Two decades ago Caledon was a different place. It was a vibrant kingdom that embraced those of any walk of life. That all changed when a group of mages who called themselves the Circle of Death set out to destroy life across the kingdom.

The Circle rained down death and destruction across the land, leaving little but ruin in their wake. A young warlord named Morgoth gathered mercenaries and rode hard to intercept the Circle, but they arrived too late to save Ildris, the nation’s capital. The mercenary army and Circle of Death collided in a massive battle resulting in utter chaos. Day after day the streets were filled with blood as the battle carried on. Rubble and bodies replaced buildings and citizens.

In the end, the Circle was destroyed but at a great cost. Thousands of innocents lost their lives, including King Caldred, the sole heir of Caledon. The city was laid to waste. This became known as the Day of Tears.

The people of Ildris treated Morgoth as their savior and within months he was made king. His first act in office was to outlaw the use of magic. Any caught using it were treated as witches. They were submitted to a procedure known as the Culling, which forever stripped their powers from them.

Magical beings were persecuted and driven from civilization. The elves developed a deep hatred for humanity and turned the wilds into an even deadlier place to be.

This is where your journey begins, on the run from the Culling. Each of you have some sort of magical talent, either innate or learned. You are a part of the WitchWorld…one of the rare beings able to draw upon the Weave and shape its energy to do your bidding. You are one of the hunted…


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