of it a darker color. It appears to have wounded it.
[TURN] Shambling Mound – [Hexed; DISCHK: strength | Marked by Amluchon]
DM: The beast looks one way, then the other…and determines that the greater threat wears metal.
Elandra: No lightning! it will heal it
Geilded: "Then death will do."
Attack 19 -> [at Geilded] [DEF EFFECTS 2] [MISS]
Attack 12 -> [at Geilded] [DEF EFFECTS +2] [MISS]
[TURN] Geilded – [Concentrating; [D: 98] | Shield of Faith; AC: 2; [D: 98]]
Geilded turns Shatterspike over in his hand and sticks the end in the ground. As he does, he reaches out to grab one of the beast’s tendrils when it slams at him.
Attack 17 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Damage 26 -> [to Shambling Mound] [CRITICAL]
Geilded growls darkly as a low ambience of runes collect around his armor and the inscription on his shield glows lowly.
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench shoots again.
Attack 17 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Damage 6 -> [to Shambling Mound]
DM: The beast lets out another roar, the building’s walls near you begin to crumble.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Concentrating | Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys continues to murmer quietly in an infernal tongue as he stabs at the beast again.
Attack 6 -> [at Shambling Mound] [MISS]
Attack 16 -> [at Shambling Mound] [HIT]
Maelwys: [DAMAGE (M)] Dagger (Off Hand) [EFFECTS 1d6] [TYPE: piercing (1d4=2)] [TYPE: piercing,necrotic (1d6=4)] [1d41p6 = 6]
Damage 6 -> [to Shambling Mound]
[TURN] Amluchon – [Concentration]
Amluchon aims a little higher to see if he can get a better hit.
Attack 28 -> [at Shambling Mound] [CRITICAL HIT]
Amluchon: [DAMAGE®] Longbow [EFFECTS 1d8+1d6] [CRITICAL] [TYPE: piercing (4d8+2d6+4=31)] [1d8+1g6+2g8+1p6+1p8+4 = 31]
Damage 31 -> [to Shambling Mound] [DYING]
Amluchon lowers his bow and watches the mighty creature falls with his arrow sticking out of the top of its "skull".
Geilded: "Effective. I like you, Dragon-boy."
DM: The shambling mound sinks to the ground, tendrils race across the grass as if to escape…then finally all movement ceases. A steel chest lies in a pile of leaves and muddy water near the center of where the creature stood.
Geilded picks up Shatterspike and walks over towards the chest calmly.
DM: The lock is intact and in pristine condition.
DM: The lock is inset into the metal plate of the chest.
DM: The chest is rather small, no more than 8" long and perhaps 5" wide.
Geilded: "Well… I don’t suppose there’s a roof I can drop on this one."
Amluchon: Where’s your rogue?
Geilded pushes the chest over with his foot so the lock faced the sky and he knelt down.
Geilded: "Dead."
Amluchon: Pity.
Elandra: I will put it with the other. We can open it when we get the rest.
Geilded: "Mmm…"
Amluchon: That…was the key guardian…
Geilded takes his backpack off and begins to root through it.
Geilded: "Figured as much. Looks like we’re close to visiting a dragon."
Geilded: "Don’t suppose someone kept the lockpicks Elgeon had…"
Aldous Trench: What about just breaking the lock?
Geilded pulls out an iron spike from his backpack and a smithing hammer.
Maelwys: I kept much of Elgeon’s things.
Maelwys: What was easily carried.
Geilded: "Oh good. I don’t think he got rid of those apples… so probably don’t open any bags. It has been a while."
Geilded tries to force the lock with the spike and hammer.
DM: Make a strength check.
DM: You manage to snap the lock and the lid of the chest opens. The chest’s interior is lined with red velvet, upon which sits half of a key.
Geilded picks up the key-half gingerly and puts it with the other.
Geilded: "Anyone want a chest? It’s nice."
Aldous Trench: Lock’s broken.
Geilded: "Still a functionable box."
Elandra removes her backpack and opens it. The other chest similiar to it taken out and opened. The first half of the key shown.
Geilded gave the key-half to Elandra then!
Amluchon looks around slowly.
Geilded replaces his spike, hammer, and backpack to where they properly went and began to look around.
Elandra takes the half and places it with the first half then closes the chest.
DM: The air around you grows cold a loud, long roar fills the area from the hill to the north.
Aldous Trench: So, we have our key. Where’s the door?
Amluchon points north.
Aldous Trench heads north.
Amluchon: There’s path over here…
Elandra instead of putting the thing in the pack, she manages to get it inside and on her person
DM: The path leading north where you are, Aldous goes around the hill. Another path just to the south seems to go up the hill, into the trees.
Aldous Trench: Around the hill or up?
DM: The tower lies on top of the hill.
Amluchon: Into the trees and up the hill, I think.
Aldous Trench nods and heads up the hill.
DM: The path moves up and dips down as it trails through the stands of trees. Eventually you reach the large tower. The roof of the tower is missing and a square building built against it contains a single door which would allow entry from the ground.
Geilded looks over the tower and smiles to himself.
Geilded: "Smaller than I expected."
Amluchon: Makes one wonder as to the nature of this…dragon.
Geilded: "…you mean you’ve never been here before?"
Amluchon: A century ago.
Elandra: Who said the dragon was not underground.
Geilded approaches the door, looking oddly at Amluchon
Geilded: "An appropriate assessment, Elandra. Maybe far underground. Exciting."
Elandra: One can only hope.
Geilded examines the door!
DM: The door looks like a solid piece of oak with an odd impression in the middle of it. There’s no keyhole, but there is a place where a key could be mounted upon it.
Geilded: "Would you like to put in the key?"
Geilded looked back to Elandra.
Elandra removes the chest from under the cloak and walks towad the door. "Move back." Opening the chest.
Amluchon whistles quietly.
Elandra once he is back, begins putting the pieces of key in the right spot.
Geilded waits patiently.
DM: The door begins to glow as the key melds into the impressions on the door.
DM: An iron pull ring appears, as well as iron bands and typical wooden slats from a normal door.
Geilded softly taps Shatterspike on his foot.
Elandra reaches up to grasp the pull ring and pull.
DM: The door swings open. Inside you spy what would normally be found in servants quarters. A cot, a desk, and a bookshelf which is now empty. Another door leads to the main tower…and a third door exits the other side.
Elandra looks to each. "Today is a good day to die."
Aldous Trench: It’s also a good day NOT to die.
Geilded: "See, that’s not as fun to say though."
Geilded goes in if no one else does.
DM: Geilded dies!
Aldous Trench follows Geilded in
DM: The floorboards creak as you step inside. Your blood begins to cool as the interior door swings open slowly and the scent of chlorine fills the room.
Geilded closes his eyes and frowns deeply.
Geilded walks slowly towards the sidedoor, that’s apparently open because of sight paths.
DM: The floor of the tower is spotless but for a chest, some gold scattered about, and dragon-claw staff laying nearby. The open roof above sheds a little light into the room.
DM: The scent of chlorine is strongest in the tower.
Geilded looks down at the ground in obvious distrust.
Geilded: "…eh. Why not."
Aldous Trench: Wait.
Geilded stops midstride.
Aldous Trench: Tie some rope around your waist, leave the other end with us.
Amluchon: He must like you.
Geilded: "If you can pull me fifteen or so feet before I am killed, I will pay you 50 gold without question."
Aldous Trench: I’m hoping he can grab that chest before the floor drops out.
Geilded: "That being said. I have no rope."
Aldous Trench: We’ll keep the rope taut.
Aldous Trench pulls some rope from his pack.
Geilded takes the rope and ties it around his waist before twisting Shatterspike in his hand and smiling. "Alright. Let’s go see what’s going on."
DM: So the chest is very large, and looks pretty heavy.
Elandra eyes glued on the staff A step taken toward the room, wanting it.
Geilded walks in!
DM: Again the floorboards can be heard all through the building as Geilded steps inside.
Geilded grabs the staff and casts it back into the room with the others.
Aldous Trench keeps the rope taut.
Amluchon nocks an arrow and aims into the room, but not directly at Geilded.
DM: You grabbed the staff?
DM: The staff rolls into the room. Stone crumbles down from overhead and you hear a loud snort.
Geilded looks up as he nopes out.
Elandra leans to grab the staff
Aldous Trench starts pulling the rope back.
DM: Climbing down the interior tower wall is a large green wyrm, yellow eyes staring straight aty ou, Geilded. Your feet fail to move for just a moment.
Geilded stares up at the wyrm, twisting the sword again in his hand.
Aldous Trench keeps pulling Geilded back.
DM: The creature stops and continues to stare right into your eyes, Geilded….your blood has gone ice cold.
DM: Make a Wisdom Save.
DM: You suddenly regain control of yourself and can feel the rope pulling at you.
Geilded keeps staring as he lets Aldous pull him back.
Nalthraxus: My staff….
Geilded: "Oh good, you speak Common."
Nalthraxus: Filthy thieves!
Geilded unties himself.
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DM: The dragon lets out a roar and is clearly enraged.
DM: Initiative.
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[TURN] Geilded
Geilded: "Elandra… I am going to assume your chat went poorly?"
DM: Its very clear that this dragon is not ancient…or even an old wyrm.
Elandra lowers the scarf, her eyes nice and golden now.
Geilded: "I guess I’ll take that as a Yes."
Geilded steps back into the room to just attack the wyrm, raising his sword rapidly as he does.
Attack 6 -> [at Nalthraxus] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
DM: Dex Save
DM: The dragon sees an opening and quickly claws at you!
Attack 23 -> [at Geilded] [HIT]
Damage 11 -> [to Geilded] [MODERATE]
Geilded mutters under his voice and a surge of magics escape him, mending the wounds a bit.
Heal 6 -> [to Geilded] [LIGHT]
[TURN] Elandra
Elandra the staff left in the room as she joins Geilded in the room. Her hand opens rapidly three times sending 3 rays of fire at it.
Elandra: [DAMAGE] Scorching Ray [CRITICAL] [TYPE: fire (4d6=19)] [2d6+2g6 = 19]
Damage 19 -> [to Nalthraxus] [LIGHT]
[TURN] Nalthraxus
DM: Nalthraxus roars in anger and inhales deeply.
Amluchon: I might say, running does not make one a coward….
Geilded: "…I’d probably do it."
Geilded: "Like now."
Damage 39 -> [to Amluchon] [CRITICAL]
Damage 19 -> [to Aldous Trench] [HALF] [HEAVY]
Damage 19 -> [to Geilded] [HALF] [CRITICAL]
Damage 19 -> [to Maelwys] [HALF] [HEAVY]
DM: A green spray of gas floods the room, exhaled from the dragon’s mouth!
[TURN] Amluchon – [Concentration]
Amluchon stumbles back and groans trying maintain his concentration.
Amluchon raises his hand, marking the dragon, then quickly draws an arrow and lets it fly.
Effect [‘Marked by Amluchon’] -> [to Nalthraxus] [by Amluchon]
Attack 13 -> [at Nalthraxus] [MISS]
Amluchon groans as the arrow bounces off the dragon’s hardened scales. "I still say retreat is an option!"
[TURN] Maelwys – [Concentrating | Armor of Shadows]
Geilded: "No shit… get running."
Maelwys moves to get a better shot at the beast, then raises his hand and chants the words of a shattering spell.
Damage 10 -> [to Nalthraxus]
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Geilded: "Aldous… Korcyth."
Geilded: "Or run. You should probably run."
Aldous Trench charges forward, summoning Korcyth to his hand, and swings at the wyrm.
Attack 11 -> [at Nalthraxus] [MISS]
[TURN] Geilded
Geilded looks like he might just fall over dead at the slightly provocation.
Geilded bangs his shield on his chest a moment and mumbles incoherently to himself as a healing wave hits him.
Heal 14 -> [to Geilded] [MODERATE]
Geilded raises his shield to the Wyrm.
Geilded: "Really… get to running if you can’t hit him."
[TURN] Elandra
Maelwys: No one’s running yet!
Amluchon: I tried….
Elandra once again opens and closes her hand three times to send rays of fire at the green
Geilded: "Try harder."
Attack 21 -> [at Nalthraxus] [HIT]
Attack 10 -> [at Nalthraxus] [MISS]
Attack 21 -> [at Nalthraxus] [HIT]
Damage 8 -> [to Nalthraxus] [MODERATE]
Damage 2 -> [to Nalthraxus]
Damage 7 -> [to Nalthraxus]
[TURN] Nalthraxus – [Marked by Amluchon]
Nalthraxus rears back and roars, his eyes shift to the roof, then he leans down. "Give it back!"
DM: The young dragon launches into an all out attack, claws swing at Geilded, Aldous, and the beast bites at Elandra!
Attack 19 -> [at Amluchon] [HIT]
Attack 27 -> [at Maelwys] [CRITICAL HIT]
Attack 18 -> [at Aldous Trench] [HIT]
Attack 10 -> [at Geilded] [MISS]
Attack 23 -> [at Aldous Trench] [HIT]
Damage 7 -> [to Aldous Trench] [CRITICAL]
Attack 11 -> [at Elandra] [MISS]
[TURN] Araylia
Araylia moves quickly into the building and lifts her holy symbol towards Aldous.
Heal 11 -> [to Aldous Trench] [HEAVY]
Araylia heals her companion and then aims her holy symbol at the dragon. A burst of flame flies towards it.
DM: The dragon easily shakes off the effect of the spell.
[TURN] Amluchon – [Concentration]
Amluchon looks around the armored figure that just stood in front of him, draws another arrow and fires over her shoulder. "Don’t turn."
Attack 18 -> [at Nalthraxus] [HIT]
Amluchon: [DAMAGE®] Longbow [EFFECTS 1d8+1d6] [TYPE: piercing (2d8+1d6+4=13)] [1d8+1p6+1p8+4 = 13]
Damage 13 -> [to Nalthraxus]
Araylia lowers her head a bit, not quite sure who the strange man is behind her.
DM: The dragon roars as the arrow finds its way past his scales, then it steps back and prepares to leap up.
[TURN] Maelwys – [Concentrating | Armor of Shadows]
Maelwys: He’s going to run…
Maelwys quickly chants again, summoning another bolt of eldritch energy to send toward the beast.
Attack 12 -> [at Nalthraxus] [MISS]
[TURN] Aldous Trench
Aldous Trench swings again with this new weapon…
Attack 11 -> [at Nalthraxus] [MISS]
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[TURN] Geilded
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Geilded lashes out with Shatterspike! Intent on actually hitting.
Attack 25 -> [at Nalthraxus] [CRITICAL HIT]
Geilded: [DAMAGE (M)] Shatterspike 1h [CRITICAL] [TYPE: slashing, magic (2d8+3=12)] [1d8+1g8+3 = 12]
Damage 12 -> [to Nalthraxus] [HEAVY]
DM: The dragon roars yet again.
Geilded (War Priest) lets out a small roar as the runes of his armor surge up again and he slashes once more.
Attack 21 -> [at Nalthraxus] [HIT]
Damage 4 -> [to Nalthraxus]
[TURN] Elandra
Geilded: "Maybe hit it with the staff, Elandra."
Elandra waves her hand and sends a bolt of fire at it.
Amluchon: She’d love to, but I’m looking at it here beside me.
Attack 6 -> [at Nalthraxus] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
Geilded: "Grah…"
Elandra then shakes her hand as it fizzles
[TURN] Nalthraxus – [Marked by Amluchon]
Nalthraxus glares at them.
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Geilded: "He sounds pissed."
Nalthraxus withdraws from the battle with a careful measured gait, then leaps into the air and flies out of the tower.
Araylia: What just happened?
Geilded: "It ran off… Hmm."
Amluchon: The dragon was smarter than us.
Aldous Trench: Well… we showed him… how bad I am with this weapon…
Elandra watches as it goes then dives ontop of the treasure. "MINE MINE MINE!~!!!"
Geilded just stares at Elandra.
Geilded: "No… Ours."
Araylia: I need a rest.
Elandra: "MINE!" *growls

Aldous Trench: We all need a rest.
Araylia turns to the man behind her. "Hello…?"
Maelwys looks at the others then steps out of the building to see where the dragon went.
Geilded: "Dragon-brother… do me a favor and break that staff of her’s."
Amluchon looks at Geilded.
Amluchon: Ah…no.
Amluchon: I won’t touch that staff.
Amluchon: I would advise no one else touch it either.
Araylia glances at the staff curiously.
Geilded: "Perhaps you are right."
Geilded goes over to where the staff was.
Araylia: Is every one alive?
Elandra rolls around on the gold
Geilded: "Yes… And Elandra has her gold hoard."
Geilded: "Or a hoard…"
DM: The staff has a golden claw clutching a multifaceted orb on the end. It is made of wood with a golden staff blade at the end.
Araylia obviously upset that the stranger won’t respond to her, so she goes to see how Elandra is doing.
Geilded bends down to pick up the staff.
Aldous Trench: Should we destroy the staff?
Araylia: Elandra?
Amluchon he did respond to her, in Sylvan.
Amluchon shrugs.
Elandra laying on the gold, looks at Araylia "MINE!"
Amluchon moves to try to recover any spent arrows.
Araylia raises her hands slowly. "Okay, but I just want to make sure you are okay."
[TURN] Araylia
Amluchon drops down on one knee and grunts.
Geilded shoulders his shield as he looks to Amluchon.
Amluchon: Fey gate….
Geilded: "Yeah… Hurt, huh?"
Araylia: Would you like some help with the gold?
Amluchon: Just…opened.
Geilded: "Sounds bad."
Aldous Trench: The queen arrives?
Araylia: Elandra?
Amluchon: Better grab your warlock.
Geilded: "Yeah… where-ever he went…"
Elandra looks at Araylia with golden eyes. "What?"
Amluchon: He went outside.
Araylia: Whatcha doing?
Geilded sheathes Shatterspike, still carrying the staff (presumably) as he stepped out.
Elandra: Protecting my gold.
Geilded: "Maelwys?"
DM: There is no one outside.
Araylia: From who?
Geilded looks for footprints.
DM: The fog has begun to clear, the dragon’s influence is seems to be lessening on the area. The army of treants that had surrounded the village is beginning dissipate.
DM: Yes, survival to check for traps.
DM: Tracks
DM: You see where you all moved around.
Geilded turns and tosses the staff to Amluchon before walking down the path a few steps to see if he can find Maelwys.
Araylia steps closer towards Elandra.
Araylia: We need to go.
Amluchon catches the staff and frowns…it was cold. "Oh…too late…"
Elandra hisses at Araylia.
Amluchon looks at Elandra.
Amluchon shrugs. "Woman…your staff."
Araylia sighs. "Come on."
Geilded checks the immediate area near the trees.
DM: You can make another survival check.
Araylia smiles at Elandra. "Can I have a piece of gold?"
DM: You pick up some signs now, Geilded…it looks like someone was recently drug to the east.
Elandra: No
Araylia shrugs.
Araylia walks away from her friend and her new obsession.
Geilded follows the line and pokes his head into the tower.
Geilded: "Maelwys was taken. Marks going east. Let’s go."
Araylia: Where’s Maelwys?
Elandra curls up and closes her eyes while on the treasure.
Amluchon shakes his head.
Aldous Trench: So… is this how you want to greet the Queen of the Summer Court?
Amluchon: I see a lot of blood, everyone…is weakened in some way.
Aldous Trench: Ah… Maelwys needs us.
Aldous Trench runs outside.
Amluchon: They already have him.
Geilded stares down emotionlessly to Amluchon as he goes after where Elandra was hoarding her gold.
Aldous Trench: The Summer Court has him?
Amluchon: That is my best guess.
Aldous Trench: How can we get him back?
Elandra: Maelwys knew the price he had to pay…. we will see him again.
Araylia angrily goes back to Elandra.
Amluchon: I felt a Fey Gate open…he is now gone.
Araylia: Get up! Even if he knew, he is our friend! We need to go save him.
Araylia slaps Elandra.
Geilded looks back to Aldous and mouths ‘Korcyth’.
Araylia: NOW!
Amluchon: I will help you reach your friend…if that’s what you truly want.
Aldous Trench: What about it?
Elandra growls and slowly stands up, walking toward Araylia.
Amluchon: Not until you’ve recovered though.
Geilded: "Makes a good incentive to move."
Araylia stands her ground.
Araylia: You are an amazing person. I am honored to fight by your side.
Araylia: But you need to step up and be there for Maelwys.
Elandra: Do not ever hit me again,if you wish to live.
Araylia clenches her fist but looks away.
Araylia tries not to say some harsh words to Elandra. She just waits patiently for Elandra to make a decision.
DM: A small gold dragon scale falls on the ground near Elandra.
Geilded looks up!
Araylia glances at the scale and then upwards.
Amluchon: I call the cot!
Amluchon moves over to the cot and sits down.
Geilded moves over to where the scale fell.
Amluchon folds his legs up and rests his hands upon his knees and allows the trance to take over.
DM: There is nothing above you but dark, night sky.
Aldous Trench slinks down into the corner and rests.
Araylia still upset, but moves to the side of the room and sits. She eats some of her rations before laying her head down.
Elandra squats down to look at the golden scale
Geilded does as well, tilting his head at it.
DM: The scale appears to have been very recently attached….to something.
Geilded: "You should take your pile indoors, Elandra."
Elandra lifts her gaze to the opening in the ceiling.
Aldous Trench eats some of his rations, too.
Geilded tries to swipe the scale while she’s distracted.
Elandra begins moving and reaching to scratch her shoulders.
Geilded pockets the gold dragon scale and stands, looking down at Elandra.
Geilded: "Indoors unless you want a powerful Gold stealing your fortune."
[333 XP] -> Geilded
[333 XP] -> Amluchon
[333 XP] -> Elandra
[333 XP] -> Aldous Trench
[333 XP] -> Maelwys
[333 XP] -> Araylia
Awarded XP to the Party. (2000)
[300 XP] -> Geilded
[300 XP] -> Amluchon
[300 XP] -> Elandra
[300 XP] -> Aldous Trench
[300 XP] -> Maelwys
[300 XP] -> Araylia
Awarded XP to the Party. (1800)
Aldous Trench gets back to attuning himself to Korcyth.


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